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Even though it seems like reality television can be (and is) about anything at all, not everyone can have their own reality show. It takes a certain combination of charisma and likability of the cast, entertainment, drama, and much more to make a successful reality series. Plenty of people have learned the hard way that even once you get your own show, it does not always last. These failed reality stars have had to face the music that they might just be boring or unlikable. As much as we love to hate certain people and keep watching them even though we don't like them, if an audience does not like the main character/s, they have no one to root for, and they will not care about what happens to you. And if you don't care, why watch? And if no one watches, your show will have low ratings, and then will be cancelled.

So how can you know if people would watch your reality show? You take this quiz, of course! Whether you are positive that you live a fascinating life that people would be hooked on right away, or you are pretty sure your life is a snooze fest, you will not know for sure until you take all of the things in this quiz into consideration. These questions will make you think about whether or not you have what it takes to be successful with viewers. Will they love you, hate you, or (even worse), just not care? You are the star of your own life, so take this quiz to see if you could also be a star of reality television!

Question 1

How old are you?

Let's be honest; no one wants to sit around and watch a bunch of really old people live their lives because usually, old people have their lives together and there is not enough drama. Likewise, if you are too young, like a very young teenager, people really wouldn't take you or your life very seriously.

Question 2

Be honest: are you attractive?

Just as people do not want to watch really old or really young people, they also do not want to watch ugly people. There are exceptions, of course, like Mama June on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, or the guys from Duck Dynasty. But in general, the hotter, the better. Even if you are not "hot", if you are for the most part pretty, handsome, or good-looking, you should be fine.

Question 3

What is your relationship status?

Some good dating drama is always good for the ratings, so depending on your relationship status, it could either help or hurt you with the viewers, There are endless possibilities for drama when it comes to crushes, hook-ups, dating, getting engaged, getting married, getting divorced, etc. Love always makes for good TV.

Question 4

What is your family like?

Families play an important role in most people's lives, whether they want them to or not. Even if your family is estranged or lives far away, they made you who you are, and so that storyline could be a great booster for the ratings of your reality show. In one way or another, family is always a part of you, and they may affect whether or not people would watch your show.

Question 5

Where do you live?

As they say, it is all about location, location, location. And this is so true. If you live in the middle of nowhere with nothing going on, there is so much less opportunity for action or drama, or to meet new people that could become a part of your life. It would be very limiting to live in a small town like that. But on the opposite side of the spectrum, if you live in the middle of everything, there is a lot of opportunity for drama- and thus, more viewers.

Question 6

Who do you live with?

Just as important as location, location, location is who lives with you. There are so many living situations these days, and roommates can make or break your happiness, and your sanity, just as they could make or break your reality TV show ratings. Roommates affect your privacy, concentration if you are in school, your finances, and every aspect of your life.

Question 7

What kind of job do you have?

On some reality television shows, a person's job becomes a large part of their storyline. If you have a career that keeps you busy it could possibly take up a big part of your show, between coworkers, deadlines, work events, and terrible bosses. There is also the fact that many people who are busy at work end up fighting with a spouse because they are gone so much. If you are unemployed, on the other hand, your life might be kind of boring to watch.

Question 8

What do you like to do in your free time?

When you are not sleeping, eating, working, or exercising, what kinds of things take up your time? This would likely also be a huge chunk of your life that viewers get to see, so depending how versatile your interests, and how much you pursue them, it could gain you viewers or make them not want to watch.

Question 9

If you won a free vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Winning a free vacation would be a dream come true for most people, and while it is unlikely to happen in real life, your answer says a lot about you. Would you hike the Andes, climb the Great Wall of China, swim in the Caribbean, go on an African safari, go shopping in Paris, or something else entirely?

Question 10

Do you have any phobias?

Great TV can be made when a person's fears or phobias come to life. Watching a real person be overcome with fear and then conquer it is very heartwarming to watch. Even though it is not juicy drama, seeing someone else overcome their fears or phobias appeals to something human inside us all, and we will always root for them to be able to do it.

Question 11

Do you have any children?

