WWE Tag Teams: Who Is The Other Half Of This Duo?


Tag teams are one of the most important parts of a wrestling show. WWE would struggle to put out a compelling product if every single match is the same. The art of the tag team match provides a completely different story than the average match. Teams have to work together on the same page for successful results both in script and in their craft. Two wrestlers must understand how to complement each other in the ring for a team to truly get over. WWE has been home to many of the all time great tag teams in the history of the industry.

Most teams are remembered for their identities together. We think of them by their name rather than the individual performers. Other situations have led to teams having one wrestler that turned into a far bigger star than the other. Basically, it is easy to forget the names of both wrestlers in a team as time goes on. We will test your wrestling knowledge and your memory with the following quiz looking at numerous tag teams. Find out just how well you remember tag team wrestling by trying to guess the name of the other partner from each of the following WWE duos.

Question 1

Who was Shawn Michaels' partner in The Rockers?

The Rockers are one of the greatest tag teams of all time. An exciting style of wrestling ahead of its time from the duo influenced many of today’s stars. Everyone remembers Shawn Michaels for his singles success that came after the tag team split up, but the tag work was equally impressive. Unfortunately, the career of his partner went downhill after Michaels turned on him to end their time together. Who was the other half of The Rockers to achieve less fame?

Question 2

Who was Bret Hart's partner in The Hart Foundation?

Bret Hart will always be remembered as one of the great WWE Champions for his work during the 90s. The WWE career of Hart however took off thanks to the success of a tag team in the 80s. Bret made up half of the Hart Foundation. The decision to wear the unique pink and black color scheme made them stand out even more and Hart would continue wearing it for the rest of his career. Who teamed with Bret to find success with the great tag team?

Question 3

Who was Johnny Nitro's partner in MNM?

The underrated tag team of MNM gave WWE one of their better heel duos of the time. WWE was trying to find new tag teams to create two divisions for the brand split. MNM achieved the most success getting huge heat. Johnny Nitro was the standout star of the team and manager Melina was right up there with him. The other partner in the group was equally talented but received less attention. Which wrestler was the less appreciated party in MNM?

Question 4

Who was Ted DiBiase's partner in Money Inc.?

Money Inc. capitalized on the heel character of Ted DiBiase. The high point of DiBiase’s career came in the 80s but WWE decided to keep the character going in the 90s with this tag team. Another wrestler with a gimmick that saw him mock fans for financial reasons paired with DiBiase. The heel tag team received loud boos on a weekly basis. WrestleMania 9 featured the team of Money Inc. losing to the Hulkamaniacs in the semi-main event. Who teamed with DiBiase in this duo?

Question 5

Who was the tag team partner of Edge?

This legendary tag team dominated the Attitude Era with seven WWE Tag Team Championship reigns. Edge and his childhood best friend lucked into getting signed by WWE around the same time. Their chemistry in life carried over to the ring for huge success. Both wrestlers worked perfectly together in the ring and on the microphone. They would each find similar success in their singles career, but Edge is remembered more for his solo accomplishments. Can you name his talented partner?

Question 6

Who was Davey Boy Smith's partner in The British Bulldogs?

The British Bulldogs were one of the more underrated tag teams of the 80s. Two talented wrestlers from England made their way to WWE along with mascot bulldog Matilda that would accompany them to the ring. Davey Boy Smith is remembered as the bigger star, especially since he adopted the British Bulldog moniker for his singles career. The partner of Smith was less celebrated, but his work influenced a new generation of talented wrestlers. Who was the other British Bulldog?

Question 7

Who was Taka Michinoku's partner in Kai En Tai?

Taka Michinoku was one of the most talented Japanese wrestlers to get signed by WWE. Sadly, they never gave him a noteworthy push outside of the short lived light heavyweight division title push. WWE would place him and other Japanese wrestlers in the faction known as Kai En Tai. They were used in comedic skits for the most part until Michinoku teamed with one specific faction member. Who was the other half of the highly entertaining but underused Kai En Tai team?

Question 8

Who was Brian Kendrick's tag team partner?

