Who Remembers High School Musical Well Enough To Get Over 50% On This Quiz

Very few Disney Channel films are lucky enough to receive a sequel, let alone become part of a trilogy. But High School Musical was not a normal Disney Channel original. Shortly after its premiere, it quickly became one of the most successful Disney Channel originals of all time; rocketing each and every one of its main cast members to international stardom almost overnight. Every store with a dedicated kids section was overflowing with High School Musical related merchandise within a month. CDs, posters, Barbie dolls, clothes, and more.

But just how well do the people of the internet remember this film that changed a generation? The majority of the millennial-aged people on this green Earth grew up with these films. They were shaped and molded by them. They had favourite (and not so favourite) characters, fan theories, and merchandise. They knew every lyric and every dance move. But how much of that information stayed with them over the years? Can the people who swore that they would love Troy Bolton for their rest of their lives still recite the lyrics to "Getcha Head in The Game"? Or was that knowledge lost to time and replaced by things more relevant to their current lives?

Question 1

Where were the films set?

One of the most important aspects of making a film is establishing the setting. If the audience has no idea where a film is set, then how can they fully immerse themselves and follow the plot? Maybe some aspects of the film's storyline are a by-product of the local customs and culture in which the film was set. In the case of High School Musical, it is important to establish the country and even the state in which the film was set in order to address some questions. Questions like why there is no snow on the ground in January.

Question 2

What was the first song Troy and Gabriella sang together?

In a musical, the first song that a couple sings together is one of the more important moments in their budding romance and theatrical journey. After all, that song not only explains their dynamic and how they feel about both meeting each other and the things they lie ahead, but it also shows the audience the general trajectory of the relationship itself. If the song has a melancholy twist, then the audience can safely assume that things won't end well. But if the song is innocent and hopeful, then they can assume that things might be okay for the new couple.

Question 3

Which instrument was played in a pool?

It can be tricky to not only play an instrument in a pool but also safely keep an instrument in water in the first place. Since the majority of popular musical instruments are electric, mixing them with water seems like a bad idea for both the instrument itself and the person involved. However, even acoustic/non-electric instruments don't fare well when exposed to excessive amounts of water. Luckily, though the pool-bound instrument in the song "Fabulous" was able to keep its core components out of the water while still remaining mostly submerged in a stylistic and fun way that provided a bit of a visual treat for the audience.

Question 4

What three events occurred at the same time?

Sitcoms and family films are famous for having plots which revolve around multiple important events occurring at the exact same time; causing characters to find themselves split between promises and obligations. The characters often do everything they can to ensure that they can attend all simultaneous events without a hitch... but it rarely works out for them in the end. In the first High School Musical film, three events were scheduled to occur at the same time which caused issues for the main characters as they were obligated to attend all of them! That was truly poor planning on behalf of the school.

Question 5

How many songs are there in the first film?

One cannot have a musical without songs. It is simply not possible. Songs being included in the storyline is pretty much the basic definition of a musical. If a musical does not have any songs at any point in its runtime, then a musical it is not. And since the film is titled "High School Musical" one can only assume that they will be viewing a musical when consuming this film. Which means that there should be a few songs that are sung at some point in the film. But just how many songs are there in the first High School Musical film?

Question 6

Are the first lines of "Bop to The Top" in another language?

Sometimes pop songs like to include lyrics in different languages than the one which the rest of the song is to be sung in. It is often a fun little way to add an extra layer to a song and can be a fun way to engage with listeners whose first language may be different to the one in which the rest of the song was written. At the long-awaited callbacks for Ms. Darbus's musical, Sharpay and Ryan sing a song with full costumes, props, and hands-free microphones. It's a bit much to do for a simple callback but the Evans siblings are just that extra.

Question 7

Did Zac Efron sing in the first film?

We all fell in love with Zac Efron after the role of Troy Bolton placed him on the cover of every tween magazine in the entire world. His swoopy skater hairstyle (which was all of the rage in 2008; before hair care products and quiffs came back into style for teenage boys) melted our hearts and we lost ourselves in his dreamy blue eyes. Since then, he has become a household name and has appeared in several huge theatrically released films as well as some smaller passion projects. But did he actually sing in the film that shot him into super-stardom?

