You're Not Gonna Pass This Friends Quiz If You Haven't Seen Every Episode

Friends is considered to be one of the more iconic sitcom television series of all time! It was highly popular in the 1990s and it still loved even today in 2019. With a total of ten seasons and 236 episodes spanning across an entire decade, there is a lot to love. In general, the show focuses on the growing friendship between six characters—Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Ross Geller, Chandler Bing, and Joey Tribbiani. Each episode they face a number of relatable and ordinary problems: finances, relationship drama, family troubles, housing, and so much more.

With all the things that could take place over a ten year period, only the dedicated fans of Friends who have watched every episode (perhaps even multiple times) can ace this quiz.

Question 1

What is the name of Joey’s stuffed penguin?

Joey is one of the main characters on the show Friends, and he has a lot of unique quirks about him. One of them (that is a recurring gag in the series), is that he sleeps with stuffed animals. His favorite by far is the stuffed penguin, that of which he fights with Emma over.

Question 2

What costume did Monica get for Chandler one Halloween?

There are not a lot of Halloween episodes that happen over the course of the series, but one season Monica and Chandler decide they're going to host a party. Initially most of the group is not overly thrilled about the dress code. Although Chandler was on board at first, when he puts on his costume he changes his mind.

Question 3

Rachel left who at the altar in the pilot episode?

Rachel arriving at Central Perk to meet all of the other characters is the beginning scene of the Friends show. It was a moment where she had realized the life she fashioned was not the one she wanted, so on the day of her wedding she decided to take matters into her own hand and leave.

Question 4

Who was Ross’s first wife?

Throughout the series, Ross by far has the most marriages than any of the other main characters. This is not to say he's in the most relationships, because the rest of them do have their fair share of flings. For Ross though, he's quick to commit and it doesn't always work out in the end.

Question 5

What is the name of Joey’s infamous recliner chair?

Joey's lifestyle and personality reflects a lot of leisure and relaxation. He doesn't care much about serious stuff like paying bills or worrying about rent: he has Chandler for that. He's also not that serious about finding work, until he loses his insurance. Most of the time he can be found eating a pizza and sitting in his chair.

Question 6

Which character did Rachel not live with during the show?

Seeing as the series began with Rachel running out on her life and starting over, it only made sense that she lived with one of the other main characters until she settled in. However, for the remainder of the series she never lived on her own in her own apartment, she was always with someone else.

Question 7

Who buys Phoebe a bike?

A lot of Phoebe's character is shaped around the fact that she had a rough childhood after losing her mother. It's something show quite frequently, where she vaguely reveals to the group something bad she's done to survive. One of the more sad things she tells them is that she never had a bike growing up.

Question 8

What does Rachel get a tattoo of?

In Season Two, Rachel and Phoebe decide they're going to do something a little crazy and get tattoos. Despite the fact that Ross didn't agree with Rachel's decision, she goes ahead with it anyway. While she and Phoebe were at the tattoo parlor, Rachel gets what she wanted, while Phoebe chickened out.

Question 9

Who does Phoebe marry in Season 10?

Although by the end of the series Phoebe had settled down with the man she loved and ended up marrying him, she was not always "that girl." In fact, a lot of her character was shaped in the beginning about her being carefree and going with the flow, and never being tied down to one thing for too long.

Question 10

What do Monica and Chandler name the twins?

Monica and Chandler have a long history together, one that didn't necessarily start off as friends. In the beginning, Chandler was quite mean to Monica while he was in college. Fast forward to the pilot episode, it was clear they had become friends. But for a while, that's all they were... until one spontaneous night.

Question 11

Where was Ross and Rachel’s “fake wedding” held?

At Jack and Judy's anniversary party, Ross and Rachel learn that his parents had been telling people that they were married because of the fact that Rachel was pregnant. Of course they were offended by this at first, until they started to receive money as gifts from his parent's friends.

Question 12

What soap opera does Joey star on?

Although he wasn't always working, Joey's main line of work involved acting. There were several times throughout the show that he actually had a steady gig (such as the time he works on soap operas). There were other times where he wasn't having much luck and had to be frugal with his funds.

Question 13

What was the name of Ross’s comic that Phoebe stole when they were younger?

One episode while Ross and Phoebe were out, they nearly get mugged and it's a reminder for Phoebe of what she used to be. Ross reveals a tragic incident in his past, only for Phoebe to realize that she was the one responsible for his "trauma." One of the things she had stolen was his original comic.

Question 14

In what season did Phoebe give birth to the triplets?

There are quite a few children that make an appearance on the show, but they're not all necessarily those of the main characters. For example, Phoebe makes the kind and brave gesture to be the surrogate for her half-brother and girlfriend's child. Although they were not expecting triplets, they were thrilled nonetheless.

Question 15

By the end of the series, Monica is the Head Chef at what restaurant?

Most of the characters stick to their same job throughout the entire series, although they do work at different locations. For example, after Rachel's temporary waitress job, she sticks with fashion for the remainder of the show. The same can be said about Monica, where all of her jobs involved cooking and food in some way.

Question 16

What did Tag buy Rachel for her thirtieth birthday?

Rachel had a couple of serious relationships throughout the show, and Tag was one of them. She was given the task to hire an assistant for herself, and although Tag was not qualified at all, she still hired him because of his looks. Not long after did they start dating, until she realized he was too young for her.

Question 17

Who teaches Rachel and Phoebe the art of Unagi?

