Whoever Gets Less Than 70% On This Rock Quiz Should Go Back To Listening To Britney

Alright, here it is. A great little quiz to weed out the posers from the true rockers. And when I say "little" quiz, I do mean a quiz with various questions that will certainly go a long way to making sure that those who can't really make it to the end with more than a score of 70% go back to listening to Britney Spears and the likes of her.

I know that might sound sort of mean to some people, especially since there are all sorts of different genres of rock and subgenres and it really does go all over the place and the love of music is pretty subjective. But all of that being said...I'm still going to maintain that those who don't get over 70% on this can go back to Britney because there is just no way that a true rocker would not know at least the basics of this quiz.

Pretty well every band or musician in this quiz is iconic in one way or another. I'll be asking about classic song lyrics, titles as well as artist and band names. In all honesty, this quiz should be aced by those true rockers out there. And otherwise...well, I guess it's just time to go back to Britney.

Question 1

Name this famous rocker!

This should be trivially easy. Come on. This guy is one of the very first and one of the very best of glam rock. And in addition to that, he mad a pretty amazingly macabre show of his own where he had very unfortunate things happen to him several times a night. It was all smoke and mirrors, of course, but it was highly entertaining and highly controversial. And he still plays out there too. Which is pretty awesome in my opinion. I have every single one of his albums and he has a good number of them out there. He even did a song for a Friday 13th movie.

Question 2

Finish the Pink Floyd lyric: "All in all it's just another..."

This is a pretty popular song, I have to say. And so too is Pink Floyd a popular band. This particular song was a really big deal when it came out. It had a lot to do with what was going on in Germany at the time. Pink Floyd even managed to do a whole great big concert in Berlin after a pretty significant event took place. I think this happened in 1989 (a very good year as it was the year I was born), and all sorts of people came and performed the whole album. Tim Curry and Bryan Adams were among the people who joined.

Question 3

Finish the Zeppelin lyric: "And she's buying a..."

The people who do not know the answer to this question alone should already be packing it in and going to go buy their next Britney album. There is just no way that this song is not known to people taking this quiz. It is probably the most famous of all the Zeppelin songs and is one of the most famous rock songs of all time, even though the first five minutes of it are pretty chill. There is an amazing version of this song that was performed by Heart (with Bonham's son on drums) during the Kennedy Center 2012 Honors.

Question 4

What band logo is this?

I actually went to see this band in Ottawa in 2005. Our Lady Peace opened for them. I just want to point out that if anyone is trying to make a good guess based on OLP opening for them...that is a mistake. They really are not similar bands at all. Not in age, nor in style of music. Either way, this is now, as far as I know, the oldest running rock band of all time. I actually think that they are the oldest running band of all time in general as well. They have had a long go of it and they are still pumping out music on their way to 80.

Question 5

According to Nirvana, what does it smell like?

This should not be all that difficult to get. I mean, Nirvana has a ton of big hits, for sure, but this one is hands down the biggest of all the hits. It gets the most radio play, it's had the most use in tv and film. It's had the most covers and parodies. It is pretty well the theme song of the grunge era. Sure, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden have some pretty iconic hits from that era but I don't think a single one of them actually has had the impact that this one song has had.

Question 6

Finish this Guns'n'Roses lyric: "It's hard to hold a candle..."

Now, I have to be fair to everyone here. If anyone is trying to guess the rest of this lyrics based on the album art, they are going to have a difficult time. This is not the album art of the Use Your Illusion series which is where the song in question is from. If anything, that really should completely give it away to anyone who knows anything about G'n'R. Of course, for those who aren't all that sure, the lyric is pretty popular enough and the title is part of the lyric also and that should really give it all away.

Question 7

Who is the lead singer of Green Day?

I have to be totally honest here when I say that this may not be one of my favorite rock bands out there and more people might be inclined to call them punk or pop punk as opposed to rock but they do technically still sit in that genre to some extent...so here we are. And no matter what I think of this band, they have had huge commercial success. To the point that they even had a Broadway show. That is something that very few bands can boast, I have to say. And they managed to keep relevant after the 90s. That's important.

