Would You Win Big Brother?


Congratulations! You have made it through the rigorous selection process and finally been given your key to the Big Brother house. The interviews, the packing, and the anxiety are all behind you now, and it is time to enter the house! How far do you think you'll make it? Will you be the sorry dope who gets sent home Week 1, will you make it to jury, or will you go all the way to the end?

The answer to this question is dependent on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) your sociability, your strategy, your ability to manipulate, and your penchant for winning competitions. This quiz will help you determine just how far you would get in your quest to win the $500,00 grand prize.

So do you think you have what it takes? Do possess the qualities of strength, stamina, likability, perseverance, and the ability to stay calm even in the toughest of moments? Can you kick butt in comps, deal with eating slop and taking cold showers, and be put through the ringer emotionally? Can you keep your eye on the prize and not let any of that affect you for three whole months? In the end, it would all be worth it to win a half a million dollars and the title of the winner of Big Brother.

If you want to truly find out if you are capable of winning Big Brother, take this quiz and see if you are winner material. Good luck, and remember to expect the unexpected!

Question 1

As a first-time player. would you align with the newbies or the vets?

In several recent seasons of Big Brother, returning players have come into the game, and houseguests have generally divided themselves into the newbies versus the vets. That may be good strategy, but it may not. If you were entering the Big Brother house and playing for the first time ever, would you team up with your fellow newbies, or align yourself with the more experienced vets?

Question 2

Would you lie about your real life?

In the delicate game of Big Brother, it is sometimes necessary to lie about your real life. In the past, houseguests have lied about things such as their jobs, their family, and their age. The idea is to downplay your intelligence level and experience so the other players do not view you as a threat. So would you keep it real and tell the truth, or lie about some aspect of your life?

Question 3

Would you enter into a showmance?

A showmance is described as a relationship of varying levels of romance within the walls of the Big Brother house. It could be just flirting, which is sometimes called a flirtmance, or a friendship, which is sometimes called a bromance, or it could be a full-blown relationship. This has worked for some people, like Rachel Reilly, who won season 13 and is now married to her showmance, Brendan. But it does not work for others, like this season's Cody and Jessica, who were both evicted quite early on because they put their love for each other over their own individual games.

Question 4

Would you play an honest game or would you lie and scheme?

This may not be as easy of a question to answer as it sounds. Many people go into the Big Brother house with a solid plan, but things change once you meet your fellow houseguests and have been isolated with them for so long. People have definitely won Big Brother by lying and scheming, but they have also won by playing an honest game. Evel Dick, who won season 8, was brutally honest the entire season, and despite not being very nice about it, he won the game.

Question 5

How soon would you enter into an alliance?

Some players enter into an alliance on the very first night, and some wait an see how things go and who they connect with before making that kind of commitment. But one thing is for sure: you cannot get to the end of the game without some sort of teammate (and if you do, you are called a floater and will not win). So would you go for it right away, or wait for awhile?

Question 6

Are you a Big Brother superfan?

More and more it seems like the producers of Big Brother are casting superfans, who are people that have been obsessed with show for years and years. Being a superfan can have its advantages since you know the game so well, but it can also be a disadvantage if the other players can tell that you know what you are doing. So it also helps, in that case, to have a good poker face.

Question 7

Do you try to win the first Head of Household competition?

It may seem obvious that on the very first night, players will do anything to gain power and ensure that they are not the first person to be evicted. The only way to be 100% safe is to win the HOH competition. But a surprising number of people throw the comp, because they do not want to get blood on their hands so early on in the game. Which would be your strategy?

Question 8

How do you feel about floaters?

Floaters are people who go back and forth between alliances. Often times the house will break into two sides, and there are usually one or two people "playing both sides of the house", or "floating" to whoever has the power in any given week. This strategy could be viewed as good if the player is able to stay under the radar long enough in the game and use it as an argument as to why they should win. But it could also backfire because floaters are very likely to be caught.

Question 9

Whose Big Brother game would you most like to emulate?

Over the years, there have been several Big Brother players whose games have been so flawless that they demand a lot of respect. Although very different from each other, all of these legends won the game in their own way. Of the following people, whose style of gameplay most aligns with your way of thinking, and whose game do you think was the best and therefore would like to emulate if you could?

Question 10

Do you have a good poker face?

Whether or not you would play an honest game or lie every chance that you got, there is something to be said for having a good poker face. It is important in the game of Big Brother to be able to control your emotions, and to control letting them show. This could be the difference between winning and losing, if it came down to it.

Question 11

Do you pay close attention to detail?

There are so many competitions that take place over the three month period that Big Brother is on the air each summer, and there are always one or two that require the players to have payed close attention to their surroundings. This kind of comp is made up of questions about things around the house that one wouldn't normally think to notice, such as the number of candles on the table or the number of fish in the tank. But knowing the details could make or break your game.

