Whoever Passes This Twilight Quiz Is Officially A Twihard

Once upon a time, there was a modest teen book series about sparkly vampires that somehow snowballed into becoming one of the biggest cultural phenomenons of all time. According to IMDb, the Twilight novel franchise, written by author Stephenie Meyer, officially saw its very first film released in 2008. Four years and four more movies later, we had an entire film series about one of the most iconic love stories ever told: that of the very human Bella Swan and her so-called "dazzling" vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen.

For those of us self-proclaimed "Twihards", these books and movies were everything we could ever want and ever need. We eagerly awaited each new film release, anticipating seeing our favourite moments from the books played out on the screen. These movies divided a generation between those who were Team Jacob and those who were Team Edward. They taught us the thrill of witnessing a human teenage girl named Bella be pursued by ravenous vampires, and then the excitement of watching her become a vampire herself. These movies had action, romance, and lots of drama. What more could we want?

A lot happened in these Twilight movies and it would definitely take an official Twihard to be able to correctly answer all of these trivia questions about those films. But we encourage everyone to give it their best shot and see if they are truly the Twilight expert they think they are!

Question 1

What is the name of Bella's dad?

Our first introduction to Bella Swan’s father comes in the first Twilight movie when Bella moves back to her hometown after living away for so long. We learn via Bella’s narration that she used to stay with her estranged dad for a few weeks every summer when she was a kid, but she disliked coming there so much that she just eventually stopped. This would be the first time she had been there in years! Bella’s dad is the chief of police for the town and enjoys hunting and fishing, as well as eating steak and berry cobbler at the local diner and watching sports on tv. He’s a quiet guy, but he can be intimidating when he wants to be, especially if Bella brings a boy home!

Question 2

In what class did Bella first meet Edward Cullen in?

In the first Twilight movie, Bella is sitting in the cafeteria when the Cullen siblings walk inside. Although she is quite understandably awed by each of them, her eyes linger the longest on the youngest and most intriguing of the clan – Edward Cullen. While this moment is technically the first time Bella saw Edward, it’s not actually the first time she met him. That would come later during her first day of school when she enters one of her classes to find the only empty seat left is beside him. To say their first meeting didn’t go well is an understatement, but thankfully they were able to above past it and become quite the couple!

Question 3

What colour are a vampire's eyes when they are hungry?

One of the first things that Bella notices about Edward is his striking eyes. The very first day she met him, she noticed the colour, but then became confused when just a few days later, he returned to class with completely different coloured eyes! In an attempt to explain himself, Edward insisted he wears contacts, but Bella was definitely unconvinced. It wasn’t until later that she learned that the reason his eyes were the colour they were the first day was because he was so hungry! Only after he had fed and satiated himself did his eyes revert back to their regular hue.

Question 4

Which one of the following people was NOT one of Bella's friends from school?

Right before Bella began attending classes at her new high school, she felt a little wary about the prospect of trying to make friends. However, this would prove entirely unnecessary since her first day of school saw just about every student possible going out of their way to try and be her friend! Even when she was just walking in the hallway between classes, Bella found herself flanked by students wanting to make a good first impression on the new kid. By lunchtime, she had an entirely new friend group to sit with and quickly become a part of, but which one of these characters isn’t a member of that group

Question 5

How old was Edward when he was turned into a vampire?

We learn in the first Twilight movie that Edward was transformed into a vampire in 1918 after contracting the Spanish influenza. Since then, he has remained a faithful part of Carlisle’s coven and has dutifully lived the life of a vegetarian vampire. Years later he would meet a human named Bella Swan who would both intrigue him and test his abilities to resist feeding on a human. These two would have a life-altering interaction in the woods in which Bella accuses Edward of being inhuman, and would ask him how old he is. After giving his answer, Bella would demand to know how long he’s been that age, to which Edward would reply, “A while.” But how old did he say he was when he was changed into a vampire?

Question 6

True or false: Carlisle Cullen was once a member of the Volturi?

