You'd Have To Be A True Shameless Fan To Ace This Quiz On The First Season

If you're a true Shameless fan, then you probably just wrapped up watching the series' 8th season! The truest fans probably even contemplated going back to watch all eight seasons all over again. It's hard not to get a bit nostalgic after following the same characters for 7 years. Especially, with a family like the Gallagher's who you've literally seen grow up with the show. You've seen Fiona go from being a young hot mess, just trying to raise her siblings, to being an adult who's desperately trying better herself. Then there's Lip, who went to college, messed things up, and now he's headed down an entirely different path. The same goes for Ian, Debs, Carl, and Liam.

For true Shameless fans, looking at all of them now only makes you want to go back to refresh your memory on how it all began. You've probably rewatched the entire series every year when the new season comes out. You probably feel like you know all about Shameless' first season. Now's your chance to show how much you really know about the beginning. In fact, you'd have to be a true Shameless fan to ace this quiz on the first season, put it to the test!

Question 1

Who did Frank say Liam looked a lot like?

Frank kicked off the series premiere of Shameless by introducing us to his family. He mentions that Fiona is like her mother, minus the psycho part, Lip is super-smart and going places, Ian has a great work ethic, Carl loves to take in strays, Debbie is an angel, and Liam looks a lot like someone. Frank also included that he's especially happy that they all remind him a little of himself, of course. Do you remember who it was that Frank said Liam looked a lot like?

Question 2

What were the Gallagher kids collecting money for?

It's obvious from the very beginning that the Gallagher's are really low on cash. Especially in the pilot, when Fiona is seen collecting money at the breakfast table. Each Gallagher kid, except Liam, adds their share to the plate. However, a couple of the kids rethink their funding situation and take money back for something important that they'd almost forgotten. It's a scene that we've seen countless times in the earlier seasons of Shameless. Do you know what Fiona what Fiona was collecting money for in the pilot?

Question 3

Who was the bouncer that Steve punched for Fiona?

The pilot episode of Shameless ended with Fiona going clubbing with her best friend Veronica, aka V. This was Fiona's only time to act her age and be carefree. It's also where she met a charming guy, who was supposedly named Steve, who attempted to get her purse back from a purse-snatcher and defended her honor by punching the club's bouncer for talking down on Fiona. Fiona brought "Steve" home that night where Lip was shocked that he'd punched the notorious bouncer. What was the bouncer's name?

Question 4

Where did Lip find Ian's stash of dirty magazines?

Fiona might've always suspected that Ian was gay, although, this wasn't the case for Lip, who'd shared a room with Ian for ages. Lip also thought that Ian told him everything. Therefore, it was more than just a little shock when Lip found Ian's stash of dirty magazines which featured men, rather than women. Needless to say, he was quick to judge and ready to ensure that his little brother wasn't just confused. Where was it that Lip found those magazines, anyway?

Question 5

What was the once-popular TV show that the Gallagher's loved to watch in the first season?

The first season of Shameless introduced us to several things that are commonplace to the characters of the series. These weren't set in stone traditions or anything close to family traditions. Instead, these common occurrences included walking in and having conversations with Kev and V while they were getting it on. Another, was the Gallagher kids eating breakfast as Frank is passed out on the floor. However, the one thing that made you feel like you could relate to the Gallagher's was when they prepared to watch their favorite show as a family with their friends. What show was it?

Question 6

What was Steve's real name?

When Fiona gets her bag stolen at a club Steve runs after the robber and tries to help and instantly connects with Fiona. Coming from very different backgrounds Fiona believed that she would have a hard time connecting with Steve, being from a very affluent family and Fiona being, well, extremely poor. She expected Steve to be very judgmental and treat her differently because of her background. Instead he had a way bigger secret than his upbringing. He had a different name and was in hiding. What was it?

Question 7

Why was Debbie running from porch to porch in "Frank the Plank"?

This little Gallagher isn't so little anymore. She was constantly trying to find ways to help out back in early seasons of Shameless. In fact, she was running her own daycare before she was 10. At the beginning of "Frank the Plank" she was running from porch to porch trying to help out in one of the only ways a child her age could. Leave it to little Debbie Gallagher to do be smart, helpful, and a little shameless all in the same act. What was she doing?

Question 8

Who finally remembered that Frank was last seen with Steve prior to his disappearance?

