Only 30% Of WWE Fans Can Name All These Tag Teams. Can You?

Tag team wrestling is one of the coolest aspects of professional wrestling. At its core, you get to see four guys do battle instead of two. From a work stand point, the boys get a minute or so to rest during the match and have the match still be exciting. From a story telling stand point, there's so much emotion behind some of the tropes of a tag team match - watching the beaten down baby face scratch and claw to get to their corner, only to be cut off somehow by the dastardly heels, only to watch the eventual tag get made and feel the surge of a fresh baby face coming with the hot tag.

Do you love Tag Team wrestling? Do you think your Vicious And Delicious from Two Dudes With Attitude? Are you a mark who still claps their hands to the tune of the American Males theme song, or just a fan of Attitude Era throwing up three fingers in one hand, a hand piston in the other in your best five-second pose? Or are you simply just the Bar when it comes to your knowledge of tag teams?

Take our tag team quiz and find out if you're at the top of the card, or a curtain jerker.

1Which Tag Team Is This?

From all across the land, rumor and innuendo would claim that an old-school wrestling journeyman named Big Daddy traversed the country looking any and all wrestling bookings. He'd also shack up with one or more of the local ladies per territory. The result was an entire gaggle of wrestling kids - Spike, Sign Guy, Dances With, and Big Dick. While all stars in ECW, only two made a tremendous splash all over the wrestling world. Bubba Ray and Devon formed one of the most devastating tag teams of the Attitude or any era. With the 3-D and a love of putting people through tables, it's no surprise that their going to the WWE Hall Of Fame this year.

2Which Tag Team Is This?

One guy used to dress as bird and call himself the Blue Blazer. The other carried his trusted bird, Frankie with him to the ring. When the youngest of the Hart wrestling dynasty took off his Blazer mask, Owen Hart started to shine. He teamed with WWE Hall Of Famer. They wore checkerboard suspenders and giant parachute pants that would name MC Hammer jealous. They didn't have a lot of programs together, but as far getting the crowd going, there weren't many better teams than this one.

3Which Tag Team Is This?

The Warlord was a bodybuilder that came from Minnesota. The Barbarian was training to be a Sumo wrestler for the island nation of Tonga. Along with teams like the Road Warriors and Demolition, they were the third big power team of the late eighties and early nineties. They wore face paint like the other two teams. They had a few big high profile matches, but it soon became apparent that they weren't the team the WWE needed them to be, so their manager Mr. Fuji sold the Warlord’s contract to Slick, and the Barbarian’s to Bobby Herman effectively ending the tag team. They went by a lot of names, but which was their most common.

4Which Tag Team Is This?

They started out as the Sisters of Mercy, being managed by Bruce “Brother Love,” Prichard. But that was short lived. They were repackaged as a couple party kids at the height of the nineties grunge and metal scenes. They'd wear skirts to the ring and makeup reminiscent of Marilyn Manson. Sometimes they'd have a giant boom box they'd use to smash over an opponents head. Despite winning several Tag Team championships, they're probably most known for their kiddie playpen brawl with Crash Holly.

5Which Tag Team Is This?

In real life, Brutus Beefcake and Hulk Hogan were the best of friends. Also in real life, Brutus suffered what was thought to be a career ending, if not almost life ending injury, when a woman’s knees literally caved in his face while parasailing. The docs put his face together and it's held together by plates and screws. So when Brutus came back and was subsequently attacked by Money, Inc. the Hulkster came in for the save and the pair challenged Ted DiBiase and IRS for the titles at WrestleMania IX.

6Which Tag Team Is This?

Before Steve Austin was Stone Cold, he was Stunning. Before Brian Pillman was the Loose Cannon, he was Flyin’. Long before the infamous “Pillman’s Got A Gun” angle, the two were languishing in the WCW undercard, until the head booker, Dusty Rhodes put them together as a tag team. Their stock quickly rose and they got to work with Ric Flair and Arn Anderson, even mocking them in “A Flair For The Old.” But like most things in WCW, instead going with it, they took it away right as they were getting hot.

7Which Tag Team Is This?

In the early days of ECW, no team was more feared than Perry Saturn and John Kronus. Why wouldn't they be - Kronus was an ex-bouncer. Saturn was former US Army Ranger. Together, the team were booked and treated like the unstoppable force that ECW needed in the early days. They had a violent feud with the Pitbulls and waged war with the Gangstas. They would lose traction thanks Bubba Ray and Devon eclipsing them in terms of brutality, Saturn would head to WCW, effectively ending the team before they got a real shot in one of the bigger companies.

