Whoever Doesn't Pass This Twilight Quiz Isn't A True Twihard

Calling all creatures of the night! Whether it’s the full moon or the ripe scent of people that gets us going doesn’t matter; it’s time to come together once and for all and embrace the secrets of this mythical saga. For those that don’t remember, the Twilight series was a cultural phenomenon that, in our minds, rivalled that of Harry Potter. While it didn’t quite have the longevity (don’t try rewatching the movies, seriously) it certainly affected us when we were tweens.

True Twihards are able to look past any questionable breaks from the classic vampire/werewolf lore that the series makes. It’s an exciting challenge, learning all the ins and outs of this series. Who thinks that they’ve got all those facts and focuses mastered? True Twihards are known for their flawless memories and endless knowledge stores. It’s been a while since the books and movies have been considered new, but that’s all the more reason to brag about knowing the ins and outs of the Twilight series!

For those that don’t think of themselves as Twihards, they’ll want to brush up on the knowledge before attempting this quiz. For those that know they’re basically a Cullen (or part of the wolf pack), keep reading. The results aren’t up to us; they’re up to that big, beautiful, Twihard brain. And maybe the Volturi.

Question 1

Where did the idea for Twilight come from?

Asking a writer where they get their inspiration from is as good as asking a peek-a-boo-playing baby where it went. It almost always doesn’t know, and usually doesn’t want to find out. Not only are they often stuck believing in the magic of inspiration, but they’re honestly happier like it as well. On one hand we get it. It allows inspiration to come from anywhere; any word, look, action, or story can inspire the next project. On the other hand, it makes it awfully hard to control. Where did Meyer’s inspiration come from?

Question 2

Which team is Stephenie Meyer on?

For those that are unfamiliar with this “team” talk that’s happening, we would recommend turning around and exiting. Quickly. True Twihards know that the biggest dividing point of the Twilight saga wasn’t the fact that vampires are sparkly. It was actually what team we were on. Were we team Jacob, or team Edward? Bella, the protagonist, was stuck between her love for these two men. Readers and audience members were then caught in the struggle between which one they thought she should pick. Even the author has chosen a side. Which one is it?

Question 3

What is the Cullen crest?

The Cullens are actually not a traditional family. This might look like a mom-dad-brother-sister scenario, but trust us when we say it’s anything but. The Cullens are more of a clan or coven, which means that they need to have a crest representing whom they’re aligned with and belong to. There are many vampire covens around the world. The Cullens are one in a long line of them. Therefore, they need a cool crest. What does it look like though?

Question 4

Where does Rosalie wear her crest?

Remember when we said that every member of the Cullen family wears a crest so as to identify which coven they’re a part of? We actually do mean that they wear a crest. They have a variety of accessories that all have the Cullen family crest on it. While some of them do wear the same crest-adorned thing, Rosalie has a much more fashionable option. Her accessory of choice is one of the biggest, most visible ones. What is it?

Question 5

What do the Cullen's golden eyes mean?

Anyone on team Edward will know the answer to this. At the very least they’ll have spent a long time dreaming about his eyes; long enough to know that they’re almost always golden. This color is not necessarily the vampires’ default setting. The golden is a special hue that the Cullens carry. While there are a few other vampires that are seen sporting it often, some of them believe it’s not healthy to be kept in such a state for that long.

Question 6

How many special effects were in Breaking Dawn?

Many of the effects in the movies were practical, such as with the wigs, makeup, and hand painted contact lenses. (Twilight Wikia) It might not seem like there were a lot of special effects in this movie other than the fight scenes, there were actually a surprising amount effects done for a surprising reason. While we won’t spill the beans until this question is answered, we can say that this movie had more special effects than we expected, and they were used for something that we never would have expected!

Question 7

What color is Jacob's fur in wolf form?

Team Jacob members, this question is for your endless supplies of wolf pack knowledge. Knowing who’s who in the wolf pack is easy when they’re human, but just wait until they get into their wolf form. It becomes surprisingly difficult to tell them apart, especially when they’re trying to one-up each other, hunt, or do other wolfy things. Some people might be put off by their partner turning into a wolf, but we personally really like it. The color of Jacob’s fur is so lovely. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle?

Question 8

Who designed Bella's wedding dress for the movie?

We don’t believe Kristen Stewart is married yet, but Bella Swan certainly is. Bella and Edward did get married, despite the fact that Jacob was still hanging around and having feelings for Bella. We’re glad that the wedding happened, don’t get us wrong. After all, the wedding gave the opportunity for this dress to be made. The designer of the dress is a real designer, and they’re very, very good. We would love to wear something similar. But we’ll skip the immortality and animal hunting.