There was almost an entire season 1 episode dedicated to finding Frank, who'd been dropped off in Canada by Steve. Steve thought he was doing the Gallagher kids a favor by ridding them of the more toxic version of Frank. He'd come in drunk and in a foul mood after being punched by Karen's dad, who thought he was defending his daughter's honor. Frank's response was to headbutt Ian who Karen had been caught servicing under her kitchen table. Nobody knew what had happened to Frank, although, one person recalled that he'd last been seen with Steve. Who was it?

Question 9

Why was V flirting with the dairy truck driver?

In earlier seasons of Shameless, Kev and V were the most dominant couple in the history of TV. They weren't conventional in any way, yet they were still hopelessly in love. It didn't matter if V was using her assets to make money, or if Kev was making threesome jokes. Of course, that was the pre-co-ed and Svetlana days. Nowadays, you don't know where this couple stands. However, we knew exactly what was going on back in "Frank the Plank" when V was flirting with the milkman. Do you remember why V was flirting with the milkman?

Question 10

Why were the Gallagher's so concerned that Frank hadn't come home?

We've seen Frank Gallagher disappear and reappear frequently on Shameless. He gets high out of his mind, before getting lost or passing out and waking up in another place all of the time. This doesn't surprise the eldest Gallagher kids on most occasions because they're used to it. In fact, even the younger siblings are over worrying and looking for Frank at this point. However, this wasn't the case in the first season. They looked everywhere and attempted to file a missing person report. Why?

Question 11

What did Tony confess to Fiona the morning after their first date?

Tony dropped by to see Fiona and invite her to dinner with his mother the morning after their first date. He'd also sent her a little bouquet of flowers, prior to stopping in. You might remember that this guy already had it bad for Fiona before their little tryst in his police car. It seemed like everything had gone great on their date. However, he kind of blew things with his morning-after confession. Do you remember what Tony confessed that made Fiona crack jokes with V and stand Tony up for Steve?

Question 12

Where did the Gallagher's get fake Aunt Ginger from?

The Shameless episode entitled "Aunt Ginger" was mostly based on the Gallagher kids victorious attempt at finding a replacement for Aunt Ginger, after a government worker came looking for her. The only problem was that the real Aunt Ginger had died 12 years earlier from a drug overdose. Following her death, Frank had buried her in the backyard and never reported it. This left both Frank and the kids rushing to find an elderly lady who was senile enough be Aunt Ginger within 24 hours time. Where did they find fake Aunt GInger?

Question 13

Why did Frank bury the real Aunt Ginger in the backyard?

We never got to know too much about the real Aunt Ginger. All Shameless fans know is that she'd died from an overdose at a party thrown in her home by Frank, which is also the same house that the Gallaghers live in. Plus in a later season, we discovered that she was missing a toe because Fiona had to cut one off of a deceased woman in order to fake the real Aunt Ginger's death. The only other thing fans should know is why Frank buried her in the backyard. Do you know why?

Question 14

What important detail did Shelia's husband leave out when he told Frank about Sheila?

In the first season of Shameless, Eddie Jackson went from punching Frank in the nose to having a drink with him while he told him all about his wife Sheila, whom he'd recently left. During the conversation, Frank realized that Sheila was perfect for him. Mainly because she never left her house, which would make it easy for Frank to manipulate her. It didn't take Frank long to work his way into Sheila's home and bed. However, there was one detail that Eddie left out about Sheila. What was it?

Question 15

Who did Debbie Gallagher kidnap in the first season?

Aside from Liam, Debbie Gallagher appeared to be the most innocent child in the Gallagher family during Shameless' early seasons. However, by the third episode, she also seemed to be the most affected by her families situation. That was when the episode that ended with her clinging to Aunt Ginger. This didn't make it any less surprising when the next episode kicked off with her stealing a toddler from a birthday party. The incident left the Gallagher kids scrambling to get the tot returned. What was the toddler's name?

Question 16

Why did Kev say that he was getting married to V?

Kev really messed up that time that he proposed to Veronica while he was already still married to his first wife. V never knew about his first wife and the proposal was sort of accidental. Frank was at the Alibi when he overheard Kev saying that he was getting married. Frank offered Kev a loud, drunken congratulations, which included calling V's mom Carol over to give her the good news. This led Kev to get drunk and propose to V for real. What was Kev's real reason for saying that he was getting married?

