You Simply Can't Pass This Test If You're Not A Mom

Does anyone have babies on the brain? Today we have put together a quiz for all of the mommas out there! Whether they are new to the game, have years of experience, or are just toying around with the idea of having a baby, this quiz is going to be a must-take! Not only will it be an excellent chance for some to prove just how advanced their mommy knowledge is, but it may also help to answer a few questions any new moms might have! Even if we do not know a single answer, at least we can count on seeing a ton of adorable baby pics in this one. Let's see who can make it through this quiz without calling up their own moms for the answers!

Question 1

What is the most common eye color for newborns?

This one may come as a surprise to some, but the majority of newborns are in fact born with one specific eye color. That being said, a baby's eye color can completely change within their first year of life. Does anyone here know which eye color is most commonly found in newborns?

Question 2

When is a good time to start a baby on solid foods?

Food is simply one of life's greatest treats. However, for our babies, food mostly means breastmilk or formula. Because of this, many parents actively look forward to the day when they can finally treat their baby to some delicious solid foods. Does anyone know when we can actually do this?

Question 3

Which of these items do we need to have before leaving the hospital with a newborn?

When delivery day finally arrives, it is only natural for us to have a ton of thoughts racing through our heads. We are about to become parents, and this is no small thing. That being said, there is one item in particular that we need to make sure we remember before leaving the hospital!

Question 4

What is the most common first word for babies?

As hard as we may try to persuade our baby into saying the first word we want them to, this is not exactly something we can control. For whatever reason, there seems to be one word that is especially easy for babies to get out. Does anyone here know which one?

Question 5

Name this kids movie

Here we have a very popular kids movie. In this film, we learn that when we are not watching, all of our toys secretly come to life. What could be a more entertaining plot for a young child? Do any of the moms here recognize this movie? Try naming it!

Question 6

When do babies typically begin crawling?

Once they learn how to crawl, there is no stopping our babies from going anywhere and everywhere. This is exactly why it is super important to know when they may learn this new talent. We have to make sure our house is properly set up for a baby on the move!

Question 7

Why do babies wiggle so much?

As parents of a newborn, watching them do just about anything can be downright adorable. That being said, there is something particularly cute about how much wiggling around they all seem to do. Even though we love to watch them do it, has anyone ever wondered why they love to wiggle so much?

Question 8

True or false: hot tubs are NOT recommended for pregnant women

While pregnancy can obviously be a very rewarding experience, we do also have to give up quite a few things during these 9 months. We all know that caffeine and sushi should be limited during this time, but what about a nice relaxing soak in a hot tub? Does anyone know?

Question 9

How much water should a newborn drink in a day?

As much as we would all like to think we are drinking enough water every day, if we are to be honest with ourselves, most of us probably aren't. We already have so much going on as parents, so water consumption may not be a top priority. Even so, we still need to make sure our babies are getting enough!

Question 10

When do babies typically take their first steps?

A baby's first steps are really a magical thing to see. For this reason, many parents try very hard to capture the first steps on videotape. Obviously, this is not always possible, but if we have an idea of when it might happen, we can try to prepare for it!

Question 11

True or false: a newborn's neck must always be supported

Even just by looking at a newborn, we can tell that they are fairly fragile. This can make parents nervous about holding them, especially if they happen to be new parents. However, some of these nerves may not be completely necessary. Is it actually important for a newborn's neck to always be supported?

Question 12

What kind of doctor works exclusively with children?

If we do not already know this answer, we should definitely try to figure it out before booking our child's first doctor's appointment. There are thousands of different kinds of doctors out there, and we want to make sure we are picking the right one! Which of these doctors work exclusively with children?

Question 13

When do children usually begin throwing tantrums?

Getting to watch our babies grow and develop is truly a magical gift. However, not all of their life stages may be exactly fun for us. Once the adorable baby phase has worn off, we can expect some pretty intense tantrums to start taking place. Does anyone know when this usually happens?

Question 14

What sleeping position is recommended for newborns?

Now here is an important one to get right! We may be used to rolling around throughout the night ourselves, but it is actually pretty important for a newborn to sleep in the correct position. Does anyone here know which of these sleeping positions is recommended for newborn babies? Take a guess!

Question 15

Name this kids movie

Here we are looking at a kids movie, that we know many adults have also enjoyed themselves. In this film, we meet an elderly man who is finally ready to make his dreams come true. This one teaches us that no matter what our age may be, we can always dream big!

Question 16

True or false: babies should have a bottle in their crib while they sleep

Anyone who has ever been a parent to a newborn, knows that sleeping through the night is not always possible. When our babies wake up, it usually means we wake up as well. If we were to keep a bottle in their crib with them, maybe we wouldn't have to wake up to give them one?

Question 17

At what age should a baby visit the dentist for the first time?