Carlisle is perhaps one of the most interesting vampires to have come out of the Twilight series. We are first introduced to him in the first Twilight movie after Edward heroically saved Bella from being crushed by an out of control van in the school parking lot. Carlisle happens to be the local doctor who attends to a physically unharmed but visibly shaken Bella in the hospital. From then on, we know Carlisle as the leader and patriarch of the Cullen family who cares deeply for his wife, Esme, and all five of his adopted children. But what do we know of his life before he developed this coven? Was he ever a part of that group known as the Volturi who rule over all other vampires? Or was Carlisle never a part of such a domineering troupe?

Question 7

What is the name of the town where the Twilight series takes place?

At the very beginning of the first Twilight movie, Bella is abandoning her mother, Renee, to go and live with her estranged father, Charlie, in his dreary little town. This happens to the very same town her own mother had left him in years before after they had divorced, and the town where Bella used to visit as a child before deciding it just wasn’t where she wanted to spend her summers anymore. Now, as a 17-year-old girl, Bella decides to move back there to live with Charlie while her mother goes off and travels with her aspiring baseball player of a husband.

Question 8

What is Alice Cullen's special ability?

As we learn throughout the Twilight series, some vampires come with particularly unique skills. Of course, all vampires can run incredibly fast, hear incredibly well, and are also incredibly strong. But there are some whose abilities go beyond those of their fellow vampires, and Alice Cullen happens to be one of them. Her power is quite a fascinating one, and it definitely intrigues the Volturi, who are seeking to recruit Alice to their group so that they might utilize their power in their reign over all other vampires. However, Alice is only interested in using her power for good and happily stays with the Cullen family where she knows she belongs.

Question 9

What is the name of this character pictured here with Jacob Black?

When it comes to werewolves, every pack needs a leader. After all, these packs can be made up of some pretty rowdy and perhaps even immature teenage boys who need help reigning in their newfound powers, as well as guidance in knowing right from wrong. As it just so happens, this man happens to be the leader of Jacob Black’s particular wolfpack. He’s definitely a stern guy, but that likely just comes with the job. He’s got to look every part the leader so he has to remain consistently dominant over his members. However, we do know that this person has a softer side, particularly when it comes to his partner Emily.

Question 10

Which member of his family did Carlisle NOT turn into a vampire himself?

Carlisle is the quite the kind and gentle leader of the Cullen family and he cares very deeply for each member, but for good reason. It just so happens he is the person responsible for having created most of them. But, ever the morally sound vampire, Carlisle never changed anyone who wasn’t in dire need of a second chance at life. He understands just what becoming a vampire means, and as someone who was changed without consent, he also knows that becoming one should be an absolute last resort. That being said, there are one or two members of his family who Carlisle was not responsible for changing himself, but which of these Cullen family members became a vampire by someone else?

Question 11

What instrument did Edward play for Bella?

We already know that Edward is a man of many talents and abilities, largely due to his vampirism. He is super agile, as demonstrated when he climbs a tree at lightning speed with Bella on his back, super strong, like when he stopped a van from crushing her with his bare hand, and super fast, like we see literally whenever he decides to run somewhere. But as it turns out, Edward actually possesses another talent which has nothing to do with his vampire-status. He can play an instrument, and can actually play it beautifully, as we see in the first movie when he plays a song for Bella. But what instrument has he mastered?

Question 12

Which member of the Cullen family graduated with Bella in Eclipse?

Perhaps one of Bella’s crowning achievements throughout the entirety of the Twilight series is when she graduates from high school during the film Eclipse. It’s a pretty big moment for her, and also for her father Charlie who proudly gives her a standing ovation as she crosses the stage to receive her diploma. As we know from the first movie, the Cullen children have graduated from a lot of high schools, given their lengthy time on earth and the fact that they masquerade as high school students in every town they move to. But which member of the Cullen family happened to graduate the same year as Bella?

Question 13

What is Jasper's special ability?

