Who Said It? The Lost Quiz


On September 22, 2004, the world was introduced to a group of plane crash survivors. By May 23, 2010, the world had also met a polar bear, a smoke monster, a man in black, characters that were dead then were not (but maybe still were…?) and loveable leaders who kept the show and The Island going. Lost’s six seasons combined science-fiction elements with heartfelt comedy. Mythology was thrown in, as were flashbacks and flashes that jumped forward in time. The backdrop of Hawaii led to one of the most expensive television pilot’s ever. And the amazing story and the talented team - on the screen and behind the camera - won numerous industry awards.

What truly made Lost what it was, though? The characters: Jack was the fearless leader, Sawyer gave funny nicknames, and Kate was constantly stuck in between the two. Fans rooted for Charlie and Claire, for Libby and Hurley and against Shannon and Boone. Viewers laughed when the guys went golfing and cried every time someone passed away. And after the time travel, after the group was “rescued” and after the final scene in the church, people had emotions ranging from confusion to anger to joy. No matter the feelings felt, though, each scene gave new lines regarding destiny, lightness/darkness, leaving/returning, boats and life in general. But who said what? Guess an answer for each quote given below, to test knowledge regarding who said what on the show, and relive some of the 25 best Lost moments!

Question 1

Don’t tell me what I can’t do!

Before the plane crash, this character desperately wanted to go on a walkabout. There was just one problem: He was a wheelchair-bound man who had been paralyzed from the waist down after his conning father pushed him out of an eight-story window. When he landed on The Island, though, he could move. He said he saw into The Island, and its beauty healed him. His character got a little complicated after that, but regardless...Do not tell this man what he can’t do.

Question 2

See ya in another life, brotha.

This line was also heard several times throughout the series, and it was first spoken by a character who had no idea the amount of foreshadowing and truth it held. Since Lost was full of scenes that went back and forwards in time, since the inhabitants of The Island started traveling through actual time themselves, and since the ending of the show portrayed the characters all together again, in a whole new life, this quote was quite impactful in the grand scheme of things.

Question 3

If we don’t live together, we’re going to die alone.

Which large and in-charge character shared this inspiration? Each person listed as an answer offered insightful advice and, at times, cryptic words of wisdom, but the correct choice depicts someone in a desperate time, trying to bring a group of strangers together. And the words couldn’t be more true, since being alone on The Island could lead to getting kidnapped by an Other or chased by the Smoke Monster. Banding together, though, brought about life and love, happiness and honor.

Question 4

It’s not a very strong drink.

Someone was not very satisfied with their beverage. Someone needed something a little stronger to deal with the stress, fear and pain in life. The reaction - a weak one - actually led to more alcohol being served. Even if obtaining more drinks did break a few rules, the character was being flirted with and flirting back...moments before something big. Little did they know, that drink was nowhere even close to being strong enough for the next series of dramatic events.

Question 5

Two sides. One is dark. One is light.

This concept was brought up several times in Lost: The survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 struggled against The Others. Jacob fought with his brother, the Man In Black. Charles Widmore and Benjamin Linus both wanted ownership of The Island. And some of the survivors went rogue, while some of The Others joined forces with these new people, making it hard to know who to trust. However, when this exact line was spoken, a more trivial, playful matter was being discussed.

Question 6

What, don’t you read? It’s from 'Of Mice and Men'. You’d like it. Puppies get killed.

With so many new personalities thrown together on The Island, so many tense situations came about. There were fights, people locked in cages, kidnappings and even murders. Usually, though, clashing views were combated with sarcasm. After all, these modern humans were stuck in the middle of nowhere with not much to do, just wondering how to get home (Well, most of them.), so a few digs were definitely thrown now and then, to keep things interesting amidst all the power struggles, death and destruction.

Question 7

Shut up… Red… Neck… Man!

Sawyer was the king of nicknames. Everyone on The Island had at least one great one from him. He may have given them out because he couldn’t remember all the names of all these new people. Perhaps he didn’t care to get to know them, throwing out, instead, names that were sometimes offensive. As a deep-down sweetheart, though, these were probably just terms of endearment from the Southern man...the Southern man who was once dubbed Redneck Man; one of The Island’s residents got tired of being called silly names, so he came back at Sawyer with this!

Question 8

A 12-year-old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I’m doing?

