You're Not A Real Star Wars Fan If You Fail This Rogue One Quiz!


With seven movies spanning four decades, a long-running TV series, and all kinds of other media in full swing, Star Wars has established itself as one of the premiere sci-fi franchises. The seven films released to date have weaved an elaborate tale detailing the rise of the Galactic Empire, a new order born from democracy that grew to rule the galaxy with an iron fist steeped in cruelty and intolerance. In response the Rebel Alliance, formed through a unification of all those who believe in freedom, rises up to defend the galaxy from this aggressive, universal superpower. And all the while the Jedi and the Sith, opposing Force-wielding agents of good and evil, face off in the midst of this grander conflict. It's an endless battle for the ages, one of the most sweeping in any series of films, and it continues to this day.

But what happens on the ground in the midst of these enormous wars that engulf the entire galaxy? What goes on with those minor characters who grow to have significant impacts in the future? Enter the Star Wars anthology films, which seek to answer just those kinds of questions. The first of these films was Rogue One, which told the tale of the small band of rebels responsible for delivering the Death Star plans into the hands of the Alliance, thereby enabling its destruction in A New Hope by none other than Luke Skywalker himself. It turns out that this story, though minor in the much grander scheme of things, was exciting in addition to instrumental. We find out about the origins of the Death Star, come face-to-face with its foremost architects, and meet a whole new ensemble of enjoyable characters along the way.

Released a year before The Last Jedi, the upcoming eighth film in the main series, Rogue One captivated fans nearly a year ago. Do you remember the events of the film? Find out now with this quiz!

Question 1

Rogue One is set between which two Star Wars films?

As an anthology film, Rogue One takes place in between the events of two of the main Star Wars films. The fact that Rogue One is all about stealing the plans for the legendary Death Star should be a big hint. But if you 're still unsure, think of Vader's timeline: at this point he's almost recovered after being fried to a crisp golden brown and he's just about ready to don his armor and make his grand entrance as Darth Vader.

Question 2

What's the name of Rogue One's droid?

A Star Wars movie is never complete without a droid or two to lighten the mood, and Rogue One is no exception. In this case, the droid presence comes in the form of an Imperial model reprogrammed by Cassian to serve the Rebel Alliance instead. However, this droid differs from most others in the galaxy; he says exactly what he's thinking, no matter how grim or brutally honest it might be. He's therefore blatantly rude, but he makes us chuckle all the same.

Question 3

What position does Krennic hold?

He's ambitious, powerful, downright scary, and he has a killer fashion sense, what with that majestic cape and all. Krennic is Rogue One's main antagonist, and he does a hell of a job. He's determined to rise through the ranks of the Empire and he aims to do so by creating an incredible weapon in its name that he will control and deploy as the Emperor demands. That pet project would become the Death Star, the Empire's most iconic and destructive weapon of all.

Question 4

What was Jyn's mother's name?

Though she only appears in the film's prologue, it's clear that Jyn's mom was a huge inspiration for her. Mrs. Erso is headstrong, brave, and refuses to back down when her family is threatened. She even goes so far as to pop a well-placed blaster shot right into Krennic's chest, nearly ending his life in the process. However, her hostile actions against the Empire get her killed, thus orphaning Jyn. Before she goes, her mom also gives her a necklace, which becomes Jyn's most treasured possession.

Question 5

Galen designed what key Imperial project?

Galen Erso is presented as one of the galaxy's most brilliant minds, so it's no wonder the Empire approaches him to design and build one of its most important projects. Though Galen is of course wary of working for the tyrannical terror that is the Empire, he doesn't have much choice, and he knows that his family will at least be comfortable and taken care of. He's shown here in one of Jyn's flashbacks, likely around the time he was first recruited to the project.

Question 6

What occupation does Galen take up?

After spending some time living in Imperial territory whilst designing the Death Star, Galen takes his family and relocates to a quiet planet, where they all begin a new life and a calm profession. Galen likely chose the low-key job and the planet to get his family away from all vestiges of Imperialist forces, but it seems they knew where he was the whole time anyway, or had little trouble finding him. Krennic remarks that it's a lonely job; that was probably the whole point.

Question 7

What resource powers the Death Star?

The Death Star is a weapon of unbelievable destructive potential, so it must need tons upon tons of power to fuel it. We find out in Rogue One that a certain resource is used to give the Death Star the juice it needs, a resource that is coincidentally also used to make lightsabers. Jyn's necklace, given to her by her mother at the beginning of the film, is also made of this same substance. Gotta love those little coincidences in life.