Question 8

Name the drama teacher

Though she was only considered a minor character, the drama teacher might be the most important character in the entire franchise because, without her, none of the events that transpired would have occurred. Sure, Troy and Gabriella would have sung together at that New Years Eve party. But without the drama teacher and her musical, there would have been no rivalry between Sharpay and Gabriella. Meaning that Gabriella would have never joined the decathlon, met Taylor, nor introduced Taylor to Chad. And without the musical, Troy would have never explored his other interests, been able to find something in common with Gabriella, nor encourage his friends to pursue all of their own hobbies.

Question 9

According to the basketball team, how did Sharpay spend Christmas?

Sharpay is an interesting character within the High School Musical franchise. She is a born star and makes sure that everyone knows it and dreams of all of the wonderful things that she believes her natural talents entitle her to. However, she is so insecure in herself that she does not believe that she can achieve her goals without doing everything she can to eliminate all possible competition. If she truly believed that she was as great as she claimed, then she would be excited at the chance to win out over the competition rather than seeking to get rid of it at all costs.

Question 10

Name the break-up duet from the second film

Most people tend to identify with the character of Gabriella. She is kind, awkward, shy yet vocal when it matters, loyal to her friends, able to stand up to Sharpay, talented, smart, and well-rounded with many unique hobbies. She is the nerdy new student who lands the most popular boy in school because they both see each other for who they truly are, rather than the stereotypes attached to them. She is the girl that every awkward preteen wishes they might grow up to be. But it is important to note that her relationship with Troy is quite turbulent, considering that they broke up in every film in the series.

Question 11

What phobia does Gabriella have that prevents her from performing?

Every good character needs a hamartia. A flaw that prevents them from achieving their goals and spoils their plans. A flaw that they must understand, study, and learn how to overcome lest they be held back by it forever. And Gabriella was perfectly content living in the shadow of her hamartia for the rest of her life. She wanted nothing more than to live in the shadows and remain unnoticed forever. Or so she claimed. But Troy saw through that and knew that what she truly yearned for was a chance to prove herself and win out over that flaw once and for all.

Question 12

When was the first film released?

Just like how all great things must come to an end, they must also have a beginning. For if something never starts then it can never come to be. And the release date of the first High School Musical film is truly an important date for both the fans and all of those involved in the film franchise itself. For the fans, it was the start of the film that shaped most of our childhoods. And for the cast, it was the start of their true careers and the project that helped rocket them to the fame and projects that they have known since its release.

Question 13

How do the students spend detention?

Most schools tend to stick to the same routine for detention. Children who are in need of a little consequence for their actions are requested to sit in an empty classroom for a set period of time. This usually takes place during their lunch period or after school. But some schools, like East High, tend to do things a little bit different as they believe that simply placing misbehaving children in an empty room and making them sit still for a set period of time won't teach them anything. These schools give them structured activities as they feel that they can either help teach the children the lessons they need to learn or bore them into behaving.

Question 14

Name Gabriella's nerdy friend

Everyone needs a good nerdy friend. A friend who believes in rules, deadlines, and doing the right thing no matter the cost. Though this friend did show Gabriella a webcam stream of her beau dissing her in front of his friends, she apologized for her part in the event and do so for good reason. She did not want her friend to be let go by someone that she did not believe truly cared for Gabriella. The moment that she realized that this was not the right thing to do, she made it right and helped get everyone and everything right back on track.

Question 15

Why did Troy's friends turn on him in the second film?

This plot point has sparked much debate within the fandom as many do not believe that Troy's friends had just cause to treat him in the way that they did. While some believe that the accolade had gone to Troy's head and that he was becoming rather entitled, other's believe that their request for him to stop networking was unfair. Troy was nearly offered a full-ride scholarship to the University of his choice. That is the kind of opportunity that could set him up for life. Is it fair to ask a friend deny such an opportunity because one misses having them around?

Question 16

Which song is about secrets and peer pressure?

