There's No Way You'll Remember Who Was In These WWE Tag Teams

So many tag teams have been apart of the WWE roster over the past few decades. Some developed a partnership that stood the test of time, entering the record books through their dominant stints. Others were simply grouped together for the sake of giving air time to Superstars who are lost in the shuffle. With the company constantly signing new wrestlers and switching the champions, there have been plenty of tag teams to grace the WWE ring.

Given how passionate wrestling fans tend to be, it's likely that the majority of these teams are still remembered to this day thanks to their contributions to the product. From the golden era to modern times, these tag teams have generated enough impact to be remembered by true WWE fans!

Question 1

Name Shawn Michaels' tag team partner

One of the most accomplished wrestlers in WWE history who rose to fame thanks to his association with Shawn Michaels. They would form the stable D-Generation X, recruiting many other members. In 2006, the two Superstars reunited to form a tag team that became famous for their antics inside and outside of the ring.

Question 2

Name Edge's tag team partner

Considered to be one of the most underrated WWE stars, he was an important figure throughout the 2000s as a tag team wrestler, mid-carder and later on main-eventer. He formed an iconic duo with Edge that became equally famous for their comedic skits as they were for their all-around talent.

Question 3

Name Bubba Ray Dudley's tag team partner

As one half of The Dudley Boyz, this Superstar found immense success in the division in various promotions including the WWE. Known for their use of tables to finish off their opponents, they dominated the scene for two decades before hanging up the boots. This star also had a brief run as a solo performer on SmackDowm under a different character that didn't pan out well.

Question 4

Name Kane's tag team partner

This star has been featured on WWE television for nearly three decades now. His unrivaled longevity makes him an all-time great as he has accomplished all everything that is possible in the WWE. He's also Kane's brother in kayfabe and the duo were known as The Brothers of Destruction during the Attitude Era.

Question 5

Name Randy Savage's tag team partner

Before they became rivals, this star formed a tag team with Randy Savage known as The Mega Powers. He is arguably the biggest draw in wrestling history with dominant runs from WWE to WCW. Many credit him for pushing the company to a mainstream platform, as well as swinging the ratings battle in WCW's favor during the late 90s.

Question 6

Name Eddie Guerrero's tag team partner

This tag team was short lived with only a few months under their belt, but they became the most popular act in the division. There was plenty of history between them going back into WCW, and they eventually split up as tension rose between the two partners. While Eddie Guerrero was known for his all-around talent and charisma, his tag team partner is often rated as the greatest high flyer in history of professional wrestling.

Question 7

Name Matt Hardy's tag team partner

This Superstar defines the word extreme as his wrestling highlights speak for themselves. Known for being a risk taker who performed high flying spots, he became one of the most popular wrestlers of his generation. His journey began as a member of The Hardy Boyz alongside his brother and longtime partner Matt.

Question 8

Name The Rock's tag team partner

Known as The Rock 'n' Sock Connection, this tag team was formed during the Attitude Era and would reunite a few times later on. This Superstar became one of the Rock's closest associates at the peak of his run as both enjoyed an impressive run on top. He's mostly remembered for giving the WWE an edge over WCW in ratings thanks to his World Championship win on Raw.

Question 9

Name Cesaro's tag team partner

A Superstar who has done it all from World Championships to Royal Rumble, and even King of the Ring - he has a truly impressive resume in the WWE. Once his solo run came to an end, he created a tag team known as The Bar alongside Cesaro. They would go on to claim five Tag Team Championships.

Question 10

Name Rick Steiner's tag team partner

This wrestler is now remembered for his solo stints in the WCW, WWE and TNA, as well as carrying some massive biceps. But before he shone on his own, he was a member of The Steiner Brothers. The team had memorable runs in different promotions, while also being notable for their unique style.

