Whoever Fails This Harry Potter Quiz Is No Longer A Potterhead

On 16th November 2001, Harry Potter entered our lives (if he hadn't already entered with its books!) by entering the big screen with its first film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (originally called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone!).

Every kid born in the 80s and 90s (at least almost every kid!) fell in love with Harry Potter instantly! Who didn't wait for his or her owl? Who didn't hope that one day he or she would see Hogwarts from up close? The Harry Potter universe was born and so were our dreams and wishes!

It's been almost twenty years, but Harry Potter is still a go-to film when we are feeling blue, and we want a pick me up by doing a movie marathon. About to go to a sleepover? Harry Potter Marathon! Bored? Harry Potter marathon! It's the solution to many problems even if it's not an obvious one!

We quote too much from it, and we will continue to do so without giving an apology!

So, let's see how many real fans are out there! Answer these questions and we'll see who can be considered a big fan of Harry Potter!

Let's start!

Question 1

Harry is generally known as "the boy who...?"

Harry Potter is the chosen one, the only wizard in the whole wizarding world that can stop Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes according to the IMDB) from ruling the world as he sees fit. This much we know from a prophecy and this is how Lord Voldemort himself learned that a young baby could bring his downfall. For this reason, Lord Voldemort tried to take measures to prevent this from happening. In his attempt, he wasn't successful. Harry Potter managed to stay alive in a way that no one could explain back then. But perhaps later on, we can have a few theories (if not answers). As a result, Harry is known as the boy who...?

Question 2

Name the wizarding bank

The Wizarding Bank is one of the first buildings that we see, when we enter the wizarding world. It is a space that inspires awe and respect. There we meet the goblins the first magical creature that we get to see! Well aside from Professor Minerva McGonagall (Maggie Smith according to the IMDB) who turns from a beautiful cat to a lady in a few seconds! The goblins are an integral part of the wizarding bank, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any witches and wizards that work there too! We know that Bill Weasley (Domhnall Gleeson) is one of those wizards. Remember the name of the wizarding bank?

Question 3

Who accidentally turned into a cat after drinking polyjuice potion?

During Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, we know (from the Harry Potter Wikipedia!) that the heir of Salazar Slytherin has returned to Hogwarts (in what form we get to learn later on!) and that he petrifies other students that have non-magical parents. Of course, our favorite gang in the wizarding world wants to see who is behind these events at Hogwarts and they brew a polyjuice potion. In doing so, they break many Hogwarts rules, but they think that it is worth it! After all we've seen many students in Harry's class bend the rules to have fun or do something for the greater good! Remember who drinks the polyjuice potion and accidentally turns into a cat?

Question 4

Name the moving tree at Hogwarts

We said in the previous question that Harry's Nimbus 2000 breaks. According to Harry Potter Wikipedia, broomsticks are designed to survive a fall because losing control of a broomstick while still on the air is very common. Harry's broomstick broke because the thunderstorm led it to the moving tree at Hogwarts. Entangled in the trees harsh branches the broomstick couldn't hold its ground. This particular tree has a mind of its own and it doesn't really care if its branches will cause any problems. If one gets too close (whether student or professor) the tree starts moving uncontrollably. Remember the name of the moving tree in Hogwarts?

Question 5

Who gave Harry his invisibility cloak?

One great Christmas morning, Harry opens up his gifts and finds among other things a package from an anonymous sender that contains an invisibility cloak. The note said that this invisibility cloak used to belong to Harry's father, James Potter, and that the sender is merely returning to Harry what is rightfully his (according to Harry Potter Wikipedia the sender merely borrowed the invisibility cloak all those years ago, but couldn't give it back until that very moment!). In this way, Harry is introduced to something new from the wizarding world that he had no idea it existed! The invisibility cloak was a great asset during Harry's school years (and later on!). Remember who gave Harry his invisibility cloak?

Question 6

Name this character

This character is introduced to us in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. According to the IMDB, she is portrayed by Imelda Staunton and she is one of the characters that fans least like (they even like Lord Voldemort better than her!). This character works in the Ministry of Magic, but is later on sent to overlook Dumbledore's (Michael Gambon according to IMDB) movements inside Hogwarts. As a result, she eventually becomes Headmistress of Hogwarts for a brief period of time (she doesn't last long because her actions have great consequences). Eventually, she returns to the Ministry of Magic as she becomes a follower of Lord Voldemort (the why is still unclear). Remember her name?

