You'll Need To Channel Your Inner Child To Name All These Lesser Known Animated Movies

How much do you think you know about animated movies? But how much do you really know, though? There's much more to the world of cartoon flicks than a handful of Disney blockbusters, you know. In fact, there are vaults upon treasure vaults of quality animated stories released since the invention of the medium, and the vast majority of those are much lesser known than titles like The Lion King, Aladdin, and Cinderella.

Despite that, these lesser known animated movies call to the inner child in all of us. Maybe you've seen some of these titles during childhood, and maybe you've even put them on recently to get your nostalgia fix. Or, you might have skipped out on the vast majority of the following movies. Either way, if the inner child in you guides your mouse as you click through this quiz, you'll find all the answers you need within.

Such is the moral of several of these animated movies, and it also happens to be the moral of this quiz. These movies might be lesser known, but by no means are they lesser loved. Take a good look at them, activate your inner child, and let's see how many you can name.

1Name the movie!

For our first question, we'll have one of the better known titles in this list of lesser known animated movies. You might not even need your inner child to get this one right - maybe you gave it a rewatch recently. In any case, the lady we're looking at here happens to have her movie named after her. It's an adventure of epic proportions, one that surely sticks to the minds of those paying attention. What's this lesser known animated flick called?

2Name the movie!

This next movie is also pretty well known despite it being classified as a lesser known animated movie relative to its peers. Its reach definitely doesn't compare to some of the other animated titles released during its decade, but that doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the story. There's a lot to be taken from this one, and you might remember some of what you learned when watching it as a kid. Or, maybe you haven't seen it.

3Name the movie!

Step into our time machine as we go back in time, and back even further than that. Long ago, our planet was ruled by dinosaurs - lots and lots of dinosaurs. Things back then probably weren't as cartoonish as they were depicted in this movie - and most of the dinosaurs probably weren't as friendly - but it's nice to imagine it that way. If you're really into your animated movies, then you definitely know what this one is called.

4Name the movie!

This scene paints a strange picture indeed, and the impression is made all the more bizarre when you consider the true scale of what we're looking at. If you're only into the biggest Disney titles, then this lesser known animated movie may very well have slipped you by. If it did, you'll need to activate the full power of your inner child to pull a miracle out of thin air. Let's see if you're able to name this lesser known flick.

5Name the movie!

If there's a dire mission in the deep North that needs to be completed, you can count on a certain group of sleigh dogs from a certain, lesser known animated movie. Hopefully you'll at least recognize the pooch on the right, since the movie is named after him specifically. This is a 90s movie, so if you're not an animated film buff, hopefully your millennial powers will activate now, leading you to the answer. What's this lesser known flick called?

6Name the movie!

It seems as though a certain princess is in the midst of a glorious transformation. Since this is an animated movie, with limitless possibilities in every direction, it's hard to predict what she'll turn into - unless you've seen the movie, of course. You might not have done so, since this is a lesser known movie after all. We can't reveal what's about to happen after this still, since that would reveal the answer to the question. What's this movie called?

7Name the movie!

The tales spun from the visionary mind of Hayao Miyazaki are timeless, though they aren't quite as well known as, say, some of Disney's greatest hits. Still, if your inner child is powerful enough, you'll have sought this movie at one point or another, since it's quite unlike even the most original, lesser known animated flick. If you haven't seen it yet, then you definitely should. If not, you'll have to pray to the gods and venture a guess here anyway.

8Name the movie!

Pictured here is a little mouse named Fievel, and he's dancing for pure joy. Where would we have been during childhood without this crazy little rodent and his epic adventure? The better question is, where were you? Were you there with us in spirit, watching Fievel as he tumbled and scurried across the world? Or did you happen to miss this particular, lesser known animated movie? Shame if you did, since it's definitely a classic. What was it called, again?

9Name the movie!

There's not much in this still to provide scale, but trust us when we say that this is one gargantuan specimen right here. He's the star of his own lesser known - but not lesser loved - animated movie, one that true fans have watched and rewatched time and time again. It's a bit of an obscure title compared to some of the bigger cartoon flicks released at the time, but its reach is widespread enough to have gotten to you, for sure.

10Name the movie!

We've stumbled into a strange animated world, indeed. It seems as though the toasters here are as alive as we are - they get happy, curious and determined. Watching this particular toaster and his antics in his movie was quite fun, and definitely worth revisiting. Of course, its blockbuster numbers relative to the average animated movie in Hollywood leads us to categorizing it as lesser known, but maybe you recognized the little guy pictured here in an instant. Let's see.