Question 8

True/False - Bryan Adams wrote "Everything I Do I Do It For You"

I actually don't really think that anyone needs to know much about rock at all to know the answer to this one. It's pretty straightforward. And whether or not Bryan Adams did actually write this song, I think it is important to talk about the song itself. It was a huge success and it was used for one of the Robin Hood movies in the 90s, starring Kevin Costner. I think that made it even bigger because Costner was a big deal at that point. And the number of weddings that used this song for the first dance for over a decade after it came out is unreal.

Question 9

Finish the lyric: "Come as you are, as you were..."

Nirvana was one of the biggest bands in the 90s and that is pretty incredible since they didn't last even half of that decade. Cobain was out of the picture as of 1994 so the impact that this band had on the music world was pretty amazing. I mean, there was something about the grunge era that really made bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, and Soundgarden big deals. Of course...only Pearl Jam remains as one of those original and iconic grunge bands. Either way, this was one of the most popular songs by Nirvana so this should be easy.

Question 10

Who wrote Dark Side Of The Moon?

Dark Side Of The Moon is probably one of the most iconic rock albums in the entire world and of all time. This is one of those albums that can be, apparently, synced up with a pretty fun movie and actually make for a very interesting watch. There is this big deal about syncing up this whole album with The Wizard Of Oz. I don't know who came up with this or why it's such a big deal but it seems as though the album really works well with it and people screen these two things together all over the place.

Question 11

Who is the lead singer of The Foo Fighters?

This guy is a pretty big deal, I have to say. Even if people did not think about this or even realize this, he is perhaps one of the most prolific musicians out there right now. He is also of greater fame than just The Foo Fighters. He was once the drummer for Nirvana. That's right, he was with Kurt Cobain during that whole run in the grunge era. And then he had to move on and founded yet another successful band that is still touring out there and may just be as successful as Nirvana, if not now more successful simply for being around longer.

Question 12

Finish this AC/DC lyric: "Dirty Deeds..."

AC/DC is one of the biggest names in rock and roll and while I'm not really quite sure why that is, they have made a pretty big name for themselves since they first hit the stage decades ago. I mean...they started in 1973 and since then, they have been rocking stage after stage and house after house and considering that they started out in Australia, I'd say that they have made a surprising impact on the rock scene in the U.S. I am hard-pressed to find classic rock lovers who don't have an AC/DC song in their playlist somewhere. This is a popular one.

Question 13

Who wrote Enter Sandman?

This should really be an easy one, for sure. I mean...this song still plays on the radio all the time. And when I say "all the time", I really do mean it. Don't get me wrong here. I like the band who wrote the song, even though it comes from the album that most people consider their move to the mainstream (and that is where a lot of fans stopped listening). This song came out in the very early 90s and it has not gone anywhere since. That being said, there is now a whole generation of people, apart from those old school fans, who have found this band because of this song.

Question 14

True/False: AC/DC wrote "For Those About To Rock"

I mean, this is a pretty simple question. Of course, that doesn't mean that it is necessarily an easy question, but it is simple enough. There are only two ways this could go and there is a pretty good chance that even those people who should back to listening to Britney will even get this one right because there is a 50/50 chance after all. That being said, "For Those About To Rock" is a pretty famous song and regardless of who wrote it, I'm going to guess that everyone here has heard it or at the very least heard of it.

Question 15

Finish the Ozzy lyric: "I'm going off the rails..."

Ozzy is probably one of the most prolific songsters of the 80s and he definitely did do a fair amount of work in the 90s. It kind of went downhill a little when he got into the reality tv gig but I think most people forgave him or at least forgot about the reality tv thing. Either way, this particular song might be the most popular of all of his tracks. It's certainly the most played, without any question whatsoever, that's for sure. I mean, this is pretty much up there with Enter Sandman. And I'm sure there are some who think he went mainstream with this one.

Question 16

Which song below is NOT a Black Sabbath tune?

