Play Grown-Up 'Would You Rather' And We'll Reveal Your Dream Girl

Time for a very interesting a boundary-pushing game of "Would You Rather"! When it comes to things we would rather do (or not do) inside the bedroom, we are all entitled to our fair share of preferences! For example, some people prefer leather and some people prefer lace. Some people prefer sipping on a glass of red wine while others prefer sipping on a glass of white wine. Some people prefer lighting candles to set the mood while other people might prefer to use essential oils!

It is easy to be open-minded enough to try new things with the right person and it is also easy to be open-minded enough to try things that seem to be super intriguing and surreal! Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions on this stuff! Time to find out who everyone's dream girl is based on what everyone would rather do (or not do) in the bedroom!

Question 1

One person forever or never the same person twice?

Question 2

Be on top or be on the bottom?

Question 3

Leather or lace?

Question 4

Try maid-themed roleplay or doctor-themed roleplay?

Question 5

Blondes or brunettes?

Question 6

Kristen Stewart and Hilary Swank together or Scarlett Johansson alone?

Question 7

With a coworker or with an ex?

Question 8

Bubble bath or shower?

Question 9

She always wears makeup or she never, ever wears makeup?

Question 10

In a dirty pool or in a dirty car?

Question 11

Dark chocolate or white chocolate?

Question 12

Lighting candles or using fragrance oils?

Question 13

Always Fifty Shades or always Disney love?

Question 14

Grey's Anatomy in the background or Riverdale in the background?

Question 15

White lace or black lace?

Question 16

Incorporating melted marshmallow or melted chocolate?

Question 17

In an abandoned building or public park?

Question 18

Redheads or blondes?

Question 19

Always be the giver or always receive but it's bad?

Question 20

Cate Blanchett and Emma Stone together or Megan Fox alone?

Question 21

With your best friend's sibling or best friend's ex?

Question 22

Chocolate dipped strawberries or roses?

Question 23

Three's a crowd or the more the merrier?

Question 24

Brunettes or redheads?

Question 25

Close-toed heels or open-toed heels?

Question 26

Casual or committed?

Question 27

Teri Hatcher and Sandra Bullock together or Eva Mendes alone?

Question 28

Approach someone and get rejected or be approached by someone unattractive?

Question 29

Corset or bustier?

Question 30

Red wine or white wine?

Question 31

Woodsy perfume or floral perfume?

Question 32

Lose a swimsuit in the ocean at the beach or at a pool party?

Question 33

Use pet names always or never?

Question 34

With someone older or younger?

Question 35

Kiss or cuddle?

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