Play 'Who'd You Rather' With These Men To Get Your Dream Guy

This quiz is filled with the dreamiest men ever! he most handsome guys who have been in the spotlight over the last few years are easy to pine after because they have such handsome faces! Some of these men are famous for TV shows while others are famous from movies. Some of these men are even famous for singing amazing songs and creating great music!

Justin Bieber is an example of one of the handsome men on this quiz! He is married to a gorgeous model named Hailey Baldwin and he rose to fame with the help of his mentor, Usher. He won the American Music Award for Artist of the Year, Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist, MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist, Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording, and the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Song! Pick between him and plenty of other handsome men!

Question 1

Zac Efron v. Josh Hutcherson

Question 2

Ryan Gosling v. Bradley Cooper

Question 3

Taylor Lautner v. Noah Centineo

Question 4

Tom Holland v. KJ Apa

Question 5

Andrew Garfield v. Charlie Puth

Question 6

Shawn Mendes v. Grant Gustin

Question 7

Zayn Malik v. Jacob Elordi

Question 8

Ian Somerhalder v. James Franco

Question 9

Adam Levine v. Jake Gyllenhaal

Question 10

Leonardo DiCaprio v. Brad Pitt

Question 11

Chris Pine v. Chris Evans

Question 12

Zac Efron v. Liam Hemsworth

Question 13

Ryan Gosling v. Ryan Reynolds

Question 14

Taylor Lautner v. Cole Sprouse

Question 15

Tom Holland v. Charles Melton

Question 16

Chace Crawford v. Jensen Ackles

Question 17

Andrew Garfield v. Joe Jonas

Question 18

Shawn Mendes v. Harry Styles

Question 19

Zayn Malik v. Ross Butler

Question 20

Ian Somerhalder v. Tom Brady

Question 21

Adam Levine v. Justin Timberlake

Question 22

Leonardo DiCaprio v. Tom Cruise

Question 23

Chris Pine v. Chris Hemsworth

Question 24

Zac Efron v. Theo James

Question 25

Ryan Gosling v. Chris Pratt

Question 26

Chace Crawford v. Justin Bieber

Question 27

Taylor Lautner v. Nick Jonas

Question 28

Tom Holland v. Dylan O'Brien

Question 29

Andrew Garfield v. Michael B. Jordan

Question 30

Shawn Mendes v. Paul Wesley

Question 31

Zayn Malik v. Tyler Posey

Question 32

Ian Somerhalder v. Robert Pattinson

Question 33

Adam Levine v. Chadwick Boseman

Question 34

Leonardo DiCaprio v. Johnny Depp

Question 35

Chris Pine v. Jason Momoa

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