We already know that there are some vampires who come with extra special abilities that are unique to them. For instance, Alice can see into the future and Edward can read minds, although he just can’t ever seem to be able to read Bella’s. However, they aren’t the only two Cullen family members who come with special powers. As it just so happens, Alice’s mate Jasper also has a power himself which he previously used for the wrong reasons when he first became a vampire, but which he now only uses for good and when necessary. What is his power?

Question 14

What is the name of this character?

This character first appears in the very first Twilight movie while the Cullen family, plus Bella, are participating in a friendly outing during a thunderstorm. She is part of a larger group of vampires who become intrigued by the Cullen family, and then are immediately regarded as a threat when they attempt to pursue the very appetizing Bella Swan. She is one of the group member’s mate, so naturally she is quite upset when her partner is eliminated by the Cullen family in an effort to save Bella from him. As a result, this character spends the next two movies plotting her revenge!

Question 15

Which member of the Cullen family tried to attack Bella at her birthday party when she got a paper cut?

Bella understands the effect she has on vampires, and she definitely understands that not every member of the Cullen family is as able to tolerate her scent as others are. Because of this, she is usually quite careful to avoid being wounded around them as a precaution for her own safety. However, during her birthday party in New Moon, she accidentally cuts her finger on some wrapper paper. Before she knows it, she is thrown backwards as Edward protects her from one member of his family who becomes ravenous at the sight of Bella’s cut finger. But which Cullen just couldn’t control themselves and had to be physically restrained?

Question 16

What sport does the Cullen family like to play during a thunderstorm?

While the Cullen children may attend school, and family patriarch Carlisle spends his days attending to patients at the local hospital, for the most part these vampires are left without much to do to pass the time. After all, they don’t sleep, so there are many hours in the day where they need to figure out how to keep themselves occupied. Sure, they hunt, and sometimes they read or watch television. But on very special occasions, particularly when there is a thunderstorm rolling through town, they like to get out and play a friendly game against each other. But which sport do they like to play?

Question 17

Who carried Bella out of the woods where Edward left her at the beginning of New Moon?

Following her less-than-successful birthday party at the beginning of New Moon, Bella joined Edward for a walk deep into the woods where he revealed that he and his family are much too dangerous to be around her and they would be leaving town promptly. After a few more choice words to ensure she would let him leave without attempting to track them down, Edward disappeared, leaving Bella alone and sad in the woods. As she curled up on the forest floor, Bella slipped into a deep sleep, leaving her awaiting father with no choice but to gather a search party to find her. Thankfully, one person was able to locate Bella in the woods and carried her out to the awaiting Charlie, but who was it?

Question 18

What happens when vampires step into the sunlight?

In the very first Twilight movie, Bella notices that the Cullen children do not show up at school on a particularly sunny day. As Jessica explains, their adoptive father Carlisle likes to take them camping when the weather is nice, but Bella soon discovers that this isn’t actually true at all. In fact, she learns that something happens to vampires when they step into the sunlight, which would most certainly reveal to everyone that they are not human. Edward demonstrates this for her after finally admitting he is a vampire, and we later see him do this again in New Moon while attempting to attract the wrong kind of attention from a crowd of humans.

Question 19

What is the name of the Cullen family's coven?

In the fifth and final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2, we learn that Carlisle is quite a good friend to members from a number of different vampire covens, spanning all around the world. We meet a lot of these covens in this movie as they come together in Forks to act as witnesses to Bella and Edward’s daughter in front of the Volturi. Some of these covens include the Irish and Egyptian covens. Knowing that each one has a name, that means that the Cullen family, who are their own coven, must have a name too. But what is their name?

Question 20

How did Bella break her hand in Eclipse?

Bella has quite the bad habit of hurting herself, something which we imagine would be the one (if only) thing Edward would ever change about her. In the first movie, she hits her head on pavement after narrowly avoiding being hit by a van. Later, a particularly aggressive encounter with the vampire James leaves her with plenty of wounds and a broken leg. She gets hurt again in New Moon at her birthday party, which requires Carlisle to stitch her arm. In the third film, Eclipse, Bella somehow manages to break her hand. But what was she doing that resulted in this happening?

