Who Said It? The Video Game Quiz


While being an avid gamer was once a title only given to nerds, dorks, and squares (you know, uncool people), society has totally done a 180 on how it feels about video game culture. It's cool to be obsessed with video games. If all of us could find a job wherein we were paid to play video games for a living, we'd be in heaven- actually, we would question if we had indeed died or were coma-dreaming about our versions of nirvana (or shall we say, nerd-vana).

But not everyone can call themselves a gamer. What, you think just because you played Call of Duty with your dorm roommate, you're suddenly an expert? Yeah, right. To be even a moderate gamer, you better have played through a bunch of the classics, all of the modern favorites, and at least a few indie hits. That means you better have mastered all of Mario  Kart, Zelda, Pac-Man, Star Wars: Battlefront, Final Fantasy, Halo, and maybe throw in some Telltale video games or some really weird stuff like Tokyo Jungle or The Stanley Parable.

So how confident are you feeling? Think that you are talented and experienced enough to call yourself a professional gamer? Let's test it out, shall we? Here we have assembled a test that will determine how well you know video game characters by their most iconic lines. We give you the line, you tell us the character- simple as that. Here's a hint- if you're stuck, you might just get a good tip as to what the answer may be from looking closely at the picture. Get all twenty five correct and you should probably prep your resume for professional gamer applications!

Question 1

"I hate tombs."

Who else would have had so many bad experiences and straining adventures in caves enough to hilariously exclaim in the middle of a game, "I hate tombs" and have us all remember it? We'll give you another little tip: this quote was pulled from a game that came out in 2013. We realize that little hint could have confused just as many people as it helped, but that's kind of our job! Good luck, and remember to reference the picture!

Question 2

"This'll fetch a good price."

While this question was a kind of difficult one, we gave you some big hints in the answers. We usually give such big clues to you outside of the quote itself and in the picture, but study the possible answers closely for your solution. If the only games you could pick from were Skyrim, the fantasy adventure open world game, or Red Dead Redemption, the same game with a western theme, you should have known that it was something with hunters and gatherers

Question 3

"I've got balls of steel."

Alright, we know this one was kind of a give-away, but we couldn't not include it! But on the same token- if you don't know who said this quote and where it comes from, you have got a lot of work to do to educate yourself in the realm of entertaining, crappy games. There's also one answer down there that, though it's very improbably any of you will pick, was just too funny for us not to include! God luck!

Question 4

"God bless this city!"

Whatever character we're talking about in whatever game we're referencing of the two mentioned below, you know that there is a strong love/hate relationship going on between the character and the city. They love their cities- when the cops aren't calling them out on their heinous crimes, or when they're not chasing down criminals they've tracked across the city. You've got a lot of choices that are all equally as tricky, so good luck- and remember to look at the picture.

Question 5

"Hey! Listen!"

Alright, so the quote itself doesn't seem to memorable, but if you've ever played the game that this character is in then you KNOW who we're talking about. Even if you think you've long forgotten their name, you haven't. We believe in you. This quote is from one of he very best video games of all time- one that all true nerds must have played and one that all wannabe nerds need to play in order to earn street cred.

Question 6

"Here We Go!"

We started off pretty easy, so hopefully you can get this one right. This iconic character's line as you start is "here we go!", but you might also know them from their basic introduction when you start the game- but that line would be a dead giveaway! Remember! If you're struggling to think of who we're talking about, the picture might give you a really big hint (in this case, it's an enormous hint that should lead you to know who the character is right away).

Question 7


AHA! Did we getcha? If you are really confused by the lack of video game names in the answers, that's because all of these princesses are from the same franchise: Mario Brothers.. You might be able to picture the princess who says these words and actually be struggling to remember her name- or worse, you might have thought right away that you knew the answer. Beware! We may have sneaked in a little trick to be wary of, so read carefully!

Question 8

"Stay awhile and listen"

Hey, don't feel too bad if you don't get this one. We may have started the quiz off pretty easily but we stepped up the stakes pretty quickly. This character can occasionally be helpful in their game when you need to identify items or learn about the context of the game, but as soon they start railing off on their stories we get pretty tired of tuning in. While everyone knows who this character is, few actually listen to them.

Question 9


Ha! Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves. You've gotta love a good throwback game, and this is certainly one of those (if you couldn't discern as much from the quote, you definitely should be able to from the picture). This little orange dude was a bit profane for such a family friendly game, and he was terrible at turning the lights off, but he was so much fun to play. Good luck guessing, and remember to look to the picture for another tip!

Question 10

"This Fight Will Be Your Last!"

Hehehehe. Yeah, we didn't go easy on you here at all. There are a lot of famous characters that could have said this, but perhaps none is more famous than this one right here. This character was absolutely a fan favorite and was always the first one picked when it came time for a fight. Need another hint? Gosh, you're struggling- we'll help you out. He was really good at "cooling off" his opponents. If you can't guess from there, you're out of luck.

Question 11

"I used to be an adventurer, but then I took an arrow to the knee."

To anyone that has not played the game we're talking about in this question, this may have seemed like a semi-difficult question. We only gave you fantasy games to choose from to increase the difficulty, so you're welcome for that. But really, think about this question and the quote and the context of this quiz and you should be able to figure it out. This NPC would say this time and time and time again, until we were sick of hearing it.

