Who Thinks They Can Match These Grey's Anatomy Characters To Their Nicknames?

Calling all Grey's Anatomy fans! With the 15th season of the show coming to an end, fans will be happy to know that the show has actually just been resigned for another 2 seasons! Not only does this mean more surgeries, more drama and more tears, but this also means 2 more seasons worth of hilarious nicknames! While this show is known for many things, their use of nicknames is truly one of their greatest claims to fame. In a series with so many emotional moments, it is nice to know we can always count on these nicknames for a good laugh.

In this quiz, we are going to be looking at some of the very best nicknames to ever be used on the show. Since some of these were only ever used in an episode or two, it is going to take a truly devoted fan to pass this quiz. We will be pulling popular nicknames from all of the seasons, so some of these may not have even been mentioned since the beginning. That being said, anyone who has watched every single moment of this show, will surely know the majority of the answers here. Let's see who the true Twisted Sisters are!

Question 1

"Ruler of All That Is Evil"

Okay, so this nickname does sound quite a bit harsh. To be fair, most of the nicknames out of this show did not exactly come from a kind place, but this one is particularly pointed. However, the character who this nickname belonged to, actually gave it to themself. After receiving an equally brutal nickname from a fellow surgeon, this quick-witted character decided to retort by saying that they actually prefer to be called "Ruler of All That Is Evil". If you can't beat em', why not join em', right? Does anyone here know who we are talking about in this question?

Question 2

"Sweet’n Low"

Here we have a bit of a funny one. The character who got this nicknamed did so by confessing that they had once hoped to poison their mother by way of artificial sweetener. The story was from back when the character was just a child, but that certainly did not stop the other doctors from pouncing on the opportunity for a twisted new nickname. It seems like even when the nicknames in this show sound as sweet as pie, they in fact have a rather bitter meaning behind them. Can anyone here remember which character got this nickname? Try taking a guess!

Question 3


This nickname is without a doubt the most recognizable one out of the whole series. Any fans who have been watching Grey' Anatomy since its very first episode, will have heard this nickname passed around about a million times by now. When all of the interns first started, one of the first things they all seemed to notice was the fact that many of their superiors were pretty attractive. While this was obviously something they all eventually got used to, it was not before they all decided upon this nickname for one of the particularly handsome attendings. Try picking out the right character!

Question 4


The nickname "McDreamy" caught on like wildfire. After it was dropped the first time, it quickly became the most used nickname on the show. That being said, a few seasons after that nickname had been established, a second extremely handsome attending decided to take up shop at Seattle Grace Hospital. Our residents felt like the only way to ensure the handsome surgeons were not getting mixed up, was of course to give an equally embarrassing nickname to the new guy. That is how the name "McSteamy" came to be. Is this ringing any bells? Try matching this nickname to the correct character!

Question 5

"Julio Plantain"

Even though Seattle Grace is an award-winning hospital, the surgeons working there have had to work extremely hard to keep up that reputation. Keeping a hospital running is no easy thing to do! When Seattle Grace was going through one of its many transition periods, one of the surgeons went out snooping around a neighbouring hospital. Looking to get some inside information and maybe even pick up a few tips, this sneaky surgeon chose this nickname as a way to hide their true identity. Why they chose this alias? No idea! Can anyone here figure out the right character for this one?

Question 6


While this nickname did, in fact, belong to one of our surgeons, it did not come from anyone working at the hospital. This nickname was dished out by a patient actually! Even though this patient was not doing too great health-wise, they really did their best to enjoy their time at Seattle Grace. This patient had been close personal friends with the surgeon in question, and after finding out that they were not going to make it, they were mainly thankful to be in the same place as their loved one. So, can anyone here pick out the right character?

Question 7


While we will not be breaking down this nickname letter by letter, we will try to give an appropriate description without giving away too much! This nickname was created by a group of new interns. They were not the original interns, so that right there should already be a clue! When one of the attendings started prioritizing visits with her husband over their actual work, the interns thought they would be clever by coming up with this sneaky nickname. It was all fun and games, until the attending found out anyway. Can anyone here match this nickname to the right character?

