Whoever Fails This Makeup Quiz Needs To Go Back To Sephora

We’re hoping when people shop at Sephora then they probably know more than the basics when it comes to makeup. Maybe VIBs aren’t experts, but we’re pretty sure most of our beauty gurus could freelance if they needed to. Sephora brings out the best in our makeup routines, the fiercest of looks, and brings us some of our most luxurious products. Knowing which products to use based on skin type, or face shape is a huge skill, but we also hope gurus know which brush to use when, and when exactly it's time to bring out the tiny detail brushes or the huge fluffy ones.

With new products and tools on the market every week, it’s hard to keep up with the trends, but knowing the basics should help anyone slide through any possibly makeup situations. At the end of the day as long as contour is snatched, highlight is on fleek, brows aren’t forgotten, and one’s lashes touch the sky, it’s probably going to be fine. If the results from this quiz aren’t so good, we’re sending all readers back to Sephora to freshen up on some Beauty 101, or at least back to the college of YouTube for some sister studying and some pinkity drinkieties.

Question 1

Where is contour placed?

The key to achieving the highly coveted high cheekbones, slim jawlines, and a tall, narrow nose is no longer in plastic surgery, it’s in makeup. Darker shadow shades can make some features appear deeper, while brighter and lighter colours can make other features appear taller. This is a great trick that cosplayers use to change the bone structure of their face when dressing as other characters. It’s also great in real life if a face has small asymmetries in the nose, jaw or cheeks. Everyone’s face is slightly asymmetrical, but since humans see symmetry as beauty, contour is the fastest way to make someone appear polished and flawless.

Question 2

Does makeup last forever?

We all have makeup, but how long should we keep it? While it’s tempting to build up a small hord like Smog the dragon might, it might not be the best thing for us. With the beauty industry being one of the most profitable industries on the market, pricey, huge pallets and discontinued products make it difficult to want to part ways. While there are recommended dates for discontinued use, are they really meaningful, or are they just suggested guidelines? Dermatologists suggest that people with active breakouts should try to not apply makeup directly onto the acne with the same tools as the rest of the face as to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Question 3

Should a Beauty Blender be soaked?

Around the time makeup videos online exploded, so did the advent of the Beauty Blender. It was a cool 2007 when a makeup artist named Rea Ann Silva got tired of the sharp edged triangular sponges in makeup. She released instead a rounded, drop shaped sponge to better fit the contours of the face. Today not only has the Beauty Blender seen huge success, but many brands have released their own knock off versions. Seen as a new staple, It’s pretty uncommon to see a makeup tutorial done without a Beauty Blender or knock off at one point or another.

Question 4

What does it mean to bake?

For this question we are talking about makeup, but who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip? Baking is a long time trick that was originally primarily used among Drag Queens before they went on stage. A lot of modern beauty trends actually come from drag, including heels! Heels were originally used to help men look like they had a much longer and leaner leg. Women adopted this trick to make their own legs even longer and leaner also. But back to makeup! While baking wasn’t started by any particular influencer, we can say that Jaclyn Hill and Patrick Star are big fans of it.

Question 5

Can foundation be layered?

Everyone is different, and everyone has different foundation needs. Some people have such naturally beautiful skin that they hardly need anything. Other people might be covering up pimples or hyperpigmentation. Some people want to cover up their rosacea which can all be quite pigmented. For those of us who need a bit more, there are some really great brands that advertise full coverage like Dermablend. Not all full coverage foundations were created equally, and it’s best to do some research. Different lines of foundation will have different goals, so make sure the one chosen is meant for that specific skin need.

Question 6

What is it called when a foundation looks ‘wet’?

While this skin trend started in Korea, it has since made its way all over the world and into the West. Originally being sported by K-Pop artists, that damp look made its way into everyday life. Many foundations now exist advertising that wet look. Some companies even released products like setting sprays and mists that give any foundation that same wet look. Some think it looks like well moisturized skin, and others think it looks oily. Regardless of opinion, we all know that coveted hydrated look. If this look isn’t desirable, don’t worry, there’s tonnes of matte finish foundations out there too.

Question 7

What does it mean to have ‘fallout’?

Fallout, what is it? While there are different kinds of fallout we mean the one specific to makeup. With so many product and palette reviews the word gets thrown around a lot. It’s a dreaded word that can be a make-or-break for some buyers who are looking to buy a product. With so much to choose from on the market, product standards are rising, and due to the saturation of products on the market, many more buyers are getting even more choosy about where they spend their dollar. When most palettes cost $50 CAD it’s easy to see why people are expecting higher quality products.

Question 8

When should moisturizer be applied?

