You'd Have To Be An 80s Baby To Recognize These Disney Movie Characters

If you were born in the 80s then you witnessed an era of Disney that can never be duplicated. From 1989 through 1995, it seemed like every animated movie released by Disney was an instant success. It all started with The Little Mermaid in 1989. It was a tale of a mermaid princess whose only wish was to be human and marry a prince. In 1991 Disney released Beauty and the Beast. In it, an ordinary town girl wanted more for her life, meanwhile, a prince needed to be saved by from the curse of an enchantress. With 1992 came Aladdin's tale of an Arabic orphan who wanted to marry a princess and 1994 brought The Lion King, which was about a lion cub prince whose uncle wanted his father's throne. They were all magical stories, with relatable characters.

They were the kind of movies that have stuck with the kids from that era straight into their 30's and will probably live on through many generations to come. Especially, when so many of those movies are being brought back to life as live action films now. Anyone can name these popular Disney movies, but you'd have to be an 80s baby to recognize all of the Disney movie characters that were in them. Can you?

Question 1

Do you remember which Disney movie character this is?

This guy might look like an animal, but he's really a prince waiting for his curse to be broken by a beautiful girl from a nearby town. As a prince, he'd made the awful mistake of turning away an old lady who'd only needed a place to stay warm and dry. Little did he know, the old hag was really an enchantress. She responded by turning him into a beast and all of his servants into animated objects in his castle. Do you know who he is?

Question 2

Which character is this?

This adventurous mermaid was the daughter of a sea king in The Little Mermaid. She wasn't happy with living under the sea. In fact, she was so obsessed with being a human that she gave her voice to a sea witch in return for temporary legs. In order to keep the legs, she had to get a kiss from the prince who she'd saved from drowning. In the end, she ended up with both human legs and the prince. Who is she?

Question 3

Who is this?

This character was a fan-favorite from Disney movies of the early 90's. He was a poor orphan boy, who often stole food to survive, yet ended up sharing most of his stolen food with other impoverished youths. He met and fell in love with the Sultan of Agrabah's daughter who'd run away from home and was in disguise at the time. He was caught with her and arrested, only to be sent to recover a magic lamp. Who is he?

Question 4

Who is this little fellow?

This little fellow was spunky, arrogant, and adventurous as a lion cub. He knew that he was next in line to be king, but went through a self-conscious stage following the death of his father. He was tricked into thinking that his father's death was all his fault by his uncle, who really just wanted to be king of the Pride Lands. While away, he went through life living without worries with two new friends. However, he eventually came back to avenge his throne. Who is he?

Question 5

Can you name this beauty?

This young lady was the daughter of an inventor in a small town. She wasn't happy with the conventional way of life or where her life was headed, despite being chosen for marriage by the town's most eligible bachelor. Could you really blame her considering what a prick he was, though? Her father got lost and was captured by a beast, who was really a prince under a curse. She was selfless enough to trade places with her father and came to love the Beast, breaking the curse. Who is she?

Question 6

Which Disney prince is this?

This prince wasn't ready to get married until he found the right girl, despite the pressure put on him by his manservant. The right girl came along shortly after when a mermaid saved him from drowning after his ship caught fire. However, she disappeared before he was able to get a good look at her. He didn't know that she was a mermaid and only vaguely remembered how she looked, although, he did remember her voice. Who is this prince?

Question 7

Which Disney movie princess is this?

This Disney movie princess was the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah. She wasn't happy about having to choose a suitor and ran away to the town in disguise. While there, she met a street rat who helped her until they were caught. They'd already begun to fall in love, but he was arrested for kidnapping the sultan's daughter. Later, she sensed that one of her suitors was actually him and it turned out that she was right. Who is she?

Question 8

Can you name this candelabra?

This guy was one of the most charming servants at the Beast's castle. He, along with the rest of the servants, was turned into an object when the enchantress cast her spell on the castle. Later, they were all turned back into people when a certain lady broke the spell. Meanwhile, he was the most elegant, welcoming, and talented candelabra that you'd ever seen. In fact, he made the young lady who broke the curse feel like a guest in no time. Who is he?

Question 9

Which character from The Lion King is this?

You first saw this beautiful lioness as a cub in The Lion King. As a cub, she was Simba's best friend and remained so, even as his Queen when he came back from exile. She was witty and smart, making it impossible for the lion prince to talk his way out of coming back to Pride Rock with her to reclaim his rightful place as king of the Pride Lands. She later had two cubs of her own with him. Who is she?