Oh, these sorts of questions are my favorite. There is something about actually having to think about which tune belongs to whom that really makes me want to see the faces of all the quiz-takers right now. But, since I can't see them, I will just be happy to say that each and every one of the proposed song titles below truly are actual song titles from one band or another. Presumably three of them are Black Sabbath tunes. And They all do definitely sound like they could belong to the dark metal band. So...which one is not a Sabbath song?

Question 17

Finish this Beatles lyric: "I get by with a little..."

This is a pretty hilarious one. Up in the great white north, one of the former leaders of the country used to play in a band and sang this song at some event (while still being leader of the country) and everyone just upset because a mention of being high in one shape way or form. It was a big deal...which is pretty silly. Joe Cocker once did a version of this song. Very famously, he did this song at Woodstock and he was flailing all over (which is a typical thing he does while he plays "air guitar"). Quite the famed tune.

Question 18

Finish the Bryan Adams lyric: "I got my first real six string..."

This is certainly the most famous summertime song that Bryan Adams ever wrote. And I can guarantee that this is one of the most famous summertime songs in the world as well. There is something about it that allows more radio play than Everything I Do I Do It For You, and aside from that, it is way more upbeat which allows a whole lot more use of it as well. People can dance to it, and sing along and just relax or get into mischief or have a little fun time. IT's a very versatile song. So...finish the lyric.

Question 19

Who was the lead singer of The Doors?

This guy is probably one of the most famous to have ever joined the 27 club. For those who have somehow been fans of rock and not ever heard of the 27 Club, this is a group of famous singers who have never seen beyond their 27th year. It is very sad and not a club that anyone wants to be in but the leader singer of The Doors was most certainly one of the most famous additions to that club and one of the more trippy of them all as well. He has a very interesting way about him, that's for sure.

Question 20

Finish this Lincoln Park lyric: "I tried so hard and got so far..."

Linkin Park is certainly a very famous band and they do have several very popular songs out there that still get radio play but there is one in particular that really seems to ring true, especially now that their lead singer has passed away. Sad though it is, the band still eft us all with some great music right up until the end. They were a huge thing in the 90s and early 00s. Either way, though, this is probably the most famous of their tunes or at least one of the top two. So it should be easy to finish the lyric.

Question 21

Name this band who wrote Master of Puppets!

Master of Puppets is probably one of the most popular songs and one of the most popular albums from this band. I mean, they did definitely put out more albums than just that and some of them did become huge successes but this one was a pretty pivotal album in a lot of metalheads minds, for sure. There were also a number of popular and rival bands out there when Master of Puppets came out so...it could be anyone's guess as to which one of the four bands below actually came out with both the song and the album. A true rocker will know though.

Question 22

Finish this REM lyric: "It's the end of the world as we know it..."

This is probably one of the most popular songs out there. I mean, every time someone predicts the end of the world, I'm pretty sure this song gets yet another mention and another play. It gets plenty of radio play as it is. It also gets a lot of love not just for the original version by REM, but also for the fun and much faster version done by the great Newfoundlander band, Great Big Sea. There is something about the way that they perform this song that really makes the end of the world actually kind of alright...and even fun.

Question 23

Which of the below is NOT a Beatles song?

Be careful with this one. I mean, The Beatles have written so much music that it is pretty iconic and well known as well as obscure and pretty under the radar. Any one of these songs could be a Beatles song. I mean...everyone here should assume that three of the four answers below are indeed all Beatles songs. And just to help throw everyone a little off...or to really help them get the answer right, there is at least one Beatles that is a part of every one of these songs. But there is one song here that is not an actual Beatles song.

Question 24

Name this famous rocker!

If there is anyone here who actually manages to get this one wrong...I do not actually know what to say. This is probably one of the easiest questions out there. I mean, this guy has been around for a long time and he even had a reality tv show for a little while...which was pretty ridiculous (like all reality tv shows tend to be). And even though this guy has a bit of trouble speaking normally, his singing voice (worn down though it is) is still pretty clear and he still is out there working and singing. That is dedication.