Question 7

What does Ron see in the Mirror of Erised?

According to Harry Potter Wikipedia, the mirror of Erised is one of those awesome magical items that seem ordinary, but in reality they are not! Harry discovers the mirror of Erised during the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone film and as he looks in the mirror he can see himself with his parents. As Dumbledore later explains the mirror of Erised shows us our deepest desires. Harry's deepest desire is that his parents were still alive! But, before Dumbledore explains all this to us, Harry takes Ron to the mirror of Erised so that he may meet his parents! However, Ron's deepest desire isn't to meet Harry's parents. Remember what is Ron's greatest desire?

Question 8

What is Alastor Moody's nickname?

Alastor Moody (Brendan Gleeson according to the IMDB) is one of the greatest and most famous aurors in England. Having caught a great deal of witches and wizards that broke the law and put them in Azkaban, Moody has a lot of scars. One of the things he lost, is his left eye. Instead of pouting, Moody wears a magical eye that helps him see everything (behind his head, behind closed doors etc.). This accessory that he has given to himself has also given him a nickname. After all, being an auror after so many years, (and a very talented auror at that) Moody is very famous. Remember his nickname?

Question 9

Who freed Dobby?

During Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, we meet our very first house elf, Dobby (Toby Jones according to IMDB)! Dobby knows what is about to go down in Hogwarts, and so he wants to protect Harry. For this reason, he hides Harry's letters, (if he thought he had no friends in Hogwarts, perhaps he wouldn't go back) he closes the 9 3/4 gate for the Hogwarts express and bewitches a bludger to hit Harry. Dobby knows what is about to happen because he works for the Malfoy family (every elf has sworn loyalty to a wizarding family until they lose their life or are freed). Remember who freed Dobby?

Question 10

Who said: "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light"

According to Harry Potter Wikipedia, one of the main themes that we see in all 8 Harry Potter films is the existence (and co-existence) between darkness and light. Many characters comment on this because this theme is a version of the good versus bad theme that we all know so well from books, films and possibly every other entertainment media out there! Now the good guys cannot deny that there is darkness in life. The only thing that they can argue to support their view of the world is that light can predominate over darkness at any given moment if we so desire. Remember who said this particular quote?

Question 11

What is devil's snare?

The main conflict in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is that Lord Voldemort wants to get the philosopher's stone (which, according to Harry Potter Wikipedia, is an invention of Nicolas Flamel that can make the elixir of life that can prolong someone's life expectancy to the extent of making him or her immortal!) and Dumbledore along with others try to prevent him. For this reason, the stone is brought to Hogwarts in order to be protected by the best minds in the wizarding world. Every professor offers his or her expertise to set a different trap before one could reach the stone. One of those traps is called devil's snare. Remember what it is?

Question 12

Who is the youngest seeker in the last hundred years?

Quidditch is a competitive sport during which two teams try to score more points. According to Harry Potter Wikipedia, every team has three chasers, two beaters, one keeper and one seeker. The chasers are the team members that try to score points. The beaters try to protect their teammates by sending magical balls to their opponents so as to stop them from scoring or hitting another team member. The keeper tries to prevent the opposing team's chasers from scoring by guarding the rings. Lastly, the seeker seeks for the golden snitch, the ball that one has to catch before the other team's seeker. Remember who is the youngest seeker of the past century?

Question 13

Who sacrifices himself/herself during the game of chess?

As we said before, Lord Voldemort wants to get his hands on the Philosopher's stone, so that he can come back in a physical form and try to gain a position of power once again during the first film of the franchise. In order to protect the stone, we said that Hogwarts professors had to install traps, so as to prevent Lord Voldemort from taking the stone. One such trap, according to Harry Potter Wikipedia, was Professor McGonagall's life-size chess game. When Harry and the others tried to protect the stone themselves, they had to pass through every trap successfully as well. One of the gang has to sacrifice himself/herself, so that the others can move forward. Remember who that was?

