Whoever Passes This Test Totally Thinks Like A Mommy

Who always wanted to find out if they thought like a mommy? Now is everyone's chance with this quiz that reviews just about everything that moms need to know. Who knows all there is to know about the coolest kids shows? How about the ups and downs of pregnancy, plus some of the details of giving birth to a brand new bouncing baby? Only moms and future moms to be will be able to pass this quiz.

If you love all things baby and mom related, this is the quiz for you! We will let everyone know how much they really do think like a mommy! If you have always wondered if your parenting skills were on point, we invite you to take the quiz that talks about everything from baby food to special car seats. Who knows what unique the name for a little tiny baby one-piece outfit is? There are plenty of details that only moms know, so prove who knows who thinks like a mom by acing this important quiz that only mommies can totally pass. Who is ready to show off some serious mom knowledge and prove that they think like a mom? Let's get started!

Question 1

Who is this character?

Let's start off with something a little on the easier side- so that all of the moms and non-moms should be able to get it. This character is a bilingual little girl who travels with her trusty pet and a backpack full of goodies. Each episode centers around one of her epic journeys to solve a mystery or help someone out. She teaches kids Spanish, but also all about cooperation and friendship. Who is this tiny adventurer? Let us know!

Question 2

True or false: Cravings are common during pregnancy

There is that old saying that pregnant women gravitate towards interesting food combinations like the famous pickles and ice-cream combo! Do pregnant women really like strange combinations of food, or is this a pregnancy urban myth? Bear in mind that we are not talking about ALL pregnant women, because some of them don't fit the bill. We are only talking about SOME or MOST pregnant women. Who knows if pregnant women really have some strange cravings when they are expecting?

Question 3

Which of these foods is a typical baby food?

Babies eat a little differently than adults. That is because their growing bodies need a different set of nutrients in order to be strong and healthy. Babies have special food that contains tons of nutrients and is easy for little bellies to digest. We have listed four different foods, but only one of them is really a food for babies. Do little ones love some steak and kidney pie or ham? Do they go for pureed peas or creme brulee?

Question 4

True or false: Babies need special car seats

We all know that babies are the most precious cargo in the world, but who knows if they need special seats to keep them tucked into the car? There are some who think that babies need a special seat and others who think that they can just be strapped in like any other adult. Which one is the most accurate? Let us know whether it is true or false that babies need special car seats. Pick one of the options now.

Question 5

Which one of these foods can help the little one’s eyesight?

There are plenty of foods that are good for your little one, but there are a few that help out specific areas. Check out the list of options listed here. Which one would help your precious little bundle of joy keep their eyes healthy? Should they be fed lots of apple juice or plenty of bread? Should they get lots of carrots or marshmallows to help their eyes work as well as they can? Choose the best answer listed here.

Question 6

What are these pieces of clothing called?

We promised that there would be a question on articles of clothing and here it is! There are special outfits that are designed for babies. These little outfits are composed of one piece of fabric that covers up the whole top half of the kid and buttons at their legs. The buttons make it super easy to change diapers. Who knows what these special pieces of clothing are called? We have listed four options but only one of them is correct.

Question 7

What is this building toy?

This toy is one that nobody wants to step on in the dark. It has been known to really do a number on bare feet! That's because it is made out of little nubs of plastic that have sharp edges and tiny ridges. These little blocks are great for building though! The little ones love them because they allow them to express their creativity and make amazing things out of colorful little blocks. Who knows the name of this toy?

Question 8

Who is this resident of Sesame Street?

Only moms and people who think like moms will be able to name all of the lovable residents of Sesame Street! This little guy lives with his best buddy Bert and helps children understand the dynamics of friendship, getting along and solving problems. He also has some pretty great songs, notably one about his favorite rubber ducky! Who is this orange character from Sesame Street? Choose the correct name out of the four that are listed as potential options here.

Question 9

Which one of these foods has enough protein for the little one?

We all know that protein helps our muscles get nice and strong and babies need more protein than most. That is because their little bodies are growing up big and strong. It's so important to make sure that the little ones get the protein that they need, so check out the four food options that we have listed and let us know which one packs the protein that babies need. Do they need a lot of green tea? How about papaya, skittles or peanut butter?

Question 10

True or false: Babies crawl before they can walk

There are milestones for every child, and one of the biggest ones is to be able to walk. It is truly amazing when a kid takes their first steps. This huge accomplishment does not come all by itself though. There are others that have to come before it, like sitting up and totally mastering hand-eye coordination! There are some who think that babies need to crawl before they can walk. Who knows if that is true or false? Choose now.

Question 11

What famous family destination is pictured here?