Question 25

Finish the Aerosmith lyric: "I don't want to fall asleep cause I'd miss you babe..."

Oh, come on. This is like grade one right here. I mean, this is probably one of the most popular Aerosmith songs out there and it's not even one of their best songs either. Sure, it's not Dream On, but this one has got so much play on the radio, and in film. In fact, its film debut was in the apocalyptic epic, Armageddon. It's basically the big love theme between Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler. And it makes total sense that Aerosmith would do the song considering that Liv Tyler is the daughter of the famous Steven Tyler. Lead singer of the band.

Question 26

What famous band was John Lennon in?

I have to dare to say that this is a no-brainer. What I mean by no-brainer is that literally anyone taking this quiz should be able to guess this one. Not even guess this one. They should actually just know this one. I know that there do exist some people in the world who actually, somehow, do not know who John Lennon is but they are definitely not sitting here taking this quiz. Anyone who says they know a thing or two about rock should certainly know not only who he is but exactly which famous band he was in.

Question 27

Who was the lead singer of Nirvana?

This has got to be one of the easiest ones out there for sure. I mean, the guy made such a name for himself before the end...and after the end, well he became an instant legend and his wife did everything she could to profit from that as well so there is every reason why people should instantly know the answer to this question. A true rock fan,even if they didn't like the grunge era, should know at least the history of this band and what it meant to so many people as well as the effect it had on the rock world.

Question 28

Finish the Stones lyric: "I can't get no..."

Mick Jagger is probably one of the most iconic singers out there in the world of rock and roll. And while there are a lot of people who actually do not like The Rolling Stones, that has not changed the very real fact that this band is the longest running band of all time. Never mind the longest running rock band. Just the longest going band ever! That is saying a lot. And this particular song definitely has had a part to play in their fame and success. It is one of the more popular songs that is probably played at every wedding reception that has classic rock in it.

Question 29

Which song is a Bon Jovi tune?

Bon Jovi was one of the biggest names of the 80s and 90s. Less so in the 90s until some of his real big mainstream hits came to light. I'd name some of them but that might help too much to give away the answer to the question at hand. All that needs to be known is that there is not a rock radio station out there that does not play Bon Jovi. Even classic rock. I don't think the 80s and 90s were all that long ago, but he still manages to be classic in terms of his rock, I suppose.

Question 30

Finish this AC/DC lyric: "My mind was aching we were shaking and you..."

Oh, please. Anyone who is hesitating right now...better go ahead and grab that copy of Britney, or Beyonce, or RiRi or whoever is kicking around who is not rock and roll...Justin Bieber maybe? I'm not a huge AC/DC fan by any stretch of the imagination but I would be very hard-pressed, I think, to find a rocker out there who does not know this song and at least this one part of the lyric. I am actually pretty sure that this is the one part of the lyric that everyone knows. Most people hardly know anything other than this. Come on. It's easy.

Question 31

Name this epic band who wrote Another One Bites The Dust!

This band actually just had a movie released recently about them. It is pretty amazing, or so I've heard. I have yet to see it, but as they have said, "the show must go on", so I imagine it will continue to achieve great success with or without my viewing it. That being said, I look forward to seeing it. Another One Bites The Dust is only one of many grand hits by this band and while the original lead singer is no longer with them, they do still play and tour with the great Adam Lambert who is of reality talent show fame.

Question 32

Who is this famous rock guitarist?

This guitarist probably has the most iconic look of pretty well every guitarist. I know that some try to put on the biker thing and some try to put on the whole goth thing but this guy just puts on the hat and glasses...maybe an open shirt or leather jacket and then just rips out an amazing guitar solo. Sure, he's not the very best guitarist in the world but he is certainly among the most famous and, as I've said, his look is more famous than pretty well every other guitarist. Even Guitar Hero stole his likeness a couple of times.

Question 33

What band wrote When The Stillness Comes?