Question 14

Name this character

This character is introduced to us in Harry and the Chamber of Secrets. He is portrayed by Jason Isaacs, according to IMDB, and he is one of biggest followers of Lord Voldemort. Of course, we don't know that from the very moment we meet him. We learn that during Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Up until the sixth film, this character is one of the most trusted followers of Lord Voldemort (that is to say until he broke the prophesy about Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter). Lastly, he has one son that also joins Lord Voldemort (at least until he realizes that's not a wise choice). Remember the name of this character?

Question 15

Who said: "Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself?"

We are introduced to Lord Voldemort as "You know who" or "the one who must not be named." When he was in power, Lord Voldemort first renamed himself (his real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle according to Harry Potter Wikipedia) and then managed to make people refrain from using his name out of fear. The only people that called him by name were his followers. Of course, when the Order of the Phoenix was created by Albus Dumbledore also called him by his name as a sign of bravery and a willingness to overthrow him. Remember who said this particular quote regarding Lord Voldemort's name?

Question 16

Which family owns a flying car?

In the beginning of a school year, Harry was going toward King Cross train station to take the Hogwarts express and go to Hogwarts. This particular time, the gate was closed and he along with Ron lost the train. In order to reach their destination they somehow end up inside a flying car that takes them to our favorite wizarding school! Of course, the car is seen by some muggles and this raises certain questions that eventually are resolved (according to Harry Potter Wikipedia). Harry and Ron don't own a flying car of course, they just borrowed it from someone else! Remember which wizarding family owns a flying car?

Question 17

What is Hagrid's job?

Rubeus Hagrid is hands down one of the most adorable characters in the Harry Potter universe! We don't know if we love Hagrid because he cries when he has to say goodbye to baby Harry on the night he lost his parents, or because he was the one to announce to Harry that he was a wizard, but he certainly both of these instances paint a picture that we can't help but love! Hagrid is sensitive and sweet and we want to give him the love he deserves (and sometimes can't have because, according to Harry Potter Wikipedia, he's part giant, part muggle...). Perhaps Dumbledore feels the same and this is why he lets Hagrid stay at Hogwarts even after he is expelled. Remember Hagrid's job?

Question 18

Name Filch's cat

Argus Filch (David John Bradley) is introduced to us in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's according to the IMDB. He is the caretaker of Hogwarts since he is a squib (a squib is a woman or a man that comes from a wizarding family, but hasn't developed any magical abilities) and he wants to be part of the wizarding world somehow. Filch is not a big fan of Hogwarts students. In fact, he dislikes almost each and every one! The only creature that he has shown some type of affection is his cat. Remember the name of Filch's cat?

Question 19

Who is forced to spend his detention time with Gilderoy Lockhart?

Gilderoy Lockhart (played by Kenneth Branagh according to the IMDB) is the professor of defense against the dark arts teacher at Hogwarts during Harry's second year at Hogwarts. Althgouh he is clearly not qualified for the job (every achievement he has claimed as his own was accomplished by another witch or wizard) he is given the position. As we all know, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the movie during which Hogwarts muggle-born students are being petrified. When Filch's cat is petrified and is found by some students, theses students are given detention. Remember which student had to spend his detention with Gilderoy Lockhart?

Question 20

How does Dobby lose his life?

Even after he is freed, (according to Harry Potter Wikipedia, he found a sock inside Tom Riddle's diary when his master gives it to him) Dobby still returns to the big screen. After Harry saved his life, Dobby feels that he owes him and this is why throughout the rest Harry Potter films, he saves him and helps him any way he can. For example, when Harry, Ron and Hermione are taken by the Malfoys, Dobby runs to their rescue. After that, we never see Dobby again even though at some point we learn that he has lost his life. Remember how Dobby loses his life?

Question 21

Name Hagrid's dragon

Hagrid is a guy that loves having big pets. According to Harry Potter Wikipedia, he has a big dog, an even bigger acromantula spider, a hippogriff, and a three-headed dog named Fluffy. His love for this type of magical creatures is one of the reasons Dumbledore gives him the position of the care of magical creatures professor in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. As we see with the name Fluffy, Hagrid gives his pets weird names sometimes (it's one of the reasons we love him!). Despite his size, which can be seen as a bit intimidating, Hagrid is a sweet guy and we can see that in his love for magical creatures (no matter how different they might be!). Remember the name of Hagrid's dragon?

