Your Perfect Celeb Wifey Is Waiting For You After You Pick Your Favorite Foods

Food is a universal language. while there might be different favorites across different regions, the fact of the matter is that everyone likes to sit down and have a really nice meal. No matter what people like to eat, sharing food is something that brings them all together. Whether it's over a simple serving of chips and dip or a big plate of fried chicken or even a nice, cheesy pizza, people will always gravitate toward food.

So what does a person's favorite food say about them? It can actually say a lot. It might be indicative of what they like to do for fun, or it might let people know that they prefer the finer things in life. It might also reveal whether a person is a vegetarian or whether they like to tear into a nice piece of meat. Pick the best foods below and see which celebrity wifey is waiting!

Question 1

Hot dogs

These might not be the most elegant of foods out there, but there's just no denying their simple appeal. They're the kind of food that is easily enjoyed at a backyard barbecue, in the stands of a baseball game, or just right on the street during a quick lunch break.

Question 2

Ice cream

Is there any dessert more refreshing and delicious than ice cream? IT's the kind of food that can sometimes be overlooked on a dessert menu, and yet it is often used to make other foods better (pie a la mode, anyone?). Everyone has their favorite flavor, whether it's chocolate, vanilla, or anything else!

Question 3

Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese might just be the ultimate comfort food. Everyone has their own way of making it, and honestly, no one is doing it wrong. It's the kind of food that seems so simple and yet is endlessly customizable, with many different types of cheese, pasta, and extras to choose from.

Question 4


When people wake up in the morning, especially on the weekend, they want something really delicious to start the day, and what better dish to do that than waffles? Unlike pancakes (which are also delicious, by the way), waffles have a nice crispy exterior, and plenty of squares to hold onto butter and syrup.

Question 5

Garlic bread

Bread is already pretty delicious on its own, even with just a bit of butter spread on it, but when it's turned into garlic bread? It's almost a transcendent transformation. The addition of garlic, parsley, and in some cases, cheese, makes this the perfect appetizer, snack, or if someone was feeling especially daring, meal.

Question 6

Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella Sticks are basically a staple of the late-night appetizer menu, adn there's no sign of them slowing down in popularity. People might not think that such a simple snack could be so well-liked, but when has deep-fried cheese ever sounded like a bad idea? These can easily be made at home by breading and frying cheesestrings (which is all they are anyway)!

Question 7

Fried Shrimp

Fried Shrimp can be a great appetizer or meal, and depending on who is making it, it is probably one of the most delicious things out there. The crispy breading, the meaty shrimp, and the combination of dipping sauces make this a winner for any time of day. Just try to share, okay?

Question 8

Onion rings

Onions get a bad rap. Sure, they may not be the most attractive vegetable out there, and their flavor and odor can be offputting to plenty of people. However, slice those onions up, coat them in batter, and deep fry them, and they become something so much greater than the sum of their parts.

Question 9


Plain old milk chocolate can only hold the attention of someone with a sweet tooth for so long. After that, they have to move on to the good stuff: fudge. This decadently sweet snack made with condensed milk goes beyond the average dessert, and can really o0nly be enjoyed in small amounts due to its richness.

Question 10


Pizza might just be the perfect food, right? Not only does it basically make everyone happy pretty much all the time, but it can also be used as a handy bribe to get friends and family to help with a move or a big project. No matter what the topping, everyone is sure to be happy with two or three or ten pizzas.

Question 11


Fries might often get pushed to the side (literally, since they are a side dish in most cases), but why can't they have the opportunity to shine just like every other delicious food out there? They're great on their own, but they can also be smothered in all manner of toppings, like pulled pork, gravy, or chili and cheese.

Question 12


Donuts are the kind of pastry that doesn't have to be fancy to be delicious. Sure they're sometimes decorated with sprinkles and icing drizzles, but at their heart, donuts are a dessert for the everyman. They don't even have to be eaten after a meal, they can easily be enjoyed first thing in the morning.

Question 13

Potato Chips

The whole thing about potato chips, based on a famous advertising slogan, is that no one can eat just one. That slogan may have been for a specific brand, but it was nonetheless true about any variety of potato chip. No matter what flavor, from plain to barbecue, potato chips have earned their place on any snack table.

Question 14

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken is possibly one of the greatest things that humans ever created. Sure, everyone loves chicken, and a nice roast bird can be right for any occasion, but cutting that bird up, marinating and breading the pieces and frying them turns them into something that is basically worth its weight in gold.

Question 15


Spaghetti is the kind of meal that is pretty much always popular. Though it can be topped with any sauce, it is best enjoyed with a nice marinara. However, people who came to the United States from Italy also specialized in making spaghetti with thick meat sauce, which, while not traditional, is still incredibly tasty.

Question 16

Cookie dough

Cookie dough, while not always safe to eat, is far too tempting for most people to resist. If it weren't for the raw eggs and raw flour, it would be the perfect snack. But wait! there is a way to enjoy cookie dough by replacing the eggs with other ingredients and baking the flour in an oven before using it.

