Who Said It? The Disney Princess Edition


Who doesn’t love the lovable Disney princesses? They all have their own personalities and stories that have kept us entertained from childhood all the way to the present day. Their stories range from the wildly independent to the more feminine, but we love them all just the same. Whether you love the old school gals or the newer squad of princesses all of the positive messages told in every film is one that is easy to watch and re-watch with family, friends, and every your own children over and over again.

Sure you’ve likely seen these movies more times than you can count, but do you really know about these beautiful princesses? Can you name who said which quote off the cuff? Whether you see a quote from Jasmine, Aurora, Tiana, or even Elsa, can you name who said what with limited clues? This is going to require some major memory skills and some ultra concentration. Pretty tough stuff if you ask me. If you are really looking to test your Disney knowledge, take our quiz and find out if you can name which Disney princess said which quote. Either prepare yourself for Disney royalty or becoming a royal servant in this category.

Question 1

"I'm wishing for the one I love to find me today."

All this princess wants is love, and she finds it briefly at the beginning of the movie but it slips away pretty quickly. Alone in the world, life isn’t so easy for her but she guys by with a smile in her heart and a song for pretty much every situation. She makes a pretty major enemy for doing just about nothing but being her day-to-day, which seems like a crappy situation but she meets other friends to help her through the bad times. At the end of it all she gets her true love and they ride off into the sunset. Aw.

Question 2

"They can't order me to stop dreaming."

This princess is a major dreamer and she should be based in the situation she’s in, which isn’t a good one. She’s treated like garbage on a daily basis although she is the smartest, prettiest, and most positive in the household. She helps everyone without so much as the simplest qualm, yet she still gets the shaft. It’s no wonder all she has is her dreams until she meets the love of her life and things change for her. You can’t help but feel like she really deserved everything that came to her.

Question 3

"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere."

Another dreamer, but she also dreams of far of lands that she’s never seen. She also has big ideas outside of the small minds that surround her on a daily basis. She is stereotyped for being different as she doesn’t run her life trying to impress people. Instead she retreats to worlds she wants to be in and does what makes her happy. A humble life doesn’t bother her as long as she isn’t forced into a life she doesn’t want to have. That would devastate her.

Question 4

"Listen with your heart; you will understand."

This princess was born into royalty, but she wasn’t seen that way by some of the other characters. They saw her as someone very different than who they were. She is brave and strong, not to mention she also turned many people against their own leader by being the good and noble person she is. Lastly, she also finds true love at the end of the movie although it wasn’t meant to be. However, she seems okay with the situation regardless since she saved her kingdom.

Question 5

"Look at the wind—so close and I'm halfway to it!"

She bright eyed and not afraid of a good adventure, well, she becomes unafraid of a good adventure anyway. This princess was a little closed off from the outside world, but she was tired of being all alone without any friends and very little family—so she ventures out! But it wasn’t so easy since she isn’t the most street smart and she’s also so naïve. Eventually she finds her stride with the help from some friends. Way to go girl!

Question 6

"I'm sixteen years old. I'm not a child anymore."

She dreams so desperately to live anywhere but where she lives right this moment. Although she appreciates where she came from, she knows it isn’t the life for her. So she goes to great lengths to figure out how to go and live where she wants to; she is willing to risk just about everything in fact. Like many Disney princesses, she finds true love and everything works out in the end, but it was a difficult ride getting there.

Question 7

"I've always dreamed that my life could be like a fairy tale, a perfect fantasy."

She has big hopes and dreams, but it almost seems hopeless because of the uphill battle she’s fighting every single day. The cards are completely stacked against her, and although she does her best to make light of the situation, it isn’t easy. She’s lost everything and has been reduced to rubble, yet she keeps a smile on her face and finds friendship in the most unlikely places. You could say this princess is the ultimate positive force in pretty much any situation.

Question 8

"People think I'm odd so I know how it feels to be different, and I know how lonely that can be."

Everyone cares a little about how people perceive them, and although this princess appears to be a tough cookie about it she still cares what people are saying. It’s hurtful when people label you as strange or weird, so she can relate when others feel that way. She’s kind and will take care of anyone despite who they are or what they are labeled as. She also realizes that she doesn’t always fit in with society and she embraces the fact that she isn’t exactly like everybody else even though it can be a little lonely sometimes.

Question 9

"The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work."

She’s a princess that started her journey off with a job. She’s a tough girl that can take care of herself and she’s sure proud of it. In fact, life wasn’t completely terrible for her before all the magic started happening because she made the best of it. Sure, life wasn’t easy and money was hard to come by but she always made it happen anyway without a complaint. Even without the whole princess thing, she would have made it through life just find because that’s just the person she is.

Question 10

"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream."

She’s a real girlie girl, but man can she ever sing her heart out. Sadly, she never knew her parents until her life started coming together in her teenage years, but before then she lived a modest life in the middle of the forest. She was okay with that though—she didn’t know any different and she had no idea she was a princess for that matter! When she randomly meets the love of her life in the forest, this is the line she throws at him. Aw love at first sight.

Question 11

"Then maybe I don't wanna be a princess anymore."

She’s one of the most independent princesses of them all although she was definitely brought up to be royalty. One could say she really doesn’t want it, she prefers her freedom over it any day of the week. Just because she was raised in an upper crust family doesn’t mean she thinks she’s better than anyone either. She thinks she’s just the same as anyone else, even a beggar. That’s one of her most appealing traits, she just so down to earth.

Question 12

"Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave to see it."