Question 17

What did Steve say to Debbie to get her to lie to the cops?

Debbie Gallagher might've kidnapped a toddler, but that didn't mean she didn't have morals. Lip set up the perfect plan to get the little tyke back to the birthday party without anyone knowing that Debs had actually kidnapped the kid. However, it also meant that everyone had to do their part. The only problem was that Debbie didn't want to lie to the police about what she'd done. Everything worked out in the end. Debs came out looking like a hero, although, not without a little pep talk from Steve. How did he convince Debbie to lie?

Question 18

How much money did V's dowry check turn out to be?

It was good that Kev finally came clean with V by telling her that they couldn't get married because he already was. V took it pretty well, although, they were upset about the dowry check that her dad left with Carol for V's wedding day. They had no idea how much it was but figured it was worth taking the Gallagher's up on their offer to put on a sham wedding to get it. How much did the check turn out to be?

Question 19

Where was Frank's possible tumor?

You might remember that Kev wasn't the only guy on Shameless to have a cancer scare. In fact, Frank had one of his own in season one after getting a checkup at the health department. He's told that he has a tumor that they need to check out. Of course, Frank got just as sentimental as Kev did in the most recent season. He even went to a cancer support group himself. Fortunately, he didn't have to take Sheila up on her burial plot offer, as it was benign. Where was the tumor?

Question 20

Where was Kev and V's fake bachelor party, wedding, and reception held?

It was fortunate that Kev and V didn't have to fork out much cash on their fake wedding. Especially, seeing as how V's dowry turned out to be much less than they had hoped for. The Gallagher kids helped get them freebies for most of the expenses. For example, Fiona got a Lasagna tray in trade of her urine, the boys used Carl in a scam get the priest, and Sheila made V's wedding dress. They even held the bachelor party, wedding, and reception all at the same place. Which place was it?

Question 21

Why was Fiona required to produce a parent for parent-teacher day?

Taking time to accompany your child to parent-teacher is a given in most households. Yet, it proves to be a difficult task for Fiona to get any parent on board when one of the Gallagher kids is sent home with a letter requiring that a parent attend. She tried to show up herself, although, this didn't work at all. Thankfully Steve was able to bond with the teacher over The Grateful Dead and a teacher discount on some weed. Why did the teacher push Fiona so hard about bringing a parent?

Question 22

What was Kash's wife's answer for her husband letting shoplifters take what they wanted?

Kash was a bit of a wuss when it came to shoplifters at the Kash-N-Grab convenience store that he owned with his wife, Linda. For one, he was always busy behind the coolers with Ian, and two he was scared of Mickey and his dad, who'd already beaten him up once. This left his wife upset about the recent robberies that were costing them money. Not only did she get all over him about the thefts, but she also did one of the following things. Which one was it?

Question 23

Why did Frank show up at the school for parent-teacher day?

Running into Frank at the school was a big shock to the Gallagher kids. He'd made it clear to Fiona that he didn't have time for parent-teacher conferences as he ranted about how such events were only done so that teachers could make themselves feel better about the mistakes that they've made as educators. Meanwhile, he did show up at the school for parent-teacher conferences and ran into his kids in the hall, leaving them feeling shocked, hurt, and angry. Why did Frank show up?

Question 24

What did Linda call Ian when she punched him?

Ian and Kash really thought they had upstaged Linda's security cameras by turning one of them the opposite way. This is why Kash appeared smug as he shrugged off why the camera had been turned to his wife as she replayed the footage. Little did Kash know, Linda had already watched the footage, including the part after he and Ian had knocked the camera back into its original position. Not only did she give Kash an ultimatum, but she also punched Ian and referred to him as a boy in a British play who loved ballet. What was the name?

Question 25

What type of underground fight club did Frank try to participate in?

Frank had few options to avoid being tortured by the two goons who were looking for him in Shameless' first season. He made three attempts to get some quick cash, all failing until finally, he got his kids to help him fake his death. His first plan was to pawn a watch that belonged to Sheila's husband Eddie. Second, was to attempt to steal a money cup from a homeless guy. Third, was to get in on a recorded underground fight club. Do you remember what type of underground fight show it was?

Question 26

What did Ian, Lip, and Mandy do when the meat truck driver asked them for directions?

