Who's Funny Enough To Match These Actors To Their Comedies?

Who doesn't love watching a great comedy film? While there are plenty of genres that are capable of captivating an audience, there is something truly special about watching a film that can make a group of people laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine, and a film that can keep the laughs rolling for 90s minutes is sure to be one that will be purchased by people looking to have something handy on tap. There are plenty of comedy films for people to watch, and the biggest stars of these movies have become massively popular over the years.

The biggest comedic actors on the planet have a tremendous way of making people smile, and these actors earn huge amounts of money thanks to what they can do in front of a camera. When a pair of top level comedic actors get cast alongside one another in a film, it instantly becomes a project that is going to attract a lot of attention from mainstream audiences and media outlets alike. With this in mind, we are going to focus on the amazing talents that bring these hilarious characters to life in our favorite comedy films.

A person with a great sense of humor can crush this quiz on comedy actors.

Question 1

Which Film Was Adam Sandler In?

During the prime years of his career in the entertainment industry, Adam Sandler was arguably the biggest comedy actor on the planet thanks to having a string of films that went on to dominate the box office in consecutive years. Some of the films that Adam Sandler wrote and starred in have gone on to become the stuff of legend in the entertainment industry, and he was instrumental in paving the way for a whole new generation of comedic actors to make it in the business.

Question 2

Which Film Was Ben Affleck In?

Ben Affleck is the type of performer that has done everything possible to flex his acting talents on the big screen over the course of his career and, even though he is probably best known for his works in more dramatic features, Affleck has had numerous opportunities to make a name for himself in comedic films. Some of his most famous performances have come in films that have allowed him to flex his comedic timing and make the audience laugh.

Question 3

Which Film Was Ben Stiller In?

Not to be outdone by Adam Sandler during the height of his career, Ben Stiller also happens to be a performer that was a juggernaut on the big screen largely due to what he brought to the table in comedy films. Ben Stiller was able to crank out one hit after the next during his career, and he was considered one of the more bankable stars in Hollywood thanks to his string of successful films, several of which have continued to have a massive following.

Question 4

Which Film Was Bradley Cooper In?

Bradley Cooper is one of the most popular and most talented performers that is currently working in Hollywood, and what he is able to do when put in front of a camera is simply magic. Cooper has always possessed the talent necessary to make it in the entertainment industry, and what he has been able to achieve ever since breaking out a number of years ago has been truly fun to watch. There are few performers that can do what Cooper does.

Question 5

Which Film Was Brad Pitt In?

Brad Pitt has long been considered one of the most talented and notable performers in all of Hollywood, and even if he were to go the rest of his life without making another film, his place in the history of the entertainment industry will never be questioned. Pitt has taken on roles of all sizes over the years, and the work that he has been able to do in roles that have emphasized comedy has been almost as impressive as his dramatic turns.

Question 6

Which Film Was Channing Tatum In?

Channing Tatum has gotten himself a massive following over the years thanks to being a charismatic performer who has been able to land roles in massive projects. Their genuinely seems to be nothing that Tatum can't do while in front of a camera, and the way that he is able to take on each role and put his own spin on things has been refreshing to see. He will have no shortages of amazing roles coming his way due to his bankability.

Question 7

Which Film Was Chris Evans In?

These days, Chris Evans is known for playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this alone has made him a household name. Long before he began saving the world on the big screen, Evans had landed roles in plenty of different projects, including some that required him to be both funny and charming while on the big screen. He will continue to be a star for the foreseeable future, and there isn’t a single person that is going to complain about that.

Question 8

Which Film Was Chris Rock In?

Chris Rock has put together one of the more unique careers in the entertainment industry, and anyone that has been following him for long enough will gladly say that it has been a pleasure to watch his rise to the top. Whether he is taking on a role in a hit film or he is on stage performing jaw-dropping stand-up comedy, Chris Rock is always a guarantee to bring it all and deliver a performance that is captivating and exciting.

Question 9

Which Film Was Dwayne Johnson In?

Long before Dwayne Johnson became the biggest actor in Hollywood, he was conquering the world of professional wrestling and forging a legacy that will be remembered until the end of time. Now that he is top dog in Hollywood, there will be no shortage of Dwayne Johnson movies coming out and shaking things up at the box office. It genuinely seems like there is nothing that this man can't do, and this is because he is always the hardest worker in the room.

Question 10

Which Film Was George Clooney In?

George Clooney was able to become a massive star on television before making the transition to the big screen, and the droves of people that enjoyed seeing him on television wasted no time and rushing to theaters to see Clooney take on larger projects. What he has been able to do over the years has been nothing short of tremendous, and Clooney has long been considered one of the best talents in the entertainment industry. He has also defied time and has ceased to age.

Question 11

Which Film Was James Franco In?

