You'd Have To Be A Super Saiyan To Pass This Goku Quiz

No matter what challenge faced the brave warriors of Dragon Ball, they were always prepared to valiantly stand against it. Eventually, this is true of a great number of Earth’s greatest defenders, but in the very beginning, it only applied to one man: Goku. Easily the most powerful character in all of Universe 6, Goku is often the glue holding the Z Fighters together, able to make even the most cantankerous amongst them smile and see the light when the fighting was finally over.

In fact, Goku is such an affable, friendly individual that almost everyone he fights to save the fate of the world ultimately joins his side. Of course, audiences were well aware of this long before Goku made his first friend, laughing along with the excitable youngster as he slowly discovered the world in Dragon Ball. By the time he was saving it in Dragon Ball Z, GT, and Super, we were already firmly on his side, ready to join him on whatever adventure came next.

That said, simply watching Goku’s journey doesn’t necessarily make someone an expert on it. Plenty of people can watch a full TV show without learning a thing about the characters, and Goku starred in four of them. Only those who were truly paying attention can remember absolutely everything about him. If you think that’s you, take our quiz and find out how well you know Goku.

Question 1

What race is Goku?

Long considered Earth’s greatest defender, someone who doesn’t watch a whole lot of Dragon Ball would probably assume Goku was born on the planet. As true fans know, however, this very much isn’t the case, as he’s actually an alien from a faraway planet, sent to the world he calls home as a baby. Due to a childhood accident, Goku has no memory of his birthplace, but that doesn’t change the fact his heritage plays a huge role in his life as a martial artist. In addition to his tail, his race is also naturally powerful and resilient.

Question 2

Who destroyed Goku’s home planet?

Fans of Dragon Ball may be well aware that Goku isn’t of this world, but the naïve young man didn’t actually know this until well into his 20’s. He was also completely unaware that Planet Vegeta was blown to bits by an evil warlord worried a fabled Super Saiyan could one day rise and stand against him. Decades later, Goku would form an entirely separate rivalry with the man, finally getting a measure of revenge for his people, and stopping the warlord from destroying the Planet Namek.

Question 3

Who raised Goku?

With his home planet destroyed and memory erased, Goku is an entirely blank slate when he arrives on Earth. That means it’s entirely up to the first person he meets to raise the rambunctious young Saiyan, and luckily, he was discovered by a man who seems to be one of the kindest, gentlest souls on the planet. A martial artist himself, this adoptive parent teaches young Goku in the way of the fist, but he also makes sure the boy is aware never to use violence unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Question 4

Who cut off Goku’s tail for the first time?

From a superficial standpoint, the first thing people tended to notice about Goku when he was a child is the fact he was an otherwise seemingly looking boy who happened to have a monkey tail. Turns out this little quirk also has a seriously terrifying downside, as the wrong situation can lead to Goku transforming into a destructive Great Ape with no control over his violent impulses. Immediately recognizing how dangerous this is, the first time Goku’s friends see him transform, one of them cuts off his tail without any hesitation.

Question 5

How does Bulma wake Goku up when he’s placed under a sleeping spell?

As the second ever regular human to meet Goku, his friend Bulma is uniquely in tune with what makes the kid tick. This becomes especially true during Goku’s first venture into the World Martial Arts Tournament, when she saves him from a surefire knockout in the final round. When all else fails, Goku’s opponent places him under a sleeping spell that’s allegedly impossible to break. The announcer starts his count, but right before he hits 10, Bulma has a last minute idea she correctly believes will wake him up.

Question 6

Who defeated Goku in his first World Martial Arts Tournament?

For all the talk about Goku being the Earth’s greatest defender, it actually took him three tries to win the World Martial Arts Tournament. The first time around, he was defeated by a mysterious old man who happened to have a whole lot in common with his teacher, Master Roshi. According to him, they were cousins, and with the help of Nan, he almost got Yamcha and the others believing the same thing. The announcer certainly fell for it, as Roshi’s name didn’t go down in the history books, but rather a certain stylish nom de guerre.

Question 7

What villainous militia constantly tracked Goku down as a child?