In 2019, high schools are no longer divided up into strict cliques. The kid with the highest grades in his year is also a computer geek who can solve any tech issue in under a minute. The star of the musical is also the quarterback on the football team. No one is only one thing anymore and the world is better for it. And some people credit this very song in the original High School Musical film for creating this new world for future generations to revel in. As this very song discussed how no one is truly only one thing and that everyone is allowed to be more than their label.

Question 17

Why did Gabriella transfer to East High?

Being a new student in a school with a set social dynamic can be tough. Especially when one is transferring to the school in the middle of the year. After the groups have been formed, people have adjusted to their schedule, and everyone else has found exactly where they belong within the social hierarchy. Trying to fit into an established group is one of the least fun activities that occurs during one's high school years. Luckily, Gabriella is able to quickly find her niche and make a name for herself in her new school. Even if there were a few bumps along the way.

Question 18

Name the Hawaiian song from the second movie

Though difficult to pronounce, harder to spell, and fun to say, this song is one of the sillier songs from the second High School Musical film. The song includes lyrics such as "She was sweet as a peach in a pineapple way" and "this is real fish talk-no lie." Both of which are indisputably hilarious lyrics to include in a song. Another thing that makes this song so silly is the fact that Sharpay continually ignores the fact that the song is supposed to be a duet with her brother. So Ryan is left alone in the background; grumpy and excluded.

Question 19

What is the relationship between Sharpay and Ryan?

Where one Evans goes, the other follows shortly behind. And the one following behind is usually Ryan. Except in the eyes of the Evan's parents, where Ryan is seen as the star child and Sharpay is the one that falls a little behind. At East High, Sharpay and Ryan have been the lead of nearly every play and musical ever held. One cannot have one without the other. But just what ties these two together? Is it a shared loved of the theatre and performing? Is there a stronger platonic tie between them? Or are they just the only kids who ever audition in the first place?

Question 20

How did Gabriella catch Troy taking behind her back?

We all know about locker room talk and the things that people tend to say about other people when they are not around. Especially about their romantic partner. Sometimes people do not want their friends to assume that they are at their partners' beck and call so they pretend that their partner means less to them than they really do in order to impress said, friends. It is important to note that people outside of high school rarely do this. Gabriella caught Troy while he was trying to assure his friends that he was loyal to the team and that Gabriella would not get in the way of that. But how did she do it?

Question 21

What is Sharpay's favourite colour?

When some people get a favourite colour, they decide that everything in their life should be covered in said colour. Fo Sharpay, this could not be more true. Her locker, her car, her dressing room, her golf cart and clubs, the pool-bound piano used to serenade her during her musical number, and everything else important in her life is said favourite colour. She will not stop until everything in her life is this colour. And only then will she be satisfied. But what colour is that of which we speak? Which hue has covered everything that she has ever loved and held dear?

Question 22

Where did Troy take Gabriella at East High?

Everyone has a special place at their school where they can go to when they want to think or be alone. Even students who are just there to learn and are not there to make friends have a special place where they like to study and eat their lunch in peace. Some kids feel at home in the gym. Others prefer the music room. Some like laying out in the fields behind the main school building while others feel most at home amongst the books in the library. Everyone has a special place. Where is Troy Bolton's special place at East High?

Question 23

What food did Gabriella accidentally spill on Sharpay?

The rivalry between Gabriella and Sharpay reaches its peak when Gabriella accidentally spills her lunch on Sharpay while being turned around by the dancing students during the musical number which accompanies the song "Stick to the Status Quo." After this food is spilled, Gabriella dedicates herself to callbacks while Sharpay does everything in her power to keep Gabriella as far from the drama department as possible. If Sharpay was as talented as she claims, wouldn't she love the chance to beat Gabriella fair and square? Rather than doing everything she can to eliminate her competition before the competition has even begun?

Question 24

Name the basketball song from the first film

The biggest mistake that the Disney Channel ever made was airing the "dance along" version to the first High School Musical film after 7 pm because that lead to many children bouncing their basketball on their bedroom floor along with Troy Bolton and not many parents were fans of that. No, they were not. But the basketball song from the first High School Musical film was iconic to the point where no one who has seen the film can hear a sneaker squeak on a high school gym floor without immediately beginning to sing the lyrics to said song to themselves.