Question 8

What's Galen's nickname for Jyn?

Galen remembers his daughter fondly and clings to memories of her to keep him going, so it's no surprise he re-uses her childhood nickname when he speaks to her in his message. Though the nickname reminds both Jyn and Galen of happier times long before the grim events of the film, it also ends up having greater significance when Jyn seeks out the Death Star plans on Scarif. It turns out that Galen gave the Death Star the same codename as Jyn's nickname, a key choice that ends up being the only reason Jyn is able to find the plans at all.

Question 9

What was Bodhi's previous profession?

One of Rogue One's most quirky and intelligent characters, Bodhi Rook initially works for the Empire. Doubting the morality of his station, Bodhi is tasked with delivering a message by Galen Erso and defects, seeking out Saw Gerrera, a rebel militant, on Jedha. Though Saw and the others are initially doubtful of his authenticity, Bodhi soon proves his worth as an Imperial insider, being familiar with their protocols and technology. That expertise is put to the ultimate test on Scarif, and Bodhi shines through.

Question 10

Galen and his team work on what planet?

After recovering Bodhi and narrowly escaping the destruction on Jedha, Jyn and the rest of the newly-formed team set out for this planet, where Galen and his engineering team are said to be located. Bodhi, having been here before, guides Cassian and K-2SO through the deadly valleys of jagged rock in the midst of a thunderstorm. The team eventually makes their way to the surface and ends up near the facility, but not before going through an extremely bumpy landing.

Question 11

Where is the Rebel Alliance headquartered?

One of Rogue On'e most memorable locations, the Alliance bases their headquarters on this lush, forested planet that appears to be dotted with ruins of some ancient civilization. The ruins have presumably been converted into living quarters, communications rooms, and all sorts of other useful spaces, while the flat exterior areas are used to dock the Rebels' numerous ships. It's not clear how the Alliance came by this unique and convenient planet, but its usefulness as a base of operations is paramount.

Question 12

Where does Cassian meet his contact?

Cassian is known for his efficiency and ruthlessness, and his first scene in Rogue One is keen on making those parts of his personality immediately apparent. He shows up in a bustling, grimy urban space where he meets his contact, a shady and paranoid fellow with news of Saw Gerrera and what's unfolding on Jedha. Cassian and his contact attract the attention of some stormtroopers, whom Cassian is forced to kill. Shockingly, Cassian then turns around and shoots his contact, leaving no loose ends.

Question 13

How far in the past does the prologue take place?

Jyn is just a little girl when the film starts, so it's clear that a large chunk of time passes between the prologue and the main events of Rogue One. We discover that Jyn has matured and Saw has aged considerably, but we don't find out exactly how much time has passed until Jyn first meets with the Alliance on Yavin 4. Frustrated, hurt, and baffled that the Rebels want to meet Saw, Jyn reminds them just how long it's been since she's seen both Galen and her adopted father.

Question 14

Why did the Alliance distance themselves from Saw?

During Jyn's first meeting with the Alliance, they express their desire to meet and reconcile with Saw Gerrera, a rebel living and fighting on the planet Jedha. A destroyer of all things related to the Empire, Saw is determined to keep picking away at the Empire's forces on Jedha until their presence is completely eliminated and the local people are liberated. You'd think that Saw's cause would be appreciated by the Rebels, but Mon Mothma explains that they parted ways with him years ago.

Question 15

How many actors had their likenesses digitally recreated for Rogue One?

Rogue One famously employed new technology to recreate the likenesses of multiple actors for the film's new story, which is strongly influenced by the events of A New Hope, the oldest Star Wars film. Since A New Hope was released forty years ago, some creativity was needed to recreate certain characters. One of these was Tarkin, a high-ranking Imperial officer originally played by Peter Cushing, who passed away in 1994. Thanks to motion capture and some powerful digital effects, Tarkin and other characters could be re-introduced to fulfill their key roles in the story of Rogue One.

Question 16

What orders are secretly given to Cassian?

At the close of their meeting with Jyn, the Rebels decide the best course of action is to gain an audience with Saw, find the pilot, verify the authenticity of his message, and then recover Galen so that he can help the Rebels destroy this new superweapon he's helped create. However, General Draven seeks out Cassian after the meeting with different orders, ones that change the mission drastically. Unbeknownst to the rest of the team, Cassian agrees to his newly tweaked mission.