Being a parent is one of the toughest (if not THE toughest) jobs on the planet, as any parent will readily tell you. It is also the most rewarding. These highs and lows, and all of the challenges, funny things kids do, and custody battles if you are not with their other parent, make for some awesome television.

Question 12

What show does your life most closely resemble?

There are so many different kinds of reality television shows- competitions, counseling shows, documentaries, and shows where you just follow the life of the main character and his or her friends and family. Obviously, this is the kind of show you would have. But which actual show is closest to your life?

Question 13

Which reality star would you most aspire to be like?

Many different kinds of people are capable of being successful reality television stars, and your personality type is essentially what will make or break you. From the ladies listed below, which of them has a personality closest to your own? This could be very telling in what your own reality show would be like, and if people would watch it or not.

Question 14

Which of the following would you be most willing to sacrifice in the name of fame?

There is a price to becoming famous, often more than one. Not all people want to live a life in the spotlight, or even be associate with someone who does. Also, once you have your own reality show, you will lose privacy, sanity, and anonymity. Just how much are you willing to give up to have your own show?

Question 15

What is your most prized possession?

The material things that you value in life are obviously not as important as the people and experiences. But they are important, too. And what you value most speaks volumes about you. Everyone has material objects that they love (some more than others), so in your life, what is your most prized possession?

Question 16

Rank the following in order of importance.

The order in which you rank these three very important parts of your life tells us where your priorities lie. It may not be as easy to rank these as you think it is, because all are vitally important to our lifestyle and our well-being. To choose one over another is actually quite difficult, but if you had to, in which order would you rank them?

Question 17

What was your childhood like?

Obviously, how you were raised and your experiences as a child growing up made you who you are today. They shaped you, and molded your beliefs and how you see the world. If you had a particularly troubled childhood, there may be unresolved issues that are still part of your life today, like if you were adopted and are searching for your birth parents. These kinds of things would definitely make viewers want to watch your show.

Question 18

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Pet peeves are unavoidable in life; there are so very many annoying little habits that people have. In fact, it is probably impossible to get through life without at least a couple of pet peeves, although some people are way more irritable than others, and have a ton of things that get under their skin. Of the following, which irritates you the most?

Question 19

How do you handle stress or pressure?

No one is without some kind of stress or pressure in their life, so learning to deal with it is pretty important. But surprisingly, many people do not deal with it well, and these are exactly the kind of people that should have their own reality shows! Since stress is unavoidable, people love to watch those kind of people that just cannot cope; it's hilarious!

Question 20

Rank the level of drama in your life on a scale of one to 5.

As we all know very well, drama sells. Using the age-old scale of one to 10 (one being low, 10 being high), rank the level of drama in your own life, so that we can see just how juicy your storylines would be. Do you have baby daddy/mama drama, money issues, perhaps lots of fights with your parents? The drama can come from anywhere.

Question 21

Choose a life quote.

Ok, so these are not the most profound quotes about life you will ever hear, but they do make some valid points. Choose one that speaks to you, that you laugh at, or that you just plain like. It may say more about your personality than you would think.

Question 22

How do you feel about politics?

Politics are controversial in every country, no matter where you are from. And even hotshot celebrities and reality television stars have opinions on politics and their very hot-button issues like abortion, immigration, and healthcare. Where do you fall on the American political spectrum?

Question 23

What clique would you belong to?

The stereotypical high school cliques are the jocks, the braniacs, the class clowns, and the mean girls, among others. Not everyone can fit into one neat little box like this, but which clique were you (or are you) most closely associated with, if you had to choose just one?

Question 24

How would your friends describe you?

Our friends are some of the people who know us best, and so how they would choose to describe us says a lot about who we really are, and at least in this quiz, it also says a lot about how well our reality show would do with viewers. So which words would your besties use to describe you?

Question 25

Which type of reality television is your favorite to watch?

What shows a person likes to watch, and which shows he or she does not, may be indicative of just how well his or her own show would do with viewers. So take your pick of these sub-genres of reality television, and we'll see how it effects your quiz outcome!

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