Question 25

Which two characters end up together?

It is difficult to watch a film without shipping a single character. Luckily for fans of High School musical, the film ships the characters for us! Every single character that could be shipped, ended up with a partner in the end and that was a wonderful thing. After all, this couple is the couple that taught the majority of those who loved the High School musical series what a ship and an OTP (one true pairing) are in the first place. This couple was the first couple that we meet in the series and the one that we hoped would make it to the end in one piece.

Question 26

Which character got a spin-off?

Spin-offs can be a bit of a risk as a lot of things need to be ensured before someone can be sure that a spin-off will be a success. First, the original series needs to be successful enough to warrant a continuation. Second, the character in which the spin-off will follow needs to be beloved and interesting enough to follow after the conclusion of the series. Third, their story needs to be concluded within the main series but open-ended enough to be able to keep it going without affecting what occurred in the original series. Lastly, the concept for the spin-off has to be interesting, nostalgic, and new.

Question 27

Name the three secrets revealed in "Stick to the Status Quo"

The song "Stick to the Status Quo" is about three cliques that exist within the East High social hierarchy/dynamic and how key members in each clique are harboring secrets that they have decided that they want to share (while their friends tell them to keep such things to themselves.) One of the boys from the basketball team, one of the girls from the geeky group, and one of the groovy skaters all decide to share their secret interests and passions with their friends only to be shot down and told that they cannot stray outside the label given to them by their peers. What were those secrets?

Question 28

Name the character who composes the musical

One cannot have a musical without a composer. A composer is the one who writes, creates, and composes all of the music in a musical and without them, a musical would really just be an awkward play that no one would want to watch or enjoy watching. This composer becomes one of the main characters in the series and acts as a nice foil to the more dramatic characters around her. While everyone is fighting over roles, trying to undermine each other, breaking up with their partners, and confessing their deepest secrets, this character is just content with writing music and playing the piano.

Question 29

Which characters are featured in the giant poster in East High?

Question for the readers of this quiz, is this normal? Do high schools commonly have large posters of their students plastered to the walls of the main building? Or was this just done in order to create a perfect dramatic backdrop for Gabriella's sad song? Do high schools which exist in the country in which this film was set regularly have these large posters decorating their walls as well? Is this a regional thing or was it simply done for the film? Did the students pose for the poster or were the photos taken at one of their games? Do they like the poster?

Question 30

What initial is on the necklace Troy gives Gabriella?

A common gift that many young partners exchange early on in their relationship is some sort of jewelry or article of clothing with the other persons initial on it. A sweet and simple way of saying that this person is taken and belongs with this other person (the one who gifted them with the necklace.) At the end of Troy and Gabriella's first school year together, Troy gifts Gabriella with a necklace bearing a single initial. What initial is on the necklace that Troy gives Gabriella at the end of the school year as a way to commemorate their relationship?

Question 31

During which holiday did Troy and Gabriella meet?

While on vacation with their respective parents, Troy and Gabriella end up sharing a duet together at a party hosted for the teenage guests at the resort so that their parents can enjoy a night for themselves, free of children. This party featured a stage with a karaoke machine which acted as the sole source of entertainment. That sounds like it could end rather boring but the party actually ended up being rather exciting and lead to a relationship that had the potential to last a lifetime. Or at least until college. In celebration of which holiday was the party where the two first met?

Question 32

What are the East High school colours?

Every high school has a set of colours that they use in all of the school spirit-related decorating and on the uniforms that the sports teams wear during practice and matches. These colours can even affect/influence the colours of the robes which the students wear during their graduation ceremony. These colours are the heart and soul of the high school and influence a lot of aesthetic based choices that are made for the school. Or, in a less dramatic way of phrasing it, these colours are the colours which all of the emblems and uniforms stem from. What are the East High colours?

Question 33

What are the students excited for at the beginning of the second film?