For the most part, kids are not all that crazy about trips to the dentist. However, it is very important to ensure their teeth are in tip top shape! To make sure their chompers are doing exactly what they should be doing, when should we book our baby's first dentist appointment?

Question 18

When do babies typically begin sitting up on their own?

This one may not sound like the biggest milestone, but for a baby to sit up all on their own, it is actually a pretty big thing. It means they have developed their muscles properly and they are officially ready to take on the world! Does anyone when this typically happens?

Question 19

Which of these foods should NOT be given to a baby?

Once the transition to real food has started, experimenting with different kinds can be really fun! Trying out different types of food is the best way to find out what our baby likes to eat! That being said, there are a few things we should be cautious of giving them!

Question 20

When do babies typically begin teething?

As exciting as it can be to see some little teeth start popping out, the teething process can actually be quite difficult for both parents and babies. With the teeth coming in, the crying is inevitable, and we can say goodbye to naptime. Does anyone know when this time typically comes?

Question 21

Name this kids movie

In this animated classic, we get to learn that it is truly our differences that make us each so special and unique! Mumble the penguin was born with the worst singing voice of all time. Since penguins use their voice to find true love, this caused a problem. Or it did, until he found out he could dance!

Question 22

How much exercise should a baby get in a week?

Even if we are having trouble finding the time to workout ourselves, we still have to make sure our babies are getting the exercise they need. Since their bodies are so much smaller, they surely do not need too much, but does anyone know the actual recommended amount? Take a guess!

Question 23

How often should baby bottles get cleaned?

During their first few months of life, babies need to be fed quite frequently. That being said, we can pretty much count on a never ending pile of dirty bottles. How often do we need to be cleaning these bottles? Does it have to be done daily, or can we spread it out a bit?

Question 24

Which of these can help prevent diaper rash?

While diaper duty can be an excellent opportunity for some parent/baby bonding, it can obviously be a bit unpleasant as well. This will especially become true if the baby in question has a bit of diaper rash. Does anyone know the best way to prevent this kind of thing from happening?

Question 25

When can babies usually start the potty training process?

Now here is a question we are sure many parents would love the answer to! Starting the potty training process can be exciting for a number of reasons. Obviously, having no more dirty diapers to deal with is a huge one! Does anyone here know when we can actually start this process?

Question 26

Match this logo to the correct baby brand

Alright, let's see who has been paying attention to all of the baby product packaging. Once we have a baby in our lives, our shopping routines will change quite a bit. Instead of shoes, we will most likely be out looking for diapers or activity mats. Does anyone what baby brand this logo belongs to?

Question 27

How many hours of sleep do newborns need in a day?

When we arrive home with a newborn, we may just want to stare at them all day long. While we are free to do this, we do need to make sure we are not distracting them from their much needed rest. Does anyone here know around how many hours we should our newborns sleep in a day?

Question 28

At what age should the pacifier be taken away?

As parents, we are usually on board with any tool that can help us ease our crying baby. Obviously, this makes the pacifiers a super popular item. As much as we may rely on them to calm our babies down, there will come an age when we need to put them away for good.

Question 29

How long can breastmilk be kept in the freezer?

Honestly, how did moms even survive without freezers back in the day? Being able to keep a few bottles of breastmilk in the freezer is a real game changer. Any time we can save in a day, is simply a gift. Does anyone know how the right answer to this question?

Question 30

Name this kids movie

In this adorable kids movie, we meet a lonely robot. Even though he was designed to clean, he still has big hopes and dreams for himself. When a second robot arrives on his planet, his entire world changes. He finally has a friend, and that means everything else he has ever wanted is also possible!

Question 31

True or false: all babies smile within their first week at home

What could possibly be cuter than seeing a baby smile for the first time? As a parent, we would naturally love to think that we are making our baby happy enough for a spread a smile across their face. However, does anyone know if we can count on this happening for sure within their first week at home?

Question 32

Can breastfeeding mothers take Tylenol?

Having a newborn in the home, can definitely lead to a headache or two. Not only do we need to adjust to this new lifestyle, but the actual delivery process has probably left us in a pretty tired state as well. All of that being said, are we allowed to take a Tylenol, even if we are breastfeeding?

Question 33

Name this kids show

Here we have a kids show for everyone to name! This show has been on the air since 1996, and they are still producing new episodes even today (Wikipedia). The series focuses around a young aardvark and his various animal pals. Every character is a different kind of animal, though they all act fairly human-like.

Question 34

Can a baby be given cow's milk instead of formula or breastmilk?

Let's pretend for a moment that we have somehow forgotten to pick up our baby's formula. We have already done our shopping for the day, and going out again is just not possible. In this kind of situation, would we be able to substitute the formula for a bit of cow's milk?

Question 35

Name this kids movie

Here is an excellent kids movie all about family and the power of music! In this one, our main character is a boy with a passion for music. Since his family doesn't approve, he must find a way to show them that his dreams and his talent are very much real!

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