Pick The Best Photos Of WWE's Bella Sisters And We'll Tell You If You're Desperate

When it comes to superstars in the WWE, there is no denying that the Bella Twins are nothing short of legendary at this point. They have been in the game for some time now, and they have reached the top on more than one occasion. They were instrumental in ushering in a new era of women performers in the company, and their influence on the WWE can be felt each night when the top stars head on out to wow the crowds. Because of this, expect to see these two beautiful women enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame one day.

Today, we are going to be showing off various pictures of these two beauties, and in the end, we will let all the desperate people know who they are!

Question 1

Sisterly Love

Question 2

Double Trouble

Question 3

Better When They're Together

Question 4

Alright In White

Question 5

Nice And Relaxed

Question 6

A Beautiful Contrast

Question 7

Flower Power

Question 8

Nikki Bringing The Heat

Question 9

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Question 10

Coffee Is Everything

Question 11

Nikki Flexing On Everyone

Question 12

Back In Black

Question 13

Beach Day

Question 14

Red And Blue

Question 15

In Shape And Thriving

Question 16

Hangin' Poolside

Question 17

Gorgeous Champions

Question 18

Twinning Is Everything

Question 19


Question 20

Name A Better Duo. We'll Wait.

Question 21

Workout Babe

Question 22

A Strong Connection

Question 23

A Candid Nikki

Question 24

Happy 4th!

Question 25

Getting Their Sweat On

Question 26

Solo Brie Is Breathtaking

Question 27

Ladies In Red

Question 28

Fierce As Ever

Question 29

Scorching Scarlet

Question 30

A Golden Duo

Question 31

Night Out

Question 32

Downtown Nikki

Question 33

Backstage Beauties

Question 34

Brie Looking Comfy

Question 35

Handling Business In The Ring

Question 36

Too Strong, Too Beautiful

Question 37


Question 38

Brie Looking Spooky

Question 39

Red Carpet Superstars

Question 40

Smile For The Camera

Question 41

Back-To-Back Beauties

Question 42

Looking Like Perfection

Question 43

Winning Smiles

Question 44

All Brie, All Day

Question 45

No Time For Games

Question 46

Playful Sisters

Question 47

Over The Shoulder

Question 48

These Bellas Always Shine

Question 49

In It To Win It

Question 50

Take A Seat

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