8Which Tag Team Is This?

Say what you will about him, but Bret Hart is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world to ever lave up a pair of boots. His brother-in-law, Jim Neidhart was a big nasty rhino who held the Stampede record for anvil tossing. Combined with the Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart (no relation), they were one of the biggest heal teams of the late eighties. After breaking away from Jimmy, they became the biggest face team of the early nineties. Once they broke up, Bret became the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be; but the tag team wasn't too bad either.

9Which Tag Team Is This?

Led by Precious Paul Ellering, the former manager of the amazing Road Warriors, these two have run roughshod over most of NXT. Akam, a Gold medalist in amateur wrestling at the 2009 Canada Summer games and Rezar, a former kickboxing world champion. They're both big dudes, imposing figures. They're both still relatively new to the business, but that's where Precious Paul E. comes in. Once these two make it to the main roster, no team will be safe from them or their double power bomb, the Super Collider.

10What is their ORIGINAL name?

Across 110th Street isn't just a movie or a Bobby Womack song, it's the worked location where brothers Booker T and Stevie Ray grew up. Yes, their the Harlem Heat (that's too easy of an answer wrestling fans), and they're certainly one of the greatest tag teams ever. Amassing a record ten tag team championships in the old WCW, Booker would go on to become the five time WCW champion and have a stellar Hall of Fame career in WWE. He and Stevie Ray have their own school in Houston and are responsible for teaching plenty of names, most recently NXT women’s champion. What was their ORIGINAL name when they debuted in Global Wrestling Federation?

11Which Tag Team Is This?

Originally forming in the AWA and managed by Diamond Dallas Page of all people, this team would go on to the WWE and be managed by Mr. Fuji. But before Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond (working under a hood as Kato) could work together in WWE, first Tanaka was paired with his former AWA rival, Akio Sato, who introduced the sitout powerbomb to the states. While they didn't do a whole lot in the WWE, they worked several great matches with the Rockers. Not every team is destined for championships, but when you're as good these two, you'll always be remembered.

12Which Tag Team Is This?

Justin Credible and Lance Storm both felt they should be the next Franchise when Shane Douglas was going to supposedly going to retire. When Douglas bestowed that monicker on Tommy Dreamer instead, the pair started laying waste to everyone. Douglas, Dreamer, the Sandman, Sabu - if you were a name in the original ECW, Credible and Storm took you out to make a name for themselves. They would win the ECW tag belts from Dreamer and Raven, and along with their managers Jason and Dawn Marie would become one the most memorable groups in ECW history.

13Which Tag Team Is This?

Scott Taylor was a WWE enhancement talent. A journeyman wrestler who was known for his talent in the ring, but was more suited to looking up at the lights every night. Brian Christopher was a loudmouth from Memphis, like his father, Jerry Lawler. Somehow, these two became a staple of the Attitude Era. With silly dancing, and Taylor’s patented W-O-R-M move, Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay; along with Rikishi were one of the most popular tag teams of the late nineties.

14Which Tag Team Is This?

Ron Simmons had a big stupid looking blue helmet on his head, then fronted the Nation. Justin Hawk Bradshaw, while liked by most of the boys backstage had a hard time finding a gimmick that would get over. But together, first as disciples of the Undertaker and his Ministry of Darkness, then as hired protection for any star who walked through their makeshift door. They had the best job - smoking cigars and playing poker got them more over than anything they had done before.

15Which Tag Team Is This?

So many people in the business will tell you Ricky Morton might be one of the best babyfaces ever. If you want to learn how to sell properly, just watch Ricky in action. His partner, Robert Gibson was no slouch either. Together, the two pint-sized wrestlers made you believe that together, they could overcome anything and their battles with Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express were legendary, and their influential careers help land them in the WWE Hall of Fame without having a substantial career in the promotion.

16Which Tag Team Is This?

Arn and Tully left the NWA over a money dispute. They wound up in the WWE. At the time, the company was filled with characters and not solely wrestlers. Double A Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard were not characters, they were just a couple of good working heels. In the late eighties-WWE all heels needed managers, so they were paired up with the legendary Bobby the Brain Heenan. They were given the green light push, even beat the exalted Demolition to win the titles. They only were there a year, but they knew how to make an impact.

17Which Tag Team Is This?