Question 9

Which Cullen family member did Rosalie turn?

Like we said, the Cullen family is not exactly a traditional family. Carlisle started the family a long, long time ago. While they might be able to pass for mother/father and kids, it’s definitely not the dynamic that’s in place inside the home. The Cullens were turned one by one, brought into the clan with compassion and love. Many of them were stuck between a rock and a hard place, like Rosalie was with the member of the family that she turned. Who was it that Rosalie got her teeth on?

Question 10

What is another name for the Cullen family?

We’ll say it one more time: The Cullens are not genetically related, even though they’re all vampires. They know each other, love each other, and stick by each other, but masquerading as a family does not necessarily mean they are one. If “family” isn’t the right label, what is? There’s actually a few different names for the Cullen crew. They go by a slightly different moniker in traditional vampire lore, though. That’s only known by the truly committed Twihards, though!

Question 11

Where do the Cullens live?

According to Edward, the Cullen family (whom we’ve established is not a traditional family-- we’ll move past that now) moves around depending on how suspicious the town gets. Vampires don’t age, which makes it difficult for them to live in the same place for a normal span of time. Ten years might be okay, but twenty? Too much aging happens over the course of twenty years for them to cover. We meet the Cullens when they’re living here, in this city. The legends say that people like the Cullens have been around for a while, but they do move.

Question 12

Which character is in the films, but not in the books?

Okay, we’ll admit that this is a bit of a difficult question. There are in fact a few characters from the books who didn’t make it into the movies. (Twilight Wikia) It’s only fair. After all, the books were hundreds of pages long. We don’t exactly remember how long the movies were, but we know that it was more than enough. They couldn’t pack anymore in! This means that a few characters got the short end of the stick and had to stick to living in the books. Which one, out of these chosen few, were relegated to book-only status?

Question 13

When was Carlisle Cullen born?

Carlisle could almost be considered the father of the pack. An accomplished doctor, this is the man who initially started the vegetarian vampire club. The Cullens respect and revere him as much as other vampires dislike and distrust him. He looks nowhere close to his age as well. Since vampirism stops people from aging and changing, Carlisle won’t give away any clues about how old he is through his looks. He really, truly is the definition of an “old soul”.

Question 14

Who didn't accept Bella as part of the Cullen family?

Isn’t this always the way it goes? We meet someone nice, we fall in love, we plan a future...and then we have to get our family to like them. As much as the Cullen clan is more of a gathering of turned people, they still need to approve of each others spouses before welcoming them into their home. Bella was initially welcomed warmly, after a few hesitant looks. But when she started talking about actually joining their immortal family? There were more than a few shocked gasps and disappointed head shakes.

Question 15

Which vampire was destroyed by Emmett and Jasper?

Victoria was the leader of the bad vampire pack. While the wolf pack might dislike all vampires, they really and truly dislike these vampires. Victoria and her crew came in, and there just so happened to be crazy results. One of her coven was turned to ash (the only way to make sure a vampire is really gone), and she promises to get revenge on the creature who did it. Which of her group did she feel strongly enough about to promise such drastic measures?

Question 16

Who does Jacob Black imprint on?

Imprinting, as it’s explained in the book, is when a wolf essentially falls in love with someone. It’s a little more intense than that, though. If a wolf imprints on a person, they’re meant to be with that person. All of a sudden they’ve joined souls, and anything that happens to the person hurts as much as it would if it happened to the wolf. Jacob has a very interesting imprint event happen a little later on in the book series.

Question 17

What is Bella's dad's name?

The human characters in these books are sparse at best. Even the human looking ones (like Jacob and friends) aren’t actually solely human. Bella’s dad is very much human, though, just like Bella. While that changed for her, it didn’t change for her dad. He’s still very much mortal. It’s a good thing he exists, though, as he’s the reason that she came to Forks in the first place. She never would have met Edward if he, her dad, wasn’t around!

Question 18

What magical group is Jacob Black a part of?

This is kind of a giveaway, isn’t it? We figured we had to put some easy points in somewhere in this quiz. Believe it or not, Jacob Black is actually not what we think he is. We don’t mean that he’s not magic; he most definitely is. But what he is is a little more detailed than the black and white “vampires versus wolves” mentality we often break it down into. If that’s the case, then what is his official mythical title?

Question 19

What do the Volturi control?