What’s the weirdest part of time travel on The Island? The fact that the survivors got to see young versions of people like Charles Widmore and Benjamin Linus. While back in time, characters met young Ben. Thoughts occurred to them that they could kill him as a child, causing some of the horrible things that happened/would happen in the present to not happen. After they saw how horrible Ben’s father was to him, though, they started to feel sorry for Ben, realizing how/why he became who he became. Regardless, seeing 12-year-old Ben was weird for these guys!

Question 9

You have some…Arzt…on you.

Dr. Leslie Arzt, a high school science teacher, survived the plane crash and was roped into helping handle dynamite at the site of Black Rock, a 19th-century trading ship. Unfortunately, Artz was blown up during the excursion, and this line was spoken a. to tell someone that he/she did indeed have blown-up bits on them and b. to lighten the mood a bit. A few more episodes of Lost were centered around the ship (such as the exciting backstory of Richard Alpert), but Black Rock was eventually destroyed by Hurley.

Question 10

We have to go back!

The first flash forward took place outside of the airport. A male character and a female character, both survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, met up to discuss old habits, a funeral, flying in hopes that the plane would crash and how it was a mistake to leave The Island. One character got tearful, appalled that this would be stated. The other became even more excited, screaming that the group should return, that the group must return, that the group was supposed to return.

Question 11

Nothing is irreversible.

Jack Shephard certainly had his fair share of struggles, on and off The Island. In the medical field, he fought with his alcoholic father (and possibly inherited some of his traits). His marriage ended in a divorce. After the crash, he may have been caught up in a love square with Juliet, Kate and Sawyer, but he was the natural leader, even when he didn’t want to be (or pretended not to want to be). Therefore, when he realized his destiny regarding The Island, he said it was all he had left, the only thing in his life he hadn’t ruined, which prompted this response.

Question 12

Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?

In Season 5, through a crazy series of events in the future and off The Island, Sayid Hassan Jarrah ended up unconscious and barely breathing on this mentioned couch. As a former Iraqi Republican Guard torturer, he, of course, got caught up in some fighting yet was saved by the son of whomever delivered this line. The Island was moving through time. Desmond had to stop it by finding Eloise. Ben was trying to get the Oceanic Six back together. But this person just wanted to know who was on his/her couch.

Question 13

We're not going to Guam, are we?

As fanatics know, the main group of Lost ended back up on The Island. After three years of living “normal” lives in the “real” world, they followed Eloise Hawking’s plan. They boarded Ajira Airways Flight 316. They got ready to crash again, to return to their place of destiny and to wrap up the story and the journey once and for all. No, the Oceanic Six definitely were not taking a fun vacation to Guam; they were in for much more.

Question 14

Well, how about that... Sawyer’s my name, too.

As mentioned, Sawyer was a Southern bad boy with a soft side. He was also a police detective and Jim LaFleur. He was the one with spicy scenes with Kate and a committed relationship with Juliet. He read books. He was stubborn and selfish. He hoarded needed items on The Island and traded them for things he wanted/needed. But he also heroically jumped into the water when a certain helicopter was running low on fuel. This man of depth went by Sawyer...but who else had that name?

Question 15

It’s very stressful being an Other, Jack.

Not everyone loved every single second of Lost, as it did become a complicated show, to say the least. First, there were just survivors of a plane crash on an island. Then there were scary things on that island. Then there was a whole different group of people there. Keeping up with who was who and why was confusing, especially when everyone started leaving the island, traveling in time and being involved in forward, back and side flashes. What’s as chaotic as keeping up with the plot? Being an Other! How stressful that must have been to have strangers wreck into your home, become chosen ones and start this dramatic, wonderful series of events?!

Question 16

Well, Doc, why don’t you come down off the mountaintop and tell us what the burning bush had to say for itself?

In the final episode of the final season, the meaning of everything was revealed. Mainly, this centered around the heart of The Island. Candidates were chosen to protect it; due to murders and motherhood and such, the last few candidates were Ford, Reyes, Shephard, Jarrah and Kwon. Jacob had a nice little chat with Jack, who volunteered to take over, explaining how the smoke version of Locke wanted to put this light out and how this group had to fight to keep it going.

Question 17

You guys were in 1954...You mean like Fonzie time?