They are arguably the most popular tag team in recent WWE history. When Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E started talking to one another, dirt sheet writers anticipated the trio would just be a riff on the Nation. Clearly, the dirt sheet writers were wrong. Instead of being threw militant black men, they practiced the power of positivity. That positivity led them to surpass the Demolition as the longest reigning tag champs of all time. Their antics aren't for everyone, but in the ring; they're three of the best the current roster has to offer. Because….!

18Which Tag Team Is This?

First Scott Hall interrupted WCW Monday Nitro, with the infamous “You Wanted A War” promo. Then a few weeks later, Kevin Nash showed up. They signalled not just a change in WCW, but the entire industry both backstage and on screen. They paired with Hulk Hogan and became the New World Order, taking over WCW in the process. While not always the easiest guys to work with politically, Hall and Nash had some of the most memorable early nWo vignettes, and made people believe they were really invading from up north.

19Which Tag Team Is This?

When you wrestle entire matches to the Dr. Dre and Ice Cube song “Natural Born Killaz,” you better be complete psychopath in the ring, which is exactly what this team was. That's what happened whenever New Jack and Mustafa Saed hit the ring to wrestle their matches. If you could even call it wrestling - these two were outright, down and dirty brawlers who used all kinds of fun plunder weapons in the ring, up to and including chairs, kendo sticks, and staple guns.

20Which Tag Team Is This?

They had the most pulse-pounding theme music in WWE history. Two big dudes with painted faces and Lord Humongous masks. First they were managed by Luscious Johnny V. before being paired up with Master Fuji. But like their counterparts in the NWA, these two were just way too over with the crowds to be baby faces. As the act wound down, they added a third member. Here's hoping one of the longest reigning tag team champions of all time wind up in the Hall of Fame someday.

21Which Tag Team Is This?

Sometimes, guys get over cause they're badasses. Sometimes because they look cool. Maybe they have a hot valet dragging them to the ring. But having all three? That's money right from the jump. Woman brought out two hulking men, both wearing black masks. Once unmasked, it was revealed that the team was Ron Simmons and Butch Reed under the hoods. Now managed by Teddy Long, the team went on to be a dominant force in the ring, capturing the WCW tag team titles.

22Which Tag Team Is This?

These two brothers both wrestled for the University of Michigan. The two Wolverines were both All-Americans before getting their start in WCW. They are one of the only teams to work every single major promotion in the world for the past 30 years - WCW, WWF, ECW, NJPW, even TNA and Smokey Mountain. Their also the first team to win tag team gold down south, up north, and in Japan. Quite possibly the most influential tag team of all time, the perfect combination of speed, agility, power, and intensity.

23Which Tag Team Is This?

Samoans in wrestling are about as normal cowboys riding horses. For the most part, 99.9% of them are from the Anoai wrestling family, and then there's Samoa Joe. But the Rock, Nia Jax, and Roman Reigns? They're all part of a family whose roots in wrestling date all the back to the 1960s. The wrestling world doesn't seem right without a few Samoans running around in it, and this tag team has been running roughshod over the competition for nearly ten years now. It's not just their ring, it's their penitentiary.

24Which Tag Team Is This?

They started as a couple of Vampire brothers. As part of the Brood, these two along with Gangrel carved a pretty quick path to success. They were just too cool to be heels and got over as faces almost as quick as their debut. Before long, they were less Gangrel, less blood-sucking, and giving fans with the benefit of flash photography, an epic five-second pose. There's no Marty here, when this team broke up, they both went on to have singles success, true one had more than the other, but both became world champions.

25Which Tag Team Is This?

One of these guys became one of the marquis wrestlers in ECW. His partner is Shoot brother of Road Warrior Animal and somehow was a big deal in Japan. Together, the two blond bombers didn't have great success as a tag team, but were managed by and then turn on by Jim Cornette, who would manage a new version of his Midnight Express. They'd have greater success apart from one another and for different companies, but thanks to Bruce Prichard caricature of Johnny Ace on his podcast, this team has become funny footnote in wrestling history. Cowabunga dude!

26Which Tag Team Is This?

This team was a classic case of how something different can captivate a crowd and still have fans even to this day, thirty years since their last appearance in WWE. When the WWE had Women’s tag belts, they came stateside to challenge the Glamour Girls for those titles at the very first Royal Rumble, which was a special that aired on USA. In a gruelling two-out-of-three falls match (which seemingly was a staple of a lot of tag team rivalries), these two girls captured the titles. Before “Japan” became a thing, these two girls were innovators in the US.