The original brand split gave many new talents a chance to shine. This was one tag team that clearly used their opportunity to the fullest. Brian Kendrick and his partner won the WWE Tag Team Championship on the Smackdown brand after a suspension forced MNM to drop the straps. The tag team would hold the titles for a record breaking reign that lasted for these specific titles until New Day broke it. Who was the underrated tag team partner of Kendrick?

Question 9

Who was Billy Gunn's partner in The Smoking Gunns?

Billy Gunn has been a part of many successful tag teams throughout his WWE career. The first big team act of his came when he tagged with his scripted brother in The Smoking Gunns duo. They portrayed the sibling cowboys that played into the old WWE style of over the top gimmicks. An eventual breakup would lead to Billy finding more success in other tag teams. This specific partner of Billy failed to achieve the similar accomplishments. Who was the other half of the team to peak in The Smoking Gunns?

Question 10

Who was Shelton Benjamin's partner in WGTT?

This tag team was a perfect fit together as two young hungry stars looking for an opportunity. Shelton Benjamin and his fellow amateur wrestling partner were paired together to form the tag team of Team Angle working under Kurt Angle’s leadership. They would eventually change their name to World’s Greatest Tag Team and lived up to the moniker. Benjamin’s high upside caused WWE to split them up earlier than expected leaving this partner with a tougher road ahead of him. Who was the other half of Team Angle/WGTT?

Question 11

Who was Owen Hart's partner in High Energy?

The short lived tag team of High Energy is remembered for their colorful look of bright pants and checkered suspenders. Young fans seemed to enjoy the work of this odd pairing that had nothing in common when it came to wrestling style. Owen Hart is clearly the bigger name of the two that went on to have a stronger singles career after the team ended. It was actually Owen’s injury to cause the end of High Energy before they could really get going. Who was his partner?

Question 12

Who was DDP's partner during the WCW Invasion?

WWE did a horrible job during the WCW Invasion storyline. One of the top stars from WCW to get booked terribly was Diamond Dallas Page. Following a short lived singles run as a stalker, Page formed a tag team with one of his best friends from WCW. They won the WWE Tag Team Championship for a short reign before getting decimated by Undertaker and Kane. This team did their best to at least deliver entertaining matches and segments. Who was the other half?

Question 13

Who was Scotty 2 Hotty's partner in Too Cool?

Too Cool is highly underrated when thinking back to the popular tag teams of the Attitude Era. This team paired with Rikishi to form a faction of loveable wrestlers that bonded through the passion of the post-match dance. Scotty 2 Hotty and his partner struggled to find a role in WWE for years until the inception of Too Cool got them extremely over with fans. The poor decisions of this person led to him getting fired and ending the team way too early. Who was the other half of Too Cool?

Question 14

Who was Al Snow's partner in Head Cheese?

WWE had strong talent in 2000 but some of their ideas for the performers turned out to be ridiculous. This is shown with the name of a tag team actually being Head Cheese. Al Snow tried to endear himself to this tough wrestler by forming an odd couple duo. The other half of Head Cheese was not thrilled with the name of their team leading to comedic segments backstage. Who was the tag partner of Snow in this short lived team?

Question 15

Who was Cody Rhodes' partner in Legacy?

Randy Orton was given his own faction with two other second generations that would become a great tag team. WWE believed in the talents of Cody Rhodes and his partner enough to pair them with a top star very early into their careers under the name of Legacy. They all worked well together and the team had memorable matches against Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Rhodes and his partner both ended up having disappointing singles careers in WWE with ultimately both leaving the company. Who was the partner of Cody in Legacy?

Question 16

Who was the tag team partner of Kenzo Suzuki?

This anti-American tag team bonded two foreigners that were sick of the American wrestlers on the roster looking down on them. Japan’s Kenzo Suzuki paired with a French wrestler to form a heel team on the Smackdown brand. This makeshift tag team went on to win the WWE Tag Team Championship and actually had a lot of heat for a short time period. The good luck eventually ended with WWE giving up on pushing them as a unit. Neither would achieve singles success. Who was the partner of Kenzo?

Question 17

Who was Earthquake's partner in The Natural Disasters?