She’s one of the only princesses that didn’t find or didn’t even pursue truth love throughout her story (go you!). She was much too concerned with saving her family and being strong to get into that stuff anyway. You could say her true love was her siblings. She’s a tomboy that didn’t concern herself with typical princess duties or stereotypes, which was actually kind of refreshing since many princess stories revolve around just that. It’s a great girl power flick.

Question 13

"You can’t marry a man you just met."

This princess did not fit in with the crowds at all and she knew about it. In fact, her parents hid her away from the masses because of her differences. It’s sad because she never got to leave her room. It was almost like her differences were a source of shame rather than a source of celebration, which definitely carried over to her in adulthood. She lived in fear and eventually lived on her own because she harbored so much anger.

Question 14

"They say if you dream a thing more than once it's sure to come true."

This princess is in some grave danger as she’s been in hiding to avoid it, but she doesn’t even know it. She keeps her somewhat dull days occupied by dreaming about what she wants in life, and that’s true love. It’s possible for anyone to find, even for those that are hiding deep in the forest. She dances with the animals, sings to herself, and daydreams the day away all to pass the time. Life isn’t bad for her, but she has no idea the big things to come.

Question 15

"No. I won't stop. For every minute for the rest of my life I will fight."

She has a wide eye for adventure and she travels across the land with an outlaw searching for what she wants. Taken from her parents at a very young age, this princess has a very special power that she is coveted for. She is sweet by nature and only wants to fit in with everybody else, but her special power makes it hard for her to venture across the vast land. Eventually she gets what she wants, but at a price that she is actually willing to pay.

Question 16

"My dream wouldn't be complete without you in it."

Although this princess can take care of herself, she still wants love in her life. After a wild adventure filled with tons of magic, she finds it in one of the most unlikely places. Life wasn’t terrible for her beforehand, but it could have been better. Hard work was always the name of her game and she believed that’s the way you conquer the world, but having someone by her side makes life all that much sweeter. Way to go girl!

Question 17

"I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad."

This princess longs to be in a land where she doesn’t live, but what she doesn’t realize is hope and dreams exist within you not the land you live in. She spends all of her time pining and wishing to live somewhere else that she overlooks her own self-worth, which is something you should never do. She also jumps into a relationship with someone she sees for a brief moment just so she can stay in the land she wants to be in. Seems like a tall order if you ask me.

Question 18

"If I do marry, I want it to be for love."

This princess has big dreams, bigger than the walls that trap her from leaving the kingdom that keeps her trapped. She has a logical head on her shoulders and believes that marrying for love is the only way that she wants to gain a husband. Right on sister! The bad thing is, that’s not really how things work in her neck of the woods. In order for her to rule, she needs a man in her life—major bummer. Regardless, she stays in control of the situation the entire time.

Question 19

"You control your fate. You don't need magic to do it."

Magic is a major theme when it comes to Disney’s princesses, but not all of them needed it in order to prove their self-worth. One princess knew she could conquer the world without it. This princess was, by far, the most spirited when it came to proving herself. Maybe that’s because she grew up in a very manly culture. Regardless, this princess never felt the need to turn to magic or being girly in order to gain attention. She just figured things out on her own.

Question 20

"I don't know what I can do. Still I know I've got to try."

She’s a brave princess that never gave up even when things got tough. She had to choose between two sides, both of which she felt strongly bonded to because they were in the midst of a fierce battle. In the end, she remained peaceful, never choosing a side besides not fighting. She didn’t want to see anyone be killed senselessly, which makes the most sense. For the most part, she made that happen, but there’s always at least one rebel that will ruin everything.

Question 21

"Why is my reflection someone I don't know?"

This princess earned her way into becoming a princess through being a hero. She never let fear keep her down, and never put herself first. Her first priority was making her family proud and keeping the people of her country safe. The things she accomplished were pretty unbelievable, and no one in her land deserves the title of princess more than she does—that’s a fact. She’s quick on her feet, independent, and stronger than 1,000 men when it comes to her will.

Question 22

"I'll rise like the break of dawn."

This princess has unbelievable amounts of power. She’s aware of it, and she’s afraid of it too. She also feels very isolated because no one understands her. She just wants to be like everyone else, but it’s just not possible. Sadly, she turns to her fear to comfort her in her time of need instead of trying to get people to understand her. It was a hard situation. She’s not a bad person, she was just thrust into a bad situation that she doesn’t want to be part of.

Question 23

"Remember, you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine."

There is not a negative thing about this princess. She could put a positive face on pretty much everything—even working. She makes the angriest of people happy…except for one of course. Regardless, nothing can get this girl down and that’s pretty admirable especially because there was a murder plan in motion for her. All she was concerned about was finding love and living a happy life in the meantime. You have got to give the girl some props I guess.

Question 24

"A dream is a wish your heart makes."

Many of the Disney princesses are dreamers, but this princess really had to dream big in order to get herself out of her horrible living situation. Everything seemed like it couldn’t get any worse until things took a drastic turn over night for her. Everyone, except for a small few people, was rooting for her, and when things ended the way they did the whole kingdom was happy for her. She deserved it after everything she went through. Dreams do come true.

Question 25

"And when I promise something, I never ever break that promise."

This princes might be a little on the naïve side, but she takes her promises very seriously. She goes on a major adventure, but she’s not very used to going out and about since she’s confined to her living quarters. Regardless, she is very loyal to those who help her, and friendship goes a very long way with her. She has a strong will and she doesn’t let fear hold her back even though she is small and somewhat helpless at times.

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