Question 12

Are you easily distracted by hot people?

Like any reality show, the producers of Big Brother like to cast contestants that are easy on the eyes. After all, most people prefer to look at hot or pretty people on TV. So you can bet that if you ever get to play, there will be plenty of pretty girls, guys with big muscles, and at least one or two people that you would be attracted to. So the question is are you able to put your attraction aside, or are you way too easily distracted to remain focused on the game?

Question 13

Which quality best describes you?

Certain qualities are better than others when it comes to going far in the Big Brother game. To make it all the way to the end, you must possess a unique skill set, but there are things about our personalities inherently that could either help or hinder success in this game. So be honest, and choose the closest quality to fit your personality from these options.

Question 14

When would you use the Power of Veto?

There are endless scenarios in which the all-powerful Power of Veto can be used to change the game. It is a power won by one of six players (the two nominees, the Head of Household, and three players selected by random draw). The winner has the power to save one of the nominees, or keep the nominations the same. Both choices come with several consequences and can change the game.

Question 15

Would you accept a punishment in order to win a competition?

There are some comps in which punishments are doled out, and whoever can take the most crap will win. If your life is on the line in the Big Brother game, you better be prepared to cut your hair, wear a silly costume for a week, be a Have-Not, and even agree to not play in future competitions. It's all about how bad you want it.

Question 16

You're caught in a lie. What do you do?

It is not unheard of in the Big Brother house for people to be called out for lying. One houseguest might say one thing to one person, and something else to another person, and before you know it, it has blown up in your face and someone has called a house meeting to set the story straight. This is one of the worst things that could happen to your game, although it could be salvaged if you handle it just right.

Question 17

Do you or do you not pluck an apple from the Tree of Temptation?

Each summer, Big Brother has a theme. This summer, it was the Summer of Temptation, and one of the things that tempted the houseguests was the Tree of Temptation. If they so desired, they could pluck an apple from the tree, and each apple had a designated curse or power that came along with it. By plucking an apple, they could potentially hurt their game, or maybe help it.

Question 18

The house all agrees to vote together, but you aren't so sure. What do you do?

A lot of times, the house decides to all vote together to get one person out. Even if the house is divided, the vote is many times unanimous or almost unanimous. But there are situations where people agree to vote "with the house" but then go against their word to cause panic in the house, or because they really feel differently than the rest of the house. If the house is all voting together but you wanted to either stir the pot or change your vote, would you do it, knowing the votes are anonymous?

Question 19

Which past Big Brother alliance do you think you would work best with?

Who you choose to align yourself with in the game of Big Brother can make or break your game. It is all about trust and teamwork, so depending on who you feel you could work best with out of these past Big Brother alliances, it is indicative of your judgment and your personality, and will be very telling in terms of how far you could potentially go in the game.

Question 20

Which signature item would you be most likely to have?

On this season of Big Brother, pretty much everyone had a signature item. There was Mr. Friendship Paul, with his pool toy, Raven with her Princess Leia hair, Alex's cat ears, Jason's cowboy hat, the list goes on. These items speak volumes about these people and their personalities, and depending on your item choice, it could speak volumes about you as a player.

Question 21

When it comes to trust, what is your philosophy?

Trust is huge in the Big Brother house. At some point throughout the game, you are going to have to trust someone, whether you like it or not. But there are still ways to be careful while placing your trust in other players. Some people trust until that trust is broken, but others do not trust until that trust is earned. Which is your style, and what does it say about your Big Brother game play?

Question 22

True or False: Big moves are necessary to win the game.

On finale night, the decision of who wins Big Brother (and the difference between winning $500,000 and $50,000) is left up to the evicted houseguests on the jury. One thing they look for is what risks a player took during the course of the game, and which big moves they made. Usually big moves are associated with risk, because it generally involves stabbing someone in the back or pulling a fast one on the house. Would you have what it takes?

Question 23

Who would you rather take to Final Two?

At the end of the game, after the final three-part HOH competition, the winner gets to choose from their two remaining fellow houseguests as to who they want to face off against for the grand prize. Who they choose could determine if they win or come in second place, so it is a very important decision. They want to make sure and pick someone they could beat, so between these two contestants, use your judgment and pick who you think you could beat.

Question 24

What is your overall strategy?

Strategy is the most important thing in the Big Brother house if you want to win. Strategy can change depending on what happens inside the house and who you align with, but it is important to have a clear idea of what you plan to do to win the game. Which strategy would you be most likely to employ inside the house?

Question 25

What is the first thing you do as Head of Household?

There are so many great things about winning HOH- you can rest easy that you are safe for the next week, you can keep your friends safe, you get a letter from a loved one, you get a basket of goodies that you love, and you get your own private bedroom. It would be hard to decide what to do first, but in the game of Big Brother, every move you make is under a microscope. What is the first thing you would do?

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