Who Said It: Luke Skywalker Or Han Solo?


The Star Wars universe is brought to life by its characters. Luke Skywalker shows great growth on his quest to save Princess Leia and take down the evil Darth Vader. The bitter teenager with an unexplainable thirst for adventure grows into a passionate and devoted Jedi. Meanwhile, Han Solo shows his own kind of growth. The hard-hearted thug finds a soft spot for the daring Princess Leia, even risking his own life to help her. Together with Han Solo's dear companion, Chewbacca, the four venture through space on the Millenium Falcon, trying to set the world right.

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are hardly two peas in a pod. In fact, in a lot of ways, they are polar opposites. One is witty and blunt while the other is unsure of himself, still finding his feet and figuring out what kind of person he wants to be. The question is whether you spot the difference. Can you remember the Star Wars movies distinctly enough to recall who said what? If not, do you know the two characters well enough to figure it out? As you venture through this trial, remember to stay away from the dark side, and may the force be with you.

Question 1

Your overconfidence is your weekness.

Darth Vader handing a light saber to Luke Skywalker.

One powerful theme to the Star Wars universe is that Sith draw their power from their emotions but are eventually corrupted by doing so. The only way that Jedi keep themselves sane is by only using the force with a clear head and a clear purpose. Otherwise, the force becomes a terrible, corrupting influence that eventually consumes the sith. This man, either Luke Skywalker or Han Solo, is confronting the emperor with this terrible truth. Unfortunately, the emperor is too far gone to care.

Question 2

Jabba, you're a wonderful human being.

Jabba the Hutt next to an alien slave.

Jabba the Hutt is known for many things. He is known for his many connections to the underground, for his many riches, and for his habit of taking female prisoners from a variety of planets. He is also very obviously not human. This means that Jabba the Hutt is neither wonderful nor a human being, making this statement entirely false. Whoever delivers this line is being more than a little facetious, all the while pretending to be nothing but entirely genuine.

Question 3

No mystical energy field controls my destiny.

Han Solo and Chewbacca on the Millenium Falcon

The force can be a difficult concept for people to grasp and even more difficult to accept. Capable of giving some individuals great power but somehow excluding multitudes of commoners from the same gift, it is difficult to see the force as benevolent. Both Luke and Han Solo have their own battles with accepting what the force is and what it means to their lives, but at this moment, one of the two expresses his refusal to accept the presence of such an all-powerful and all-consuming force.

Question 4

I'm here to rescue you.

Princess Leia imprisoned on the death star.

Luke, Han Solo, and Chewbacca enter the death star together in order to rescue Princess Leia, but only one of them gets to play the hero and deliver this token line. Which of them is it? (Hint: It isn't Chewie.) Luke's reasoning in fighting on the side of justice has always been a little more noble. He doesn't care about fame or fortune, which are the primary motivations of his swashbuckling friend. Han Solo, on the other hand, is the most interested in Leia's station as a princess and may be hoping for a tip.

Question 5


Luke Skywalker piloting an x-wing.

A phrase that is often written but rarely said out loud, one of our charming heroes shouts this exclamation at the top of his lungs while piloting through space. This was not a reference to the famous search engine but an honest expression of wild glee. Who makes this noise? Is it Luke firing at empire ships while rocketing through space in an x-wing, or is it Han Solo conducting a wacky yet effective piloting maneuver in his very own Millennium Falcon?

Question 6

Hey! My dinner!

Yoda on Luke Skywalker's back.

As this character discovers, Yoda has his own set of table manners which do not include respect for what is on other people's plates. In the middle of a trepidatious conversation about whether the respect for war heroes is warranted, Yoda walks over and takes a bite out of this character's food, prompting the exclamation. Yoda hardly ever acts without reason, so it is hard to say exactly why he would do this. Perhaps Yoda was simply teaching him to watch his back?

Question 7

You're turning your back on them.

The Star Wars crew: Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke, C3PO, and R2D2.

Not everyone is fighting against the empire for a noble cause. That means not everyone is quite as willing to risk their own lives in order to rescue others, not even the princess. One brave character calls out another by claiming that he is being a coward, refusing to step in when others need help. Everyone has moments of weakness, which is what makes the dark side so tempting. Which of the two men is the one who spoke out?