Ahh moisturizer. In some skincare circles it is seen as even more important than cleansing. Some people even use 2 or 3 moisturizers depending if it’s morning, night, or how their skin is doing that day. Our skin has something called an acid mantle, which is made up of hydrophobic and hydrophilic cells. When we harm this balance through dryness, over chemical exfoliating, over scrubbing, or even through too quick of an introduction to retinols and acids, we can harm that mantle. Once this happens skin is much more prone to acne, break outs, and looking dry, or prematurely wrinkled.

Question 9

What colour best corrects redness?

Active acne? Acne scarring? Even those who live with rosacea, port wine stains, or butterfly rashes can use these tricks. Colour correcting got a bit over-hyped recently, and while most people don’t need to colour correct, the principal behind it, dates back farther than one might realize. Using the colour wheel to our advantage, we can look for colours directly across from each other. Those colour are called ‘contrasting colours’, and in make up we use them to help neutralize discolouration. By simply applying the contrasting colour to the problem spot, it neutralizes it, allowing for flawless foundation on top

Question 10

What are small, thin brushes best for?

Everyone’s got their favourite brush. While more frugal makeup gurus might multitask heavily with their tools and products, every tool does technically have a specific purpose or a task that it was designed for. This is seen even more so with professional artist having hundreds of brushes in different sizes and shapes. While some might use some brushes for their unintended purposes, this question is asking about the intended purpose. With some brands like Natasha Denona being so passionate about the right tool for the job, many brush companies have put out extensive video footage and instruction on how to best use their products for that professionally done look.

Question 11

Do Fundations change colours after being applied?

Finding the perfect fit foundation can be a nightmare. This is especially true for anyone on the more extreme ends of the colour scale. Very pale and cool toned individuals often find shades too pink or orange. Those at the darkest ends of the spectrum have a hard time not only matching undertones, but actually getting a deep enough shade. Often times people on these extremes either go without foundation or mix a lot of colours and products. Often it’s easier to place a too light shade on the center of the face, and get a slightly too dark shade for the outside of the face, to try and get a closer match.

Question 12

How often should brushes be cleaned?

Bacteria is all around us. It’s on our cellphones, food, computers. Anything in reach probably has bacteria on it. Products on the face are no different. The skin naturally produces oils called sebum, and that oil gets all over makeup brushes and sponges when used. This oil in combination to the product can actually act as a breeding ground for bacteria. While a lot of makeup lovers cite using foundation to help cover their acne, they might be doing more harm than good if they don’t clean their brushes. Regularly washing brushes ensures flawless application, and a flawless face afterwards.

Question 13

What's the best way to apply liquid lipstick cleanly?

Nothing screams Hollywood like the big red lips, but today we see even more colours worn even more boldly. Greens and blacks are also popular lip colours with some brands sporting blues and golds. Other brands seem to be specializing in making everyone’s rainbow dreams come true with a full spectrum colour selection for lips, liners, eye shadows, and even rainbow highlighters. No matter what colour of the rainbow the lipstick is, the technique should stay the same. Since shaky edges can make lips look lopsided and unnatural, making sure to have those lines clean and crisp is so important, for that polished look.

Question 14

What’s the best type of brush to use for a contoured nose?

The king of the tiny nose, James Charles is well known for his ‘sister snatched’ look of the narrow, high nose bridge. Over the course of his journey on Youtube we’ve seen him blossom and bloom into his own makeup abilities. While he’s also known for his old, rectangular eyebrows, and the days of ‘Flashback Mary’ where he had a bit too much flashback on his foundation, no one can deny that these days he’s simply flawless. James admits to getting lip filler, but never rhinoplasty, so if that super skinny nose is goals, but the cost of the knife isn't, tune in for some of his detailed tricks and tips.

Question 15

What colour best corrects under eye circles?

Well class, do we remember the previous question about colour correction? If not we’ll run through it again. Colour correcting is the art of using colour to transform colour. Whether the goal is covering black eyes, pimples, beauty marks or even under eye circles colour theory is here to help. With colour correction booming in the last two years most drugstore and high end makeup places carry colour correcting products. Simply figure out the colour of what of what needs to be covered, and grab the nearest colour wheel. Simple follow the colour to the opposite side of the wheel, and use that colour as a base before foundation.

Question 16

If a product is vegan does that also make it cruelty free?

The vegan and CF movements are sweeping the globe, pushing policy, and making their way into the makeup world. New little stickers decorate products and various brands now boast being ‘vegan’ and or ‘cruelty free’. But what does it all mean? We’ve all seen the uncomfortable videos of how products are tested on animals, and with new science and technology such historic methods are more barbaric than necessary. Make sure to get in touch with the local law and policy makers as well as push internationally to get those little bunnies and monkeys free to be able to life a happy life.

Question 17

What does setting spray do?

