Who Remembers Glee Well Enough To Get Over 70% On This Quiz?

Glee is a TV series that aired of Fox from 2009 to 2015 for a total of six seasons. The series followed a group of people that attend a fictional high school in a small town. These people are all part of the same Glee Club and call themselves the New Directions. The Glee Club dreams of making it to Nationals, a huge singing competition, and hope to bring the trophy back to WMHS to really show off how far they've come as a club and how talented they are. While they're trying to make it to Nationals and get their act together each year, the show also follows their personal lives both in and out of school as their Glee Club teacher tries to help them learn music and about themselves.

Even though Glee has been over for a few years now, its fans are still pretty dedicated and we can't deny that Glee is a great show to go back and rewatch over and over. The songs are so catchy and we just get so attached to the different characters that we can't help but go back and watch our favorite episodes or even the entire series all over again!

Who thinks they remember Glee? Get 0ver 70% on this quiz to prove it!

Question 1

Where is the show set?

The state where Glee is set isn't exactly something that comes up on a regular basis during the show but it is definitely something that most fans are likely to remember. The series is set at a fictional high school named WMHS where their mascot is the Titans and their school colors are red and black. Much of the series was filmed at a high school in California but anyone who watched Glee will remember that California is definitely not actually where the series takes place. Instead, it takes place in a city in a completely different state! Which one was it?

Question 2

Who was NOT one of the Cheerios?

Even though Glee is a series that's primarily focused on the Gee Club at the high school where the series takes place, anyone who watched Glee will know that there are a lot of other cliques in the school and that the series focuses on a lot of other parts of the school, too! One other clique in the school that plays a pretty major part in a lot of the series is the cheer squad. They're known as the Cheerios and a few of them are actually members of the Clee Club and main characters in Glee as well!

Question 3

Which of these couples did NOT date?

Throughout the course of Glee, there were quite a few couples. A lot of different characters got together and dated and a few of them even got married by the end of the series and got to live happily ever after! While that's not the case for every couple that we saw get together on screen, some of our favorites definitely had an ending that fans approved of. Even though there were quite a few couples on the show, only three of these pairs actually had a romantic connection during the series. Which one of these couples never dated during Glee?

Question 4

Who did NOT have a crush on Finn?

Finn Hudson is one of the main character on Glee for a lot of the series. He began appearing on the show way back in the very first episodes and he was a central focus of the series through the fifth season of the series when Cory Monteith, the actor that portrayed Finn, unfortunately lost his life. In the series, Finn is one of the football players at the high school where Glee is set and is also a member of the Glee Club. He's a pretty popular guy, so the fact that several characters had crushes on him is no surprise to us!

Question 5

How many times did the New Directions win Nationals?

Even though a lot of the Glee Club's performances throughout Glee's six seasons definitely seemed like a lot of fun, anyone familiar with the series will remember the fact that it wasn't all fun and games. A large part of what the New Directions were doing as a Glee Club together was the fact that they were competing against other Glee Clubs in the area and around the country in order to try to win big competitions. The largest one and the last step in the competition circuit is Nationals. How many times did the New Directions manage to win Nationals?

Question 6

During which season did Rachel start attending NYADA?

Even though most of Glee focuses on WMHS and features the lives of the students, faculty, and staff that spend their time there, we all know that people really can't be in high school forever. Rachel is one of the main characters and was introduced in the very first season as a WHMS student and one of the central members of the Glee Club. But, at one point in the series, she graduated and went on to college in New York City. She chose to attend a fictional school there known as NYADA, or the New York Academy for the Dramatic Arts.

Question 7

Who was the father of Quinn's baby?

When Quinn Fabray was introduced into Glee in the very first season, she was introduced as the leader of the Cheerios. She had a pretty clean-cut image and was definitely not the type to ever find herself in any sort of trouble. She ended up joining the Glee Club because of the fact that her boyfriend had joined and Sue Sylvester convinced Quinn and the other Cheerios to join in order to take out the Glee Club because she didn't like them. During the first season of Glee, Quinn also found herself pregnant. How many fans of Glee can remember who the father was?

Question 8

Which of the following Christmas songs did NOT appear on the show?

How much fun are holiday episodes of different TV shows? It seems like just about every show has a Christmas or Halloween-themed episode of their show and they put their own special twist on it. Considering music is such a big deal during the Christmas season, it's definitely no surprise that Glee put their all into their Christmas episodes and included their own versions of a huge variety of different Christmas songs. The Christmas episodes they had really varied from season to season but they all had the super fun and festive songs we love from that holiday season. Which of these songs didn't appear in the show?

Question 9

Which Lady Gaga song was NOT featured on the show?

Lady Gaga has been a hugely popular in the world of pop music since she first came onto the music scene with songs like Just Dance, Poker Face, and Paparazzi from her 2008 album, The Fame. So is it any real surprise that Glee did an episode dedicated to Lady Gaga songs? The characters even dressed in some of her most iconic and truly out-there outfits in order to really set the tone. Even though Lady Gaga has had some seriously catchy songs over the years, Glee couldn't fit every last one of them into a single episode. Which of these did they exclude?