For anyone who does not know a band by their lyrics or by their song or album titles and only knows them to see them, then do not worry because I included a photo of the very band I'm asking about...s it should be doubly easy for everyone to get this question right. It's true, this might not be one of the best known bands in this quiz but that hardly means that they are not well known at all. I recall an episode of Viva La Bam where this band came and gave a massive outdoor concert after having a great time in their pirate bar.

Question 34

Name this very famous rock band!

Oh, come now. This is even below grade one. This is kindergarten sort of stuff. Maybe even preschool. At least in terms of rock and roll knowledge, I would say. These four dudes really made a big start across the pond in their native Liverpool and they eventually found their way Stateside and even onto the Ed Sullivan show back in the day. That was perhaps their first major tv appearance and it made them instant stars, that is for sure. And while they were not a band for very long, the music they made remains some of the most important to people in rock today.

Question 35

Finish this Alice Cooper lyric - "No More..."

What an easy question this is! Sure, there are a number of rock songs out there that start with "No More..." but no one here ever said that this was a song title. I just want everyone to finish the lyric properly. If it happens to also be a title of a song, then that might actually help things a little bit, I should say. But I'm not in the business of making things too easy for people. The question itself should make it easy enough. What I'm here to do is prod people and see if they need to go and take something for their Bieber Fever.

Question 36

Which is not a Doors song?

The Doors were one of the strangest bands going for a while. Not because they would dress strange or anything like that but because the lead singer of The Doors was just very strange. He was a wild man who would flail about, trip on anything he could, and write some pretty powerful, bizarre, incoherent, and rather touching lyrics. Obviously, not all at the same time, but he managed to get all of that in there in his pretty short lifespan, that's for sure. It is just too bad that he passed at only 27. But his music lives on...but which here is not from The Doors?

Question 37

Finish this Doors lyric: "People are strange..."

This is one of the songs that I probably play the most by The Doors. There is something about it that seems to really get people. I think it's just because they feel some truth in the lyrics and truth in music is what people really search for when they're not just looking for a good beat or an awesome riff. At any rate, for those who might have been a big fan of The Lost Boys (the original version), this is the song that is playing as the family is arriving to their new hometown. It's not The Doors' version, but it's good.

Question 38

Finish this Iron Maiden lyrics: "Run to the hills..."

Iron Maiden is an awesome band and I was floored by them when I first heard this song. There is something about it, in spite of the very unfortunate topic that it touches on, that really woke me up to a lot of music. I think it has something to do with that high-pitched falsetto stuff on the chorus. The very chorus that I'm asking everyone here to finish. I think that this song is one of the most iconic from Iron Maiden and from that era of music as well. So...be a trooper and tell me what the next part of the lyric is.

Question 39

Name this famous rocker from up north!

This guy is from the great white north and probably defined rock for the friendly neighbors to the north. I know he did for me anyway. I used to listen to him every single day growing up. I listened to much harder and even softer stuff as well but that didn't stop me from getting my fix. I think the States would probably not know about any rock from north of the border if not for this guy. Maybe there are some folk, country and pop artists from that side of the continent who made an impact but this guy rocks.

Question 40

Who wrote Stairway To Heaven?

I have a feeling that there is not a single quiz-taker here who will get this question wrong. Why? Well, I just want to believe that everyone here is just as smart as I think they are. Or at least just as basically smart as I think they must be. This song has been one of the biggest hits in rock for a very long time. And there have been countless covers of it. Sure, it's not the most covered song in the world but that is only because it's not as easy to play as Knockin' On Heaven's Door or All Along The Watchtower.

Question 41

What band does Steven Tyler sing for?

Anyone who does not get this question right must really want to see Bieber and Britney do some sort of pop love song together or something. I mean, come on. This guy has been a part of this band since it first started up back in the 70s and he has got probably one of the most iconic voices in all of rock and roll, alongside Ozzy, Axl Rose and a few others who have some pretty strange voices. Sure, his voice hasn't always sounded as shrill as it has the past couple of decades, but everyone knows him and his band because of it.

Question 42

Finish this Queen lyric: "The show must..."