Question 17


When a cheeseburger craving hits, it can be pretty hard to resist. It's not hard to see why: the combination of a tasty beef patty along with a nice slice of cheese (the more colorful the better), topped with anything from lettuce, tomato, and onion to just a simple slathering of ketchup might just be the best thing in the world.

Question 18


When it comes to choosing a chocolate bar, there's a reason why people still reach for a Snickers after all these years. It's basically the ideal snack on the go. Since it's so packed with peanuts, a Snickers bar delivers more satisfaction for anyone's hunger. There are many different varieties, but the original is still the best.

Question 19

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings used to be seen as an expendable part of the bird. They were pretty much only used to make stock. As the legend goes, one late night, a restaurant owner's son and his friend came in and wanted something to eat. All that was left was a bunch of wings, which were quickly fried and sauced. The rest is history.

Question 20

Tater Tots

Tater Tots might often get lumped in with the foods in the unfortunate cafeteria food category, but it doesn't really seem fair, considering just how great these little things can be. In recent years, they have found their way onto the menus of hip places and can be made with any sort of fancy ingredients like truffle oil or parmesan.

Question 21


Bacon. That's all that needs to be said. Okay, here's a little more: bacon is magic. Think about it: just like ice cream, bacon is so good that it is actually used to make other foods better. Throw it on a burger, have it on a pizza, even sprinkle some bits on a sundae, and the world just seems a bit brighter.

Question 22

Waffle Fries

Waffle Fries may not be as common as their more straight-laced or even curly cousins, but rest assured that they are just as delicious. The criss-cross cut of these specific fries makes them perfect for dipping or topping with things like queso or shredded chicken. If these are on the menu, order them!

Question 23


Bagels are a great way to start the day, despite all of the carbs. Anyone who can ignore that is in for a treat. There might not be a better breakfast than atoasted everything bagel topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion, and capers. There are so many ways to eat these though, so people should find what they like best!

Question 24


Cookies or brownies? It's a major conundrum for people who love good desserts, but if anyone is being honest, they would pick a brownie over a cookie any day. Think about it for a second: there are supermarket aisles filled with cookies, but brownies are really only good when they're freshly baked. Case closed.

Question 25


Cereal has long been the standard for quick breakfasts, but in recent years, sugary cereals have found their way into the realm of snacks for adults. There are even entire business built around providing bowls of sugary cereal to paying customers. Whether it's just some Corn Flakes or a bowl of Reese's Puffs, everyone has a favorite cereal.

Question 26


Most people are familiar with the crunchy pretzels that are often set aside in any snack mix because they are the most boring part, but there really is nothing quite like a freshly baked soft pretzel. They can be dipped in mustard, cheese, or just eaten plain, and no matter what, they are always delicious.

Question 27


Cheese. Just plain old cheese. It's already been mentioned in some of the other questions, but now it's standing on its own. After all, it's the thing that compliments so many other foods and elevates them to new heights. However, some people like to just hack off a slice of cheddar or swiss and chow down.

Question 28


Pancakes, like waffles, are a very popular breakfast staple, and for good reason. The word 'cake' is right there in the name! These fluffy circles are best when stacked on top of each other and smothered in real maple syrup and butter. Of course, adding blueberries or chocolate chips to them also makes them even better.

Question 29


Doritos are the kind of snack that seems perfectly engineered to be delicious and keep people eating them. Not that that is such a terrible thing. Like any other chip, Doritos come in a huge variety of flavors and are notable for leaving a thick coating of flavor dust on the fingers of anyone who is enjoying them.

Question 30

Reese's peanut butter cups

Reese's peanut butter cups: are they the best chocolate candy out there? While it may be a matter of opinion, the simple answer is that they are definitely one of them. They might not take the top spot for some people, but it's hard to deny just how delicious and amazingly simple they are.

Question 31


Guacamole is basically the perfect dip for any occasion. It's definitely more beloved than any of the other ones like salsa or hummus, it's made from delicious and healthy avocados, and it can jazz up any plate of nachos. If guacamole wasn't as good as it is, then people wouldn't charge extra for it.

Question 32

Breakfast burrito

Breakfast burritos are the kind of combination that seems like such a slam dunk. Think about what makes burritos one of the best foods out there: portability. Now, apply that to eggs, bacon, and even hashbrowns, and breakfast burritos are a pure win in terms of flavor. Throw a little hot sauce on them for good measure!

Question 33

Grilled cheese

Is a grilled cheese sandwich really all that exciting? Think about it: it's only three ingredients unless the person making it wants to get fancy with add-ons like bacon, tomato, or even some jalapeno peppers, and it's so simple to make that kids can do it. Should that mean that it is looked down on? Absolutely not!

Question 34

Cinnamon buns

Cinnamon buns might seem like they should only be served as a dessert, but they are pretty much exclusively viewed as a breakfast food. Well, except for the giant ones that people buy at the airport while they are waiting for their flight to board. They may be messy and sticky, but that's part of the appeal.

Question 35


What do people like to put on their nachos? Ask fifty people and they will likely give fifty different answers. Still, some of the basic elements will be the same: cheese, jalapenos, probably tomatoes. Besides that, people like to go all out with beans, salsa, guac, and even meats like pulled pork or carne asada.

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