It is no secret that there are things that kids swoon over that adults might not care too much about, but that is not true for the destination pictured here! This place is fun for all ages, and anyone who is a kid at heart will be filled with wonder as soon as they step inside! Who knows what famous family destination is pictured here? We have listed four awesome family destinations but only one of them is totally correct.

Question 12

Which one of these is NOT a famous manufacturer of baby toys?

For this question, everyone needs to check out the list below and tell us which one is NOT a famous manufacturer of baby toys. The four companies listed are all famous, global organizations, but only three of them specialize in baby toys. Who knows who the odd man out is? Is it Lego or Amazon? Perhaps it is Fisher Price or Hasbro. Who knows the correct answer? Choose one and prove that you think just like a mom! Pick now.

Question 13

Why would we use Diaper Cream on an infant?

Let's talk about some technical stuff, specifically diaper cream. Okay, we know that diaper cream isn't exactly exciting, but it is necessary for the health and comfort of little babies. There is a specific reason why we have to use diaper cream with the little ones. Who knows what that reason is? We have listed four potentials here but only one of them is correct. Do we use diaper cream for colic or waterproofing? is it to stop crying or diaper rash?

Question 14

What is a common thing to do with a kid before bed?

This question is totally subjective, so simply apply your personal parenting style to it and you will be all set. We all have different bedtime rituals for the little ones, but one of them is more popular than the others. Before tucking your angel in to say goodnight do you practice the alphabet, put on a cute bedtime circus, read a story or have a delicious breakfast? Choose the answer that makes the most sense from the ones listed here.

Question 15

True or false: Redheaded moms are more likely to have boys

There are tons of urban myths about pregnant women and childbirth out there. One of them is that redheaded moms are far more likely to have little boys than little girls. Who knows if this one is true? Is it just a happy coincidence that many redheads have bouncing twin babies, or does it have something to do with their ginger hair? Who knows the right answer to this question? It is time to choose true or false from the options provided.

Question 16

Who is this popular children’s character?

This golden bear in the red shirt is one of the most popular children's characters in the world. He lives in the Hundred Acre Wood and helps teach children about important concepts like friendship, fair play and being kind to each other. He is the subject of a cartoon series and plenty of books. Who knows what the name of this character is? Is this character Piglet or Cap'n Turbot? Is this character Winnie the Pooh or Dora the Explorer?

Question 17

What is pregnancy nausea known as?

The famed pregnancy nausea is known for plaguing moms to be throughout all parts of their pregnancy. Some say that people are more likely to experience it if they are having a bouncing baby boy, while others think that those that are expecting girls are more inclined. However you slice it, pregnancy nausea is really no fun. It is also known by this common other term that really encapsulates what it is (and what time of the day it occurs).

Question 18

What is this piece of baby equipment called?

Check out the picture that accompanies this question. The piece of equipment is necessary for keeping the baby's area clean and sanitary, as well as alleviating some woes that the parents might have. Who knows what it is called? There are plenty of brand names items for this particular item, but it has a simple name that really suggests what it is useful for. Who knows what that is? Check out the four options listed and let us know which!

Question 19

What is the name of this popular kid's show?

This adorable show features a rough and tumble group of pups who are tasked with performing a number of different rescues to help out their master, Ryder. They are the ultimate community advocates and all work together to solve the problems in their town. This show is super popular with kids because it combines important lessons about working together and friendship with adorable little puppies! Who remembers the name of this show? Prove that you think like a mom and answer.

Question 20

What is this toy known as?

This simple toy can provide babies and toddlers with hours of endless entertainment. That's because when you shake it, it makes a pleasant noise that delights and soothes the little ones. There are plenty of variations on this toy, but the old fashioned ones seem to be the most popular. Who knows the name of this simple but effective baby toy? Is it called a microphone or a rattle? Is it a gerber or a peek-a-boo? Who knows the right answer?

Question 21

What is the name of this special bath time toy?

Let's stick on the topic of toys with this bathtime fave that is also loved by Sesame Street star Ernie! This cute little yellow duck floats on the bathwater and gives the little ones a companion while they are splashing around in the tub. It has been popular for years and shows no signs of slowing down. Who knows the name of this iconic and adorable kids toy? Check out the options that we have listed here and let us know!

Question 22

What is this decoration called?

Let's talk about baby decorations! This cute little object dangles from the ceiling and keeps the bouncing baby entertained for hours on end. It can sing a song, play a soothing tune, or simply twirl and dazzle the little one as they fall asleep. These decorations come with cute little animals, shapes or any number of other cute little adornments. Who knows what their name is? Check out the options listed here and let us know which one is correct!