11Name the movie!

An ethereal light shines from up above, and the gods themselves seem to have a plan for this young hero. If you happened to bump into this classic movie as a kid, then you've probably learned how the whole thing plays out long ago. Hint: this scene is quite telling of the film's title, though it'll be hard for the uninitiated to pin point exactly why. If you're a fan of lesser known cartoon flicks, then this will be a snap for sure.

12Name the movie!

Here are two canine pals just sort of hanging out. They have the dignity to clothe themselves, which can't be said of all dogs. These two seem to be dead, which is another thing that we can't say about dogs on our end of the coin. We judge their posthumous state by the halos on their heads, since death and halos go hand in hand in a way. But where are these dogs, exactly? What's this lesser known flick called, anyway?

13Name the movie!

The animation featured in this next lesser known movie is a "hate it or love it" type of package. The characters tend to defy the laws of physics is wacky, maybe even unintentional ways, which we think goes well with the generally weird theme of the film. A lot of shady business goes on in this one, and you can see the effect of some of that from the look on this young girl's face. The cat doesn't seem to mind it, though.

14Name the movie!

A group of farm animals seem to be gathered together as a community, but what on Earth could be the reason for this? It's hard to imagine what can anthropomorphize farm animals in this way, other than the great mind of E.B White, of course. This is his story after all, written for children young and old. The picture shows the movie adaptation of his famous novel, though it doesn't take a book worm to get this one right. What do you think?

15Name the movie!

Since we're in the world of cartoons, unicorns exist, for sure. However, depending on which universe you're in, they might not be the most thriving species on the planet. For instance, even though unicorns are a real thing in this story, running into one is a rare occurrence indeed. This movie makes us wonder whether unicorns actually existed in the past. It makes us wonder about a lot of other things too, like whether you can match the pic to the movie.

16Name the movie!

Here is the second Japanese feature of this quiz - somewhat of an oldie depending on who's asking, but an objective goodie for sure. If you've never seen it, then this still will definitely seem out of context. A strange little yellow creature stands sadly over a boy turned to stone, lying motionless on the ground. It's a dark shot, though there's always a chance of things brightening up before the movie's end. Anyway, what's this lesser known animated flick called?

17Name the movie!

Two great friends are celebrating their grand journey. Does this scene mark the beginning, middle or end of their story? What are they looking for anyway? Is there a certain path they're striving for, or are they just sort of going with the flow of things? If you're totally unfamiliar with these two, then it's really hard to say. However, if their celebratory poses ring a bell, then you've probably seen their movie before. Click it from the options below, and we'll move on.

18Name the movie!

This bizarre group of friends can only exist together in the cartoon world. In fact, something tells us that one of these characters is a bit of a misfit here - you can't quite categorize him neatly with the other two. We're talking about the human boy of course - perhaps he's wandered into the animated realm by some fluke of magic. Or maybe the plot line here is something totally different. Again, you'll need to have watched the movie to know.

19Name the movie!

This isn't the most charming character in animated movie history, for sure. Right here, he seems to be completely embarrassing himself and that poor little flower. What is this entity anyway, and where in the world is he? This is a lesser known animated movie, so only smaller, select chunks of the population will be able to match this pic to its movie. There are hints abound here, so you still might have a chance if the scene doesn't ring any bells.

20Name the movie!

Now, that is a bold leap right there. In fact, looking at this jump from its middle point, it doesn't seem like this horse is going to make it. But don't underestimate the core strength and sheer determination of this magnificent specimen. He'll make it over that gap, for sure, and he'll continue galloping on afterwards like nothing even happened in the first place. He does a bunch of crazy things in his movie, which is a lesser known animated classic.

21Name the movie!

Yet again, we find ourselves confronted with a strange animated scene, indeed. There seems to be a cat bus who has just made its stop, and it's picking up a giant rodent and friends. Who knows where these strange characters have come from or where they're going - with the mind of Miyazaki behind the story, it can go in any direction at all. This lesser known animated flick is another must watch, for sure, one that you've hopefully seen.

22Name the movie!

Who doesn't love a good dog movie? But this one's actually about a kitten. This poor little kitten, Oliver, was lost and alone on the city streets of New York. That is, until he decided to join a group of stray dogs. They take him in and show him how to survive in the big, bad city. Their methods are sometimes questionable but this movie is a classic and gave us some good laughs. Can you remember what it's called?

23Name the movie!