Question 8

Never tell me the odds.

Han Solo and Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon.

This famous line is still printed on T-shirts and posters to this day, like a motivational phrase for only the bravest souls. Moments before, C-3PO very helpfully explains the probability of success traveling through an asteroid field without crashing and being blown to smithereens. Specifically, the chance of survival is 3,720 to 1, not very reassuring odds. The next thing said comes from the reckless side of a beloved character. Moments later, the ship is hurled into the middle of the asteroid field.

Question 9

Wonderful girl. Either I'm going to kill her or I'm beginning to like her.

Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca.

Leia is not your average princess. She is not dainty or frail. She does not wait for instructions, she gives them. She also speaks her mind with no care in her mind about offending someone she doesn't like. She insults Chewbacca, she insults the Millenium Falcon, and she speaks with brutal honesty to both of her rescuers. Even so, both Luke and Han Solo slowly realize that her wit and inner strength make her a very worthy companion. Which of the two is the one to say it?

Question 10

I have no memory of my mother. I never knew her.

Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker.

In a deep yet understated conversation with Princess Leia, one of our heroes opens up his heart and exposes a shadowy secret. His lack of a mother growing up is part of what formed him into the person he is today, and that reality brings him a lot of pain. As we learn, Princess Leia also has little to no memory of her mother, creating a bond that brings the two wayward characters closer together. Is this a painful moment shared between two inseparable friends, or two future lovers?

Question 11

I'm not afraid.

Luke Skywalker holding his lightsaber.

Everyone knows Han Solo's thirst for adventure, his inability to say no when his pride in his ship and his thirst for wealth come into question. Han Solo is not the type to admit to being afraid, but what about Luke? The young Jedi his strayed far from home. His concerns are no longer washing up for dinner and finding spare parts to fix up old 'droids. Now he faces off against a terrible evil. He may be afraid, but that gives all the more reason for him to claim not to be.

Question 12

Is the dark side stronger?

Darth Vader

Someone is asking dangerous questions about the dark side. Fueled by hate, the dark side of the force is a more chaotic power. Some users of the force, neither Jedi nor members of the dark side, have attempted to find a balance between the two powers, but Jedi such as Yoda find this practice abhorrent. Someone is asking unwanted questions about the dark force, perhaps in order to understand the enemy, or maybe just in order to have a grasp of all of the possibilities. Either way, Yoda is not pleased.

Question 13

One thing's for sure, we're all gonna be a lot thinner.

Han Solo, Leia, and Luke with Chewbacca in the foreground.

This witty one-liner does not save the crew from a trash compacter. In the jaws of death, somewhere within the titanic death star, Luke, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca are about to be squished into an easily discarded cube of trash. It is very economical for the empire to invest in one of these, but the rescue crew and their damsel in distress would be faring better without it. Who cracks a joke in spite of this tense situation?

Question 14

I am looking for a great warrior.


In order to hone his skills and to understand the full scope of his abilities, either Luke or Han Solo is seeking someone to learn from, a master of the trade. Who he meets and what he can eventually learn from this talented individual may make the difference in the fight between the empire and the dwindling resistance. Luke may be the more noble of the two, but Han Solo has a lot to lose if he can no longer continue his dangerous and illegal smuggling business. Both know that the stakes are high and that they will need every resource at their disposal. Who is the one to seek out a great warrior to help in the fight?

Question 15

Get in there, you big furry oaf! I don't care what you smell!

Chewbacca holding a crossbow and Han Solo pointing a gun.

Somebody has a way with words. While under fire from enemy stormtroopers, this person is ushering Chewbacca somewhere unpleasant. He is trying to protect Chewbacca but does so using harsh language. Is it Luke who knows that sacrifices must be made in order for the greater good, or is it Han Solo who knows just how to push Chewbacca's buttons? After all, Han Solo isn't the only one to use harsh language against Chewbacca. It was Princess Leia who referred to Chewbacca as a "big walking carpet."

Question 16

They are my friends and I got to help them.

