This Quick Would You Rather Quiz Will Reveal How Many Kids Are In Your Future

Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish-- how many pieces do you wish?  Wait, wait, wait ... we're not talking about bubble gum, we're talking about kids.  But, you do have to admit, taking these kinds of quizzes is just as much fun as the other way, too!  One potato, two potato, three potato, four -- ahhh, who needs potatoes or pieces of bubble gum in a dish, you've got your mobile and you're ready to play!  All you have to do is answer these thirty, fun, interesting, and albeit sometimes a little peculiar- questions!   What?!  This is legitimate stuff!  Isn't it?

It's a whole lot of fun, is what it is!  Questions like, what color do you want to paint the kid's room?  Or, when it's getting late and you're really, really tired, what would you rather do ... have to feed the baby or have to change that smelly diaper?  See?  We're talking about a quiz that's lots of fun to read and lots of to take!  Sure, there's other ones out there about movies and T.V. and all that kind of trivia; but this is a chance to find out about your future!!  How can you say no to something like that?!  Come on, give it a try!

Question 1

Would you rather ... have a big wedding OR have a small wedding?

What does a wedding have to do with how many kids I'm going to have, you might ask. Well that's kind of where the kids start, isn't it? Besides these questions are just for fun! Don't over think it, just have a good time. It's not like there's any truth to all of this. Is there? Hmmm ...

Question 2

Would you rather ... have kids when you first get married OR wait a while to have kids?

Now, just get that idea out of your head. We didn't say anything about getting married BECAUSE of having kids. We're just asking, if given the opportunity, which would you prefer? Some people want to get started right away; while some want to spend some time together as just husband and wife first. Not having kids isn't one of the choices. That would kind of defeat the whole purpose of the quiz.

Question 3

Would you rather ... have twins OR have kids seperately?

It seems like there would be pros and cons to both answers. With twins, you could just get it all out of the way at once; the pregnancy, the labor pains, all the dirty diapers, etc. If you had them separately, then the older one can always look out for the younger one. And, if you have two boys or two girls, that's a lot of money saved in hand-me-downs and babysitters.

Question 4

Would you rather ... have a Kermit The Frog OR have a Fozzie Bear?

We don't mean HAVE a Kermit The Frog or HAVE a Fozzie Bear! More like, which Muppet Baby do you prefer? Which one would you rather have for a stuffed animal for your kid. Ellen DeGeneres said it best, " ... I'm like everyone else. I want to have a washer and dryer. But, I don't want to HAVE a washer and dryer!"

Question 5

Would you rather ... have cloth diapers with a cleaning service OR have disposable diapers?

Yes, unbeknownst to many, there are still some out there who prefer the cloth diapers over the disposable ones. Perhaps it depends on how environmentally conscious you are, or maybe it makes a difference if you live in a big city where that kind of service is more readily available. Then again maybe you just don't have time for all that and disposable diapers just fit your lifestyle better.

Question 6

Would you rather ... feed the baby OR change the baby?

Tough call. Both can be dirty and daunting tasks. Now, feeding the baby may be more of an investment time-wise. And the amount of surface to be cleaned may be greater as well, however not as foul. Changing the baby certainly won't take quite as much time, but at least two of your five senses are really going to take a beating on this one.

Question 7

Would you rather ... have a boy OR have a girl?

Again, this is not a question about putting limits on how many kids you're going to have; you won't know that until you get your results at the end of the quiz. This is strictly just a spur-of-the-moment kind of question. Boy or girl, which would you prefer? It's just a quiz for fun; you really don't need to spend a lot of time weighing out the different options.

Question 8

Would you rather ... have a Tommy Pickles OR have a Chuckie Finster?

Preferences. We're talking preferences here, people; not actual pregnancies. When you watch Nickelodeon's "Rugrats," which do you prefer? Okay, maybe you don't watch Nickelodeon, and maybe you don't watch Rugrats. How about if you had to pick one as a toy. Maybe there's a better way to state the question; because there's more like this down the road.

