Who Said It? The Sith Lords Edition

When it comes to Star Wars, the Sith have one of the most interesting philosophies in the entire galaxy. As opposed to restricting themselves to one side of the Force, they feel that it is better to explore all aspects of it and become better users as a result. It's a fascinating take on the mythos of the world, and it's one that only becomes more thought-provoking as you research more.

This way of thinking from the Sith have led to some of the greatest quotes in history. Whether it be a snippet of wisdom or a challenge to a Jedi, you can delineate these villains by the way they talk and the things they say.

Because of this, many of the Sith Lords have had some great one-liners over the years, in the movies, books, and games. If you're a true Sith or Star Wars fan, your time has come. Can you match these quotes to the Sith Lord who said them?

Question 1

Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends.

There are many times in the Star Wars universe where a Sith tempts a Jedi to walk over into the Dark Side. This Sith Lord had a Jedi's friends in a bind to where there was seemingly no hope. One option for the hero was to embrace his anger and become a Sith, where he could tap into all kinds of power to save his friends and the world (that's what the villains were telling him at least). Thankfully, he denied.

Question 2

I have broken the spine of the galaxy

While the Sith all have the goal of ruling the galaxy, each one of them goes about it in a different way. The particular Sith who stated this quote had a tendency of being ruthless and brutal in every way imaginable. He even felt that the Sith before him had been careless in their endeavors and that led to their ultimate downfall. He was one of the most powerful beings ever known to the galaxy and brought it to its knees.

Question 3

You must begin by gaining power over yourself.

The Rule of Two was begun to improve how the Sith Order functioned. This allowed for a master to continuously train how an apprentice can use the Dark Side of the Force as well as view the whole world. This Sith Lord was one of the greatest Force users in history and knew exactly what it took to master the Dark Side. The first thing he trained his Padawan was to overcome his own desires, fears, and aspirations to then become a true villain.

Question 4

Power is only a means to an end.

In a world where power means you can control the world, it's interesting to hear a Sith Lord say that it's simply a means to an end. Upon further thought, though, I agree. This Sith Lord had to work to become the ruler of the Order, but once he received his spot, there was nothing more he could do. His power didn't get him anywhere. He instead had to change how the Sith functioned, but without a true goal, power did nothing for him.

Question 5

As you can see, my Jedi powers are far beyond yours.

Now, this would be an interesting thing for a Sith Lord to say. However, when you start to break it down, it makes sense. The Sith don't just use the Dark Side of the Force; they are capable of using the Light Side as well. This could give them better "Jedi" abilities than even the Jedi themselves (confusing, I know). This Sith Lord fought many Jedi in his time and was quick to point out that he had much more power after leaving the Order.

Question 6

Those who use the Dark Side are bound to serve it.

Using dark forces to gain power always comes at a price, and even the Sith know it. The Dark Side requires a commitment and loyalty that the Jedi simply don't have. With the use of such dark forces, the Sith themselves slowly become more and more twisted as time goes on. There is always a penalty to pay for tampering with the Dark Side, which this Sith Lord knew very well. Once he began dabbling in the dark arts, he was already lost.

Question 7

Fear attracts the fearful.

Unhealthy fear is always the motivation to do the wrong thing. And as you continue in a particular behavior, you will attract those who appreciate said behavior. If one lives their life in fear, they will bring around people who feel the same way. The Sith choose to remove themselves from fear so they can properly experience everything the Dark Side has to offer and become better soldiers in the long run. This particular Sith warrior had to do that himself in order to survive.

Question 8

Those who ask for mercy are too weak to deserve it.

Here's another piece of Sith philosophy. They believe (many of them at least) that only the strong should survive and that the rest shouldn't be alive to populate the galaxy. The Sith Lord who said this was known for being alive back when the Sith Order was massive and everyone was trying to overthrow one another. He was one of the last survivors and rebuilt the Sith Order under his image where the strong survive and those who ask for mercy don't deserve it.

Question 9

The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities that some would consider to be unnatural.

Here is an example of excellent Sith manipulation. While they can admit that some people see their powers as unnatural, they don't frame it that way. After all, the view of something as "unnatural" is only a perceptive phenomenon. Yet, at the same time, the statement is true for most of us. The Dark Side hosts some of the most disturbing and terrifying Force abilities known to the galaxy. There's Sith Alchemy, Sith Toxin, Force Crush, Force Storm, and so many others.

Question 10

Sith have no fear, and I sense much fear in you.

When it comes to fear, the only thing that the Sith are truly afraid of is losing their power. That's always been their downfall. Other than that, they don't let anything else move them away from their goals or battles. This is why one Sith Lord, in particular, could sense fear in other Force users. He had worked for years to eliminate this "useless" emotion from his own mind and to see it someone else was appalling in all of the worst ways.

Question 11

You are strong, child, but I will break you.

Here's another instance where a Sith's lust for power and excellence flares up. Despite their using the entire range of the Force, there are always those who are strong enough to oppose the Sith proudly and confidently. Unfortunately, they use all manner of words to strike fear in their hearts and get them off balance. This Sith Lord learned what it meant to have true power after his master was taken away. Even when people opposed him, he promised that he would be their undoing.

Question 12

You don't know the power of the Dark Side

One of the simplest quotes about the Dark Side is also one of the oldest. There are those who have a lack of understanding when it comes to the Sith, and the villainous warriors are all too eager to point it out. The Dark Side of the Force holds all kinds of mysterious and dangerous abilities that many aren't even aware of. This Sith Lord, in particular, had access to many of them and has a track record of defeating just about every opponent.