The Volturi are the vampires that appear throughout the series who work to keep the Cullens in line. Remember when we mentioned how there’s actually a bunch of different vampire clans around the world? The Volturi are one of them, and they’ve got some wild powers. We wouldn’t be surprised if Meyer decided to create a book solely about them. Their history is just so rich. Rich history, though, often means a far reaching and all encompassing power. But what exactly is the reach of their control?

Question 20

What is the one thing Aro envies?

Aro, one of the leaders of the Volturi, has one of the most powerful positions in the whole vampire world. The coven that he’s a part of has far reaching control, and he’s part of a long line of powerful creatures. However, that doesn’t make him immune to envy. There are some things that he wishes he had. In the same way that Rosalie wishes for certain things too. Was that a hint? Maybe. We’re not going to say anything!

Question 21

What color hair does Victoria have?

Just for the record, yes. We know that that’s not a picture of Victoria. That’s a picture of Bella, as any real Twihard knows. We couldn’t give away the answer that easily! The vampires in Twilight are pretty iconic. With their smooth skin and bright eyes, their hair tends to look even more surprising and vibrant depending on what color it is. Victoria’s hair is almost a character unto itself. It’s even brighter than all the others' hair colors. Oh no-- We've said too much!

Question 22

Why couldn't the wolf pack harm Renesmee?

Maybe we’re jumping ahead a little bit here, but there’s a very good reason for it. Twilight was a fantastic set up to the story. We fell in love with the characters and got a full picture of both Bella and Edward’s love as well as the vampire world as a whole. But the later books are where the true meatiness of the stories comes in. There’s so many layers to these stories. Sure, they’re not the best message. But they’re a great escape.

Question 23

What does Jacob give Renesmee?

The wolf pack can’t harm Renesmee due to Jacob’s feelings about her. Or, rather, should we say his impression of her. The joke might be bad, but the relationship is so good. Jacob is now tasked with taking care of Renesmee and keeping her safe. This turns out to be an excellent thing when the Volturi come to town. To show his love, what’s one of the first gifts he gives Renesmee? It’s more romantic than we ever would have thought!

Question 24

Why does Jacob create his own wolf pack?

There comes a time in any group of friends when the relationship dynamic changes. The group ends up getting pulled in a couple of directions. People either scatter and end the group dynamic, or they band together even stronger. In some rare cases one or two people break off. That happens to be the case here, with Jacob leaving Sam’s wolf pack in order to create his own. Did he mean to garner a following? We don’t think so. After all, he didn’t leave for selfish reasons.

Question 25

How many copies did Eclipse sell in the first day?

We all know that Twilight was a great seller. We also all know that the rest of the series spawned an incredibly popular, fully crafted world that many people loved. Eclipse, the third book in the series, was eagerly awaited for by almost every tween (and their mothers). With all the fervor, how many copies did it end up selling? Was it as prolific and begged for as Harry Potter, or was it more along the lines of Kurt Vonnegut reprinting?

Question 26

What does the broken ribbon on the cover of Eclipse represent?

Continuing on the Eclipse train, let’s talk about the cover. We all know that the apple on the cover of Twilight represents good and bad, as well as the temptation that Bella feels. (Twilight Wikia). But what about the ribbon? Eclipse’s cover was much more opaque than the other ones. The classic hardcover featured a red ribbon with a break in it. Looking back on it, it seems kind of obvious. But in the moment, the cover seemed like a veiled metaphor we just couldn't place our finger on. What does it mean?

Question 27

How does Bella break her hand?

A little awkward to talk to a dad and a partner about, but Bella had no choice but to come clean. Breaking her hand is a little difficult to keep secret; especially when it goes along with fighting with her best friend (who just so happens to be in love with her too). We’re not saying that Bella was right, but we definitely cheered when she clocked him one after an unasked for kiss. No matter how steamy and tense a conversation might be, it’s still best to ask before diving in for a tongue touch.

Question 28

Where is Bella's scar located?

At the end of one of the books Bella is lured and trapped by a very bad vampire. He even goes so far as to say that he’s captured her mother. We’ll never forgive Meyer for the heart palpitations we got reading the scene, but boy did it make for a great movie moment. It also resulted in a scar for Bella, where they had to suck some of the vampire juice out of her. Where is that scar located, though?

Question 29

Why does Jacob get an invitation to Bella and Edward's wedding?

It seems a little anxiety-inducing, doesn’t it? Going to both an ex-best friend’s and an enemy’s wedding. Who would invite that person to their wedding anyway? Well, according to Edward and Bella, there are reasons as to why Jacob was invited to their wedding. While it might have created some tension, it also made for a fantastic development in their relationship. Oh, Meyer; always breaking our team Jacob hearts. It’s just not fair! While we’re glad it worked out the way it did, we’re still wishing it was Jacob in the tux.