Question 23

True or false: Babies must avoid Brussels sprouts for the first five years

Let's get back to the true or false questions with this gem that questions what happens if you give your baby Brussels sprouts in the first five years of their life. We know that babies eat different food than adults and that there are certain flavors that are better with their delicate little tummies. Are Brussels sprouts a little too hearty for them? Should we avoid giving babies Brussels sprouts in the first few years of their lives? Choose now.

Question 24

What is the cord that connects the baby and mother together called?

When women are pregnant they are attached to their child through a special cord that connects them and provides nourishment to the child in the uterus. Once the baby is born, this cord needs to be cut and the baby will start to live on its own. Who knows what the name of this life-giving cord is called? We have given everyone four options listed here, so simply pick the one that sounds the best. Choose- and we'll let you know if you think like a mom!

Question 25

How long does the typical pregnancy last?

Not every pregnancy is the same, so some women will be pregnant for longer or shorter amounts of times than other women. Still, there is a standard amount of time that most women are pregnant for. Who knows what it is? We have listed a few time periods here, so check out the options and let us know if most women are pregnant for two years, three months, 365 days or nine months. Who knows what the right answer is?

Question 26

Name this Disney Princess

This iconic Disney Princess absolutely did not need the help of a Prince to realize her dreams, but one hopped along anyway. Her dream was to open up a famous restaurant that served up New Orleans favorites. She is a true modern-day classic! Who knows what the name of this famous princess is? Is she Tiana? Is she Cinderella or Belle? Perhaps she is Ariel? Who knows what the right answer is? Choose the correct princess from the options provided.

Question 27

How many months is a trimester?

Here's another technical question for everyone! When we are talking about pregnancies one of the words that come up, again and again, is "trimester". It is used as a way to calculate time during a pregnancy. Who knows what the typical length of a trimester is? We have offered everyone four options, but only one of them is correct. Who can tell us how long a trimester is? Is it nine months? Ten days? A year? Three months? Choose now.

Question 28

What is this popular kid’s toy?

Everyone loves this toy because you can mold it into just about anything and everything. It also comes in a whole host of colors and is great when mixed together for a rainbow creation! Although it is initially soft, if you leave it out of its trademark yellow can it can easily turn hard. Who knows what the name of this classic toy is called? We have listed four options here, but only one of them is correct. Pick it!

Question 29

What is baby food called?

When it comes to eating, babies do not have a lot of choices. Sure, as they get older there are a few different types of foods that they can try, but newborns are usually limited to a few varieties. One of these is a synthetic creation that manifests itself in a while liquid that contains a lot of different minerals and vitamins that babies need. Who knows what it is called? We have listed four potential options here. Choose one.

Question 30

What is the special name for a baby born well before the due date?

These tiny treasures are certainly some of the most special babies in the entire world. They are ones that are so eager to get out into the world that they come a few months early. These special ones need a little extra love and care and also have a super special name. Who knows what that name is? Check out the options listed here and let us know which one is right, and we'll let you know if your mommy skills are on point!

Question 31

What is the special name of the baby doctor?

Since babies are such special people, they have their own special doctor who is able to attend to their needs. This doctor knows all about children and even has a unique name. Who knows what this type of doctor is called? We have four potential options listed here, but only one of them is correct. Who can show off some mommy smarts and let us know which one is right? Is the doctor a Lil Doc or a Podiatrist? Are they a Pediatrician or a Gynecologist?

Question 32

Who is this animated doctor from television?

Speaking of doctors, let's talk about this animated doctor who is famous on television. She helps little kids learn about the importance of being a good friend, how to be fair, and how to help out others. She is a true inspiration! Who knows the name of this cute little television doctor? We have four options listed here but only one of them is correct. Who knows the correct name of this television doctor. Choose one of the options now!

Question 33

Which famous kids brand has cornered the market on crayons?

We all know that kids love to color, and when they do, they are often coloring with this famous brand. This brand has been around for ages and is notable for its green and yellow box. Who knows what this famous brand is called? We have listed four options here, but only one of them is correct, so prove who thinks like a mom and let us know! Choose the right brand name now and we'll rate your mommy skills.

Question 34

What is this piece of baby furniture called?

This piece of baby furniture is probably one of the most important ones in the nursery. It is where the little one will be sleeping! Some of these are passed down from generation to generation, and others are purchased for each individual child. Who knows what the name of this piece of furniture is called? Check out the four options that we have listed and let us know which ones sounds the most accurate. Choose an option from the four now.

Question 35

True or false: Having twins can run in families

Finally, let's talk about a common legend that may or may not be true! Some people think that if your family already has twins in it, more beautiful twins are likely to come in the future. Who knows if twins really run in families? Is this a piece of truth, or a little bit of fiction? Let's see who really has their mommy skills down pat and can answer this important question. Do twins really run in families? Pick now.

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