Question 10

Who is this?

This character is one of the central characters on Glee. She's played by Heather Morris, an actress and dancer who got her start on the TV competition series So You Think You Can Dance?, and is one of the members of WMHS' cheer squad, known in the series as the Cheerios. She is the third original member of the Cheerios and is introduced into the series in the first season when she and her fellow Cheerios join the Glee Club together. In the second season, she's made more of a central character and is one of the main characters in the series.

Question 11

Which celebrity did NOT appear as a guest star on the series?

A lot of characters came and went on Glee throughout the seasons. Some of them stayed through the entire series after being introduced in the beginning while others only appeared for a little while before they left the show. And then, there were quite a few guest stars that only appeared for a short storyline of a single episode or only a few episodes. From actors and actresses to musicians, Glee saw a ton of famous faces make guest appearances on the show in a lot of different forms. How many fans of Glee can remember which of these stars never appeared on the show?

Question 12

What did Rachel get a tattoo of in Season Five?

The fifth season of Glee is one that involved quite a few changes for a lot of the students at WMHS. New students had been introduced as characters and the original members of the New Directions had made some pretty big changes in their lives. One character who had been undergoing a ton of changes in her life was Rachel. A big change she went through during this season was the fact that she unfortunately lost Finn. In order to commemorate him, she ended up getting a tattoo! This tattoo is one that the actress got in real life and became part of the show.

Question 13

'Glease' was an episode in which season?

Throughout all the seasons of Glee that aired, they covered a ton of different songs from all kinds of different artists. From really popular contemporary songs to some of our favorite older songs, the soundtracks that were released containing performances from Glee totaled to over 700 songs! Considering Glee is a musical series, it was no surprise to anyone that they decided to feature songs from some other popular musicals as well. One of them was Grease, a super popular musical that was released in 1978. During one episode titled 'Glease,' WMHS put their own spin on the classic musical.

Question 14

Who did Rachel perform Rolling in the Deep with?

Rolling in the Deep is a song that was originally performed by Adele and was released in 2011. This song became super popular it was released and features some lyrics about letting go of a relationship that the singer realizes wasn't exactly great for her. This song is featured in the second season's episode 'Prom Queen.' When Rachel is trying to rehearse the song for Prom in front of the A.V. Club and asks their opinion on how she did. But, when she starts to sing it again, someone else joins in and makes it a duet. Who did she sing this song with?

Question 15

Who got sick while performing Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a song that was released by Kesha in 2009 from her debut studio album, Animal. This song was really popular after it came out and was all over the radio and the pop music charts, so it's no wonder that it even made its way into an episode of Glee! It was featured in an episode during the second season of Glee and was performed by the New Directions with solos by a few different members. Unfortunately, they weren't feeling great after their party the previous night. This gets even worse when their performance is interrupted by at least one member getting sick.

Question 16

Who is this?

Even though Glee started with a core group of characters, there were quite a few more that were introduced during the series and some characters that stopped appearing on the show for various reasons throughout the show's six season run. This character is one that was added to the series after it started but he became a core character almost immediately. He was introduced during the second season during the episode 'Never Been Kissed' as a student at Dalton Academy. After being introduced as the head of the school's Glee Club, the Warblers, they perform Teenage Dream for Kurt who was touring the school.

Question 17

Which character got pregnant in the first season?

Even though the main thing that many people remember from Glee is the songs that they performed on the show, there was so much more going on in the series than just singing! The series definitely revolved around the members of the Glee Club at WMHS, but it followed their lives outside of the club's walls as well. Instead of simply focusing on their songs and their rehearsals for big competitions, the series followed their lives as high school students and everything that comes with that. In the first season, part of the series focused on the fact that one character was pregnant.

Question 18

What Paramore song did Rachel sing to Finn in Season Two?

During the second season of Glee, the episode 'Brittany/Britney' aired and was totally focused on the music of iconic pop star Britney Spears. In this episode, the New Directions were sent in to get oral exams to check out their dental issues and when they were put under anesthesia, they all had various dreams about Britney Spears and performed her songs in their dreams. The whole episode was focused on music by her except a single song that Rachel performed at the very end of the episode. This song was by the band Paramore and was performed to her boyfriend, Finn.

Question 19

Who performed Telephone together in the bathroom in the Season Two premiere?

Telephone is a song by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé and was released as a single from The Fame Monster. Considering the fact that this song featured two such hugely popular musicians, it's no surprise to us that it became such a popular song. Glee featured multiple songs by Lady Gaga throughout the course of the series and Telephone was one of them. Staying true to the original, Glee made their rendition of Telephone a duet between two different characters during the episode 'Audition' in the second season of the series. Who can remember who this song was a duet between?

Question 20

Which of the following couples did NOT end up married?