We've sprung another Miyazaki classic on you, just for good measure. And this one might not even be the last one of the quiz - you'll have to keep going to find out. At this pit stop, you'll find a mythical beast and its honorable master, waiting to see if you'll get the right answer. Granted, this isn't an animated movie that the average person has seen for sure, but it's definitely a lesser known classic. If you're a cartoon buff, this should be easy.

24Name the movie!

Does this image ring any bells? The movie it belongs to is one of those titles that are buried within the period of time it was released, eternally labeled as a "Lesser known animated movie". Despite it being relatively obscure compared to one of the more mainstream cartoon titles, this movie is definitely not one that should be forgotten. Its story is honest and heartfelt, and its subject matter is rooted in ancient - deeply ancient - history. What's this one called?

25Name the movie!

Now that we're approaching the last stage of the quiz, you'll start seeing some really obscure titles. If you haven't activated your inner child before this point, you might want to start doing so right about now. This animated movie was quite well circulated during the time of its release, but it seems to have fallen out of collective memory now. If you're a real buff of this genre, though, you won't let this picture stump you. Let's see if you remember the title.

26Name the movie!

Here's another one of those movies that you've probably watched as a kid but haven't really thought of since then. Maybe seeing this picture - and these two characters in particular - will jog your memory, and maybe you'll even remember the name of the movie. Let's hope so, otherwise you might need to start paying more attention to your inner child. Lesser known animated movies like these are a gem, and this one is especially good. What's it called, again?

27Name the movie!

Miyazaki emerges from the land of the rising sun once again with yet another surreal classic. It might be a generally lesser known animated movie, but this one is a cherished title to its fans, its legacy being completely irreplaceable. It takes a seriously imaginative mind to come up with something like this, so we're glad it was seen through. Once again, this is a highly recommended feature if you haven't seen it, but for the sake of your performance here, we hope you already have.

28Name the movie!

What on Earth could these cartoon chickens possibly be up to? Well, when farm chickens are given anthropomorphic life in a lesser known animated movie, they're prone to thinking and doing all sorts of things. Just what would you think and do if you were a farm chicken made suddenly self conscious? Yeah, that's right. The answer to that question might have something to do with the title of the movie. Let's see if you can pick that title from the options below.

29Name the movie!

It looks like there's a live bug walking through the tall grass, and it seems to be looking for you. If you've seen the movie this ant is a part of, then you know exactly what he's all about. Of course, this one is quite similar to a certain other, more popularly known animated title released around the same time, but that won't throw you off if you're a real animated movie fans. Real fans will be able to get this right for sure.

30Name the movie!

Miyazaki, being the lesser known animated movie god, has appeared to us one more, this time in the form of a little girl flying around on a broomstick. Just what could she possibly be up to here? Perhaps she has a very important job to do, one that many people are counting on her for. Or, maybe she's just fooling around, having fun while flying on a broom. Anything is possible with Miyazaki, really. What's this lesser known flick called?

31Name the movie!

This next lesser known animated movie is off the map even when compared to your standard, bizarre animated film. It's set deep in space, and its story is anything but conventional. The same can be said for its characters - just look at that strange creature on the left of this picture, scowling at the pompous human sitting opposite him. It's a bit of an obscure title for sure, but we have faith in your inner child. Do you have faith?

32Name the movie!

This probably isn't the first time that a cat and a penguin meet up in an animated movie, and it probably won't be the last. However, we can safely say that there will never be another animated character who's quite like this guy right here. He can do a lot of things, but he can't do one thing in particular - or so people say. If you know what we're talking about, then you already know the title to this one.

33Name the movie!

There are plenty of secrets in this young girl's home, and she's bound to discover each of them sooner or later. You can pin that down to her exploratory nature. This lesser known animated movie is based on a great novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman, and thankfully the producers managed to infuse the flick with some of the original literary quality of the story. It's a great watch, for sure, despite it being lesser known and all.

34Name the movie!

There's a magic dragon on a clear mission here, but look - he's not alone! Wherever the head on the left goes, you can bet that the head on the right is yammering along not too far behind (at all), keeping him some unavoidable company. These dragons (or this dragon, depending on how you look at it) are part of a truly wicked tale contained within a classic, lesser known animated movie. We're almost at the end - can you get this one right?

35Name the movie!

We've shown a number of classic - albeit lesser known - animated movies in this quiz, so let's send you off with a fairly recent title. This movie might be lesser known today, but given its sheer, inimitable quality, it might be considered a mainstream classic a few years down the line. This is the final number on our recommended list if you haven't seen it yet. Whether you did or didn't, let's see you take your best shot, one more time.

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