Think You Know Wrestling? Prove It And Pass This DX Quiz

The WWE has been home to the greatest wrestlers and stables in history, and during the Attitude Era, DX came along and completely changed the world of professional wrestling. Sure, WCW had the NWO first, but DX was unlike anything that had come before it, and the stable was able to cement their place in history by being head and shoulders better than the rest. The members of the group all lent a hand in making them a fixture on the small screen, and when the dust had settled on their initial run, the WWE would never be the same again.

Today, we want to shine a light on the members of DX and put fans to the test. A true fan will be the one to ace this quiz.

Question 1

How many times did Triple H and Shawn Michaels win the Tag Team belts?

Question 2

Was Ric Flair part of DX?

Question 3

How many times did Roddy Piper join DX?

Question 4

Which member of DX defeated Randy Orton to become WWE Champion?

Question 5

Which member of DX has defeated Undertaker at WrestleMania?

Question 6

What does DX stand for?

Question 7

How many times did Billy Gunn win the Hardcore Championship?

Question 8

How many times did Road Dogg win the Intercontinental Championship?

Question 9

What year did DX form?

Question 10

At which event did Chris Jericho join DX?

Question 11

Who was the original leader of DX?

Question 12

When did DX return?

Question 13

Which DX member was also part of NWO?

Question 14

At which event did Mike Tyson turn on DX?

Question 15

How many times did Triple H win King of the Ring?

Question 16

How many times did Shawn Michaels win the Royal Rumble?

Question 17

What did the NAO say during their intro?

Question 18

In what year did Billy Gunn win King of the Ring?

Question 19

Shawn Michaels taking out Bret Hart is known as the...

Question 20

What does Triple H Stand For?

Question 21

How many times did Vader turn on DX?

Question 22

How many times did Triple H win the European Championship?

Question 23

What year was Shawn Michaels inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Question 24

What is Triple H's nickname?

Question 25

Which of these is a nickname for Shawn Michaels?

Question 26

How many Slammy Awards did Triple H win?

Question 27

Which finishing move does Shawn Michaels use?

Question 28

Which member of NAO won the European Championship?

Question 29

How many times did Triple H win Tag Team Championships with Chyna?

Question 30

When was Randy Orton made a member of DX?

Question 31

Which of these titles did Billy Gunn NOT win?

Question 32

Which of these titles did X-Pac win?

Question 33

What is the name of Triple H's finisher?

Question 34

Was Chyna the first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble or King of the Ring?

Question 35

What was the name of the first tag team Shawn Michaels was in?

Question 36

Which role did Rick Rude play while he was in DX?

Question 37

How many times did Chyna win the Women's Championship?

Question 38

Which of these two men are Grand Slam Champions?

Question 39

How many times did Chyna win the Intercontinental Championship?

Question 40

Was Road Dogg the first member of DX?

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