In one episode, Rachel and Phoebe are feeling quite accomplished because they had just come back from a successful self-defense class. One of the other members of the group are not so impressed, claiming it's one thing to be prepared for an attack they know is coming, but another when it's out of the blue.

Question 18

Why did Chandler/Joey and Monica/Rachel switch apartments for a while?

For most of the first half of the series, Rachel and Monica lived in the pretty purple apartment (that once belonged to her grandmother), and Joey and Chandler lived across the hall. There was a certain incident that went down though, where they ended up switching apartments until the girls finally had enough.

Question 19

In Season 1, Ross had a pet what?

There are actually a number of instances where pets make an appearance on the show Friends. For example, that episode that Rachel purchased a sphynx cat because it reminded her of her grandmother, or the fact that Joey and Chandler had raised a chicken and a duck from their birth.

Question 20

Where do Chandler and Monica first get together?

Although Chandler and Monica had never intended to "get together" when they did, they quickly realize after the fact that somehow their relationship worked. That didn't stop them from deciding to keep it a secret from the rest of the group though. Over time the rest of the friends slowly found out the truth.

Question 21

What line does Ross say frequently about why he and Rachel broke up?

Ross and Rachel definitely had a frequent on-again, off-again relationship throughout the show. Even when they weren't together they still felt like the other shouldn't date anyone else. It took them a couple of times and a number of breakups until they realized they wanted to be with each other for good.

Question 22

How many siblings does Rachel have?

Although the show focuses mainly on the friendship between the six main characters, their families do play an important role. Not just because of the fact that two of the six main characters just so happen to be brother and sister. Although the Geller family does appear most often, Rachel's family is also significant as well.

Question 23

Who is the manager of Central Perk?

There are a handful of locations that the characters seem to frequent the most, and while they do spend a lot of time in their apartments, Central Perk is their casual hangout location. They always seem to run into each other there, and even some of the characters have worked at the coffee shop as well.

Question 24

Whose New Year’s Resolution was to take more picture of their friends?

There is one episode in particular where the characters decide they're going to actually follow through with their New Year's Resolutions. The only person who wasn't on board with the idea was Chandler, who somehow gets roped into not making fun of any of his friends for a week. If he succeeds, Ross was going to pay him 50 dollars.

Question 25

Who helped Chandler pick out Monica’s engagement ring?

Chandler and Monica's relationship is definitely one of the most important on the show, especially in the later half of the series. However, Chandler was not always the relationship-type. In fact, he openly shares that he's struggled with commitment for a long time, and it takes him a while to realize he wants Monica forever.

Question 26

After leaving his Statistical Analysis job, what profession does Chandler go into?

For the first couple of seasons on the show, one of Chandler's recurring gags was the fact that he was unhappy at his job. There was even a time where he decided he was going to quit, and had Ross and Joey's support, but even then he couldn't muster up the courage to leave.

Question 27

What is Rachel’s middle name?

Personal facts about the main character's lives are often embedded in the dialogue of the show so that it seems casual. The reveal of their middle names is one that doesn't happen for every character. Chandler's is of course humorous because he had pretended his middle name was "M" so no one would learn it was Muriel.

Question 28

Why doesn’t Ross like ice cream?

There are a handful of episodes where a streamline of secrets are revealed about a couple of the characters. For example, the episode where Chandler tells Monica the taco story about Ross, and somehow the three of them all confess secrets that the other person had shared. This secret is one of the more "normal" ones.

Question 29

Which of Phoebe’s songs is professionally recorded for a potential commercial?

One of Phoebe's personality quirks is that she loves to play music, more specifically the guitar. She often has gigs at the coffee house where she sings and plays the guitar. Although she thinks she's good, the rest of the world doesn't necessarily think that's the case. There is one song in particular that she sings quite often.

Question 30

Which character doesn’t eat any Thanksgiving food?

Holiday episodes are actually quite common on the show Friends. However, they don't always end up they way they had planned. For example, the one year that Monica spent hours cooking only for Ross and Joey to go to a sporting event, and Rachel and Phoebe put Emma in a beauty pageant.

Question 31

While Joey was living on his own, what is the name of Chandler’s roommate?

A majority of the main characters live with each other for most of the series. The only person who doesn't ever really have a roommate is Ross, except for the time he temporarily lived with Joey and Chandler after losing his job. Joey moves out once, leaving Chandler with no choice but to fill his room with someone else.

Question 32

Which of Joey’s girlfriends was Chandler in love with?

It's safe to say that Joey has a lot of relationships on the show Friends, regardless of the fact that they are quite temporary. There are a few instances where one of his girlfriends is "recurring" for a while, and one of these girls Chandler just so happened to fall in love with.

Question 33

Who dresses up as an armadillo to teach Ben about Hanukkah?

Ross's son Ben is seen a lot in the earlier seasons, although he sort of disappears towards the end. He's seen as a baby, where Rachel holds him like a football, or when Rachel and Monica are babysitting him and he bumps his head. He's also seen as a child, where its clear he's a bit of a prankster.

Question 34

Where did Rachel get her first job in the fashion industry?

It is revealed quite early on in the show that Rachel had a passion about fashion. Unfortunately for her, she didn't have much experience that allowed her to immediately get the job of her dreams. As a result, she was forced to work as a waitress at the coffee house until she could find a job.

Question 35

How did Joey and Chandler lose all of their apartment furniture?

For the most part the characters don't often redecorate their apartment. Looking back over the seasons, Monica's apartment relatively looks the same (except for when Chandler moves in and his chair and the porcelain dog comes with him). There was one episode though where Joey and Chandler had to start all over in terms of furniture.

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