Leave it to Lip and Ian to teach a person looking for help that you never stop and ask for directions in Southside Chicago. The poor meat truck guy just needed directions to make his delivery. He stopped and asked the trio of teens walking by and they appeared to help by giving him the directions. Then again, this is Lip, Ian, and Mandy that we're talking about here. They couldn't just let an opportunity like that slip away, or could they? What did they do?

Question 27

How did Frank get the credit cards that he had maxed out in the first season?

Frank's shenanigans went too far on several occasions, although, this was a breaking for Fiona and the rest of the Gallagher kids. Fiona discovered that Frank had maxed out several credit cards and used the credit for all kinds of things that they'd never seen. They did discover that he'd supplied The Alibi Room with a big flat screen TV, though. This made it both easy and a little fun for the whole entire family to get in on faking his death. How did Frank get the credit cards

Question 28

Where did Steve, real name Jimmy's, family think he'd been while he was living his double-life with Fiona?

It took nearly the entire first season of Shameless for the series to reveal that Fiona's knight in shining armour, Steve, wasn't really Steve at all. His real name turned out to be Jimmy, he lived in a mansion, and his family was loaded. At the end of the eighth episode, Jimmy was seen going into a really big, nice house and being welcomed by his family and girlfriend. The whole time he had been staying with the Gallaghers, he'd been leading a double-life. Where did Jimmy's family think that he'd been?

Question 29

What made Frank go "on the wagon"?

There was an entirely new look for Frank toward the end of the first season of Shameless. The Gallagher family awoke to see him clean and making breakfast in the kitchen. Lip warned the kids that he'd be back to his old drunk self in no time, but this didn't stop them from enjoying having a real father figure around. Meanwhile, Lip and Fiona worried over the demolition he'd begun in order to fix up the house. What was it that caused Frank's sudden change?

Question 30

What did V call Ethel when she first came to live with her and Kev?

Ethel was the Amish child that Kev and V got when they decided to become foster parents. She was already a teen and it turned out later that she was also a parent. She'd had her child with after she'd been forced to marry an elder. V had wanted to become a foster parent to rake in some easy cash, although, Kev was really looking forward to whole dad thing. Neither of them expected what they got with Ehtel, though. In the beginning, what did V keep call Ehtel?

Question 31

Who decided that it was time to get Frank back "off the wagon"?

As much as the Gallagher kids enjoyed having Frank play a real fatherly role in their lives, they also realized that it wouldn't last. Meanwhile, Frank's new squeeze, Sheila was beginning to grow concerned that sober Frank wouldn't want or need her anymore. It was eventually decided that it would be easier to let sober Frank go sooner, rather than later and they forced some alcohol down the old man's throat. Who was it that decided it was time to let sober Frank go?

Question 32

How did Frank lure Monica back into town?

The Gallagher kid's mom was nowhere to be found until the final two episodes of the first season. Even then, she didn't just pop up to check on her kids on her own. Instead, she was lured there by Frank, who unbeknownst to the kids, had apparently had her number the entire time. Frank was motivated to get her to come home because he needed her to collect on an old lawsuit that they had filed together. How did Frank get Monica to come back?

Question 33

What did Jimmy give Debbie to keep his secret?

It funny to think that Debbie was the only Gallagher who saw through Steve's fiasco enough to follow up and see what he was up too. Either way, it was Debs who followed him to his parent's home and knocked on the door, inquiring if the woman who answered was screwing her sister's boyfriend. Little did Debs know, the woman was actually Steve, who was really Jimmy's mother. Jimmy needed Debs to not tell Fiona, so he promised to get her something. What was it?

Question 34

Who's Liam's father?

There was a big revelation at the end of the first season which came for the obvious question of Liam Gallagher's parentage. Monica and Bob had whisked in after frank's call and decided that they wanted to take Liam with them so they could start a family. This led to a DNA test with surprising results. The end result was that Liam stayed, but Fiona wasn't going to have it any other way no matter who his father was. Who is Liam's father?

Question 35

Who is Ian's father?

Since Liam got tested to see if Frank was his father, Ian decided to take a DNA test, too. Everyone automatically suspected that Frank wasn't Liam's father, but nobody expected the results to come back negative for Ian's DNA test. This led to Lip and Ian to set out on a trip to the women's penitentiary to find out who Ian's father was from Grammy Gallagher, who was serving time for a meth lab explosion. They were able to track down Ian's dad through information that they got from her. Who's Ian's dad?

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