Question 17

What does Chirrut say to Jyn at the end of their first meeting?

Upon arriving in Jedha City, Jyn is left to her own devices while Cassian meets his local contact to set up an audience with Saw. Looking around the bustling city, Jyn is called over by Chirrut Imwe, a blind man who somehow senses her presence and notices the necklace she discreetly wears. The two converse for a while, with Chirrut telling her about the fallen temple and the importance of kyber crystals. Cassian beckons Jyn come with him to continue on their way, but Chirrut utters a final phrase to Jyn before she leaves.

Question 18

What was the name of Saw's mind-reading creature?

Though some suspicion is normal when an Imperial pilot defects and shows up on your doorstep with a secret message, Saw's paranoia makes him take drastic action to verify Bodhi's claims. Saw has become so paranoid, in fact, that he's taken to keeping a large, octopus-like creature locked up in his basement. The creature's usefulness lies in the fact that it can read minds and sense lies, but doing so often results in madness for the subject being tested. Apparently Saw cares more about the truth than his captives' sanity.

Question 19

What's the Death Star's first target?

The Death Star was designed to have enormous destructive potential, including the power to wipe out entire planets. The space station's offensive capabilities are put to the test for the first time in Rogue One. Krennic is determined to show off his passion project, so Tarkin shows up to witness a demonstration firsthand (and save the Emperor and Vader some potential embarrassment should the test fail). The test is a success, resulting in a catastrophic explosion that sends debris flying off into space.

Question 20

Where is the Death Star's key flaw located?

Delivered by Bodhi, Galen's message is addressed to Jyn and contains vital information about the Death Star and its design, including a key flaw that Galen deliberately added so the space station could be defeated. Galen describes where the flaw is and how to exploit it in order to cause a massive chain reaction that will destroy the entire station. This information is eventually put to use in A New Hope, but the Rebels fail to take advantage of it during the events of Rogue One.

Question 21

What gives K-2SO his brutal honesty?

K-2SO is known for saying "whatever comes into his circuits," a personality that results in both ruthlessly honest opinions and a good deal of entertainment for the audience. K-2SO is keen to remind Cassian of the huge risks he's taking by bringing Jyn along and makes his distrust for her abundantly clear. Further, he's gravely offended that Jyn is allowed to have a blaster and he isn't. According to Cassian, K-2SO's sassy nature is a result of something specific in his circuits.

Question 22

What recent event does Tarkin use to justify his takeover of the Death Star?

Tarkin and Krennic get along about as well as oil and water, so when the Death Star's first test goes well Tarkin is keen to pry Krennic away from his prized space station. With hardly a hesitation to be seen, Tarkin immediately claims the Death Star is too important for Krennic to helm and announces that he'll be taking command instead. Tarkin points out Krennic's recent failings, emphasizing one event in particular. Krennic, livid beyond words, storms off to set things right.

Question 23

How does Krennic react to Galen's confession?

Thoroughly pissed off and newly determined to resolve the security breach that occurred under his nose, Krennic heads to Eadu at the same time as Jyn and the Rebel team. He meets Galen and asks him to assemble his whole engineering team, then demands to know who was responsible for the treacherous message. No one confesses, and Krennic is about to execute the entire team when Galen steps in and announces his guilt. Though he's now found his traitor, Krennic unleashes his rage anyway.

Question 24

What kills Galen?

As one of the Empire's most brilliant scientific minds, Galen is a key player in the creation of all kinds of weapons and technology, so he's an important person to question. However, some people, such as General Draven, think that extracting him is simply too risky since there's always the chance he could escape and return to the Empire to work on even more projects for them. These conflicting opinions crash into each other on Eadu, where Galen is killed in the crossfire.

Question 25

What advice does Vader give Krennic?

Krennic is nothing if not ballsy, and if there's one scene that proves it, it's this one. Having dealt with the security breach, Krennic is determined to reestablish himself as the commander of the Death Star. To do so, he sets up a meeting with none other than Darth Vader, the Emperor's second in command. After some groveling, Vader discreetly agrees that Krennic should be in command. Krennic is unable to hide his excitement, leading Vader to give him a nasty reality check through the combined use of the Force and some sharp words.

Question 26

Who isn't present at the Alliance meeting?