From as early as the ripe young age of 12, it seemed like the entire world was well aware of the powerful young Goku and the potential he had. This includes dangerous military groups, which saw him as a serious threat to their villainous plans. Of course, that wasn’t even the issue at first, as they were initially only interested in the fact Goku had a few of the Dragon Balls, which they wanted so they could wish for world domination. Eventually, though, they just wanted him dead.

Question 8

What does Goku use to travel before he learns how to fly?

By the time Dragon Ball Super is over, practically everyone Goku knows has learned the Air Flying Technique that lets them float through the skies with ease. However, it actually took a few seasons before anyone at all could master this ability, not being introduced until Goku’s second foray in the World Martial Arts Tournament. This doesn’t mean Goku doesn’t have a way to travel through the sky, though, having inherited a transportation vessel from Master Roshi that only the pure of heart can use.

Question 9

Who is the first enemy to leave Goku for dead?

Given the sheer number of battles Goku fights throughout the course of Dragon Ball, it was inevitable the poor kid would lose a few battles. Usually, though, he’s able to quickly get back up, dust himself off, and make an epic comeback that proves any failure was a result of mere mistakes, not a lack of skill. That said, there are a handful of enemies he encountered who are clearly his better, with some even leaving him for dead. The first person to nearly bring Goku to his demise is a vicious assassin hired by the Red Ribbon Army.

Question 10

Who is Goku’s eventual wife?

So unaware of the world is Goku when he meets the woman that would become his wife, he’s not entirely sure he’s female until after they’ve spent some time together. Goku also has no idea what her father is talking about when he suggests the two of them get married, but his bride to be takes the promise extremely seriously, demanding he uphold the bargain when they encounter one another again later in life. By that point, she’s become a decent fighter herself, and grown a powerful personality, making her a perfect counterpart to the Saiyan.

Question 11

What is Goku’s birth name?

Once Goku and fans of Dragon Ball collectively became aware of the Saiyan’s true origin, they instantly wanted to know more about his history and home planet. There was still plenty to learn by the time Dragon Ball Super ended, but we were at least given small bits and pieces of his past life. For one thing, audiences were immediately introduced to Goku’s birth name. Even after learning the truth about himself, Goku generally rejects his original title, but certain others in his life constantly use it as a reminder of who he really is.

Question 12

Who defeats Goku during his second World Martial Arts Tournament?

Second verse, same as the first, at least insofar as Goku’s attempts at winning the World Martial Arts Tournament are concerned. For the second time in a row, Goku manages to advance all the way to the finals only to get bested by a mysterious new fighter. This time around, though, it’s not his teacher in disguise, but rather a member of a strange group who only got involved with the tournament to take down Goku personally. While the organization’s strongest fighter nearly does that, he stops short of actually killing Goku out of respect for his talents.

Question 13

Who is Goku’s older son?

For all the time Goku spends fighting and saving the world, he’s a lover at heart, so it’s no surprise he quickly has a child after settling down with his wife Chi-Chi. With his generous nature, it was also a given that Goku would shower his child with affection and love, at least when he wasn’t busy stopping the universe’s eminent destruction. Goku is even quick to declare his son more powerful than he, although that doesn’t necessarily pan out as being true. Still, the fact he believed it showed the type of father he always was.

Question 14

Who is Goku’s brother?

Raised on a planet millions of light years away from his family, after the death of his adoptive grandfather, Goku goes through much of his life essentially believing he’s an orphan with no true family. In theory, when a strange outsider showed up claiming to be Goku’s brother, that should have made the man elated. Unfortunately, said sibling happened to be a total jerk, kidnapping Goku’s son and planning to destroy the Earth with or without his brother at his side. Naturally, rather than share a warm family reunion, Goku decided to stop this invader at all costs.

Question 15

Who kills Goku for the first time?

Despite being the so-called greatest defender on the planet, Goku has fallen in battle a handful of times, sometimes even getting sent to the great beyond. The first time this happens, it’s technically the Saiyan’s own fault, as he enters a scenario where his death is all but guaranteed. Unfortunately, it’s just the only solution he sees to the latest threat to Earth in his own brother Raditz. To stop his own relative, Goku latches himself to his sibling in a bearhug, ensuring he won’t be able to move out of the way when someone else launches a deadly attack.