Question 21

What is the name of this character?

This character’s first and only appearance in the Twilight film franchise is in the third movie, Eclipse. We learn that he is a student studying in Seattle who is turned into a vampire by Victoria. He is then trained by Victoria to act as a sort of creator of newborn vampires and finds himself put in charge of an army of these newborns, all set on going after Bella. Victoria does this because she knows she is being watched by Alice’s visions, but Alice has absolutely no idea that this other character even exists! As such, the Cullen family will theoretically be totally unaware of the army that is approaching them. However, we find out this isn’t actually the case.

Question 22

Where did Bella reunite with Edward at the end of New Moon?

For much of the second Twilight movie, New Moon, Edward is largely absent from Bella’s life. Of course, he is constantly all she can think about, and she even goes out of her way to try and feel like he is close to her again. But physically he is not there at all. However, near the end of the film, Bella learns from Alice that Edward has sought to end his life via the Volturi, and she enlists the help of Bella to stop him from doing this. Together they travel to where the Volturi are located, which is where Bella also reunites with Edward.

Question 23

What reason did Rosalie give for not liking Bella?

Rosalie Cullen has never hidden the fact that she does not like Bella. Right from the moment that Bella begins her relationship with Edward, Rosalie is very obvious about the fact that she does not approve. She gives plenty of snide comments in the first movie, throws Bella lots of disapproving glares, and goes out of her way to make sure Bella knows she doesn’t like her. However, by the third movie, Bella finally approaches Rosalie and asks her why she doesn’t like her, prompting Rosalie to finally admit the reason. But just what reason does she give for her refusal to accept Bella?

Question 24

What is the name of this character?

This character is first introduced to us in the second Twilight movie, New Moon, when Bella joins Edward and Alice in Italy and comes face to face with the members of the Volturi. As it just so happens, this person is one of those members who follows Aro’s orders, though also largely prefers to make decisions on her own. Like Alice and Edward, this character has a special power, though she prefers to use hers for bad. She can inflict uncomfortable sensations of pain onto anyone she chooses, simply by focusing on them and saying the word, “pain.” She happily demonstrates this ability on any vampire who crosses her path.

Question 25

Who taught the vampires and werewolves how to fight newborns in Eclipse?

In the third Twilight movie, Eclipse, the Cullen family become increasingly aware of a number of people who mysteriously go missing in Seattle, followed by a string of unexplained crimes in the city. Quite quickly, the Cullen’s realize that these facts are definitely no coincidence and come to the conclusion that there is an army of newborn vampires heading their way. In order to combat these powerful newborns, the vampires team up with the werewolves, but they all need some training on how to fight such special creatures. Thankfully, one member of the Cullen family is actually quite well-versed in the fighting tactics and styles of newborns and teaches his companions everything there is to know.

Question 26

In which movie do Bella and Edward finally get married?

When Bella requests that Edward be the one to turn her into a vampire, he tells her that he will only do so on one condition – that is, that they first get married. Having been born and raised in such a different time, Edward is a bit more traditional in the way he approaches his love life. If he’s going to spend the rest of his life with Bella and even attempt to physically be with her as well, he would prefer to do so as husband and wife. So, in this particular movie, Edward and Bella finally tie the knot and become Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.

Question 27

Which werewolf helped Edward defeat Victoria and Riley in Eclipse?

In an effort to keep Bella as far away from the battle against the newborn army as possible, Edward decided to take her up into the mountains and set up camp there. His plan was working out pretty well. That is, until Victoria caught on and quickly changed course to go up there as well, taking her faithful companion Riley with her. It would have proved impossible for Edward to take on two vampires himself. Thankfully, he had a member of the werewolf pack with him to help him defeat both Riley and Victoria. But just which werewolf was up in the mountains with him and Bella?

Question 28

Why did Bella get mad at Jacob at the beginning of Breaking Dawn Part 2?

