Would You Survive The Game Of Thrones?


One of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows around, Game of Thrones earned its status through intricate costumes and design, patient character development, breathtaking locations, clever dialogue, and a commitment to realistic danger that means every character's life hangs in the balance at any given moment. In this hostile world of ice and fire, no one is safe, no matter how powerful, likable, or well-connected they may be. This constant state of deadliness continues to prompt viewers into wondering if they would fare any better than their favorite characters.

Even with all the complex strategies and desires running rampant in the Game of Thrones universe, I still ask myself if I could do better. If I was Ned Stark, would I be smart enough to halt my inquiry into Joffrey's parentage and maybe dodge the executioner's ax? If I was Jon Snow, could I have held command in a way that wouldn't provoke my fellow brothers of the Watch to murder me? Or, if I was Littlefinger, could I have successfully pitted Arya and Sansa against each other like I planned? These theoretical questions keep popping up, and there's no real answer to be had. Until now, that is.

This quiz puts you in charge of House Pryce, a fictional lesser house with aspirations to become a great one. As a southern power, you've taken control of Dorne after the collapse of House Martell and have made Sunspear your base of operations. Now, with the extinctions of the Tyrells and the Boltons and the falls of House Tully and House Frey in the lands to the North, there's a massive power vacuum that you're determined to fill. You've got a sizable army, but your forces aren't yet strong enough to challenge the likes of Daenerys and Cersei. It's time to try your hand at the Great Game now. Will you be victorious, or will you be slaughtered like the countless others before you?

Question 1

What are your new house words?

Now that House Pryce has come into power in Dorne, you deem it appropriate to change your house words, which were previously mediocre and uninspiring due to your status as a lesser house. Ideally, you want something that's intimidating and suggests strength, power, and ferocity. To come up with something, you and your family gather around a large, round table and put forth suggestions. You've narrowed it down to four options, but now it falls to you to pick one.

Question 2

Whose support do you seek out first?

Now that you've established your house as a formidable southern power, it's important to have yourself recognized and allied with other powerful people. You've heard stories of some of the most significant persons in Westeros right now and would very much like to approach one of them as your first significant ally in your fight for power. However, you could also first ensure that the lesser houses in Dorne are behind you. The choice is yours.

Question 3

How do you persuade people to see things your way?

Regardless of how powerful you are or will become, convincing others of your point of view is a key to skill to have if you're going to survive in Westeros. You have to be able to defend your actions, motives, and desires in such a way as to make yourself seem sensible. Or you could just crush naysayers with an iron fist. That tends to work, too.

Question 4

What's your ultimate ambition?

Though power is desired by most everyone in Westeros, the amount of power one strives for varies from person to person. Some are content to merely advise the most powerful people and act as their hands. Others are happy with managing subtle spy networks that feed them information. But, for some, the ultimate prize will always be the Iron Throne. When the dust settles, what do you truly want?

Question 5

Are you open to marriage as a form of diplomacy?

We all want to marry for love, but if your goal in life is to become the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, you may have to marry strategically instead. Leaving yourself available for a marriage of state can allow you to form iron bonds with key allies, leading to enormous gains in power and influence. That said, you might not have a choice in who you marry, meaning you could get stuck with somebody who resembles a troll. But hey, it's what's on the inside that counts, right?

Question 6

What major city do you attempt to conquer?

Now that Dorne is yours, there's no question you want to continue expanding your power. The best way to do that is to start marching northward and capturing some key cities to add to your empire. There's lots of well-built, fortified strongholds north of Dorne, so there's plenty of options. However, based on the whispers of your spies, there are several sites that are most appealing. It's time to choose one and start planning!

Question 7

You've gained a considerable sum of gold. How do you spend it?

Your latest conquest was a roaring success, and as a result you've suddenly come into a great deal of money. Your advisers have approached you with different ideas about how it would be best spent. Your generals have suggested beefing up your forces for the next venture, your spymaster has prodded you for more funding, and your sailors have asked for coin to construct more ships. However, you also think you're pretty great, so a monument in your likeness might be in order.

Question 8

What's your most admirable quality?

Though House Pryce is big and mighty now, it didn't start that way, and neither did you. Despite being the head of your family you've already had to convince countless others to follow you and share your vision for the world. Of course a cunning mind and a sizable army are important factors, but the power of likability shouldn't be underestimated, either. Nobody would follow you if they didn't take a shine to you, so you must have some redeeming qualities in there somewhere.

Question 9

Who do you approach to train your infantry?

Foot soldiers are the sizable backbone of any army worth its salt, so it's important they're trained well. Your infantry has been trained well enough to conquer Dorne, but it's likely the rest of Westeros will be much more challenging. In light of that, you decide to reach out to a skilled fighter, having heard tales of their exploits from your spies, in the hope that they'll be willing to impart their knowledge.

Question 10

The Water Gardens are becoming a financial burden. What do you do?

Located just outside Sunspear, the famous Water Gardens are one of Dorne's most beautiful and lavish locations and served as the residence of House Martell. Though you've been living there since taking Sunspear, the Gardens represent a significant expenditure that might be better put to use for other things, so you're thinking about relocating. However, the Gardens are dear to the Dornish people, yourself included.

Question 11

The dead threaten Westeros! What do you do?