The second film begins with a large music number that includes nearly all members of the cast and features the main characters jubilantly dancing through the halls of East High. But what are they so excited about? Which event are they all mutually celebrating and looking forward to so eagerly? What event are they all signing about in unison? Why did they throw their papers up in the air? Not only is this event exciting to the characters within the film but it is also one of the most exciting events in the lives of those watching the film. But what is it?

Question 34

Which Disney Channel star made a cameo in the second film?

Before the filming began for the second movie in the franchise, the creators took to the internet and erected several online polls in order to involve their audience as much as possible in the making of a sequel to one of their favourite films. The polls allowed the audience to choose several elements that would make their way into the final product. The fans of the series were even able to choose which guest star would appear in the film's final dance number. They were given a list of current Disney Channel stars and asked to vote for their favourite. Who won the poll and ended up in High School Musical 2?

Question 35

Who owns the country club from the second film?

The second film in the High School Musical series takes place during the gangs summer vacation. They are seeking summer jobs in order to boost their college applications and gain a bit of extra money for some fun and classic summer activities. Luckily, Troy Bolton not only receives a random job offer from a local country club but is also able to secure jobs for every single one of his friends at the same country club. But who owns the club at which the gang spends their summer? Was this person behind the random choice to hire Troy? How did they feel about him bringing his friends along with him?

Question 36

Why is Sharpay so angry in the first film?

Sharpay spends the majority of the first film in the series yelling, fighting with the other characters, and storming about. Every film needs an antagonist but Sharpay seems to go a bit above and beyond when it comes to messing with the lives of those around her and creating disorder wherever she goes. But why is she so angry? What happened to her to cause her to become so quickly unhinged and why is she taking those emotions out on those around her? Are they to blame for her negative emotional place? Or does she just feel like they deserve it?

Question 37

Name Sharpay's dog

Dog names can either be incredibly creative or truly dull. Some names can be references to classic films, names from beloved nerdy franchises, or brilliantly well thought-out puns. And other names can be typical, boring, and lacking in any form of creativity. What sort of name would Sharpay choose for her canine companion? Would she opt for a more creative name? Maybe even a regal name for a pooch worthy of a place by her side? Would she name the dog after herself? Or would she choose a rather banal and stereotypical name for the little pup? What is the name of Sharpay's dog?

Question 38

Name the final song from the first film

Every good musical needs a good closing number. A good final song that ties the entire film together. A song that summarizes the characters, the journey that they have been on, their growth, and the overall theme of the story that has just occurred and playout before our eyes. This song has to symbolize the main theme of the musical itself in order to truly drive that message home (especially for those that may have missed the message when first watching the film.) But what song was the final song in the first film in the High School Musical franchise?

Question 39

What piece of tech does Ms Darbus take away?

Ms Darbus believes that certain traditional rules should be upheld in a modern high school and will do everything she can to enforce them herself. She believes that the teacher is the most important person in a classroom and that they should be listened to and respected above all else. There is one piece of modern technology that Ms Darbus wishes would be removed from schools entirely (even if she has to do so herself.) If she sees said piece of tech, she will confiscate it and hold onto it until the end of the school day. What piece of tech is that?

Question 40

Name the school in which the film is set

Instead of building an entire set to stand in the place of a real high school, the creators of High School Musical decided to simply film the movie at an actual high school in Utah instead. Even though they did have to book the school for the length of filming the project, they did save a lot of money by using an existing structure. An added bonus to the decision to film this movie at a real school means that students can actually attend the school in which High School Musical was filmed and fans can visit it (at approved times.) Name that school.

Question 41

Who is Troy's dad?

Troy Bolton's father exists as one of the secondary characters in the High School Musical universe and he plays a key role in Troy's journey in the first film. This character acts as a bit of a roadblock to Troy's journey to explore both sides of his identity and is pitted against the drama teacher throughout the series. But who is he? What role in the series does Troy's father play? How is he involved in his son's story and do we ever see him in the halls of East High? Who is Troy Bolton's father and what is his job?

Question 42

Who signed Gabriella up for the decathlon?