Question 8


While this nickname may not have been used in quite some time, any true fans of the show should still remember it perfectly. Back in the first couple of seasons, this nickname was used quite a bit. When one of the interns made a petty significant mistake during their first ever solo run, their fellow interns did not miss a beat. As soon as they had scrubbed out of surgery, the others were already using this nickname. Since the nickname can also be viewed as a good one, we would say the intern got a lucky break! Can anyone pick out the right character?

Question 9


There is simply no shortage of "Mc" nicknames in this show. After the success of the first nickname, the writers definitely cashed in. This one was given out during a fairly unique episode. During this episode, we got to see the hospital and its saffers in a completely different light. It was on of those "what if" type situations. Everyone took on a different role, and had very different personalities. One of them, was much more dull in this alternative reality, hence the nickname "McDreary". Does anyone know what character we are talking about in this question? Take a guess!

Question 10

"Ponytail McGee"

While a lot of the nicknames given out in this show are clever and well thought through, this one was a bit more on the basic side. When a new hospital employee arrived, they were a bit too chipper for some of the other doctor's liking. To make this newbie even less likable, they were wearing their hair in a high ponytail. Not everyone may consider this to be an offense, but to the doctors in this hospital, it is a big no-no. The more you know! Can anyone here select the correct character name? Try taking a guess at it!

Question 11

"Dr. Model"

To be fair, this doesn't sound like the worst nickname ever, but those who actually remember its original use will surely know that it was not meant to be complimentary. When a new group of interns arrived at the hospital, one of them definitely stood out as being particularly attractive. One of their fellow interns thought this was reason enough to not take them seriously. Ugh! Once it became common knowledge that this attractive doctor had also paid their way through medical school by working as a model, this nickname came around. Does anyone here know which character we are talking about?

Question 12

"Evil Spawn"

Here we have a nickname that was rightfully given. While not all of the mean-hearted nicknames given in this show were completely meritted, this one really was. That is also probably why it caught on so well with everyone in the hospital. The name was dished out to an intern who seemed to really enjoy watching their peers fail. That was not all either, this intern went out of their way to hurt people. In their defense, the character has long since outgrown the name, but that does not mean we have all forgotten where it came from in the first place!

Question 13


If we were to call someone this name in real life, they may not like it. However, when one of Seattle Grace's surgeons found out they were being called this behind their back, they loved it! The surgeon in question was working as a resident, and it was the new batch of interns who had come up with the name. Liking the idea of being feared by the newbies, this surgeon embraced the name, and even played the role for a while. Is this ringing any bells? Does anyone here know which of these four characters is the right one?

Question 14

"Patient X"

Throughout the course of this series, we have watched the surgeons save countless lives. That being said, we have also watched some of them encounter some pretty close calls with their own lives. Some of our doctors got injured on the job, some were involved in accidents, and some found themselves suffering from the same diseases they were trying to cure their patients of. When talking about "Patient X", the holder of the nickname was in fact one of the surgeons working for Seattle Grace. Not wanting to alarm anyone of their diagnosis, they labelled their charts as "Patient X".

Question 15

"Scrooge McDuck"

With so many of the characters dating each other while also working with each other, there were bound to be a few couple-like arguments going down within the walls of the hospital. When money became a topic of concern for one of the couples, an argument broke out right in the scrub room! While one of them went on about the debt that was piling up, the other basically dropped this nickname as a way to end the discussion. The plan worked, but the argument did pick up again later one. Can anyone here pick out the right character name?

Question 16

"Little Grey"

The name "Grey" is a pretty famous one when it comes to Seattle Grace Hospital. Before this series even began, Ellis Grey had already made sure that her name would never be forgotten. That being said, once her daughter started working at the hospital, the opportunity for "Grey" themed nickname became quite apparent. However, was it actually Meredith who got this nickname? Perhaps it could have also been a nickname given to Lexie Grey or Maggie Pierce, both of whom were actually Meredith's little sisters? Sadie Harris was Meredith's best friend growing up, was she given the name "Little Grey"?

