Only 30% Of WWE Fans Will Pass This Basic Trivia Quiz

The WWE is the most storied wrestling organization in the world, and they are home to some incredible athletes that are capable of tearing down the house each night with a stellar performance. The company continues to have fans around the world, and each year, they pull in new fans that are interested in getting up to speed on what is going on in the promotion and to dive into the rich history as well. Given the history that the WWE has, this is easier said than done, but many people find themselves thumbing through the record books and learning everything they can.

As fans get more knowledge under their belt, they will soon begin to feel that they know more about the WWE than the average bear and they seek out people that are as passionate about the sport as they are. This common ground will help forge friendships and it will also sharpen the mind as valuable information is being delivered by both parties. Those that think they know a lot about WWE are in for some fun here.

Today, we want to see who out there is among the top WWE fans in the world! This quiz contains questions about the modern landscape and the history of the WWE.

Question 1

Name This Wrestler

Question 2

Was Edge Ever WWE Champion?

Question 3

Is A.J. Styles The Current Intercontinental Champion?

Question 4

Did Samoa Joe Compete In NXT?

Question 5

Which Belt Did Hulk Hogan NOT Win?

Question 6

What Is Jinder Mahal's Nickname?

Question 7

Name This Wrestler

Question 8

Where Is Shinsuke Nakamura From?

Question 9

Which Stable Was Ric Flair Part Of?

Question 10

Which Segment Did Roddy Piper Host?

Question 11

Who Is Cesaro's Tag Team Partner In The Bar?

Question 12

Who Did Kofi Kingston Beat To Become WWE Champion?

Question 13

Did Randy Orton's Father Compete In The WWE?

Question 14

What Finisher Does The Miz Use?

Question 15

Which Superstar Was Kane Supposedly Related To?

Question 16

Who Was The First Person To Slam Andre The Giant?

Question 17

How Many Times Did Booker T Win King Of The Ring?

Question 18

What Was Eddie Guerrero's Nickname?

Question 19

Has John Cena Won The Royal Rumble More Than Once?

Question 20

Who Was Jeff Hardy In A Tag Team With?

Question 21

Name This Wrestler

Question 22

Does Chris Jericho Use The Spear As A Finisher?

Question 23

Was Dean Ambrose Part of DX?

Question 24

What Is The Name Of Jake Roberts' Snake?

Question 25

Did Seth Rollins Ever Compete Under The Name Tyler Black?

Question 26

What Was Goldberg's Signature Phrase?

Question 27

Was Farooq Part Of The Nation Of Domination?

Question 28

Which Stable Was Roman Reigns Part Of?

Question 29

Was Daniel Bryan GM Of Raw or SmackDown?

Question 30

Is Dusty Rhodes The Father Of John Cena?

Question 31

What Finisher Did Sting Use?

Question 32

What Is Shawn Michaels' Nickname?

Question 33

Was Scott Steiner Ever King Of The Ring?

Question 34

Which Superstar Was Tag Team Partners With Bubba Ray?

Question 35

Which Stable Was Gangrel The Leader Of?

Question 36

Which Belt DId Bret Hart NOT Win?

Question 37

Name This Wrestler

Question 38

Who Did Al Snow Bring To The Ring With Him?

Question 39

Who Is Triple H Married To?

Question 40

Were The Headbangers Ever WWE Tag Team Champions?

Question 41

Is Jeff Jarrett In The Hall Of Fame?

Question 42

Which Man Portrayed Mankind?

Question 43

Which Finisher Did Bam Bam Bigelow Use?

Question 44

What Was Ken Shamrock's Nickname?

Question 45

Is Bobby Roode The Son Of Rick Rude?

Question 46

Name This Wrestler

Question 47

Was Stone Cold Steve Austin A WWE Champion?

Question 48

Which Medal Did Kurt Angle Win At The Olympics?

Question 49

Who Was The Undertaker's Manager?

Question 50

Who Is The Current WWE Commissioner?

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