Question 9

Would you rather ... drive a minivan OR drive a SUV?

We are talking about kids, so you're obviously going to need some sort of family vehicle. We're not saying you have to decide today and you certainly don't have to decide for sure; you just have to decide for this quiz. They're both sporty. They're both roomy. Like most of these questions, it all comes down to personal preference.

Question 10

Would you rather ... paint the baby's room pale yellow OR pale green?

That's right. Eventually the baby's going to need it's own room. Maybe more, depending on how many kids you end up with (by the end of this quiz). So, you might as well start picking out color swatches now. Nobody says you have to absolutely make up your mind right now. We'd just like to know which way you might be leaning at the moment.

Question 11

Would you rather ... buy baby Adidas OR buy baby Nikes?

It's your kid. YOU have to decide how stylish they will or won't look when you take them out to show them off. Of course, at the moment, we're talking about babies and shoes that they'll outgrow in a heartbeat. But, even down the road, when they're full-blown teenagers ... it'll still be up to you. They may WANT one thing in particular, but they'll wear what you buy them!

Question 12

Would you rather ... have a Barbie OR have a G.I. Joe?

Ah, yes. This one is an age-old controversy. Just how secure is your son or daughter with the toys they play with. Then again, maybe the question is: how secure are YOU with the toys that your son or daughter plays with? Truth is, when they're that young, isn't it just about what makes them happy?

Question 13

Would you rather ... shop at the Baby Gap OR shop at Gymboree?

Yes. We're back to style and preference again. Of course, now we're shopping for clothes, so price is probably a factor here, too. But isn't that part of the fun of being a new parent? You get to dress your kid up just as adorable as you want to? Or if they have older siblings, THEY get to dress the kid up as embarrassingly as they want to?

Question 14

Would you rather ... have mashed pears OR have mashed bananas?

Yes. It means exactly what it says. Let's just go with that. If you were dared, right now, to eat a jar of baby food-- wait, okay. If someone offered you money to eat ONE jar of baby food; and you had to decide between a jar of Gerber's mashed pears or a jar of Gerber's mashed bananas ... which would it be?

Question 15

Would you rather ... use Huggies diapers OR use Pampers diapers?

So, how do you choose? Sure there's a couple different factors involved. It could be more of a nostalgic or traditional type of question; like, what did your parents use on you-- that sort of thing. But, the most popular qualifier is probably the economical one: which is cheaper? That's how most of us would go.

Question 16

Would you rather ... be friends with Big Bird OR be friends with Mr. Snuffleupagus?

Awww ... how do you answer this question? You certainly don't want to hurt anybody's feelings or step on anyone's toes. And they're both so lovable and so hug-able. It's Sesame Street! Who doesn't remember wanting to hang out on Sesame Street when they were a kid? Over there, it's a sunny day; you could be sweeping the clouds away!

Question 17

Would you rather ... have a one-story house OR have a two-story house?

Hmmm. Another toughie. Ah, two stories ... lots of attic space. Probably a basement, too. But stairs; there's gonna be stairs and that's a lot of cardio! Plus, two floors means two floors worth of cleaning as well. A one-story probably won't give you the same storage space, but at least it's all one level. No having to drag the vacuum up and down the stairs!

Question 18

Would you rather ... have a dog OR have a cat?

Yes, it's another age old question: the dog or the cat? Do you want the needy, but attentive canine who is always happy to see you? Or do want the self-sufficient feline that you don't have to bathe every couple of weeks. They both shed. There's no way around that. You have to feed both of them, so you're stuck there, too. Guess it really is up to you.

Question 19

Would you rather ... paint the baby's room OR wallpaper the baby's room?

That's a difficult choice, too. Maybe you should look at it from resale point of view. If you're prepping the house to sell, wallpaper is a real pain to take down. It never comes off as easy as they make it look on T.V. But if you have to change a paint color ... maybe you have to hire someone to do that. Maybe one is cheaper than the other. Cheaper or more expensive? Does anyone else see a pattern forming here?