What sparks a person's determination to plunge into danger if not the plea of his friends? Star Wars is full of moments when someone's life is at risk and it is up to another to save them. It is the determination and the bravery of these characters that keeps the story moving forward. Was it Han Solo risking his beautiful Millennium Falcon in order to save his friends from Darth Vader or was it Luke rushing toward certain death because of the slim hope of rescuing his pals?

Question 17

Maybe you'd like it back in your cell, your highness.

Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca.

Tensions are high during the escape from the death star. Stormtroopers are everywhere, powerful Sith may be lying in wait around every corner, and the crew keeps ending up in a worse situation than when they started. This character decides to take a bit of the stress out on poor Princess Leia and let her know exactly what position she is in at the moment. It may not be the kindest words spoken in A New Hope, but it is one of the funnier one-liners.

Question 18

I want my lamp back. I'm gonna need it to get out of this slimy mudhole.


The slimy mudhole that this character is referring to is none other than Yoda's beloved home. He lives alone in a humid green swamp surrounded by trees on the planet Dagobah. He does not receive a lot of visitors and does not wish for any either, so there is little surprise that his home is unkempt by human standards. Musky as it may be, Yoda takes solace in his little hut and does not wish for it to be disrespected.

Question 19

You think a princess and a guy like me…

Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker.

It is a well-known yet disturbing fact: both Luke Skywalker and Han Solo share a kiss with Princess Leia before the curtain closes. Familial relations or not, Leia is a bold, adventurous woman who is easy to fall in love with. As the two men share a moment, one musters up the courage to wonder out loud about his prospects with Leia. Which of these handsome young men wonders aloud to his companion whether he is a match for the princess?

Question 20

But how am I to know the good side from the bad?

There is no ethics class in space. It's an honest question that needs to be put to words, especially by those who make ethics a lifetime study. Here, this character is seeking advice on one of the dilemmas that has haunted philosophers since the dawn of time. Even according to devoted Jedi such as Yoda, finding the line between good and evil can only be done by looking inward. Whoever is asking this question is expecting a clear answer where there is none.

Question 21

I take orders from just one person: me.

Han Solo, Leia, and Luke with Chewbacca in the foreground.

If Luke Skywalker and Han Solo have one thing in common, it is their stubborn attitude. Luke refuses to be patient, presses questions when they are unwelcome, and does what he believes in despite the advice of his teachers. Han Solo is his own man. He flies his ship by his own rules and only takes missions if he personally determines that they are worth the risk and the effort. Both men walk their own road, but which of them makes this declaration?

Question 22

There's something not right here…I feel cold. Death.

In the Star Wars universe, feelings like this should not be taken lightly. Anyone who the force touches, Jedi or not, will sometimes be visited by feelings or even visions of what is to come. It may come in dreams, presenting a more coherent vision of a dark future, but in this case it is no more vivid than the sense of being watched or an unexplained shiver. Which of the two characters is sensing something dangerous and threatening on a supernatural scale?

Question 23

I'll never join you!

Princess Leia giving a reward to Han Solo.

The empire has a lot to offer. For one, it is a lot safer to be a supporter of the winning side, and the galaxy-sized army of storm troopers and AT-ATs has a lot more firepower than the few remaining Jedi. Secondly, the dark side has full reign over which powers they use and when. No more worrying about being corrupted with anger sounds pretty great. Which of the two characters puts his foot down against evil once and for all?

Question 24

Sorry about the mess.

Han Solo, Leia, and Luke with Chewbacca in the foreground.

Taking down thugs is a messy business. After a deal goes south, this character must set things straight with a quick scuffle, over almost before it started. With his foe dead on the floor, he tips the bartender and leaves, apologizing for the mess. Both Luke and Han Solo are skilled fighters in their own right, with or without the force on their side. Either could have found themselves in this position. The question is which is the one who uttered the line.

Question 25

May the force be with you.

One last question: Who says this famous Star Wars line? We hear it from Obi Wan, from Yoda, from just about everyone in the series. The phrase isn't just reserved for Jedi, either. Anyone who sees the value of the force or wants to help those who do may find themselves saying this iconic line. Without it, the fourth day of May each year would mean nothing. Pay attention and look before you click on this one. The answers have changed places.

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