Question 11

Name Ric Flair's tag team partner

These two stars were apart of a stable that ran the WWE from 2003 until 2005. While Ric Flair carried the workload on the mic, this Superstar did all his talking in the ring. It didn't take him too long to become among the most dominant forces that the WWE Universe had ever seen. Following his departure from Evolution in 2005, he would become a prominent figure in the main event scene.

Question 12

Name Road Warrior Hawk's tag team partner

The Road Warriors are considered to be in the top tier of tag teams as they managed to succeed in various promotions. Fans of the WWE will surely remember Road Warrior Hawk, but how many can name his tag team partner? This Superstar had a brief solo run in WCW, and rejoined WWE in 2005 to re-create The Road Warriors.

Question 13

Name Daniel Bryan's tag team partner

This Superstar has had many tag team partners over the course of his journey, but his most notable associate from the 2010s was Daniel Bryan. As one of the most intimidating stars in WWE, he had one of the longest runs in the company ranging from the main event to the tag team division.

Question 14

Name Joey Mercury's tag team partner

Despite showing so much potential during his WWE run, this wrestler has been away from the company since 2011. He made his debut in 2005 as a member of MNM alongside Joey Mercury and Melina. After picking up the WWE Tag Team Championship, he was crowned as the Intercontinental Champion and later on ECW Champion.

Question 15

Name Big Show's tag team partner

From an MTV reality show participant to World Champion, this Superstar has been a staple in WWE programming since 2006. Known for being one of the better promoers, he has engaged in some memorable feuds against the likes of John Cena, Rey Mysterio and Daniel Bryan. Prior to his solo push, he formed a tag team with Big Show.

Question 16

Name Ron Simmons' tag team partner

One half of APA, this Superstar was a late bloomer as a solo competitor. After achieving success in the tag team division with longtime partner Ron Simmons, he was given the opportunity to shine on his own with a WWE Championship reign. He transitioned from a beloved babyface to one of the most hated heels.

Question 17

Name Jey Uso's tag team partner

The Usos have undoubtedly left their mark on the WWE tag team scene with many notable matches and storylines in the past few years. One of the brothers goes by Jey Uso, but how many are able to name his partner? Aside from his journey as a wrestler, he's known for being married to fellow WWE Superstar Naomi.

Question 18

Name Randy Orton's tag team partner

This partnership was born out of desperation and unexpectedly became one of the top teams in the WWE. Randy Orton formed an alliance with this star who was coming fresh off a WWE Championship reign. Known for his villainous antics and signature spear, he was a prominent figure throughout the 2000s until his retirement from in-ring competition.

Question 19

Name Billy Gunn's tag team partner

He is one of the first names that comes to mind when discussing the Attitude Era, as very few Superstars connected with the crowd as well as he did. What he lacked in ring talent, he made up for it with quality promos and catchy catchphrases to become a well-known team in the WWE with his partner Billy Gunn.

Question 20

Name Ax's tag team partner

Consisting of Ax and his tag team partner, Demolition won the WWE Tag Team Championship three times. They had a lock on the division for several years before they went seprate ways in 1991. As for this Superstar, he resumed his journey with a new moniker of Repo Man where he enjoyed some notable moments on his own.

Question 21

Name Brian Christopher's tag team partner

This wrestler rose to fame due to his work as a member of Too Cool, and his popular dance that had fans marking out in every arena. Once the team split up, he continued performing in the cruiserweight division, maintaining popularity with fans thanks to The Worm. His biggest success took place during the Attitude Era.

Question 22

Name Shawn Michaels' tag team partner

Making his debut as a bodyguard for Shawn Michaels, this Superstar was quick to climb the ladder by becoming the WWE Champion. The duo formed a successful team known as Two Dudes With Attitudes until they eventually split up. He would be an integral part of the most iconic periods in wrestling when he switched to WCW.

Question 23

Name Nikolai Volkoff's tag team partner

This star is one of the biggest heels that the industry has ever seen, generating massive heat during his prime years. During the late 80s, this former WWE World Champion was apart of a team with Nikolai Volkoff that certainly knew how to get on the nerves of fans with their antics.