Question 16

What makes Goku turn into a Great Ape when he has his tail?

Forget about all the bad guys with super powers threatening to destroy the planet and control the universe—the true greatest threat to Earth is Goku himself, especially if he loses his mind and turns into a Great Ape. This threat is seen first hand on only a few occasions, and in each instance, Goku’s destructive tendencies truly know no bounds. The same is true whenever any other tailed Saiyans make the transformation, as they have no control of their actions whatsoever. What triggers their change?

Question 17

Which of the following techniques does Goku learn watching Master Roshi?

Constantly updating his move set to fight progressively stronger opponents, Goku uses no less than a dozen different energy attacks and martial arts techniques throughout the Dragon Ball series. Always perfecting the old classics while experimenting with new ideas, it could be argued that no matter how many attacks he learns, Goku’s greatest technique was the very first one he learned. Technically, no one even had to teach it to the kid, as he simply witnessed Master Roshi use it before somehow figuring it out on his own.

Question 18

Which enemy once managed to swap bodies with Goku?

Considering how powerful Goku has always been, it was inevitable some villain would realize the greatest weapon they could use against him was his own body. When preparing to fight Frieza on the Planet Namek, he encountered a showboating villain who had exactly this power. Not only did he use it to steal Goku’s physical appearance, but he also badly injured himself before making the swap, leaving the Saiyan at a serious disadvantage. Luckily, ever the thinker, Goku was able to trick him into switching back and threw a frog into the mix at the last minute.

Question 19

What causes Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan for the first time?

At this point, the concept of Super Saiyans is practically synonymous with Dragon Ball in general, but it actually took quite some time before Goku made the hurdle to legendary status. Powerful though he was, for a Saiyan to tap into their true potential, they need to experience an incredible surge of emotion greater than anything he had experienced thus far. The fated moment finally happened on the Planet Namek, right after Goku thought he had saved the day. Unfortunately, he was very wrong in this assumption, as something truly terrible was about to happen.

Question 20

What real world ailment does Future Trunks warn will kill Goku without medicine?

While Goku never gives up in his battle to protect humanity against the forces of evil, there are certain things even the Earth’s greatest defender simply can’t overpower. Human and Saiyan alike, every person has an expiration date, as modern medicine has it’s limits when it comes to certain diseases and ailments. The only thing that could save a terminally ill patient is a miracle from the future, which is exactly what Goku gets in the form of Trunks a few years before he’s supposed to die of an incurable disease.

Question 21

What weapon did Goku get from his grandfather?

By and large, Goku doesn’t need any weapons to protect the world from evil. Well, when he’s an adult, anyway. When the Saiyan was but a young boy, his martial arts acumen wasn’t quite perfect, meaning he occasionally needed a weapon inherited from his grandfather. Thanks to the unique abilities of Goku’s armament, it also proves invaluable in helping him travel prior to acquiring the Flying Nimbus. Once he learns enough energy attacks and regular fighting techniques, Goku ditches his toy altogether, but fans who saw him use it surely remember what it was.

Question 22

What do Goku and Vegeta call the hybrid they become after a fusion dance?

Aside from his lengthy history with Frieza, it could be said Goku’s greatest rival throughout Dragon Ball has always been Vegeta. That’s certainly how Vegeta himself sees things, constantly wanting to go another few rounds with “Kakarot” long after he moved over to the good side. Even so, when faced with certain threats that neither of them could handle alone, they chose to rely on a legendary technique learned in the Other World known as the “fusion dance.” Goten and Trunks are the first to try it, but their fathers eventually follow suit despite their rivalry.

Question 23

When does Master Roshi give Goku his trademark Gi?

Across the four series he appears in, Goku aged somewhere around 20 years and went on literally thousands of adventures from planet to planet. Throughout it all, he wore about five whole outfits, and one in particular almost never left his back except for special occasions. The reason Goku is so attached to his trademark yellow Gi may related to who gave it to him, in that it was a gift from his greatest teacher, Master Roshi. Of course, Roshi gave Goku quite a few gifts in their time together, so something about the circumstance made this one special.

Question 24

Why does Goku bring Gohan to the Hyberbolic Time Chamber?