Question 20

Would you rather ... watch "Blue's Clues" OR watch "Dora the Explorer?"

Yeah. Kids shows really do come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Not to mention the fact that they're filled with ideas you'd have never thought of. A girl and her monkey ... sure. A dog and his clues ... why not? But a sponge ... that talks and wears pants? Who'd have ever believed that that would make for a great show?

Question 21

Would you rather ... be given roses at the baby shower OR be given tulips at the baby shower?

Is one really any prettier than the other? They both smell great and they both light up any room. Roses are from a bush, tulips are from a bulb. Roses have thorns, tulips don't. Some say cut roses last longer, others say it tulips. Both can mean friendship, both can say, "I love you." Maybe that's it right there; maybe neither of them say, baby shower.

Question 22

Would you rather ... have strained peas OR strained carrots?

That's right! Round two of the food questions! Oh, come on ... it's a fun question; you know it is! There it is, the money's right in front of you- what's it gonna be? Would rather eat watered-down, wet mush that tastes like peas? Or is it going to be watered-down, wet mush that tastes like carrots. Neither one is ideal. But, hey ... there's money on the line.

Question 23

Would you rather ... live in the city OR live in the suburbs?

To commute or not to commute? That is the question. At least for this quiz, anyway. Do you like the hustle and bustle of the city life? Is that where you want to raise your children? People do it all the time. Or do you need that pretty little house with the white, picket fence and the yard to play in?

Question 24

Would you rather ... watch "Sesame Street OR watch "The Muppet Show?"

You are absolutely right! This one is sort of a trick question. "The Muppet Show," "Sesame Street," aren't they kind of the same thing? Yes, they are! They're all pretty much considered "muppets." And they're both pretty much from the mind of Jim Henson. But, they do have their differences as well. Of course, one's still in production and the other is not.

Question 25

Would you rather ... have a bird for a pet OR have a fish for a pet?

Kind of like buying a mask or a helmet. Both the bird and the fish are fairly mobile. Both travel okay for "show and tell." Then again a bird will probably require a trip or two more to the vet than the fish will. But, the fish probably won't last as long as the bird. Both are pretty cheap and easy to feed.

Question 26

Would you rather ... have the kids go to public school OR have the kids go to private school?

Oooo ... this one's not easy, either. A lot of people tend to decide based on personal experience. If the parents went to public school, their child goes to public school. If the parents went to private school, the child goes to private school. But, of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Maybe your private or public school experience wasn't all that great to begin with. Or ... just home school 'em.

Question 27

Would you rather ... pack the kid's lunch OR buy the kid's lunch?

Well, of course nutrition comes into play! But, that works both ways as well. Some parents feel that the school provides all the nutrition their little one needs. Some don't. Some would rather make sure they know exactly what their child is eating. But what they don't have any control over, is what the child does with said food once they get to school. Anybody wanna trade?

Question 28

Would you rather ... drive the kids to school OR have the kids ride the bus to school?

The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round. But, man, oh, man do you have to get them up early to catch that bus sometimes. Then again, you're a busy parent ... or a working parent-- maybe you don't have time to drive them back and forth! Maybe the bus is a service you're happy to take advantage of!

Question 29

Would you rather ... have to wash the dishes for your chore OR have to take out the garbage for your chore?

How do you decide this one? Again, is it based on what you had to do as a kid? Because that's one the great things about having your own kids. isn't it? Eventually you don't have to worry about the dishes anymore. You've got somebody else who can take out the garbage and mow the lawn now! Goodbye childhood! Yay, parenthood!

Question 30

Would you rather ... have all boys OR have all girls?

Wow. Just how many age-old questions are there? Because this is absolutely another one. Some say boys are easier to handle; but when they get older, you have to worry about them around the girls. Others say that girls are easier to raise, but then you have to worry about when the boys start hanging around. Which way do YOU choose?

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