Play Grown-Up 'Would You Rather' And We'll Guess Your Age

Life is full of choices that we must make, and the choices that we make say a lot about who we are as a person. These decisions range in size, and some of them wind up having massive repercussions that we live with moving forward. Some choices are much smaller and only affect a portion of our lives, but no matter the size, we must make them as best we can. When getting to know someone, one thing we must take into consideration is what they like when the lights go out. Finding some common ground here is a good way to have some fun.

Finding out what a person enjoys is not always the easiest thing to do. Some people are guarded about their preferences, and some time will be needed to get them to finally open up. Others, however, are an open book that will gladly share their preferences with the world. No matter the person, everyone out there knows what they like and what they want, and this helps us figure out who to have some fun with.

Today, we are giving people the chance to tell us what they like the most when the good times roll.

Question 1

In The Kitchen or In The Living Room?

Question 2

Red Wine or White Wine?

Question 3

Call Back or Ghost?

Question 4

Bar or Club?

Question 5

Someone From Work or An Ex?

Question 6

Short And Sweet or Long And Fun?

Question 7

Candles or Incense?

Question 8

Ice or Whipped Cream?

Question 9

In The Grass or In The Dirt?

Question 10

Be Quiet or Get Loud?

Question 11

With The TV On or Off?

Question 12

In The Garage or On The Porch?

Question 13

Under The Fireworks or Under The Stars?

Question 14

In The Shower or In The Tub?

Question 15

In The Office or In The Waiting Room?

Question 16

Seduce or Be Seduced?

Question 17

In A Tent or In The Mud?

Question 18

Mile High Club or At The Airport?

Question 19

Break Up Fun or Make Up Fun?

Question 20

Top or Bottom?

Question 21

Strong or Submissive Partners?

Question 22

Music On or Off?

Question 23

In A Theater or In A Musem?

Question 24

Watch or Join In?

Question 25

Dominate or Be Dominated?

Question 26

Be Committed or Stay Free?

Question 27

Fun At Prom or Fun At Graduation?

Question 28

Learn Their Name or Get To The Good Stuff?

Question 29

PDA or Keep It Secret?

Question 30

Try New Positions or Stick To The Classics?

Question 31

Talk About It or Stay Quiet?

Question 32

In A Car or In A Van?

Question 33

Protection or Careless Fun?

Question 34

Be Picky or Don't Care?

Question 35

Friends' Approval or Family's Approval?

Question 36

Dim The Lights or Keep Them Off?

Question 37

Get Dirty or Keep It Clean?

Question 38

Short Hair or Long Hair?

Question 39

Catch Feelings or Keep It Casual?

Question 40

Use A Safe Word or Go For Broke?

Question 41

Let Someone Else Join or Keep It Simple?

Question 42

Blonde or Redheads?

Question 43

Older or Younger?

Question 44

Best Friend's Mom or Sister's Best Friend?

Question 45

Open Fling or Casual Partner?

Question 46

In A Restaurant Bathroom or A Parking Lot?

Question 47

At A Sport's Game or An Aquarium?

Question 48

Lonely Housewife or Young Single?

Question 49

In A Hotel or At A Friend's House?

Question 50

In The City or In The Country?

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