Question 10

Do you know who this mermaid is?

This mermaid was a daughter of the king of Atlantica in the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. She was the fourth eldest daughter of the king. The mermaid is a part of the concert in The Little Mermaid and attends her sister's wedding, but isn't seen much in between. She plays a bigger role in both the sequels and spinoff series, even becoming the next to inherit the throne of her father. Do you recognize this character from The Little Mermaid?

Question 11

Do you know who this fish is?

This fish is from Atlantis and is a very close friend of Ariel's. He might not have always agreed with Ariel's adventures, yet he was always there to join her regardless. You could probably say that he became nervous and jumpy as a result of so many close calls on those adventures. However, Ariel always made sure that his safety came before her own. He's a tropical fish, although, his name suggests otherwise. Do you know who this fish is?

Question 12

Can you name this Lion King character?

Only an 80's baby would recognize this lovable, yet annoying mandrill from The Lion King. He was appointed as advisor to all future kings or Royal Mjuzi of the Pride Lands by Simba's grandfather, after saving Scar's life. He was the one to present newborn cubs to the other animals at Pride Rock, including Simba and later his children. He was also the one to learn that Simba was still alive. Wise, yet cryptic, this mandrill made Simba see his true calling. Do you recognize who this mandrill is?

Question 13

Which Disney movie character is this?

This Disney movie character was a maid to Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. She was also a good, loyal friend to him and later to Ariel. It was her that helped Ariel get cleaned up when she first arrived from the sea. The maid was only a minor character, but her sweet nature should've stuck with any 80s baby who became a Disney fan. She was also the one who walked in on Eric's chef after he'd been chasing Ariel's friend who was a crab. What's her name?

Question 14

Do you know who this tiger is?

This tiger is the pet of Princess Jasmine. He was her only true friend leading up to when she met Aladdin and was fiercely loyal to the princess. In fact, he'd let his fierceness show whenever Jasmine was annoyed with someone, including certain suitors who thought she was a prize to be won. He didn't speak, but let Jasmine know when he was worried or didn't approve of something that she was up to. Do you know this tigers name?

Question 15

Can you name this Disney movie villain?

This evil sea witch was the antagonist of The Little Mermaid. Ariel just wanted human legs and this Disney villain pretended to be generous by giving her a pair in trade of her voice. However, the trade included a 3-day clause in which Ariel was expected to get her human prince to kiss her, otherwise, she would lose her legs and she would belong to the sea witch forever. This character is known for being one of the most memorable of all Disney villains. Who is she?

Question 16

Do you know which Disney movie character this is?

This lovable, worry-free meerkat is best friends with a warthog and a lion cub. He's a little cocky and loves to crack jokes, but deep down he's really loyal and fun-loving. He and his warthog pal were the ones to take in Simba after he left The Pridelands following his father's death. They were the ones to teach Simba about their life philosophy with their upbeat, unforgettable song, "Hakuna Matata". It's still such a wonderful phrase. Who is this meerkat?

Question 17

Do you remember the name of this teacup?

No 80's baby could ever forget this adorable teacup. He was just a little boy when the enchantress took the prince's arrogance personally, turning him into a beast and the rest of the people at his castle into random objects. They could sing, dance, and in this teacups case, sneak into luggage to follow a beautiful lady that he didn't want to leave the castle. Most of all, he was just as inquisitive as any little boy would be. Can you name him?

Question 18

Can you name this Disney movie character?

This nasty Disney villain was the royal vizier of Agrabah. He was the second-most-powerful force in all the kingdom, next to only the Sultan until he tried to take over the kingdom completely. He used the false kidnapping of the princess to arrest Aladdin and get him to attempt to retrieve a magic lamp from the Cave of Wonders. He eventually got his hands on the lamp, but he was so power-hungry that he ended up getting more than he bargained for. Which villain is he?

Question 19

Which Disney king is this?

This merman is the proud papa of seven daughters, Ariel, Attina, Aquata, Adriana, Arista, Adella, and Alaina. He's also the king of the undersea kingdom called Atlantica. He rules his kingdom and daughters with a harsh, yet loving personality. The sea king can be overprotective at times and he was once a little prejudiced against humans. However, he came through when he realized that his daughter's happiness was at stake. He is also fierce when he feels that his family or kingdom are in danger. Who is he?

Question 20

Do you know who this goofy guy is?