Though you weren't present at the meeting between Cersei Lannister, Euron Greyjoy, Daenerys Targaryen, and Jon Snow, word has spread quickly about the Night King and his army of countless undead. You, like the other Westerosi lords, are being pressured from all sides to take decisive action. How do you react to this terrifying threat in the North?

Question 12

What stronghold do you use as your northern base of operations?

You're heading North with your troops, and you're going to need a place to gather and strategize before the coming battles. Since the threat of the dead looms great, multitudes of houses are banding together. Jon Snow has offered the option of stationing your forces in Winterfell, Lady Mormont has given you permission to use Bear Island, and Lord Glover has made Deepwood Motte free to anyone who would fight against the dead. Further, the Dreadfort stands vacant after the fall of the Boltons.

Question 13

A group of rebels threatens to take over Pentos. What do you do?

Word has reached your ears of a conflict going on in Pentos, across the Narrow Sea. A massive rebel group has formed and is attempting to overthrow the established oligarchy, which is dominated by vastly wealthy merchants. You're well away from Pentos, so a change in leadership shouldn't affect you much as long as you can maintain trade routes.

Question 14

Who do you most admire?

With so many legendary people leading the way in Westeros, it's unavoidable that one of them has become your role model. With their great deeds and decisive attitude, you try your best to emulate the same type of behavior, hoping that some of their greatness will rub off on you. You're not sure it's working, but having people to look up to is important anyway.

Question 15

What's your biggest fault?

You may be a big-shot lord now, meaning that most people have to give you respect. However, you're well aware that you have shortcomings, and plenty of them, things that plenty of your friends and family remembers reminded you of before your rise to power and only those closest to you point out now. Still, it's important to remember the chinks in your armor. How you work around those chinks is up to you.

Question 16

One of your closest confidants has betrayed you! What do you do?

Things may be going well for you as you play the Great Game, but at some point you're bound to get a knife in the back. Sure enough, one day you realize that one your main advisers has been plotting against you for months. You're heartbroken, but you know you have to punish them for their crimes. What action do you take against them?

Question 17

How do you prepare your troops for the journey North?

With your aspirations of conquest and the threat of the Night King's army both swirling around in your head, it's inevitable that at some point you'll have to march your armies northward. Up to now you've only been active in Dorne and its immediate vicinity, so it's imperative you take steps to prepare your armies for the new climate they'll be facing.

Question 18

You're in desperate need of gold. How do you get it?

The Great Game has its ups and downs, and right now you've been dealt a serious blow. A recent military disaster has destroyed a large chunk of your forces and replenishing them has left you on the verge on bankruptcy. You need more gold, and you need it right now. You're desperate, so all sorts of options, some of which border on insanity, fill your mind.

Question 19

You've just captured a city! How many men do you leave behind?

While forging forward on your path of conquest, you take yet another city under your control. Due to your forces having been in several major battles, your numbers have dropped from 10,000 down to 7000 men. However, you realize that your numbers will decline even further, as you must leave some men behind to guard your new territory. How many do you part with?

Question 20

What subject are you most knowledgeable in?

Having a head filled with combat techniques and military strategies is all well and good and will help you a lot on the battlefield, but it's also important to have other interests to diversify your knowledge. Not only will you have some go-to high-profile conversation topics, but your cultured wisdom will also grant you additional understanding of people around the world, which in turn can further strengthen your social and military strategies.

Question 21

One of your enemies is growing too powerful. How do you kill them?

Murder isn't an ideal solution to all of life's problems, but sometimes it's just what you gotta do. One of your nemeses, a lord from your homeland, has gained the favor of multiple lesser houses and is now threatening to challenge your authority in Dorne. Assuring his downfall is a necessity. The only question is, how do you go about achieving it?

Question 22

What's your weapon of choice?

Even the best lords have to be trained for combat, and you're no exception, especially given the fact that you've already conquered most of Dorne. However, what weapon you use can affect your performance in battle. A heavy weapon is deadly, but moves slowly. A ranged weapon enables you to attack from a distance, but can leave you vulnerable in close quarters. Every weapon has its downsides, and they can cost you your life if you're not careful.

Question 23

You've gained a new spy. Where do you station them?

An intelligence network is key to the success of any player in the Great Game. Having realized this, you've given your spymaster the additional funding he asked for and have been rewarded with a new operative for you to place as you please. They're originally from Myr, but you have several key Westeros locations in mind. After some deliberation, you pick the one you think would be most useful.

Question 24

You're laying an ambush. Where do you position your forces?

At long last, you've found the perfect place to destroy an enemy force once and for all: a large valley with a steep bluff on its North side and a small forest to the Southwest. You plan to position two parts of your troops, one in each of these areas, to attack the enemy from two sides. However, you have three sets of troops: infantry, cavalry, and archers. Which forces do you use, and where do you position them?

Question 25

What do you value most?

No matter how mighty the individual, everyone prioritizes different things in their lives. Some value family loyalty, falling back on blood bonds that stay strong. Some value material goods, such as fine wine and luxurious furnishings. Others are obsessed with power and the enticing amount of control it affords. And still others are true romantics, valuing love above all else in the world. Where do you stand, Lord Pryce, ruler of Dorne?

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