Question 24

Name Goldust's tag team partner

This Superstar is well-known for being a five time WCW Champion, which he constantly brought to the attention of WWE fans. Upon his arrival to the WWE, he would become apart of the most over team in the company alongside Goldust, producing some memorable comedic segments. While he is no longer an active wrestler, this Hall of Famer was among the most accomplished performers during the late 90s to mid 2000s.

Question 25

Name Charlie Haas' tag team partner

This competitor returned to the WWE in recent years after a decade long hiatus from the company. As one of the top mid-carders of the 2000s, he has a full resume with the exception of a World title. Early on, he was apart of The World's Greatest Tag Team with Charlie Haas.

Question 26

Name Ted DiBiase's tag team partner

Having donned various characters over the course of his journey, he was mostly known for his association with Ted DiBiase as Money Inc. They would win the WWE Tag Team Championship three times while also reigning supreme over the division. This Superstar has two sons who are currently actives performers in the WWE.

Question 27

Name Jim Neidhart's tag team partner

The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. That's how this Superstar described him during his immense WWE run beginning in 1984 and coming to an end in 1997. Following a controversial incident at Survivor Series, he left the WWE behind to join WC for the next few years. He was apart of the Hart Foundation and won the Tag Team Championship twice with Jim Neidhart.

Question 28

Name Kevin Nash's tag team partner

Following his WWE departure in 1995, he would sign with WCW to launch the Monday Night War following his association with Kevin Nash. The two stars would reunite once again in a WWE ring as members of the nWo. With his recent introduction into the WWE Hall of Fame, he is now in the history books forever thanks to his massive influence on the industry.

Question 29

Name Marty Jannetty's tag team partner

Very few Superstars have been equally as talented inside the ring as they are on the mic, but this wrestler certainly fits the criteria. Known for stealing the show on any given night, he entertained audiences for nearly three decades before he hung up the boots. Early in his WWE run, he was one half of The Rockers - a team that was equally as talented and popular.

Question 30

Name Dynamite Kid's tag team partner

This Superstar doesn't receive enough credit for being a pioneer in the business as he played a significant role in the tag team division during the 80s until the mid-90s. A tag team champion with Dynamite Kid, they were known to the WWE Universe for being top performers inside the squared circle.

Question 31

Name Kane's tag team partner

This star was so over with the fans that Vince McMahon believed he didn't need a championship belt, which is why he only held the WWE title once. Also remembered for his ECW run, he was a pioneer in the business thanks to his wrestling style. As a member of the WWE, he formed an exciting partnership with Kane.

Question 32

Name Paul London's tag team partner

One of the most popular low carders in WWE history, this wrestler managed to succeed in every era he was apart of from the Ruthless Aggression until recent times. As one of the better cruiserweights, he stood out among his peers due to his charisma on the mic. For a number of years, he was apart of a highly successful team with Paul London.

Question 33

Name Chavo Guerrero's tag team partner

One of the most beloved stars in WWE history, this man generated attention in his prime like very few wrestlers did. Known for his unique gimmick, this wrestler always knew how to get a reaction out of fellow Superstars as well as fans in attendance. He formed a tag team with his nephew Chavo Guerrero that eventually led him to solo stardom.

Question 34

Name Ted DiBiase Jr's tag team partner

When this wrestler joined WWE in 2007, the guards were being changed at the very top with some departures and retirements in the company. Following a brief run as an uppercarder, he slowly fell down the card before his eventual exit in 2016. He rose to fame thanks to his partnership with Ted DiBiase Jr. as Legacy.

Question 35

Name Karl Anderson's tag team partner

This wrestler performed in the WWE from 2006 until 2010 under the name Festus although he couldn't get over with the fans. He improved plenty while away from the WWE which brought him back into the mix in 2016 as a member of The Club along with longtime associate Karl Anderson.

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