Setting spray to the untrained eye it can seem like a very tiny, expensive bottle of nothing. Others however know the truth. While almost comically overused in Youtube videos where influencers bath in it, more and more brands are releasing their own formula of the magic elixir. First popularized by brands like Urban Decay with their ‘Out All Night’ spray, and MAC Cosmetics with their “Fix Plus”, we gradually saw a bigger and wider inclusion of the product in routines. While powder can also be a good substitute for this product, a lot of people actually use both to finesse their looks.

Question 18

Can makeup cause acne?

It’s time for a ‘Pimples 101’ lesson. We first start in the sebaceous glands found within the skin’s hair follicles. These glands exist all over the body. These glands naturally produce oil that we call sebum. Sebum is a waxy substance whose main job is to keep the skin soft and moisturized. Sometimes we produce too much sebum and our pores can become clogged. Once clogged, the pore collects old cells, debris and bacteria that all form a plug. The bacteria is why there is puss underneath the skin. This plug is the beginning of every kind of pimple from blackheads to whiteheads, and even pustules.

Question 19

How often should sunscreen be applied?

While the smell of artificial coconuts isn’t for everyone, sunscreen is in a very transformative new age. More neutral smelling or daily sunscreens exist with a variety of textures and finishes. While the jury is out on whether SPF over 50 is useful, lots of places globally are using much higher numbers, and a combination of both physical and chemical barriers. Sunscreens out of Asia have ingredients that the FDA in North America have yet to approve. This doesn’t make them unsafe, simply more advanced. Many people are using websites like Ebay and Amazon to get these SPF++ formulas to their door in order to be more protected.

Question 20

Is highlighter always shiny?

To infinity and beyond! Highlighter is used in conjunction with contour to help raise it up and keep it there. Using the way the eye naturally sees and translates shade and light, highlighter forces the eye to interpret spots on the face to be higher or more raised than others. Highlighter is mostly put on the nose bridge, nose tip, upper lip, chin, and sometimes forehead. While these spots are most typical, highlighter can be placed anywhere to accentuate any feature or look to show off a most authentic version of themselves. Highlighter can also be used with contour to try and hide asymmetrical abnormalities.

Question 21

What kind of products should be used on oily skin?

There’s different kinds of skin, all with their own particular issues. Sometimes though, it’s not as simple as it seems. We all know about dry, oily, combination, and normal skin, but how about dehydrated oily skin? How about acne prone and sensitive? Many people think that their skin is either dry or oily, but the products they use, or the routines they have can actually be causing their problems. Sometimes when skin is cleaned too harshly it can try to over produce oils to combat it. Other times it simply dries out the skin completely. It takes a lot of time and dedication to figure out a perfect routine, and no one product works for everyone.

Question 22

What is a ‘Blowout’?

Blowouts are not new, but they might be new when it comes to being popular again. Now on the resurgence, many salons and brands like Dry Bar are now making whole salons dedicated to blowouts. Dry Bar advertises that their blowouts should has 3 or even 4 days without too much wear. We’re not so sure about that. What we are sure about though is that there’s more than a few thousand videos online that will teach all the skills needed to do it at home. So breathe deep and give it some practice, we’re sure a little DIY might save some money.

Question 23

What’s the best way to keep lipstick from smearing?

No one likes a smeared lip. Whether it’s coming off on a partner, on a coffee lid, or even dancing across a smile, no one wants lipstick anywhere but on their lips. Even hair can get caught in a well applied lip and somehow get that pop of red dragged all over a perfectly good shirt. Since lips are so important to that polished, put together look, it’s no surprise that so many men and women have trouble with the of so sticky product. While fast application with a quick drying formula seems like the best way to go, not all colours or brands offer such a luxury.

Question 24

What product can also be used as toner?

A lot of people are unaware of what exactly toner does. Toner is a skin care step that comes after cleansing but before aly thicker or layerable products. The goal of toning is to try and get the skin to a neutral pH range after using after cleansers or exfoliants before applying moisturizer. The skin generally likes to reside at a pH of 5.5, but some products have tendency to reside on either the more acidic or alkaline side of the spectrum. Using these harsh products without restoring pH can cause harm to the acid mantle, and subsequently harm the skin’s barrier.

Question 25

What is an undertone?

Foundation is probably the bane of most people’s existence. Between the fact that most of us change shades during the summer and winter months naturally, finding a shade that matches those colours can be a nightmare. Different monitors have different hues to them, which can make a light shade look more medium. So while some of the better deals might be online, we always suggest going in person to swatch. Don’t forget that the colour on the back of the hand might not match the face. Depending on the person and circumstance, that might be a good thing though. Match on, fake tan lovers!

Question 26

What is a pigment?

Colour! It’s beautiful and all around us. Certain brands are known for their high impact, concentrated shades, but what exactly is a pigment. Also known as ‘topper’ shades, these wonderful babies have been released by many brands including ColourPop and Kat Von D, along with many many others. While pigments have been around forever, they first hit a mass market with the release of the Alchemist palette. This small, white triangle palette was a lot of our first experiences with these magical creatures. No makeup collection for any guru is complete without a few of these things in their kit.