In the world of Dragon Ball, when Goku and his friends aren’t busy fighting, they’re most likely going to be training for the next battle. With that in mind, Goku didn’t really need a “reason” to bring his song to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a year of training condensed into a few days—the mere fact the world wasn’t being threatened at that exact moment was cause enough. However, the first time the father-son duo hit the legendary training ground, they have a pretty darn good reason for going.

Question 25

True or False: Goku is the first ever Super Saiyan.

It may have took Dragon Ball a seriously long time before introducing the concept of a Super Saiyan, but once they did, there was no going back. From then on, almost every single Saiyan in the show’s universe would inevitably feel the blast of energy that turned their hair blonde, but that doesn’t diminish the fact Goku was one of the first to do it. The question is, was he the absolute first Super Saiyan in history, or did he just happen to beat most of his friends to the punch?

Question 26

How do Goku and Vegeta fuse into Vegito?

In addition to the fusion dance, there’s another way for Dragon Ball fighters to combine into one all powerful entity. This time around, the catch is that the powers are extremely limited, only able to last around an hour of Earth time at best. Also, in order to truly tap into the potential, a Supreme Kai must be present to ensure the fusion doesn’t fail. On top of that, there are a few more cosmetic issues that makes this transformation a lot more complicated than a few dance moves, but that doesn’t stop Goku and Vegeta from trying it.

Question 27

Why was Goku sent to Earth?

Sent to planet Earth as a baby moments before his home planet exploded, it’s no surprise Goku almost immediately forgot his mission well before he even lost his memory. That’s probably a good thing, because in addition to protecting him from the menace of Frieza, Goku had a secondary goal in heading to Earth. Saiyans are such powerful beings compared to mere humans that they felt a child could get the job done, and the whole reason Raditz comes looking for him later is that he couldn’t believe Goku failed his one simple job.

Question 28

Which of the Dragon Balls does Goku care about the most?

With the power to grant virtually any wish a person could dream of when combined, it goes without saying that the seven Dragon Balls are amongst the most precious items on Earth. However, so far as Goku is concerned, one of them is by far the greatest Dragon Ball of them all, as it was the final gift given to him by his grandfather before he died. While Goku occasionally parts with his prized possession in order to make a wish, he always sets out to find it again ASAP.

Question 29

Who does Goku face in the finals of the Other World tournament?

Try as he might to escape the fighting life, Goku is simply unable to lay down his arms and rest. Even after he dies for the second time and decides to relax with King Kai in the Other World for a little while, he almost immediately gets wrapped up in yet another tournament to crown the greatest fighter in the realm. As expected, Goku makes it all the way to the finals, where he squares off against a mysterious stranger who already impressed him by making short work of Frieza and his family.

Question 30

What planet does Goku send Cell to before he self-destructs?

Fearing that he lost the games created in his name, Cell makes one final last ditch effort to destroy all of the Dragon Ball fighters and planet Earth at once by self-destructing in a massive explosion. Little does Cell know, Goku has a surefire way to prevent this gesture from succeeding, in that he can easily transport himself and anyone else within close range basically anywhere in the universe. Unfortunately, Goku doesn’t completely think this through, as instead of warping Cell to the middle of nowhere, he goes to a friend’s planet and has him blow that one up.

Question 31

What road does Goku cross to meet King Kai?

In more recent belief systems, the suggestion is that when a person dies, they get sent straight to heaven or hell, and that’s about it. The Other World/afterlife of Dragon Ball is a bit more complicated, with a whole bunch of options available to the dead if they should be brave enough to pursue them. During Goku’s first venture to the great beyond, he learns of a trainer named King Kai and instantly seeks out his knowledge, not caring that he has to travel a long, long way to get it.

Question 32

What does Korin give Goku to help in the fight against Piccolo, Jr.?

Each time Goku faces a new great threat, he looks to his friends and allies for some sort of new advantage against them. Knowing the vicious warrior Piccolo, Jr., final offspring of the evil king Piccolo Daimao, was his greatest challenge yet, he looked for help from the adorably immortal cat Korin. As luck would have it, Korin had exactly the thing to give Goku an extra boost of energy, though he had to go through some harrowing trails to retrieve it. Difficulty notwithstanding, it was probably worth it, since Goku ultimately won his fight.

