Only 30% Of WWE Fans Can Name All These Tag Teams. Can You?

Tag team wrestling is one of the coolest aspects of professional wrestling. At its core, you get to see four guys do battle instead of two. From a work stand point, the boys get a minute or so to rest during the match and have the match still be exciting. From a story telling stand point, there's so much emotion behind some of the tropes of a tag team match - watching the beaten down baby face scratch and claw to get to their corner, only to be cut off somehow by the dastardly heels, only to watch the eventual tag get made and feel the surge of a fresh baby face coming with the hot tag.

Do you love Tag Team wrestling? Do you think your Vicious And Delicious from Two Dudes With Attitude? Are you a mark who still claps their hands to the tune of the American Males theme song, or just a fan of Attitude Era throwing up three fingers in one hand, a hand piston in the other in your best five-second pose? Or are you simply just the Bar when it comes to your knowledge of tag teams?

Take our tag team quiz and find out if you're at the top of the card, or a curtain jerker.

1Which Tag Team Is This?

From all across the land, rumor and innuendo would claim that an old-school wrestling journeyman named Big Daddy traversed the country looking any and all wrestling bookings. He'd also shack up with one or more of the local ladies per territory. The result was an entire gaggle of wrestling kids - Spike, Sign Guy, Dances With, and Big Dick. While all stars in ECW, only two made a tremendous splash all over the wrestling world. Bubba Ray and Devon formed one of the most devastating tag teams of the Attitude or any era. With the 3-D and a love of putting people through tables, it's no surprise that their going to the WWE Hall Of Fame this year.

2Which Tag Team Is This?

One guy used to dress as bird and call himself the Blue Blazer. The other carried his trusted bird, Frankie with him to the ring. When the youngest of the Hart wrestling dynasty took off his Blazer mask, Owen Hart started to shine. He teamed with WWE Hall Of Famer. They wore checkerboard suspenders and giant parachute pants that would name MC Hammer jealous. They didn't have a lot of programs together, but as far getting the crowd going, there weren't many better teams than this one.

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