Question 17


Throughout this series, we have seen a lot of groups of new interns arrive at the hospital. With all of these newbies always showing up, the residents had to come up with some clever ways of remembering who was who. Instead of taking the time to learn their actual names, one of the residents decided to instead give them nicknames based of their appearance. Not exactly a kind thing for a boss to do, but hey, what better way to get them accustomed to the way the hospital works, right? One of these rude nicknames was "Grumpy". Who's was it?

Question 18

"The Twisted Sisters"

Here we have a rather iconic nickname from the series. This was a nickname given to a pair of characters, and not just one of them. Not only was this nickname so perfectly suited to the two characters who got it, but they were actually totally on board with it and even used it themselves a couple of times. When one of the newer cast members dropped this name for the first time, the others couldn't believe how perfect it was! The name definitely stuck around for a while after that. Does anyone know who "The Twisted Sister" actually are?

Question 19

"Dr. Fancy Pants"

For the most part, any of the doctors who were not interns, were pretty well off money wise. Many of them were known around the world for their surgical abilities, so it does make sense that they would have been paid well. However, we also did have a few lucky doctors who were born into money as well. Regardless of how they came into their wealth, one of these rich doctors got pointed out for their fancy behaviours. Does anyone here remember which character this was? We have listed four names, but only one of them matches to this nickname!

Question 20


This nickname was given to a doctor by one of the hospital's patients. In this show, it seems that many of the patients are just as witty as the surgeons working on them. Nice to see spirits so high around a hospital! While this patient was super friendly and had a great love for the surgeon in question, their story was not all sunshine and rainbows. After the funny nicknames wore off, this patient had some pretty harsh realities to face. We can never forget what show we are actually talking about here! Does anyone know who's nickname this was?

Question 21

"The Big Kahuna"

Now this is a nickname that is not so specific to this show, yet it was still given to one of our beloved characters. This nickname is one we could easily hear passed around in real life situations, but there was one surgeon who received it during an episode. This character was definitely a male, and they were in a position of power at the time. That may not narrow it down completely, but that is all the hints we are giving out for this one! Can anyone here match this nickname to the correct character? Try taking a guess!

Question 22

"The Cardio God"

Honestly, there has been a number of impressive cardiothoracic surgeons who have passed through Seattle Grace over the years, yet only one of them was ever considered "The Cardio God". This nickname came around in the earlier seasons of the show. For those who do not remember, there was a time when the hospital had a lot of trouble finding a head for the cardio department. Once a supposed "God" has worked the position, we guess it becomes a hard job to fill once they leave. Does anyone here recognize this nickname? Which of these characters did it actually belong to?

Question 23


There is no beating around the bush with this nickname. Sometimes it is the simplest names that really drive the point home. When the character in question arrived for the very first time at Seattle Grace Hospital, there were already a number of reasons to not like them. With the staff pretty much already being decided against this new-comer, it was tough for us at home to get behind them for a while. That being said, eventually, this nickname wore off, and the surgeon was able to make a few alliances within the hospital. Can anyone figure out who we are talking about?

Question 24


For those who do not automatically know the correct answer to this one, we first have to figure out what the meaning behind the word actually was. Did the giver of this nickname mean it to represent the place called Phoenix, or were they perhaps talking about the mythical creature with the same name? Phoenix is actually the capital of Arizona, and it is known for its upscale spa resorts and vacation spots. A Phoenix on the other hand, is a legendary bird that bursts into flame and is then reborn in its ashes. Hmm, which meaning was meant here?

Question 25

"The Wicked Witch"

Well, at least it isn't the meanest name of the bunch! While we have to assume that nobody would really enjoy being called this nickname, we do have to agree with the giver of it in this situation. The surgeon who received this nickname did so by being really mean to those who worked under them. The doctor in question was no doubt an extremely skilled surgeon. However, they showed zero interest in helping others do well, especially the interns. How were they ever going to learn with their superiors refusing to teach them? Does anyone know the right answer?

Question 26

"Swap Monkey"

Ah, the good old days of the "Swap Monkey"! This nickname was actually created before there was even a character to give it to. A group of interns decided to make a bet when a flu virus began spreading through the hospital. This first one of them to fall ill with the flu, would be known as the "Swap Monkey". This person would have to spend a week trading their surgeries and services with those who asked. Does anyone remember who lost this bet and became the infamous "Swap Monkey"? We have listed four characters, though only one is right!