This is the father of Disney princess, Jasmine and her only living parent. His wife died while his daughter was still a young girl. He rules over the kingdom of Agrabah. At one point, he had a conniving royal vizier who planned on taking over as ruler of Agrabah and/or the entire universe. He was a great ruler and father, yet so gullible that he never saw through the royal vizier's plans. Do you remember the name of this Disney character?

Question 21

Can you name this clock?

This enchanted clock is the most serious and strict of the Beast's servants. His efficient personality is probably what makes him the best at running the household, even as a clock. He's the one who tries to put a stop to Lumière and the other enchanted objects feast for Belle, yet ends up joining in the infamous "Be Our Guest" sequence. The butler is also the one to point out that the appearance of Belle might be the end to their curse. Who is he?

Question 22

Do you know which Disney movie character this is?

This lion is the jealous and evil uncle of Simba. He grew up wanting to become king of the Pride Lands but instead had to watch as his brother took over after their father died. He spent his life waiting for opportunities to become king. His shot came when Simba became arrogant and desperate to prove his worth. He tricked Simba into going where he was told not to go and was the real villain responsible for his own brother's death. Who is he?

Question 23

Which iconic Disney movie character is this?

This guy is an all-time favorite Disney movie character for any 80's baby. He was voiced by the late Robin Williams, who gave the character a funny, charismatic personality. He'd spent 10,000 years in a lamp waiting to be freed. The only problem was that most masters of the lamp, including Aladdin, had trouble passing up the possibilities of their own three wishes in order to free him. However, Aladdin did the right thing in the end and gave this character his lifelong wish of freedom. Who is this iconic character?

Question 24

Can you name this character?

Any 80's baby should be able to recognize this fun-loving, goofy character who's also super-smelly. He's a warthog and the best friend of a meerkat named Timon. His smell comes from him having a gas problem which can be bad enough to chase off every other animal in his vicinity. He's loyal, loving, and super-intelligent, although, he's also naive and childish. This often leads to his ideas being claimed by his friend Timon. Do you know what his m=name is?

Question 25

Do you remember who this horse is?

You might recognize this horse as the horse who was taking Belle's father to the fair with his invention when they got lost. It was this horse's nervousness that led the inventor to become stranded. He was frightened first by the sound of wolves, followed by an attack by a swarm of angry bats. He threw Belle's father off his saddle and ran all the way home to Belle, who insisted that he take her to her father, which he did. What's his name?

Question 26

Who is this Disney movie crab?

This crab has a Jamaican accent that would be recognized effortlessly by 80's babies. He's the royal court composer for King Triton in The Little Mermaid, although, he's often tasked by the king with keeping tabs on Princess Ariel. He attempts to be strict and keep her from being so rebellious, yet he also understands her feelings and chooses to help her, despite being worried that King Triton will "kill himself a crab". This crab is also very talented as you might remember from his performances in "Kiss the Girl" and "Under the Sea". Who is he?

Question 27

Can you name this monkey?

This little fellow might be cute and friendly, but he's also a kleptomaniac who'll take anything shiny that is in his line of vision. This trait was probably picked up while he was living on the streets of Agrabah with his owner, Aladdin. However, in the TV series, it is revealed that he grew up with a circus of thieves so he might've already had this problem before meeting Aladdin. Either way, he's adorable and most 80s babies wished he was their pet. What's his name?

Question 28

Which Disney movie character is this?

This is one of the most arrogant, chauvinistic characters to ever be in a Disney movie. He was a hunter who not only hoped, but was determined to get Belle's hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Belle couldn't stand to be around him as he wanted a woman who'd be overjoyed to be his housewife and nothing more. He didn't like the idea of women thinking, learning, or reading and felt like he was the greatest catch on the planet. Do you know who he is?

Question 29

Do you know who this is?

This wise, intelligent leader is Simba's father. He was also king of the Pride Lands, prior to his untimely demise. He attempted to protect his son from the dangers lurking in the Elephant Graveyard, by telling him to stay away from it. However, all this did was peak young Simba's interest. His brother, Scar, went on to inform Simba that only the bravest lions go to the forbidden place, which led Simba to the adventure that caused his father's death. Who was Simba's father?

Question 30

Can you name this teapot?