Question 30

Who else has managed to escape the tracker James?

Okay, we’ll admit it: Bella didn’t really escape the tracker James on her own. She had some help from her friends, and then just ended up getting lured in anyway. It wasn’t solely her fault, though! She had a lot of stuff going on. Most notably: trying to keep the shreds of her normal life safe and sound. There is one person in the stories who did manage to escape, though. They talk about it once, but boy, was it powerful.

Question 31

Who many wolves are in the pack in the Eclipse movie?

When transitioning a story from a book into a movie it’s only natural to let go of some things. Letting go of characters, letting go of events; it’s all par for the course in the world of script development. What we’ve got in these movies, though, is a whole lot of changes. Many of them are for the best. Some of them don’t necessarily make sense. For example, the change in the wolf pack numbers. The movie headcount is different than the books. Why do we think that could be?

Question 32

What charm does Edward give Bella?

Talk about battle of the boyfriends. This is where the books got super cheesy, but also where they also officially became our teenage dreams personified. With very little romantic experience under our belts we were awestruck at this kind of romance happening to dear, sweet Bella. Not only did she get one charm from Jacob for her charm bracelet, she got one from Edward too! They certainly represented the boys, but do we know what the charms themselves happened to be?

Question 33

What is Jacob compared to in Eclipse?

It sounds vague, but true Twihards will know exactly the moment that we’re talking about. This was a point where Jacob was on top of his game. He was looking out for Bella, but couldn’t help but still feel down on himself. The ensuing conversation resulted in an iconic comparison that elicited more than one “OH!” from us when reading it. We’re not saying it was a groundbreaking metaphor, but it certainly added a whole new layer to the title.

Question 34

What is the name of the newspaper in the movies?

Out of all the things to change in the transition from the books to the movies, we’re surprised that this was one of the things they switched. Not only does the original name speak to the place that they’re in (a small town), but the new one sounds somewhere between being totally made up or so-accurate-it’s-real. We admit, we’re not sure why they changed it. Maybe it had something to do with the availability of the papers? Whatever it is, we know that the intense Twihards will have caught it.

Question 35

When, in the book series, is the first time Bella meets Leah?

Leah is one of the members of the wolf pack. In a way she’s one of Jacob’s friends, though their relationship only really develops later on in the series. Bella meets her fairly early on in the books. Or at least Bella knows about Leah fairly early on in the book series. In the movies, though, Leah almost turns into that newspaper situation. Her character was changed a fair bit, resulting in their meeting happening...which book exactly did it take place in?

Question 36

What does Bella never do in the movies?

Something that the books go on and on about is the fact that Bella struggles a lot after Edward leaves. She’s tired of her day-to-day life, living without the other half of her heart. Really, as much as we love Jacob, it’s clear that Edward is the person that completes her. That’s why she gets so sad when he’s gone. Coping is hard, and we know that some of her coping mechanisms were cut from the movie. Weirdly enough, this action was also cut as well.

Question 37

What is the name of the newborn leading the army?

Just as a quick refresher, Victoria made it her immortal life’s mission to avenge James’s passing. This means that she’ll stop at nothing to achieve it. One of the methods she uses to get back at the Cullens is creating a newborn army to track them all down and battle it out with them. The newborns might be very strong generally, but there’s one that’s stronger than all the others. Who’s the newborn that’s leading the charge of Victoria's newborn army?

Question 38

What is the name of the companion novel to Twilight?

Believe it or not, the Twilight series isn’t over yet. Meyer has created a companion novel to Twilight which tells the story from Edward’s perspective. At least, she’s in the process of creating it. She’s not necessarily going to release it yet, as much of it was leaked. (Twilight Wikia). We hope that one day she does finish the book, as that means that we’ll finally get to live our dreams of pretending to see the world like a vampire does.

Question 39

Where does James lure Bella to at the end of Twilight?

Twilight ends with a big bang, but not between the wolves and the vampires. While that has been hinted to throughout the series, Bella seems to be the bridge that closes the gap between the two groups. Rightfully so; she’s got so much love for both of them it wouldn’t be fair to let them fight. This is a battle vampire to vampire. It’s the famous scene where James captures Bella. But where exactly does he end up luring her to?

Question 40

Who gifts Bella her truck?