James Franco is one of the more unique performers in Hollywood in that he genuinely lives and breathes his art. Franco has long been touching on different facets of the entertainment industry over the course of his career, and his biggest career triumphs have typically come when he has been cast in a role that allows him to be funny and endearing. He has a following of fans that aren't going anywhere anytime soon, and they will make sure he stays a star.

Question 12

Which Film Was Jason Bateman In?

Jason Bateman has the ability to come through in the clutch each and every time he is cast in a project. There are plenty of people that are fans of his thanks to what he accomplished on the small screen, but the seamless transition that he made to taking on characters in feature films has been exceptional to say the least. Bateman has a delivery style that is all too familiar to movie watchers, and he never fails to please.

Question 13

Which Film Was Jason Statham In?

Some people are just born to be in specific roles in films, and many people will quickly point to Jason Statham as someone that was tailor-made to be an action star. While Statham may be best served taking roles that allow him to defy the odds and save the day, fans that have watched enough of his films will quickly point out that Statham also happens to have excellent comedic timing that has allowed him to shine and various projects.

Question 14

Which Film Was Jim Carrey In?

The 1990s would not have been the same had Jim Carrey not turn into a juggernaut at the box office, and it is safe to say that the man completely dominated the decade. When the new millennium rolled around, Jim Carrey would continue his hot streak as he turned out more hits at the box office. No matter how things go down from here, Jim Carrey will always be considered one of the funniest entertainers in the history of the business.

Question 15

Which Film Was Jonah Hill In?

After going from relative obscurity to bona fide star, Jonah Hill has continued to flex his overall acting chops on the big screen. Many people will know Hill from his work in some of the funniest movies released in the 2000s, but those that have been keeping a watchful eye on his career will also acknowledge the fact that he is a tremendous actor that has far more range than people actually give him credit for. His ability to shape-shift is truly amazing.

Question 16

Which Film Was Kevin Hart In?

Rare is it to see a comedian make the transition to the big screen and find the same immense amount of success that Kevin Hart has had over the last few years. While many comedians have tried their hand at Hollywood and have had mixed results, it genuinely seems like Kevin Hart was made to be a star on the big screen. It doesn't look like Kevin Hart is slowing down anytime soon, and that is nothing but great news for the fans.

Question 17

Which Film Was Luke Wilson In?

Luke Wilson has been the star of several comedic projects that have continued to live on thanks to the following that it is received, and his performance in each of these roles have been memorable. He and his brother Owen both have their own style when it comes to acting, and both of these men have been able to find an exceptional amount of success over the years thanks to their differing styles. With what Luke has done in his career, fans will always want more.

Question 18

Which Film Was Mark Ruffalo In?

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will immediately recognize Mark Ruffalo thanks to his work as Bruce Banner on the big screen. Ruffalo was able to take the reins from former Bruce Banner actor Edward Norton and put his own spin on the character, and to say that he has been a perfect fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a drastic understatement. Ruffalo has all the charm in the world, and this is largely why he is so popular with the fans.

Question 19

Which Film Was Mark Wahlberg In?

After getting his start in the business as a model and a rapper, Mark Wahlberg turned his sights to the big screen and would go on to land roles in films that would allow him to show the world that he was much more talented in the world of acting than people were giving him credit for. Wahlberg has appeared in a number of hit films over the years, and he was even nominated for an Academy Award back in 2007.

Question 20

Which Film Was Matt Damon In?

Matt Damon has been holding it down in the entertainment industry ever since breaking out in the film Good Will Hunting. Damon has proven on multiple occasions that he is a tremendous acting talent who also doubles as a performer that is capable of writing a compelling film that can generate a ton of buzz from fans and critics alike. No matter what role is put in front of him, Matt Damon is always a lock to put on a good performance.

Question 21

Which Film Was Owen Wilson In?

Owen Wilson, not unlike his brother Luke Wilson who has also had success in the entertainment industry, is a performer that has had the talent needed to be successful and star in films that have been fixtures in pop culture for years. Owen Wilson has a signature look that has helped make him one of the most recognizable stars in the business, and his comedic timing while the cameras are rolling is truly exceptional. Wilson’s lasting impression in Hollywood will always have people wanting to see more.

Question 22

Which Film Was Paul Rudd In?

If star power in Hollywood was strictly about people perceiving someone as a nice guy, then there is probably no one in the business that would be bigger than Paul Rudd. Rudd has been starring in hit films since the 1990s, and he has spent the last several years playing the character Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Needless to say, the work that Paul Rudd has produced over the years has gone a long way in making him a talent that people simply cannot get enough of.

Question 23

Which Film Was Robert Downey Jr. In?

Redemption stories in Hollywood don't get any sweeter than the one that can be told by Robert Downey Jr., and ever since taking on the role of Iron Man 10 years ago, Robert Downey Jr. has continued to be one of the biggest actors on the face of the planet. His success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been incredible to see, and the hit roles that Downey has taken on ever since landing the role of Tony Stark have helped bolster his impressive career.