The idea to put two of the larger wrestlers on the roster together in a team in the early 90s required a unique name. WWE went overboard with a theme by calling them The Natural Disasters. John Tenta played the character Earthquake with his fellow big man also adopting the name of a natural disaster. The high hopes for the team did not work out and they ended up becoming a memorable bust. Who was the other half of The Natural Disasters?

Question 18

Who was Chris Nowinski's tag team partner?

WWE went the controversial route with a new stable led by Teddy Long. It was inspired from the Nation of Domination and called out racial discrimination. Harvard’s Chris Nowinski joined the cause by speaking on their behalf and forming a tag team with this wrestler. The two wrestlers were managed by Long. WWE wanted to push them hard but a career ending injury to Nowinski shortened their time together. Who was the tag team partner left in the cold following this injury?

Question 19

Who was D-Lo Brown's partner in Lo Down?

D-Lo Brown was a much underrated wrestler WWE always wanted to keep on roster but could never figure out what to do with him. Following the end of the Nation of Domination, D-Lo tried many different characters and teams. One of the duos he was a part of worked under the name of Lo Down. They were a lower tier team in the WWE pecking order but showed flashes of potential. Can you name the forgettable partner of Lo Down?

Question 20

Who was Charlie Haas' partner in this flamboyant team?

The aftermath of World’s Greatest Tag Team made life difficult for Charlie Haas in WWE. Despite the immense talent, Haas just could never stand out in a way that made WWE believe in him. One of the more memorable time periods of his career following WGTT was another tag team. This partner had significantly less in common with Haas as the two were only linked by mutual manager Jackie Gayda. The odd couple won the WWE Tag Team Championship once. Who was Haas’ partner here?

Question 21

Who was Jamie Noble's partner in The Pitbulls?

Not to be confused with the tag team with the same name a decade prior in ECW, WWE had their version of The Pitbulls on the Smackdown brand. Jamie Noble and another talented cruiserweight star worked very well together to deliver good matches as a unit. They played intense heels that showed no nonsense and helped add depth to the tag team division of the time. The short shelf life sadly saw it end quickly. Who was the tag team partner of Noble in The Pitbulls?

Question 22

Who was Jerry Sags' partner in The Nasty Boys?

The unorthodox wrestling style of The Nasty Boys worked to their benefit in WWE and WCW. Hardcore wrestling wasn’t established and the hard hitting style with weapons allowed the duo to shine. Neither Jerry Sags nor his tag team partner was athletically gifted making them huge overachievers in the business. The partner of Sags was a close friend of Hulk Hogan that helped give The Nasty Boys more opportunities than they likely deserved. You still have to give them credit for finding success. Who was Sags’ partner?

Question 23

Who was Tyson Kidd's partner in The Hart Dynasty?

WWE tried to capture the magic of the Hart Foundation faction by putting the next generation of the family in a faction named The Hart Dynasty. Jim Neidhart’s daughter Natalya managed the tag team of Hart family friend Tyson Kidd and another relative of the family. All three wrestlers were extremely talented and delivered good matches. The problem is WWE didn’t commit long term to tag teams during this time period causing them to split too early. Which Hart family member was Kidd’s partner?

Question 24

Who was The Hurricane's partner?

Samoan wrestlers are typically known for their toughness and the ability to intimidate anyone they step into the ring with. That made it more bizarre when this wrestler was placed into a tag team with The Hurricane. The talented Shane Helms played Hurricane but it was more of a comedic character portraying a silly superhero. Hurricane formed a tag team with this “Super Hero In Training.” They created entertaining backstage segments together but couldn’t get too far. Who was the superhero partner here?

Question 25

Who was JTG's partner in Cryme Tyme?

The tag team of Cryme Tyme played the humorous tag team of buddies from Brooklyn trying to swindle the other wrestlers on the roster. Everyone remembers JTG from the team considering he remained employed long enough for it to become a meme. JTG wrote a book discussing life in Cryme Tyme and how many times his controversial tag partner got them into trouble backstage. Cryme Tyme never hit their potential and this wrestler’s antics may have been why. Who was JTG’s partner?

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