Play 'Who'd You Rather' With These Men And We'll Totally Guess Your Sign

Alright ladies, we have built quite the game for you today! If looking through pictures of cute boys and dishing about them with your girlfriends sounds like a good time, then step right up! In this quiz, we will be doing all of those things, plus discovering a bit about ourselves along the way.

In this game of "who'd you rather", we will present two different men in every question. A photo of them both will be included, but the decisions will be left up to everyone here. Now, we must say that these celebs are looking finer than ever in this quiz, so prepare for some tough choices. Once the hard choices have been made, we will guess everybody's astrology sign!

Question 1

Jamie Dornan or Charlie Hunnam?

Question 2

Matthew Goode or Miles Teller?

Question 3

Joe Jonas or Justin Bieber?

Question 4

Christian Bale or Eddie Redmayne?

Question 5

Taylor Lautner or Theo James?

Question 6

Paul Wesley or Jared Padalecki?

Question 7

Chris Evans or Chadwick Boseman?

Question 8

Liam Hemsworth or Matt Bomer?

Question 9

Justin Timberlake or Orlando Bloom?

Question 10

Chris Hemsworth or Hugh Jackman?

Question 11

Shawn Mendes or Ashton Kutcher?

Question 12

Richard Madden or James Marsden?

Question 13

Joe Keery or Ezra Miller?

Question 14

Michael B. Jordan or Zac Efron?

Question 15

Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler?

Question 16

Henry Cavill or Chris Pine?

Question 17

Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt?

Question 18

Sam Heughan or Tom Hardy?

Question 19

Adrian Grenier or Ian Somerhalder?

Question 20

Enrique Iglesias or Bruno Mars?

Question 21

Nick Jonas or Zayn Malik?

Question 22

Joseph Gordon-Levitt or John Mayer?

Question 23

Idris Elba or George Clooney?

Question 24

Armie Hammer or Bradley Cooper?

Question 25

Tom Hiddleston or Robert Downey, Jr.?

Question 26

Jason Momoa or Rami Malek?

Question 27

Daniel Radcliffe or Dylan O'Brien?

Question 28

Taylor Kitsch or Milo Ventimiglia?

Question 29

Joe Manganiello or Dwayne Johnson?

Question 30

Cole Sprouse or Charlie Puth?

Question 31

Austin Butler or Ansel Elgort?

Question 32

Sam Claflin or Robert Pattinson?

Question 33

Ryan Reynolds or Chris Pratt?

Question 34

Shia LaBeouf or Adam Driver?

Question 35

Adam Scott or Jimmy Fallon?

Question 36

Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum?

Question 37

Charles Melton or Jim Sturgess?

Question 38

KJ Apa or Kit Harington?

Question 39

Diego Luna or Sebastian Stan?

Question 40

Patrick Dempsey or Paul Rudd?

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