You might recognize this teapot as one of the enchanted objects from Beauty and the Beast. She is the mother of Chip the teacup. The teapot and her son were both changed into their enchanted object forms by the beautiful enchantress when the Prince turned her away as an old, ugly woman. She was very welcoming to Belle, often giving her advice on how to deal with the Beast and attempting to inform her of his true personality. Who is she?

Question 31

Do you remember who this guy is?

This guy is more goofy and naive than he is smart and attractive. It's a big part of the reason why he accepts being kicked around by the town's most eligible bachelor in Beauty and the Beast. He goes along doing everything that the cool guy demands of him and whatever violence is vented at him when he makes a mistake or doesn't agree with the villainous ways of his hero. However, without Gaston, he actually seems like a sweet, goofy guy. Who is he?

Question 32

Who is this bird?

This bird might not seem like much help to a lion king, although, he was actually the royal advisor and a close friend to Mufasa. To Simba, he started off more as a sort of punching bag, only with pouncing instead of punching. Despite Simba's treatment of him, this bird went on to save him by telling Mufasa when Simba and Nala were being chased by the hyenas. He eventually becomes Simba's advisor after he returns to take back the Pride Lands. Who is this bird?

Question 33

Which Disney movie characters are these?

Every Disney movie villain needs a sidekick, which is usually some sort of pet or friend. Take these recognizable guys from The Little Mermaid, for example. They belong to Ursula the evil sea witch. They are her eyes and ears, always spying on the merpeople so they can feed her the gossip since she was banished from Atlantica. The eels are always seen together and work together in battles by twisting themselves around their prey. Do you remember the names of Ursula's pet eels?

Question 34

Do you remember who this creepy looking guy is?

This creepy looking character only played a small role in Aladdin. He was a prince who came as a suitor for Princess Jasmine, although, she wasn't having anything to do with him. Aside from looking creepy, he was selfish, snobbish, and only seemed to care about Jasmine's status. He also had a run-in with Aladdin on his way to the palace. He yelled at some orphans and smacked his whip at them, only for Aladdin to snatch it away. What was this suitor's name?

Question 35

Can you name this old guy?

This old guy ended up being held captive by a beast after getting lost on his way to show his latest invention at the fair. Lucky for him, he had a smart, selfless daughter who not only found him but also offered to take his place. He was goofy, kind, and a little out there. That's why the townspeople thought he was crazy when he told them that his daughter was being held by a beast in a castle. Who is he?

Question 36

Which character is this?

This hyena usually runs with two others in a pack in the Disney movie The Lion King. They would usually lurk as a group in the shadows of The Elephant Graveyard. As a trio, they all work with Scar to take the Pride Lands from Mufasa and keep his son, Simba from returning as the new king. The most distinct thing about this hyena from the others is his laugh. He's got the most annoying laugh of the lot. Who is he?

Question 37

Do you remember this pooch's name?

This dog belonged to Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid. He's just an average version of mans best friend, always greeting his owner and his guests with joy and a lapping tongue. He doesn't talk or anything special, although, he does have quite the personality which is seen when he disapproves of the statue of Eric, given to him on his birthday. He also took an immediate liking to Ariel and sensed that something was off about Eric's new fiance. Do you remember this English Sheepdog's name?

Question 38

Who is this villainous pet?

This villainous pet was always at Jafar's side in Aladdin. He came off as being just as evil as his owner, only more aggressive and the rudest, making it seem as though he enjoyed conflict more. He was the perfect pet for Jafar, making it clear that he was just as power hungry as his owner. However, he eventually evolved to join Aladdin's side in later spin-offs from Aladdin, although, he kept his loud mouth and temper. Do you know who this pet is?

Question 39

Can you name this Disney movie character?

This beautiful lioness is the loving mother of Simba. She was first seen in The Lion King following Simba's birth as she cradled him in her paws. Aside from being Simba's mother, she was also Mufasa's queen. She is his rock with a softer side to nurture. She's also friends with Nala's mother before the cubs have grown up. She was snarky and confident when she had to deal with Scar as king of the Pride Lands, before Simba's return and helps fight him when he reveals that he killed Mufasa. Who is she?

Question 40

Do you know who this is?

This Disney movie character is really a charade. She popped up using Ariel's voice just after the princess of Atlantis began getting close to kissing Prince Eric. Ursula just couldn't bear to let Ariel win the 3-day bargain. Instead of playing fair, she turned herself into a human and used Ariel's voice from the seashell in order to make the prince think that it was her who'd saved him. She also used a bit of mind control to keep him in line. Do you know what name she used as a human?

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