After the mishap on Eadu which cost Galen his life, Jyn is the only one left alive who can corroborate the contents of his message. The Rebels are keen to hear what she has to say, in particular the part about the Death Star having an exploitable weakness, but without anything or anyone else to confirm her story some members of the Alliance have trouble believing her. The Rebels ultimately choose not to act on the intel, so Jyn, Cassian, and the rest of their little group head out on their own to recover the Death Star plans. They use the handle "Rogue One", in reference to their unsanctioned mission.

Question 27

What makes Scarif so difficult to infiltrate?

The Death Star plans, like all other Imperial data, are held on Scarif, a planet designated by the Empire specifically for that purpose. The Rogue One team aims to sneak into the base, but they immediately encounter a major problem, and they face many more once they find themselves on the surface. This is a planet in the heart of Imperial territory, after all, so stormtroopers, AT-AT's, and all sorts of other forces abound. The planet itself is a tropical paradise, though, so things aren't all bad.

Question 28

What is Chirrut's mantra?

Since his sight fails him, Chirrut relies on the Force to guide him in battle and in life in general. Though it's unclear whether he's a Jedi or not, he seems to know a lot about the Force and how it moves in and through the universe, especially living beings. He constantly reminds himself of his oneness with the Force by repeating a personal mantra, which his friend Baze takes up by the end of the film. If repeating a mantra gave me that kind of power, I'd probably do it, too.

Question 29

How many Rebel ships get through the shield?

Once the Alliance realizes Jyn and her friends have headed off to Scarif alone, others are also keen to join in the cause. Admiral Raddus is one such person (or squid?), and brings his forces to attack the Imperial planet, including a multitude of fighter ships. Upon arriving they immediately make a dive to get through the shield before it's too late, but only some of them succeed; the rest are instantly vaporized by the forcefield as it's closed over the planet.

Question 30

According to K-2SO, how many stormtroopers will he, Cassian, and Jyn face?

Whilst infiltrating the central tower, Jyn, Cassian, and K-2SO realize they need a map to locate the data vault. K-2SO obliges by knocking out a local droid and forcibly downloading the data he needs from it, along with other information about the area. He then does his usual thing, stating how unlikely the whole plan is to succeed due to the sheer number of hostiles in the base. He calculates the safest route to their objective, stating that even the optimized route is plagued by a large number of stormtroopers.

Question 31

Who finally hooks Rogue One up to the comms tower?

With the Rogue One team pinned down on the surface of Scarif and facing insurmountable odds, getting a message up to the Alliance about the plans is paramount. Bodhi has already connected the cable, but the only way to enable communications is for someone to brave the crossfire and sprint over to the exposed master switch and use it. Several people try and fail, but then one of the main characters makes his way over. He succeeds, but is killed in the process.

Question 32

How many stormtroopers does Baze kill during his last stand?

Though he doesn't play a huge role in the events of Rogue One, Baze establishes himself as one of the film's most badass characters during his final stand on the beaches of Scarif. Devastated by the loss of Chirrut, his best friend, Baze sets caution aside and marches forward as a one man army, destroying all stormtroopers in his path and repeating Chirrut's mantra to himself all the while. Baze knows he can't survive, but he takes as many foes as he can down with him.

Question 33

Who kills Krennic?

After spending the entire film on the heels of the Rogue One crew, Krennic at last catches up with them in the central tower on Scarif and takes it upon himself to deal with them personally. After some violence in the data vault, Krennic confronts Jyn at the very top of the tower, where she reveals her identity as Galen's daughter and Krennic's life is ultimately extinguished. Jyn aligns the dish and transmits the Death Star plans to the Rebels above, thus ensuring her mission's success.

Question 34

How many Rogue One members survive Scarif?

After succeeding against all odds, the members of Rogue One start to fall away in the last minutes of the film. Whether on the beaches or in the central tower, team members have fought tooth and nail to ensure that the Rebel Alliance receives the Death Star plans and, in turn, some small shred of hope for the future. As the film nears its climax, more and more people succumb to the Empire's overwhelming forces and bleakness battles hope in the hearts of the audience.

Question 35

Who has the plans at the end of the film?

After a hard-fought battle and so many people sacrificing their lives, the Death Star plans are finally in the hands of the Rebels. However, with Vader picking apart the Rebel fleet a new scramble for survival begins. We're left to watch as person after person runs through the hallways of an Alliance ship with the plans, desperately trying to hand them off before Vader murders them all. The film ends when the plans find their way into the hands of a certain character, someone who will be key in the events of A New Hope.

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