When Taylor approaches Gabriella to give her a role on the decathlon team, Gabriella declines the offer and is confused as to how Taylor found out about her past as an academic superstar. She did not give Taylor the information herself and there was no way that her mother could. So, who else knew about her status as a total prodigy? Who not only found out that she was a super genius but also gathered the proof of her intellect and delivered that information to Taylor, without Taylor knowing/seeing who did it? Who signed Gabriella up for the decathlon without her permission?

Question 43

In which city was the series filmed?

Fun fact: the High School Musical franchise was set in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. However, it was filmed somewhere else entirely. Another fun fact is that the first film, which was set during the middle of WInter, was filmed in the summer. And the second film was rumoured to have filmed the winter before its release (even though the film was set entirely during the summer.) Luckily the films were set in a place where it is sunny all year round so there was no snow to work around. Though set in Albuquerque, where was the series filmed?

Question 44

What treat is Zeke eager to bake?

One of the secrets revealed during the "Stick to the Status Quo" dance number was that Zeke, a member of the basketball team, loves to bake. It is not only a wonderful stress reliever but it is also one of the few hobbies that promises those who invest their time in said activity a yummy snack at the end of one's efforts. Very few other hobbies have such guaranteed positive rewards. One cannot eat a painting nor a book once completed with said activity. There is one treat that Zeke yearns to perfect one day. What treat does Zeke dream of?

Question 45

Who picked the slogans on Chad's t-shirts?

Chad is known for his comical t-shirts which feature unique and entertaining slogans. But who chose the slogans that were written on his shirt in the second film? Was the job left to the prop department? Did the costume designers create those witty taglines? Did the writers for the franchise draft up the jokes? Did the fans of the series pick them through an online poll, in a similar fashion to how they chose the Disney Channel star that would make a brief cameo appearance in the films final song? Who chose the slogans that appeared on Chad's shirts throughout the second film?

Question 46

Where does the gang work in the second film?

In the second film in the series, Troy Bolton and his friends decide to get summer jobs before they return to school in the fall. Luckily, they were all able to secure a job at the same place. This is due to the fact that the company was instructed to hire Troy Bolton at any cost and he made securing jobs for all of his friends a condition of his employment with said company. But what was this company that they all were given jobs at? Where did the gang spend their summer working? What place would be able to hire a dozen teens at once with ease?

Question 47

Who changes costumes after "I Don't Dance?"

The song "I Don't Dance" which appears in the second film in the series centers around a conflict between the characters of Ryan and Chad. Chad is an uber-macho character who claims that he has never and will never dance while Ryan is attempting to convince him that baseball and musical numbers are not that different after all. Funnily enough, this argument takes place during a musical number. Which means that Chad is literally dancing the entire time that he is claiming that he does not dance. He also has participated in several dance numbers in the first and second film. So, it is very obvious that Chad does, in fact, dance.

Question 48

Whose giant signature takes up the entire musical sign-up sheet?

There is one student at East High who believes that she not only has the makings of greatness inside of her but that everyone around her should not only recognize it but admire and bow down to it. She believes that she is destined for something great and that she is entitled to every chance of greatness that her current circumstances can provide. She believes that she will be and already is the best. And that anyone who tries to compete with her is trying to stand between her and her destiny and must be removed from the equation. And the best way to do so is to write in letters so big that no one else can even sign up for the competition in the first place.

Question 49

What position does Gabriella hold at the country club?

The majority of the gang works in the kitchens or as the wait staff at the Evans's country club where Troy was able to secure them all jobs for the summer. Save for Gabriella. Due to her personal experience in previous jobs and skills, Gabriella is given a different job from the rest altogether. Though one could make the argument that her unique position was given to her in order to keep her away from Troy in order to make it that much easier for Sharpay to sneak into their coupling and break them up before they even know what is happening.

Question 50

How does Sharpay separate Troy from his friends in the second film?

Sharpay would not let a simple roadblock stand in the way of her and what she wanted. So the country club hired all of the Wildcats instead of just Troy. Big deal. She had a plan. If she is able to keep him separate from his friends (and girlfriend,) keep them from entering her talent show, and get him alone in order to prove to him how they are much better singing, and romantic, partners than he and Gabriella, then she might just end up getting everything that she wants by the end of the summer. Just how did she manage to keep him separated from his friends?

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