In Season 5, Ben and Jack tried to reunite the Oceanic Six, but that seemed like a minor note compared to all the time travel; survivors first jumped back to 1954, and after that, they saw Aaron born, they went to the '80s and met a young Danielle Rousseau, and eventually, they met up with their friends, as the second crash occurred on The Island. There were some neat elements of the periods associated with Fonzie and Rubik’s Cubes, but time travel was not anyone’s favorite.

Question 18

Unless Alpert is covered in bacon grease, I’m not sure Hurley can track anything.

Ilana Verdansky was a survivor of Ajira Flight 316 and a protector of the remaining candidates. At the statue of Taweret, she explained to Richard Alpert that John Locke was not who he said he was. She also told Richard that Jacob had chosen him as the person who would know what to do during this climatic time. Following this, she tried to destroy the Ajira plane but was killed after mishandling dynamite from the Black Rock. All in all, she needed Hurley to bring her Richard, so all of this could happen - but someone had to throw in this dig!

Question 19

Well, you know, the whole fugitive thing. He doesn’t know? Well, how am I supposed to keep straight who knows what around here? I mean, Steve didn’t even know about the polar bear.

In Season 1, Locke asked why Kate would poison Michael, and someone responded with “the whole fugitive thing”. At that point, though, not many people knew about Kate’s previous life; she obviously tried to keep the handcuff situation a secret. Besides, with polar bears, smoke monsters, The Others, crazy primitive murderers, and fights for survival, everyone was pretty distracted with other weird circumstances - so much so that some people were left in the dark about what was really on The Island.

Question 20

It doesn’t feel right leaving The Island. We were brought here because we were supposed to do something. If he wants us to leave, maybe he’s scared of what will happen if we stay. The Island is not done with us yet.

The entire series of Lost focused on the theme of destiny and fate, and this was strongest in Season 6, when characters had to start making their toughest decisions yet, centered around going and staying, living and dying. While on a boat moving away from The Island, one of the characters spoke these deep words. He/she knew that they were chosen for greatness, that the story had to play out until completion, even if everyone was scared, tired and uncertain.

Question 21

I'm not supposed to have chocolate before dinner.

On The Island, people were shot, stabbed, buried alive, chased after, caught in nets, trapped in bear cages, tortured and spun through time. All these guys wanted to do was play some golf and eat some peanut butter, read a book and listen to music, cuddle by a fire with a friend and a guitar, and find a way to get off of that little piece of tropical land. But no...Those who came to The Island didn’t have it easy, and not having chocolate before dinner was a petty concern in this place.

Question 22

What is my job now? What the hell am I supposed to do?

Ben answered this question, saying, “You do what you do best. Helping people. You can start by getting Desmond home”. Of course, at this point, it was unclear who could leave and return to the The Island (and when and how), but Ben encouraged this person, saying that Jacob was no longer in charge. Maybe there was a better way to run The Island...and Ben was happy to help in the process of discovering and creating a new place.

Question 23

Just do it, Freckles.

As stated, the end of Lost was powerful; viewers had cried and gasped during nearly every episode, but the last few were full of more twists and turns than people could handle! One of the most heart-wrenching moments involved a character whispering to another then turning, jumping and making a sacrifice for the greater good. Every near-death experience hurt, but, later on, when it was revealed why moves were made or for whom, it made it all a little sweeter (though it all still definitely hurt).

Question 24

Not Penny’s Boat

At one point, the Oceanic survivors thought that Penelope “Penny” Widmore’s boat was waiting for them, but it wasn’t hers...and Mikhail (one of The Others) wasn’t dead, so he used a grenade to flood one of the rooms in The Looking Glass (an underwater DHARMA Initiative station). Right before it was too late, though, this message was given, warning the survivors that they were actually not about to be saved...but back on The Island, everyone was already celebrating the anticipated rescue.

Question 25

This is a place that you all made together so you could find one another. The most important time of your life was when you were with these people. That’s why you are all here. No one does it alone Jack. You needed all of them, and they needed you.

The man who delivered this line also said that he was real, that everything that had happened was real, even death. He said there was no “here and now” - There was just this place, this home that allowed this family, made up of important members who needed each other, to remember, to let go and to move on. When asked where they were going, the man ended his lines and the show with this simple phrase: “Let’s go find out.”

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