When Bella wakes up at the beginning of Breaking Dawn Part 2, she is delighted to find that she has finally become what she has dreamed of since meeting Edward. She is finally a vampire. As she happily goes out to the woods to hunt with Edward, life seems pretty perfect and it seems like nothing could upset her now. However, once she’s home and is reunited with her newborn baby girl Renesmee, Bella also reunites with her good friend, Jacob. Something then happens that makes her furiously pull Jacob out to the front of the house so she can yell at him, but what is she suddenly so mad about?

Question 29

What is the name of this character?

This character first appears at the end of the second Twilight movie, New Moon. He is a vampire who is the leader of the Volturi. As such, he makes it his business to know everything that is going on with all the vampires in the world. He rules them all with the help of his fellow comrades, though it is clear he reigns supreme over them all. He is a bit odd but quite powerful and definitely not someone anyone, especially a vampire, should ever mess with. He has the power to see every moment in a person’s life through their thoughts, all by simply touching them.

Question 30

Who turned Bella into a vampire?

For most the Twilight series, Bella makes it quite clear that she intends on becoming a vampire. In fact, she is adamant on seeing this happen, since she wants to spend the rest of eternity with her love, Edward. However, he is reluctant to see her ever become like him and would sooner have her live out her days as a human. But that just doesn’t work for Bella. In the end, she gets her way and is turned into a vampire. But which member of the Cullen family was the one to finally help her see her dream achieved?

Question 31

Where did Edward and Bella go on their honeymoon?

In Breaking Dawn Part 1, we watch as Bella and Edward finally tie the knot together. The wedding is a beautiful outdoor ceremony held on the Cullen family’s property with all of Edward and Bella’s friends and family present. There are wonderful and touching speeches given at the reception, some fantastic dancing, and then everyone saw Bella and Edward off as they headed for their honeymoon destination. As it happens, Bella had no clue just where exactly they were going. So where in the world did Edward decide to surprise Bella and take her for them to enjoy their vacation as a newlywed couple?

Question 32

Who helped Edward deliver Renesmee?

Bella’s pregnancy with Renesmee was immensely different from any sort of regular pregnancy. In fact, it was like nothing even centuries-old Carlisle had ever seen before. As such, he spent the duration of her pregnancy researching as much as he could and preparing for the birth so he could deliver Renesmee in a way that would keep both her and Bella safe. However, when the time finally came, Carlisle happened to be out hunting with Esme, leaving Edward without a choice but to deliver his daughter himself. Thankfully, he wasn’t alone in the delivery room and had someone helping him. But who was it?

Question 33

Which member of the Cullen family bonded with Bella during her pregnancy?

Bella’s pregnancy understandably came as quite the surprise to everyone in the Cullen family. After all, some of these vampires had lived up to hundreds of years and had still never seen anything quite like it. Still, ever the welcoming family, they took care of Bella and protected her from harm as she carried her baby to term. While everyone was definitely super supportive, there was one member of the Cullen family who went above and beyond for Bella while she was pregnant. This also happened to help these two bond and become even closer than before. But who was it?

Question 34

Who arm wrestled with Bella at the beginning of Breaking Dawn Part 2?

As a newborn vampire, Bella discovered she had a number of incredible abilities that she definitely didn’t have while she was still human. For instance, she was now impossibly fast and could race through the woods while effortlessly keeping stride with Edward. She also learned that she was now also very strong, something which one of the members of the Cullen family refused to acknowledge as meaning she was now stronger than they were. In order to find out just which one of them was the strongest, this character and Bella competed in an arm-wrestling competition. Of course, Bella won.

Question 35

What prevented the wolf pack from hunting a seemingly dangerous Renesmee?

Renesmee’s birth was supposed to be a spectacular occasion, and for the most part it was. Bella, Jacob, and the entire Cullen family celebrated her coming into this world with only the purest of joy. However, not everyone was as pleased to learn of her birth, particularly the werewolf pack who were under the impression Renesmee was just like the other powerful newborn vampires they had fought in the film, Eclipse. Intending to eliminate her, they showed up to the Cullen’s home but then stopped before they could even get to the baby. Ultimately, they backed off, but what was it that kept them from hunting Renesmee?

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