Question 33

Who is Goku’s second son?

In a moment that must have been too PG-13 for fans to know about right when it happened, it would turn out that Goku got his wife Chi-Chi pregnant for the second time shortly before the Cell Games. Unfortunately, Goku would go on to pass away when fighting the ultimate android, giving up his life in the ultimate self-sacrifice when Cell tried to explode. This means he didn’t meet his second son when he was born, and they wouldn’t actually cross paths until many years later, when Goku was revived for 24 hours during the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Question 34

Why doesn’t Goku want to be revived after dying in the fight against Cell?

Between the Dragon Balls on Earth and Namek, Goku and his friends can literally wish for whatever they want, which is how many of them have died multiple times only to come out of the situation virtually unscathed. No matter what tragedy befalls them, they simply need to wish Shenron or Porunga undo the torment, bringing them back to life. Despite a longstanding tradition of this, after Goku self-sacrifices himself when fighting Cell, he makes the decision that his friends shouldn’t be reviving him any time soon. Shocked as they are, Goku’s friends eventually understand and respect his logic.

Question 35

Who wishes Shenron turn Goku back into a child?

Part of what makes Goku so popular is that audiences literally watched him grow up, from the time he was a naïve young man unaware of the world to the point when he became humanity’s greatest hero. However, there were always fans who preferred the silly kid Goku to his antics as an all-powerful adult. For all it’s faults, Dragon Ball GT gave audiences what they wanted in this regard, having an old enemy accidentally wish Goku was a kid again so he could stand a chance in a fight against him in the presence of Shenron.

Question 36

What profession does Chi-Chi make Goku enter?

As is the case with most superheroes, the hardest part about Goku’s job protecting the planet is how thankless it often feels. Goku always makes an effort to fight his battles in secluded areas where no one can get hurt, but this has the side-affect that no one can reward him for his efforts, financially or otherwise. Luckily, his father-in-law the Ox-King and their celebrity friend Mr. Satan offer Goku and his family money now and again, but eventually, his wife Chi-Chi decides the Saiyan needs to get a normal job, as well.

Question 37

What is Beerus looking for when he seeks out Goku?

After an extremely long hiatus, Goku and friends finally returned with Dragon Ball Super in 2015. As per usual, things kicked off with Goku meeting his most powerful enemy yet in the God of Destruction Beerus, who destroys entire universes for fun. Unlike the other bad guys who wished to fight Goku, Beerus’s curiosity is merely intellectual, having heard of a fated hero he hoped might actually be able to match his incredible power and put up a fight against him. While Goku isn’t quite what he’s looking for, with a little work, he eventually gets pretty darn close.

Question 38

Who stole Goku’s body to become Goku Black?

Captain Ginyu wasn’t the only enemy wise enough to steal Goku’s body once. The second time it happened was even more effective, as the man stealing Goku’s body managed to take it to an entirely different timeline when the legendary Saiyan wasn’t around to stop him. Of course, thanks to the time traveling son of Bulma, Future Trunks, the two Goku’s eventually collide in the ultimate battle between good and evil. To even the odds just a little, Goku Black also has the future, normal incarnation of himself at his side for much of their fight.

Question 39

True or False: Goku suggested the baseball game between Universes 6 and 7.

As Dragon Ball Super rushed to its stunning conclusion, Universes 6 and 7 were pitted against one another in the greatest tournament of all to decide which one the Omni-Kings would destroy. For all the time and respect the Dragon Ball fighters have for the field of martial arts, they understandably share seriously mixed emotions about the ordeal, knowing that their universe will only survive if another is destroyed. Surprisingly, right before things get totally out of control, the two universes also have a friendly baseball match. Ever the pacifist, was this Goku’s idea to keep tensions from flaring?

Question 40

Which of the following characters was never defeated by Goku?

The primary hero of the Dragon Ball universe from day one, Goku probably gets into more fights than anyone else in the series. He also happens to win about 90% of them, and in the rare occasions where he definitely loses, it isn’t long before he gets his revenge. However, there are actually a handful of enemies in the Dragon Ball universe who Goku could never defeat. It’s not necessarily that he was outmatched, but he chose to be elsewhere at the time, or leave the final blow up to someone else.

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