Question 22

At what age do young wizards and witches go to Hogwarts?

It's been almost 20 years since the day that we got to see Harry Potter in our screens for the first time. From the moment Harry (Daniel Radcliffe according to the IMDB) is told that he is a wizard, (even if his whole life he was living in a non-magical place) we wanted to get our letter from Hogwarts as well. We've looked for owls in the sky, and we've looked through our mail (and unfortunately we never got that letter...). So we've been experiencing the magical world through Harry ever since and we can't get enough! Remember at what age do young wizards and witches go to Hogwarts?

Question 23

Who grew up in Godric's Hollow (besides Harry Potter)?

One of the details we get to know about Harry's life before he lost both of his parents is that they used to live in Godric's Hollow. Godric's Hollow is a village that was named after Godric Gryffindor because it was his birthplace. We don't know if Lily and James Potter (Geraldine Somerville and Adrian Rawlins according to the IMDB) chose this place due to its fame and their connection to the House of Gryffindor at Hogwarts, but we definitely feel that it was a right fit for them when we finally see it during Harry's visit. Remember who else grew up in Godric's Hollow?

Question 24

Who is NOT an animagus?

According to Harry Potter Wikipedia, an animagus is a witch or a wizard that can change her or his form from human to animal by choice. The choice of the animal depends on the witch or wizard, but when chosen it should be registered in the ministry of magic. Of course, as we know not all animagi are registered (this is the very reason Sirius Black was able to escape Azkaban!). The very obvious example of an animagus is Professor McGonagall. She is even introduced to us as a cat and then it is revealed that she is a witch! Remember a witch or a wizard that we know for a fact that he/she is not an animagus?

Question 25

What is the name of the portrait at the Gryffindor entrance?

Each House at Hogwarts has its own entrance at a specific part inside the castle that is separate from the rest. Most Houses have a password protected entrance, but, according to Harry Potter Wikipedia, Ravenclaw House (which is all about knowledge and wisdom) poses a question to students that want to enter its common room. If they don't answer correctly, they have to stay out until they find the right answer. In Gryffindor House, the students have to give their password to a woman that is in a portrait and guards the entrance. The password changes regularly, so that students from other Houses cannot enter. Remember the name of the portrait at the Gryffindor entrance?

Question 26

What does Harry Potter use to save Ron after he is poisoned?

During the 6th film, we see that our favorite witches and wizards have started to grow up (they started falling in love, for instance!). For this reason, a lot of Hogwarts students were buying love potions. One such love potion was intended to reach Harry Potter. Now, we all know that Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint according to the IMDB) loves food (that's one of the reasons we love him!). One day, he eats some of Harry's chocolate that was rinsed with love potion. He falls in love and Harry takes him to Professor Slughorn (Jim Broadbent ). Although Ron drinks an antidote, he is then poisoned. Remember what did Harry use to save Ron?

Question 27

Name the character on the right

Although this character is not a Hogwarts professor, we keep seeing her in most Harry Potter films, when a student goes to the infirmary (in most cases Harry himself!). A very talented nurse, according to Harry Potter Wikipedia, this character can heal many wounds caused by accidents but that doesn't necessarily mean that her job is easy. A sport like quidditch, for instance, is bit too edgy sometimes and students end up in her ward. What's most important about this character is that although she is very strict to her patients and their visitors, she cares very much about them. Her being strict shows her affection. Remember her name?

Question 28

Who is NOT on the Gryffindor quidditch team?

Now we've just said that quidditch is a bit of an edgy game. We draw this conclusion from the fact that we've watched many games that have taken place even if the weather is not that great (raining and thunderstorm). We've also seen many students trying to win by hitting the teammates of the other team. The sport itself has two teammates (the beaters) that have to protect their own by sending two magical balls to their opponents according to Harry Poter Wikipedia! This means that not everyone at Hogwarts is excited about the game. Remember which character is not on the Gryffindor quidditch team?