Question 27

What’s the difference between mousse and pomade?

Girl or guy, we all love looking super polished and put together. Clothes and makeup can really set the stage, but nothing makes a person look more frazzled and in a rush than frizzy, messy hair. Curls need to be defined and held with proper products. Straight hair needs to be smooth and sleek. Short hair too can benefit with a little hair glue to give it style, shape and body. When hair looks like it was styled intentionally, everyone takes note. Nothing quite pulls together a suit or makes someone look like they know what they’re talking about like a polish and put together appearance.

Question 28

What is a MLBB?

This term doesn’t have anything to do with a pyramid scheme, don’t worry (those are MLMs) but this term is about getting that ‘perfect’ look. First seen on Reddit’s /r/makeupaddiction in the early 2010s, this term has fallen a bit out of style with the young ones. At one point it filled the posts and minds of many of the guys and gals on makeup subreddits. This term was also very popular in the age of brown/neutral makeup. Some influencers still use this term though, and there are still whole forums online dedicated to helping people find that perfect MLBB

Question 29

What are flat brushes best for?

We know everyone has their preference on tools for tasks. We also know that not everyone uses the ‘correct’ brush for the job. In truth it’s totally fine to be a brush multitasker and use the same one for multiple jobs. As long as the brushes get cleaned between eyeliner and eyeshadow, who are we to judge. We are asking though about these brushes intended purpose. Since the line between professional and at home hobbyist is starting to blur more and more, brands are beginning to launch large lines and kits full of what seems like dozens of brushes. There is some logic though for a special tool for a job instead of a hammer for everything.

Question 30

What step is most important in a skincare routine

Clear skin. Around the world no matter the country everyone wants clear, glowing skin. We can that evolution for that one! We see people as more desirable when they don't have acne, bumps or sores because they look healthier. Our brains are designed to try pick out a healthy potential mate as quickly as possible. Great skin was a quick way our ancestors used to try to pick high quality mates. The good news is that science has come a long way and many of the routines and products on the market could just be the ticket to glowing skin.

Question 31

Does waterproof mascara hold curl better?

Whether someone has long or short lashes, we all want that full, curled look. While some resort to falsies, others pile on the mascara of hopes of achieving those dream lashes. With falsies getting thicker and thicker, and mascara brands promising darker and fuller lashes, goal is surprisingly not to literally blow our dates away. We’re pretty sure though if we had enough people blinking together we might get some wind current. Some people say the real trick to curling lashes is to use a curler on them, but is there a best way to seal in that curl, or will any old mascara do?

Question 32

Should hooded lids connect their halo eyes?

We all follow makeup tutorials, but are we watching the right tutorials for our facial features? One of the bigger makeup trends right now is the beloved ‘Halo Eye’, which is essentially having a halo of colour over a lighter colour on the lid. Some people carve out their halos with tiny detailed brushes, and other smoke it all out and then put concealer on the lid to carefully make some space for that pop of colour. Makeup professions typically advise not to do certain techniques based on individual eye shapes, but others will simply adjust the technique mildly in order to achieve the same look but in a much more flattering way.

Question 33

Can any skin tone can use any eyeshadow colour?

2019 is here, and it’s even more progressive than 2018. Quite frankly 2018 was huge for colour inclusivity and colour payoff. We especially saw big Influencers like Nyma Tang with her series “The Darkest Shade” take center stage and call out and show off how tough it is to find colours when buyer have a bit more melanin. While Nyma tests out foundation she also shows us how beautiful shades and colour can look on her skin. With so many people reviewing palettes and products we beginning to see the stereotype about colours and who can wear them head down the drain.

Question 34

Should pimples be popped?

There is big debate among the averages Joes about what the move should be with pimples. Some say pushing out the pus helps the wound to heal. Others say it causes scarring and hyperpigmentation. Can the bacteria under a nails really make a pimple worse? Or is there just a better time to pop them. Regardless of method, having an angry white head can not only be unsightly, but can also be incredibly painful too. While acne can harm self confidence, it's a common problem that a lot of people outgrow. This isn’t true for everyone though, and in severe or prolonged cases be sure to see a doctor.

Question 35

Can everyone wear blush?

Blush is strangely controversial these day. A lot of people are now opting to go without, while others cant see themselves finishing their face without it. While some distance themselves from any sign of facial redness, blush has been around since the 1500s, though it used to be made with more toxic chemicals. Before blush was widely available ladies used to smack their cheeks to try and maintain that pink flush. Today we have the luxury brushes and a wide range of colours from oranges, corals, pinks, reds, and even purples. Whether or not blush is very ‘In’ right now, it has a long stay in history.

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