27Which Tag Team Is This?

At NXT Takeover Brooklyn III, these two began what has been an all-in push. Along with Adam Cole, the have targeted all the major players in NXT and have done their best to take them out. They won the first ever War Games match to happen in WWE. Now Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are the current reigning and defending NXT tag team champions, a fete they have accomplished in Ring of Honor and New Japan. They're here to shock the system, and so far they have.

28Which Tag Team Is This?

Thanks to the power of the internet, there is a mash-up online of this team's entrance music and the Janet Jackson song, “Nasty.” Jerry Saggs and Brian Nobbs will never be known as skilled technicians in the ring. Considering they survived the infamous world renowned training of Verne Gagne and Brad Rheingans, these two could certainly go in the ring. But as fun brawlers go, these guys had memorable matches with just about everyone, from the Hart Foundation, and Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne.

29Which Tag Team Is This?

In today's PG-era WWE world, their entrance would sound something like this - “Excuse me, you were not aware of this? Your derrière better reach out and touch someone.” Brian Armstrong is part of the greatest wrestling family south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Kip Sopp was a former rodeo star who already had some success in the company along with his brother, Bart. When these two formed their team, they were both drowning in the mid-card, and then they became the biggest tag team of the Attitude Era.

30Which Tag Team Is This?

Hawk and Animal revolutionized a lot of what we see today in tag team wrestling. They were ones who first had a double team maneuver as a finish. Along with guys like Sting, and the Ultimate Warrior, they were also the first team to use face paint, and have ginormous, hulking physiques. They looked like scary demonic heels, but everywhere they went, they were loved. They were already one of the most decorated teams in the sport before they even came to the WWE, where there name was changed from the Road Warriors to this other name.

31Which Tag Team Is This?

They started out as members of the Wyatt Family. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper - two giants among men. Even by wrestling standards, these two are humongous, and frighteningly imposing. They once tried to initiate a war with the Dudleys, but an injury to Rowan sent Harper on a brief singles run on Smackdown Live! Upon his return, these two have dropped the first names from their gimmicks and look to obliterate the competition on their way to tag team championship glory.

32Which Tag Team Is This?

When it's all said and done, the little promotion that could was a haven for guys not quite ready for the WWE. But now names like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Bobby Roode are as synonymous with the WWE and they once were in TNA. In fact, the Glorious One, Bobby Roode had made a name for himself with “the Cowboy,” James Storm. Together, they were one of TNA’s most decorated tag teams with five title reigns. More impressive is that they were two homegrown talents that made it over several different long-established teams and duos.

33Which Tag Team Is This?

Before the slim, trim, and cut Samoans in today’s WWE, they looked a little heavier; which always helped lend to the “savage islander” type look. Teams like the Wild Samoans, the Headshrinkers, and these guys. Composed for Rosey and Jamal, these two were still big guys but dressed more like thugs than wild animals. They'd debut in 2002 as heavies for then Raw GM, Eric Bischoff. They'd be summoned when a segment was deemed boring and annihilate whoever was in the ring. Most famously, these three invaded Smackdown to ruin the wedding of Billy and Chuck.

34Which Tag Team Is This?

In today’s WWE, sometimes actual characters and gimmicks get lost in the shuffle with the wrestler’s tremendous skill sets. But these two guys showed that there is still plenty of room for gimmicks and entertaining backstage storylines. When Fandango debut in 2013 at WrestleMania XXIX, he did so in a big way defeating Chris Jericho. Tyler Breeze’s first big splash was against legend Jushin Thunder Liger at the first Brooklyn Takeover. Together, they have gotten over just by doing fashion inspired spoofs of shows like Twin Peaks and Stranger Things.

35Which Tag Team Is This?

Davey Boy Smith and Tom Billington. Two put together prices of British wrestling, two graduates of the Hart Dungeon, two members of the Hart family tree through marriage. Sadly, both of their sordid past has caused this team to not get nearly enough credit. If you took a team like the Rockers and the Steiners, put them together and you'd get these two guys. Davey Boy was and still is one of the most underrated strong men in the business and to this day the matches between Dynamite and Tiger Mask are the stuff of legend. As a team, they had memorable bouts all over the world wth the likes of the Rougeaus, the Dream Team, and made magic with the Hart Foundation.

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