Bella lands in Forks knowing her dad and her dad’s best friend, as well as the son of said best friend. His name just so happens to be Jacob, which is where the whole story really kicks off. In order to get to school in the mornings Bella needs a set of wheels. This sense of independence and freedom comes back around later in the book series. But who’s the person that really kicks it off, by gifting Bella her almost-new set of wheels?

Question 41

Where do Bella and Edward first actually meet?

It’s a romance for the ages, and one that many of us know by heart. So many of us read those books over and over again, but very few of us actually remember the first time that Bella and Edward meet. They’re aware of each other throughout much of the beginning of the first novel, but that doesn’t mean that they’re spending time together. Where is the first place they legitimately meet and exchange a few words? Every immortal marriage has to start somewhere, after all!

Question 42

What frustrates Edward in Twilight?

Edward gets frustrated a lot. One of the biggest things that frustrates him is Bella. Or, more specifically, the implications that loving a human has for him as an immortal, blood-thirsty being. That’s not to say that he doesn’t have positive feelings as well, though! And, to be totally honest, there were a few things that bothered him more than her warm, beating heart. We don't believe that it changes throughout the series either, try as hard as he might to change it.

Question 43

Where does Bella's "Edward is a vampire" realization take place in the book?

Again, this is a book specific question. The movie has it done in a different place, probably to up the dramatic effect. We think that it might have been interesting to keep it the same, though. After all, the scene is pretty emotional. Edward is finally coming clean, and Bella is alone with someone who thinks that she would be a delicious meal! That's probably a situation that's more than a little awkward to be in. Not to mention stressful!

Question 44

When does Edward lose control around Bella?

Edward is normally pretty controlled around Bella, especially when he’s hungry. The Cullens have decided that they’ll only hunt animals, not humans. This makes it possible for Edward to restrain himself pretty much always. But one single event changes everything and makes it impossible for Edward to contain himself any longer. What event could that have been? Does anyone remember this dramatic moment? To be fair, it was pretty quick. Edward has great control, so the event is really a one-and-done moment in the books.

Question 45

How does Harry Clearwater pass away in the books?

Harry Clearwater is one of Charlie’s friends. This passing of him is actually a very important point in the books and movies. It results in a small case of mildly mistaken identity, which leads Edward to go beg the Volturi to turn him to ash. Talk about dramatic, right? Don’t be so quick to judge; to be fair, Edward thought it was Bella’s funeral; not Harry Clearwater’s. If only he would have asked! (Twilight Wikia). Thank goodness Alice was there with her future sight.

Question 46

What does Alice not see in her cliff jumping vision?

Tying into the last question is this very specific detail from Alice’s vision. Alice is able to see the future. It comes in flashes, but on the whole she’s usually pretty right. Right enough to be able to save people’s lives. Unfortunately, not right enough to stop the spread of miscommunication. This is partially what happens when Alice sees Bella going cliff diving. What was the one detail that Alice’s future sight didn’t show her? Even if the detail was missed, at least it all worked out in the end.

Question 47

Which Cullen votes no to turning Bella into a vampire?

Some of the Cullens are big, big fans of Bella. Some of them needed a while to warm up to her. Edward was head over heels pretty much right away. Despite the likes and dislikes amongst the clan, Bella’s desire to become one of them was not met with open arms and a warm welcome right away. Becoming immortal is a serious decision. Bella is awfully young, and two of the Cullens had to agree that it was a hasty proposition.

Question 48

What special power does Alice have?

This is an easy one if anyone has been paying attention. Alice has been integral to a few different plot threads throughout the series. Both in the books and in the movies has she really held her own as a character. More than a plot device, though, she’s a real vampire who’s struggled with a supernatural power that not all of them share. This makes her unique, as well as making her incredibly stressed out sometimes. Win some, lose some, right?

Question 49

Which band inspired Stephenie Meyer?

Many writers choose to write with music playing in the background. Not only does it help us focus when we’re writing, but we also find that our mood can be affected by whatever music is playing. We were surprised when Meyer admitted that this was one of her main musical inspirations for the story, but looking back it totally makes sense. (Twilight Wikia). In fact, we think it’s actually kind of a perfect match for the tone and mood of the stories.

Question 50

Where is Stephenie Meyer seen in the movies?

She’s like the mythical, young adult novel version of Stan Lee. In the same way that we’ve spotted him in a few of his movies, we also spotted Stephenie Meyer herself in one of the scenes of the Twilight series. She might not be a character with a loudly spoken name, but she’s definitely there. It’s a fun little Easter egg that ties the movies into the books very well. Besides, it’s always fun to catch a peek at the mind behind the matter!

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