Question 24

Which Film Was Russell Brand In?

Russell Brand has long been a popular comedian in the business, and his transition to the big screen is one that led him down a path to multiple starring roles and opportunities to become a force in the business. Brand has a unique style and delivery that is all his own, and some of the roles that he has taken on over the years seem as though they were written specifically for him and his unique personality. When he is at the top of his game, he is simply hilarious.

Question 25

Which Film Was Ryan Gosling In?

Ryan Gosling is one of the few performers in the entertainment industry that can genuinely do it all whenever they are cast in a project. He was initially considered a young star that had all the potential in the world, and as his career continued to progress, Gosling was able to find characters that allowed him to show off his tremendous range. The man is going to take home an Academy Award one day, and he will finish his career as a legend.

Question 26

Which Film Was Simon Pegg In?

Anyone familiar with British comedy will no doubt list Simon Pegg as one of the funniest actors in the business today. Not only has Pegg starred in comedy films that will continue to maintain huge cult followings over the years, but he has also been able to take on roles in some of the biggest film franchises in the history of the entertainment industry to further bolster his already impressive filmography. He has a great way of adding his own flavor to each film.

Question 27

Which Film Was Steve Carell In?

As if being the star of The Office wasn't a bright enough feather to put in his cap, Steve Carell was able to utilize his unique personality and delivery to take on characters in smash hit films on the big screen. Carell has long been one of the most beloved performers in Hollywood, and what he has been able to do in the world of comedic acting has been something that plenty of adoring fans have enjoyed watching over the years.

Question 28

Which Film Was Tom Cruise In?

Tom Cruise is arguably the biggest action star of all time, though this hasn't stopped him from dipping his toes into other waters while flexing his overall acting ability. The entirety of Cruise's filmography is a testament to how diverse and talented a performer he is, and many would argue that some of the films that Cruise has appeared in would simply not have been as successful had any other performer been cast in the role that he was tasked with playing.

Question 29

Which Film Was Tom Hanks In?

There was once a point when Tom Hanks was arguably the most bankable star in the entertainment industry. Hanks has long been showered in all of the praise that he deserves, and what he has been able to accomplish over the course of his career is the stuff of legend. Rare is it to see someone as talented as Tom Hanks maintain such a high level of success, and this is precisely why he will always be an icon in the entertainment industry.

Question 30

Which Film Was Will Ferrell In?

Thanks to the amazing work that Will Ferrell has been able to do over the course of his career, people will always have a plethora of great films to enjoy whenever they are in need of something to brighten their day. Ferrell is a legend of the comedy film genre, and any person looking to make it in the industry should pay attention to the work Will has done. The man was able to go from television actor on a sketch show to bona fide box office star.

Question 31

Which Film Was Will Smith In?

Will Smith is someone that has found the highest amount of success in multiple facets of the arts, and this is largely attributed to the fact that Will Smith is genuinely one of the funniest and most endearing stars to ever make his way in the Hollywood. The string of successful films that Smith put out during the peak of his career rival that of any other performers in the history of the business, and the series that he starred on when he was younger is iconic.

Question 32

Which Film Was Zac Efron In?

Making the transition from Disney Channel actor to successful talent on the big screen is something that has eluded a number of performers over the years, but it is safe to say that Zac Efron is one of the few stars that have been able to break the mold and become a star thanks to his tremendous acting ability. The former teen star is now a comedic actor that is capable of being the face of a major blockbuster hit.

Question 33

Which Film Was Vince Vaughn In?

Not unlike a number of other performers who broke out in the 2000s, Vince Vaughn was simply everywhere during the prime of his career. He had a fantastic way of taking on a role and maximizing its time on screen as well as its ability to captivate the audience. Thanks to some stellar performances, Vince Vaughn is a comedic star in the business that will always be able to find work and a sizeable audience that is willing to pay to see it.

Question 34

Which Film Was Ryan Reynolds In?

Ryan Reynolds has truly done well for himself since breaking into the entertainment industry, and his signature delivery style as well as his sense of humor has been instrumental in his sustained success over the years. Now that he is currently starring as one of the most popular superheroes on the planet, Reynolds has reached an entirely new level of success in his already fantastic career. His acting chops aside, Reynolds also has a presence on social media that is legendary.

Question 35

Which Film Was Seth Rogen In?

Recent comedic outputs have continued to show that Seth Rogen is one of the more talented men in the business. He is someone that is always capable of delivering a memorable performance while the cameras are rolling, and he also happens to be someone that is able to write comedic pieces that can captivate audiences and entertain fans. There aren't too many people around that possess this level of talent, and this is largely why Rogen has been such a big star over the years.

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