Question 12


COME ON!! Even if you didn't know the character's name, since they aren't really a commonly named character in their game, you should absolutely know who this is! We really can't give you many more tips outside of the iconic line, the very clear picture we've provided you with, and the answers, which- if you've played either of those games, you know just how much of a GIANT hint we're giving you. If you can't guess this, you might just give up.

Question 13

"Fus Ro Dah!"

Alright, this one got a bit tricky. Don't let anything trip you up because we know you know this! Every novice gamer knows this one at heart, even if they don't think they do. So consider it, let your brain chew on the quote... alright, we'll give you one last, itty bitty, teensy weensy clue: these three syllables aren't English words (obviously), but they are some of the most powerful words in the language that is their own. Come on...

Question 14

"My brothers will not have died in vain."

Another tricky one! With such a quote as this, you might be thinking that the speaker is very valiant- however, you can see from the answers below that none of your choices are truly valiant people. Remember that not all mission-led men are good; some are fighting for good and some are fighting for evil. So which do you think it is? And if you're struggling, it may help to take a glance at the picture again for a tip!

Question 15

"Once, the city used to pulse with energy."

We encourage you to pick apart this quote as you would a question on your SAT or GRE. The keyword here is "once," which implies that the city no longer does pulse with energy. Need a little bit more of a tip? Well, this is a line of dialogue introducing a game and the character goes on to talk about how they exist "on the edge, between the gloss and reality." OH, COME ON! If you can't get it from that, you don't deserve a right answer!

Question 16

"This is my favorite store on the Citadel."

If you've never played the game that this quote comes from, you're probably looking at the screen thinking "well, that's not fair. Anyone could have said that." If you HAVE played this game, then you're likely looking at your screen thinking, "YES. WE GET IT. IT'S YOUR FAVORITE STORE." Why did this character feel a need to repeat time and time again that it was their favorite... you know what, we don't care. It's such a good game, it doesn't even matter.

Question 17

"This is my story."

This game is so incredibly and wonderfully written, with a touching story and some amazing fights. Plus, there is an awesome side game (if that doesn't give away the answer right there, we're quite certain you've never played the game- and we pity you). We can't give you many more hints outside of this quote, this iconic picture, and the answer staring you in the face down below. Best of luck... but really, you should pay both these games, they're awesome.

Question 18

"The truth is, everything I touch turns to shit."

Hilariously enough, this quote does indeed come from one of our favorite video games of all time. In fact, the character really seems to be anything but unfortunate, given all of their perilous circumstances! They believe themselves to be very unlucky, despite seeming a child of fortune to all those around him. Maybe they're right... after all, they are the one who has to manage to get themselves into and out of all of their dangerous circumstances, time and time again!

Question 19

"I will finish it Uncle; I will carry on for you."

Though the quote sure sounds like it might have been from almost anything, you've got to be able to immediately rule out one of the games from below! Come on... please say you at least know what game this is from. We had to get a little tricky with the picture here and used a wonderful drawing from a fan, but you should still be able to determine who this is- even in a context that looks a bit different.

Question 20

"What're you selling, what're you buying?"

There is absolutely only one character that this quote could have originated from. If you've ever played the game, you probably adjusted to them saying it so many times after selling your items that you'd say it in your sleep. What's best is when you go into a GameStop or video game store and the nerdy salesmen ask customers "what're you selling, what're you buying?" Only the true nerds ever seem to know what it is they're referencing! CLASSIC REFERENCE!

Question 21

"I heard another settlement needs aid."

If you're familiar with either of these games, you know that they are pretty much open world games that give you the freedom to do pretty much whatever you want. Well, this character can help set you on the course towards multiple missions- but ALWAYS does it with the same line, and it was easy for us to get sick of it. If you're struggling to figure out what we're talking about, really look carefully at the picture this time!

Question 22

"Get Over Here!"

Another throwback to a classic! As of late, the old fighter style games have been coming back with a vengeance, incredibly popular very suddenly. On one hand, there's the remastering of the old Mortal Kombat game. On the other, there's the newer Injustice game, with an AMAZING storyline that pits DC characters (both good and evil) against each other. This line comes from one of the most iconic (and, in our opinion, best) characters in their game- don't get on their bad side.

Question 23

"Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong."

While these games might seem vaguely similar to novice players, any seasoned gamer knows that these games aren't even in the same ballpark (hell, they're playing different sports). Spoiler alert, this character said this line as they were bravely marching to their demise and we're still crying about their death. While this character may have been cocky and a bit of a know-it-all, they were one of our favorites and we miss them dearly. Good luck figuring out just who it is.

Question 24

"When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade."

If you haven't played this game, you need to- not necessarily because it's an awesome game (which it totally is), but so you can listen to the ramblings of this character. The line goes on... "when life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want you damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it could give [me] lemons!"

Question 25

"I will never be a memory!"

Maybe it was a hard quote to recognize right off the bat- but we have faith that all of the clues hidden in this question will point you directly to the correct answer. Consider the quote; take a good, hard look at the picture; really analyze what the games in the choices are about. Our only other tip to you is that this game is a bit dated, but perhaps one of the most lauded of all time. You can do it!

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