Play Grown-Up 'Would You Rather' And We'll Guess If You're A Man Or A Woman

It is easy to guess who is a man and who is a woman based on the way everyone answers these questions! These questions are a bit edgy and they definitely push the boundaries! Questions like these are what make life more fun and exciting!

"Would You Rather" is the best game to play for a couple that is just starting to get to know each other. For couples who want to learn more about each other without too much pressure on their shoulders, they can always choose to play a round or two of this amazingly fun game! The best part about "Would You Rather" is the fact that it is so simple and basic! There are two options given and a person is left to decide which option sounds better and more appealing to them on an individual level! Try this game of "Would You Rather" so we can guess everyone's gender!

Question 1

Outdoors or indoors?

Question 2

Before dinner or after dinner?

Question 3

First time before the wedding night or first time on the wedding night?

Question 4

Get married or live a bachelor/bachelorette lifestyle?

Question 5

In an empty home or crowded home?

Question 6

Quiet or loud?

Question 7

Lights on or lights off?

Question 8

In a nightclub or dive bar?

Question 9

On a plane or train?

Question 10

With a blonde or a brunette?

Question 11

On the beach or in the mountains?

Question 12

Take rest breaks or keep going?

Question 13

On the table or on the counter?

Question 14

Regular poker or ... that other version of poker?

Question 15

Chocolate covered strawberries or not?

Question 16

Use blindfolds or avoid them?

Question 17

Morning time or night time?

Question 18

Under the stars or inside a tent?

Question 19

Teacher roleplay or nurse roleplay?

Question 20

Red roses or white roses?

Question 21

Music in the background or silence?

Question 22

Three's a crowd or the more the merrier?

Question 23

Caught by their parents or caught by your own parents?

Question 24

Kisses or hugs?

Question 25

Kiss and tell or keep things on the down low?

Question 26

Date night out or Netflix and chill?

Question 27

With a local or with a vacationer?

Question 28

With someone much older or much younger?

Question 29

Red wine or white wine?

Question 30

One person forever or never the same person twice?

Question 31

Use handcuffs or avoid them?

Question 32

Whipped cream or not?

Question 33

With a coworker or with a classmate?

Question 34

Candles or incense?

Question 35

Ice cubes or not?

Question 36

On grass or on sand?

Question 37

In the shower or the bath tub?

Question 38

Seduce or be seduced?

Question 39

Be on top or be on the bottom?

Question 40

Be dominant or submissive?

Question 41

Monogamy or open relationship?

Question 42

Public displays of affection or private displays of affection?

Question 43

Leather or lace?

Question 44

Keep things traditional or experiment?

Question 45

With protection or without?

Question 46

Agree on a safe word or not?

Question 47

With someone married or with someone single?

Question 48

At a hotel or at home?

Question 49

With a best friend from childhood or with a complete stranger?

Question 50

Heavy perfume or no perfume at all?

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