Question 29

What broomstick did Sirius buy Harry?

Since Harry lost his parents at a very young age, he didn't know anything about the wizarding world before Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane according to the IMDB) came to his doorstep. This means that when Professor McGonagall wants Harry to join the Gryffindor quidditch team, he has no idea how to play and he doesn't own a broomstick. For this reason, McGonagall gives Harry a Nimbus 2000 (one of the fastest broomsticks at the time). When Harry encounters dementors as he is playing quidditch and he faints, his broomstick breaks. Later on, Sirius Black (Gary Oldman according to the IMDB) his godfather, buys him a new one! Remember the model of that broomstick?

Question 30

Who is the head of Ravenclaw House?

Hogwarts was founded by four great witches and wizards (Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Salazar Slytherin and Helga Hufflepuff according to Harry Potter Wikipedia). Each one of the founders built a House which had its own prerequisites for prospective students to enter. Ravenclaw valued wisdom and knowledge above anything else. All one needs is a wit that others can admire and he/she is in! Unlike Slytherin, Ravenclaw valued intellect and not the ability to be cunning. For this reason, the Ravenclaw House saying is: “If you have to ask, you’ll never know. If you know, you need only ask.” Remember who is the head of Ravenclaw House?

Question 31

Why was Sirius Black put into Azkaban?

Up until the third film, we never even heard the name Sirius Black before. When we finally do, we hear a story that is built on lies. According to Harry Potter Wikipedia, Sirius Black is a prisoner in Azkaban and we even get to learn why. This why paints a very different picture from the one we get when we finally meet Sirius after his escape. He was the best friend of James and Lily Potter and therefore he is Harry's godfather. He never got love from his family, but he definitely got love from his friends (and James' parents). We feel sad for his backstory, and even sadder when he doesn't get a happy ending. Remember why Sirius was locked in Azkaban?

Question 32

In which House was Cho Chang put in?

We are introduced to Cho Chang (Katie Leung according to the IMDB) during Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. From the very moment she enters the big screen inside the Hogwarts Express, we understand that Harry has a crush on her. Cho seems sweet and we think that perhaps the feeling is mutual. As the year passes by, we see Harry struggling with his feelings for Cho especially when he asks her to the Yule ball and she has to decline because she's already said yes to someone else. That someone else turns out to be Cedric Diggory. We don't get to know a lot of things about Cho, but at least we know which House she was sorted in. Remember which one?

Question 33

After what age are witches and wizards allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts?

According to Harry Potter Wikipedia, Hogwarts is the school of witchcraft and wizardry in England! This means that Hogwarts is the place where young witches and wizards can learn how to use their magic properly and without causing any trouble to anyone. That being said, although being a witch or a wizard has to do with genes, it's not something that one knows how to use through instinct. For this reason, young witches and wizards are not allowed to use their magic outside Hogwarts (after they have started it of course!). If they do, they get expelled. Remember at which age witches and wizards can legally use magic outside Hogwarts?

Question 34

Who is dating Ginny before Harry does?

Even though Harry knows Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright according to IMDB) for many years, he initially thinks of her only as Ron's younger sister (well he did meet her when he was 11 and she was 10). From the little we've seen of Ginny in the beginning, we sort of feel that she has a crush on Harry. So, when Harry finally meets her on the same emotional level, we are not very surprised that something happens between them. It should be noted that after a certain point, Ginny doesn't sit and wait for Harry to notice her, but dates other guys. Remember who she dated before she started dating Harry?

Question 35

Who takes Ginny to the Yule Ball?

The Yule Ball was a celebratory ball held on Christmas day. Unfortunately, it wasn't open for everyone (students had to be at least fourth years according to Harry Potter Wikipedia). Of course, there was a loophole! If a student was a third year, for instance, but was asked to the Yule Ball by someone older, then he or she could attend! This was the case with Ginny Weasley! To be more exact, when a fourth-year asks Hermione (Emma Watson) to the Yule Ball, but she has to decline because she will be going with someone else that someone also asks Ginny and she accepts! Remember who asked Ginny to the Yule Ball?

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