Play Grown-Up 'Would You Rather' And We'll Match You To A Blonde

Being an adult means that we get the chance to meet new people and have a little fun more often than when we were younger. Of course, finding the right person to have some fun with can be a challenge, but once we do have someone locked down, we can't help but do our thing as often as we can. People have unique preferences that can even serve as deal breakers, so finding a person that can gel with us is really important. Even the slightest difference can have a huge impact.

Making some of the tougher choices in life is never easy, but it can say a whole lot about us as a person. After answering the questions on this quiz, participants will be paired up with a beautiful blonde!

Question 1

Set The Mood With Music or Get To Business?

Question 2

Fun After Prom or During Prom?

Question 3

Good Girls or Bad Girls?

Question 4

A Girl's Best Friend or A Best Friend's Girl?

Question 5

Bar Hookup or Fun At The Club?

Question 6

Afternoon Fun or Midnight Business?

Question 7

At The Beach or At The Hotel?

Question 8

By The Fire or In The Tent?

Question 9

Best Friend's Sister or Sister's Best Friend?

Question 10

At The Party or After The Party?

Question 11

Travel Fun or Local Fun?

Question 12

A Spooky Girl or A Preppy Girl?

Question 13

In A Car or In A Truck?

Question 14

Cosplay Girls or Gamer Girls?

Question 15

Are Friends' Sisters Good To Go or Off Limits?

Question 16

Left or Right?

Question 17

Fun With The Nanny or Fun With The Maid?

Question 18

Are Her Friends Off Limits or Good To Go?

Question 19

Romantic Dates or Get To Business?

Question 20

At The Reception or After The Wedding?

Question 21

Coachella Girls or Book Worms?

Question 22

Film It or Keep It Private?

Question 23

Mile High Club or Train Station Fun?

Question 24

Drinks Before or After?

Question 25

Relationships or Single Life?

Question 26

Cheerleader Fun or Nerdy Fun?

Question 27

A Woman With Kids or A Woman With No Kids?

Question 28

Left or Right?

Question 29

On Her Desk or After Work?

Question 30

Sweet Talk or Pillow Talk?

Question 31

Smart Girls or Party Girls?

Question 32

Older Women or Younger Women?

Question 33

Classy Girls or Trashy Girls?

Question 34

Best Friend's Mom or Mom's Best Friend?

Question 35

While The Family Is Home or In An Empty House?

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