Can You Remember These Wrestlers' First Ring Names?

A wrestler's journey to find success is typically a long one, with various ups and downs along the way. Most wrestlers will have to go through many changes before they can find the path to their ideal destination.

One of the things that wrestlers will have to experiment with is the right name and character. It will often take a few tries before settling on the right name and persona to make it in the WWE or another major wrestling company. The wrestlers who have achieved success in the past and present day most likely started off with other names before making a change.

With this quiz, we will test your knowledge of wrestling history when it comes to the names used by various wrestling stars. All these wrestlers ended up having legacies with the name they currently have or the one they ended their career with. However, diehard fans will remember the name they were first known as before making a positive change. We will rate your memory of professional wrestling; find out how much of a fan you are by seeing if you know the names these wrestlers started with!

1Steve Austin

The WWE career of Steve Austin made him among the all-time great performers in wrestling history. Austin developed the “Stone Cold” moniker and changed the landscape of WWE. Before this incredible run, Austin was working under another name in WWE. This name was selected to start his WWE career with another character being managed by Ted DiBiase. Austin has gone on the record many times about how much he hated the name. Do you remember which name Austin used to start his WWE career?


Goldust has been a character in WWE on and off for over two decades now. We have seen him come and return many times. Goldust currently has a spot on the WWE roster as one of the veterans. A recent tag team match with Mandy Rose in the Mixed Match Challenge showed he still has something to contribute. The peak of Goldust came in the early stages of the Attitude Era when his character pushed the envelope. Can you remember the name Goldust used in WCW before making the jump to WWE?

3Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is a unique performer with a mysterious character that helped him stand out. The career of Wyatt took a few turns before reaching to this character. Wyatt signed with WWE at a young and had to fail a few times before striking gold with the change. His former name was associated with failure as he was called up before he was ready to succeed. The character and name change saved his career in dramatic fashion. What is the name Wyatt used early on in WWE?


The retired JBL still serves as a part-time broadcaster for WWE. A long career in WWE saw his name change when becoming the JBL character. It gave him a huge push as a top heel on Smackdown to win the WWE Championship out of the blue. JBL’s main event run changed his future from a potential Hall of Famer to a guaranteed inductee in the near future. Can you remember what name JBL went by in the Attitude Era as a mid-carder?

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