Question 27


Here we have a nickname that was given to an intern on their very first day. The word itself may not actually sound mean at all, but the context behind the nickname was not exactly kind. Anyone who has watched this show, would know that the surgeons of Seattle Grace are all many things, but perky is not usually one of them. Being bright and bubbly is probably the best way to stand out from the rest in this kind of place. Does anyone here know which intern was dubbed "Perky" on their very first day of work? Take a guess!

Question 28


Man, these poor interns! Here we have a nickname that was given to a new baby chick intern, and it was hurtful for several reasons. Not only did the resident choose this nickname for the intern in question based on their "mousy" looking appearance (already so mean!), but also because they found that this intern did not really stand out at all. Seeing as how the intern had only been around for a day, we would say this resident was maybe a little too quick to judge! Does anyone here know which character was given this nickname? Take a guess!

Question 29

"Syph Boy"

It has been many seasons since this nickname was a thing, but it would certainly be a tough one to forget. During the first few seasons of the show, we saw a lot of interactions between the interns and the nurses. At the same time, many of the interns were also keeping secret relationships with some of the attendings. With all of this side action taking place in the on-call rooms, it was only a matter of time before a pesky disease popped up. When one of the interns discovered they had gotten the disease, well, the nickname was unavoidable.

Question 30

"Mrs. McDreamy"

Since the nickname 'McDreamy" had been such a smash hit, the writers obviously had to double up by dishing out a similar nickname to the women who happened to be with the man. The part that gets trick here though, is the fact that the male doctor had been with several women throughout his run on the show. He was married twice and dated a handful of others, so does anyone here actually know which of these lucky ladies got this matching nickname? We have listed four options, but only one of these characters is right. Take a guess at it!

Question 31


Depending on the year, the arriving intern groups all fell to the care of a different batch of residents. When one of the new groups of interns arrived, they were in the care of some of the most talented residents in the program, but these residents were not exactly the nicest of the bunch. One of them went as far as to number their interns, so they would never have to learn their names or anything about them in general. Pretty rough, isn't it? Can anyone here remember which intern got nicknamed "Three"? Try picking out the right name!

Question 32

"Bethany Whisper"

After it was discovered that one of the interns had worked as a model, it was not long before some of their peers went out looking for proof. A fellow intern was able to track down a lingerie campaign this surgeon had done. The campaign had been for a company called "Bethany Whisper". This became all too easy, as the nickname was already created and ready to use. It was mean of this intern to go looking for these photos the first place, but spreading the nickname around was way worse. Can anyone here pick out the right character name?

Question 33

"G.I. Joe"

This nickname belongs to a character who has now been around for a very long time. However, when the nickname first came around, this surgeon had been one of the new guys. The surgeon in question had just finished serving in the military, and was taking up a permanent position at Seattle Grace Hospital. Since the environment at the hospital was obviously quite different from the one they had been working in during their time in Afghanistan, it took them a little while to adjust. Their army-like behaviours earned them this nickname. Does anyone know who we are talking about in this question?

Question 34

"Heart Patient Dude"

Alright, this nickname was obviously one that belonged to a patient and not a doctor. While some patients were not around long enough for us to be able to remember their nicknames, some of them did have longer storylines, allowing us a greater chance of actually remembering them. The patient who got this nickname, was no doubt one of the most memorable of all 15 seasons. The character has not been alive for many years, though their name is still one we hear from time to time on the show. Can anyone here pick out the character this nickname belonged to?

Question 35

"Ortho Chick"

On a show with so many characters constantly being added and taken away, it makes sense that they have used nicknames as a way to make certain characters stand out. Before the character in question here was a main part of the cast, they were slowly introduced to us. It is possible that people knew this nickname before they even knew the character's actual name. Obviously, this character had a preference for the ortho department, but that's all the help we're giving! Does anyone here know which of these characters is right? Try picking out the right name from the listed options!