Question 13

Execute Order 66.

Order 66 was a plan crafted for many years under one of the most brilliant Sith Lords to ever live. This command would tell the entire Clone Trooper army to turn on the Jedi and take them all out. For the most part, the plan worked, but it was all one Sith Lord who managed to pull the strings the entire time. To make matters worse, this order was also carried out by a Jedi Knight who had just been turned to the Dark Side.

Question 14

Uncertainty is the first step toward self-determination

Even in real life, this quote holds a lot of power. As you have uncertainty in your own life, you begin to realize who you are and what you can contribute to this world. From then on, you become self-determined and understand how you should function in the society you live in. This Sith Lord knew that when a Force user is uncertain, he is impressionable and can be taught the ways of the Dark Side. He was a powerful warrior indeed.

Question 15

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.

In terms of the films, this Sith didn't have many quotes (especially when compared to the Expanded Universe). At the time, the Sith Order was in hiding and the Jedi weren't even sure they were still around. Yet, these dark warriors were simply biding their time while they waited for the right moment to strike. This Sith apprentice waited for the day to reveal himself to the Jedi Knights and was ecstatic when the time finally came (I never heard him say otherwise).

Question 16

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

After everything that happened in the galaxy, I find it hard to believe that there were some people who still didn't believe in the Force. They even chalked it up to magic tricks and superstition. Yet, that didn't stop this Sith Lord from still speaking his mind with a rough voice and imposing demeanor. After a conversation with a general who was a skeptic, this Sith Lord stated that his lack of faith was disturbing, knowing full well the power of the Dark Side.

Question 17

The strong rule; the weak are meant to serve.

If you needed any further proof that the Sith believe in survival of the fittest, here it is. For centuries, they've been preaching to the galaxy that those who aren't strong enough to survive shouldn't be alive at all. This Sith Lord took it a step further and said that the weak should instead serve the strong rather than take up unnecessary importance in the world. Considering that this Sith Lord was one of the greatest beings in the galaxy, he shaped the way many would think after him.

Question 18

It is such a quiet thing- to fall.

There is so much to talk about with this one quote. Despite the Jedi being full of wisdom and experience, it's lines like this from Sith Lords that are much more ripe for discussion. "Falling" as it's described here can be an extremely quiet thing. You lose your position, and the world moves on around you. You lose your identity, and nobody stops to care. You could fade quietly into the night, and the world wouldn't bat an eye. This Sith Lord knew all of that and more.

Question 19

We are not afraid to feel.

Here's an interesting facet of info about the Sith. Despite them eliminating fear from their hearts, they still allow themselves to fell all kinds of emotions. As a matter of fact, pride, hatred, and jealousy all factor into some of the greatest Sith Lords of all time who really raised the bar for what they could be. It's reasonable for even villains to feel emotions, and the Sith believe that these emotions can actually make them stronger than the Jedi.

Question 20

You underestimate my power!

This is the biggest flaw of the Sith. While they are willing to explore and dive into all facets of the Force, they, in turn, feel that makes them much more powerful than anyone else. When the Jedi point out the flaws in their thinking, they simply say that they are underestimated. However, in reality, the Sith overestimate themselves, which ultimately leads to their own demises. While they have some valid points, it's the hunger for more power that causes their failure.

Question 21

Revan was power. It was like staring into the heart of the Force.

Some of the most fascinating quotes from the Sith are related to when they talk about other Sith. You begin to see how the Sith Lords functioned and the impact they left on the rest of their Order. This Sith Lord knew Darth Revan's name well and stated that he was nothing but pure power. Considering how severe Revan's torture was before he turned to the Dark Side, many have to agree. He was one of the strongest Sith to ever live.

Question 22

I am altering the deal, pray that I do not alter it further.

Something that impresses me about the Sith is how they can command a room to pay attention to them. When they want to make a change, nobody stops them. That's exactly what this Sith Lord did when he made a deal with a member of Cloud City. When he began to do things that weren't part of their agreement, the man spoke out. The Sith stated that he was merely "altering" the deal and then threatened the man after that.

Question 23

Let the hate flow through you!

I'll admit, this line of dialogue has become a meme in today's culture, but it's still a fascinating quote. The Sith have interesting ways of manipulating Jedi to travel to the Dark Side of the Force. This Sith capitalized on the anger felt by a certain Jedi. By encouraging him to "let the hate flow," the Jedi could then be corrupted, to which the Sith Lord would take hold and make him a new Sith apprentice. Imagine how dangerous that would've been.

Question 24

Be careful not to choke on your convictions.

This line is a bit cheesy in the context of what was happening, but it's still frightening all the same. Many people who worked for a dark organization became very adamant about certain plans. When they would consult with the Sith that worked with them, it almost always led to disastrous results. The Sith Lord in question ended up Force choking this man while telling him not to "choke on his convictions." Again, extremely cheesy, but it was a moment that we still love.

Question 25

The Sith were always born and reborn in the ranks of the Jedi

There have been few quotes truer than this one. The Sith began when a Jedi felt that the Order was wrong for only limiting themselves to one side of the Force. Because of this, these dark soldiers have continuously reappeared within the ranks of the Jedi, something that the Sith who stated this quote understood. As a matter of fact, he was once a powerful Jedi who actually survived Order 66. Yet, there were some dark circumstances that led him down the path of the Sith.

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