You'll Fail This Baby Quiz...Unless You're A Veteran Mom

Moms who have the whole entire "parenting" thing down will easily be able to ace this quiz. Anyone who considers themselves to be a veteran mom will know every single one of these answers without having to think too hard or too long! Being a mom is an exciting adventure and as a mom, it is great to learn new things about how to raise kids all the time!

Taking advice from others, reading guide books, and watching tutorials online are some smart and interesting ways for moms to gain "veteran" status. Learning about babies, pregnancy, and parenting methods can be stressful for some but for others, these things may simply come naturally! No one wants to spend their time feeling stressed out or worried that they are not raising their child the right way... that is why veteran moms are the coolest. They know exactly what to do all the time!

Question 1

What is an epidural?

Question 2

What kind of class do pregnant women attend to learn about the birthing process?

Question 3

What is it called when a baby is delivered surgically?

Question 4

True or false: A doctor's gender reading is always 100% accurate.

Question 5

At what time of day does morning sickness usually subside?

Question 6

What are babies born before their due date called?

Question 7

Which of these are babies born without?

Question 8

Which of these foods should be avoided during pregnancy?

Question 9

How long is the average pregnancy?

Question 10

At what point during pregnancy can a doctor tell the baby's gender?

Question 11

Which of a woman's organs will grow in size during pregnancy?

Question 12

True or false: Home pregnancy tests are always 100% accurate.

Question 13

What is the recommended sleeping position for newborns?

Question 14

At what age should potty training start?

Question 15

True or false: All babies are born with a brown eye color.

Question 16

How many trimesters are there in an average pregnancy?

Question 17

True or false: Children visit the doctor regularly.

Question 18

Which mythical creature visits children when they lose a tooth?

Question 19

When should parents start brushing their baby's teeth?

Question 20

Which of these is a common first sign of pregnancy?

Question 21

True or false: Pregnant women should avoid dogs.

Question 22

What kind of doctor works exclusively with children?

Question 23

What item must we have before leaving the hospital with a newborn?

Question 24

When do babies typically begin to crawl?

Question 25

True or false: Babies are color blind when they are born.

Question 26

True or false: Babies can ride on a passenger's lap during a car ride.

Question 27

How often should baby bottles be washed?

Question 28

True or false: Babies can hear before they're even born.

Question 29

What is the most common first word for babies?

Question 30

A baby can breathe and swallow at the same time until they are how old?

Question 31

A baby cannot taste what flavor until it is 4 months old?

Question 32

When do children begin to learn speech patterns?

Question 33

Which of these items should babies avoid eating?

Question 34

True or false: Pregnancy is a metabolism booster.

Question 35

Babies have taste buds on their tongues as well as on their ____.

Question 36

True or false: Babies can't learn to walk without shoes.

Question 37

True or false: A pregnant woman's skin is more sensitive to the sun.

Question 38

The protein that keeps a baby’s skull from fusing is called what?

Question 39

True or false: A pregnant body will automatically become more efficient at absorbing iron.

Question 40

Newborns are more likely to turn their head in which direction?

Question 41

Why do babies move around so much in the womb?

Question 42

Adults have 206 bones. When babies are born, they have how many?

Question 43

True or false: Music ruins the mental development of a child.

Question 44

A newborn urinates how often?

Question 45

True or false: The placenta stays the same size throughout pregnancy.

Question 46

Approximately what percent of infants are born with some form of birthmark?

Question 47

A baby is born in the world every ____ seconds.

Question 48

What gender is born more often?

Question 49

True or false: A woman's height changes her likelihood of having twins.

Question 50

When do kids start to lose their teeth?

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