Question 36


This nickname could have been a nice one, had it been appointed to a different character. After all, what was not to like about Bambi? The animated deer was cute and innocent, not to mention resourceful enough to survive in the forest as an orphan! All of that being said, this nickname was not meant to compliment anyone. This nickname was given to an intern who was viewed as being the weakest of the bunch. It was a mean nickname, but it was one that really caught on. Can anyone here match this nickname to the correct character? Take a guess!

Question 37


Here we have a nickname that is actually rather cute, or at least it is to anyone who it does not happen to belong to. The owner of this nickname cannot stand it. It was not given to them by any fellow surgeons or even any patients, but by their own family members. This character had a ton of siblings, and for whatever reason, these siblings liked to call the character in question an "ugly duckling". This eventually just got shortened down to "Duckie", but we have to imagine it still hurt. Can anyone here pick out the right character name?

Question 38

"The Annoying Twins"

This nickname was one that was given out to a couple of characters. While each and every one of our surgeons has been annoying at some point or another, there is a pairing of them who do tend to get on the nerves of others quite frequently. While "The Annoying Twins" would probably say that the giver of the nickname was just jealous, we would have to guess that these characters were likely deserving of the name. Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four possible pairings, but only one of them is correct for this question. Take a guess!

Question 39

"The Gas Man"

This nickname is one that can mean a few things. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind, is someone who was probably pretty gassy during a specific episode. This is one possibility. However, this could have also been a nickname given to someone who happened to work with medical gases. There are a ton of different jobs one can work in a hospital. While we do mainly see surgeons on this show, we have met a few other hospital workers with various jobs. Does anyone here know the actual meaning behind this nickname? Even better, who know who the name belongs to?

Question 40


This nickname was one that was given to a surgeon with a real rough and tough kind of attitude. This surgeon was no stranger to dealing with stressful situations, and while other doctors winced at certain sights, this doctor never blinked. They were a true master at keeping their cool and handling any sticky situation. Since they were also a retired soldier, this name was just too perfect to not be given to them. Does anyone here know which character we are talking about in this question? Try picking out the right name from the listed options. Give it a shot!

Question 41

"Roller Girl"

A happy nickname, yet a sad one all at the same time. Going back to earlier seasons, there was a surgeon who once used to wear wheelie sneakers around the hospital. They could be found rolling through the hallways in just about every episode. This was obviously how the name got started. However, once this character was put through a rough accident, they were no longer able to pull off their favorite sneakers. The name turned into a sad memory for this character. Is this ringing any bells? We have listed four names, try picking out the only right one!

Question 42


It does not take a genius to understand the meaning behind this kind of nickname. This nickname could easily be one we have been given ourselves in real life situations. That being said, one of our characters did earn themselves this nickname by being a world-class snoop. The character we are talking about has a real thing for puzzles. When starting a puzzle or learning of an unsolved mystery, this character will stop at nothing to get the answers needed. Does anyone here know which of these doctors this name belongs to? There are four names, but only one is right!

Question 43


This nickname could be one given to someone who is just too sweet to handle, but that is not exactly the case behind this story. In flashbacks of the hospital, before all of our characters started working there, we met a woman surgeon who happened to be the only woman working on the floor. Instead of people being impressed by her brilliant mind, her male co-workers just referred to her as "Sugar". It was a different time, but that didn't stop us from wanting to scream at them through our television screens! Can anyone here match this nickname to the right character?

Question 44

"The Dud"

While the character who earned this nickname did eventually prove everyone who had ever used it wrong, when it was first dished out, the character was not exactly the impressive surgeon they are now. When this doctor first arrived at Seattle Grace, they had a lot to prove. Instead of working hard on their surgical skills, this doctor tried to impress people with their administrative abilities. While these talents can come in handy, we would not suggest using them as a way to impress world-renowned surgeons. Can anyone here pick out the right character name? Try taking a guess at it!

Question 45

"Boy Wonder"

Regardless whether the giver of this nickname meant it to be sarcastic or not, the receiver of the name didn't mind it at all! While the context of this kind of nickname does matter greatly, the character in question here always had a pretty tough skin. Not only would a nickname like this not bother them, but they would be the first to turn it around into a positive one! After all, "Boy Wonder" is not exactly the meanest nickname we have seen here today. Can anyone here match this nickname to the correct character? Try picking out the right answer!

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