There is something very intense about this song, I just have to say. I mean, this guy sang out his heart and soul at every performance and he loved nothing more than to give an amazing show...or it at least seemed that way, that's for sure. With this particular song, it seemed as though he knew that the end was near for him and he seemed to be singing about how things would have to be when he was no longer around to perform with his wonderful band and for his adoring fans. It is too bad that he passed so young.

Question 43

Which song is an Iron Maiden tune?

Now, do not get this one confused with other questions like this. I am asking which one of these songs is actually an Iron Maiden tune. I'm not asking which is not. So, of all four options below, there is only one that is an actual Iron Maiden song. Other songs below are from Megadeth and Metallica and Dream Theater and anyone who really knows their music will have already known this as soon as they glanced down at the potential answers. So, here is the big question...which one of these songs is an actual Iron Maiden song? IT's a good one too!

Question 44

Finish this Nickelback lyric: "This is how you remind me..."

Now, here is a band that I know everyone knows about to some extent, even if they definitely do not want to. I personally don't like this band much at all but life is life and music is music and everyone has their own taste so who am I to take away from the enjoyment of others when it comes to their music, right? This particular song that I want you to finish the lyrics to is one of their first biggest hits and still plays on the radio fairly often, so far as I've heard. This was before they became such a huge sensation.

Question 45

Name this epic guitar player!

This guy was one of the greatest players of all time. Even if people didn't like his voice or even if people didn't like his guitar rendition of Star Spangled Banner, everyone has to admit that he could really play and he could really rock. And I'm sure everyone would also admit that he could really trip as well and he could also really get into trouble because of that. Either way, this guy was one of the first black guitarists with such fame and one of the first lefties with such fame as well. He had a great show at Woodstock!

Question 46

Finish this Beatles lyric: "We all live in a..."

This is one of the more popular Beatles songs but one of the more popular because of how silly it seems to be. There is an album of The Beatles that carries the same name and there is also a film with the same name. The lyric is I'm asking for is also the exact same as all of the above. This is one of those fun songs that was not sung by either Paul or John. This was one of the songs done by the wonderful Ringo Starr. Everyone should remember him. He's the drummer who ended up on Shiny Time Station as Mr. Conductor.

Question 47

Which song is an Alice Cooper tune?

Which of these songs is an actual Alice Cooper song? Well, they all sound like they could be, don't they? I'm kidding, of course. I think it is pretty clear but that is only because I know the music of Blink 182, Metallica and Aerosmith too well to be able to look at those titles and actually be confused as to which of them is actually an Alice Cooper tune. Cooper is one of the great performers of the rock world and this specific song is also the title of an album which has been put on stage with some pretty creepy effects!

Question 48

Name this classic rock band!

Oh, come on now. It's not like this band has not been mentioned in the quiz at all yet. This is a pretty important band when it comes to the history of rock and roll. I mean, they are not the oldest of rock bands in the world, of course. But they are most certainly the longest running rock band in the world. I mean, they are the longest running band in the world, without even mentioning rock and roll. They only recently put out an album in the past couple of years of old blues tunes that inspired them when they were young.

Question 49

Who wrote Freebird?

This might actually be one of the more difficult questions for the general lay people who think that they really know a thing or two about rock without actually every trying to learn anything about rock. I don't know what it is but there is something about this song that just gets everyone going. I think most people probably don't actually know how it goes or who does it but everyone yells it out in the bars when someone is playing a gig. I don't know why that is, but I think people should learn more about the song itself before yelling that out.

Question 50

True/False - Zakk Wylde played for Metallica...

Zakk Wylde is a pretty awesome guitar player. That is for sure. I saw him live once in Massey Hall and he had some incredible riffs to play. I don't like the whole biker thing that he has going for him where he pretends he has his own motorcycle club and every new place he plays he's starting a new chapter of his club. That's a bit ridiculous, but I guess it works for him. He didn't need that when he was playing for the big names he started out with, but once he started Black Label Society, he changed things up.

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