Throughout the course of Glee, quite a few characters got together and were in relationships that we just couldn't get enough of. Unfortunately, some of our favorites didn't make it to the end of the series for various reasons and ended up either calling off their relationship or ended up separated for other reasons. How sad is that? Luckily, there were quite a few other couples that actually did stay together through the end of the series. Some of them even tied the knot and lived happily ever after! How many Glee fans can remember which of these couples didn't walk down the aisle?

Question 21

Which group performed Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny's Child?

In Glee, the main group in the series is the Glee Club, also know in the series as the New Directions. But, as with just about any other high school that's featured on TV or one that we experience in the real world, there are a ton of other groups and cliques. There are other Glee Clubs that the WMHS students meet or compete against like the Warblers and there are other groups at WMHS like the Cheerios and the football team. The New Directions sing most of the songs in the series, but they're not the only ones to ever perform!

Question 22

Why was Brittany reluctant to perform Britney Spears songs?

In the second season of Glee, the New Directions were tasked with taking on the homecoming assembly at WMHS. The students all discuss the fact that a social media page was created to try to encourage the New Directions to perform a song by Britney Spears for the assembly but their teacher isn't exactly into the idea. Luckily, he had someone on his side in the form of Brittany Pierce. While they're discussing the idea, Brittany speaks up about the reason that she's not exactly into the idea of performing a song by Britney Spears. What was the reason she gave?

Question 23

True or false: Kurt transferred to a different school because he was awarded a scholarship.

Most of Glee focused on the students at WMHS and, in specific, the members of the Glee Club. It also focused somewhat on the teachers and other staff members at WMHS and followed all of them through their lives during class, in between classes, and even in their lives out of school. Even though the series was centered around WMHS, any fan of Glee will remember that at one point in the series, Kurt actually transferred to a different school. Transferring was not an easy decision for him but fans of Glee will definitely remember the very serious thing that made him switch.

Question 24

Which of these Britney Spears songs was NOT featured on the show?

Glee featured songs from a ton of different bands and artists. But one pop star that was featured in two different episodes dedicated to her is Britney Spears! In the second and fourth seasons of Glee, the episodes 'Britney/Brittany' and 'Britney 2.0' aired and were completely dedicated to featuring the music of Britney Spears. Considering the fact that Britney Spears has been in the music industry since the 90s, she has quite a few songs. So, it's not surprising that Glee took two episodes to feature her songs in. Still, they didn't cover all of them! Which of these Britney Spears songs didn't appear on Glee?

Question 25

Who is this?

This character is one of the central characters in the later episodes of Glee. She is played by Melissa Benoist, an actress who went on to play the title character on The CW's Supergirl. In the first episode of the fourth season, an episode titled 'The New Rachel,' the New Directions are holding a competition so that they can find someone to join the Glee Club and replace the gap that Rachel left in the Glee Club after she left WMHS in order to attend NYADA. This character auditions with the song New York State of Mind. the song alternates between this character singing it and Rachel singing it at NYADA.

Question 26

What is this coach's last name?

Even though most of Glee focused on the members of the Glee Club, the Glee Club's teacher, and the people in all their lives, anyone who watched the series will know that there were a lot of other characters that were involved in the show too. This character is one of the major characters in the series and was introduced in the second season as one of the faculty members at WMHS. This character is one that underwent some major changes throughout the series and was definitely a memorable part of Glee. How many fans can remember what their last name is?

Question 27

Which character pretended to stutter?

The different characters in Glee definitely showed throughout the series that there was more tot hem than meets the eye. Some of them had some sad family issues that they didn't tell everyone about or secret feelings for another classmate that they weren't comfortable with revealing. At one point in the series, there was one character who revealed that the stutter they spoke with wasn't exactly natural. According to the story they told, they had to give a presentation in front of their class one day and decided to pretend to speak with a stutter to get out of it.

Question 28

Which character was NOT part of the performance of Born This Way?

A huge part of the storylines in Glee involves accepting yourself for who you are and accepting things that you might consider to be flaws. At one point int he series, the characters came together to do a performance of Born This Way by Lady Gaga and really embraced these things that they don't necessarily love about themselves. Each character wore a t-shirt that featured something that might be considered a flaw as they sang and danced along to the song. But, anyone who loved Glee will remember that there was one character who had a shirt but didn't join the performance.

Question 29

Why did the New Directions perform the song Jump?

Throughout the course of the series, there were quite a few different reasons for the performances on Glee. Some of them were performed for special events like school assemblies or competitions while others were simply performed as a personal scene between characters. During one episode of Glee, the New Directions performed the song Jump for a very special occasion. This performance is probably memorable to many fans of Glee because of the fact that it was performed while the New Directions were wearing pajamas and the entire thing was performed as they danced and jumped on mattresses. Why did they perform this song?

Question 30

Who is this?

This character is portrayed by Chord Overstreet and was introduced during the second season of Glee and is one of the main characters in the series. He was introduced during the episode 'Audition' during the second season when he saw the members of New Directions singing the song Empire State of Mind in the school's courtyard. This catchy song made him really take notice of the Glee Club and even thought about auditioning himself so that he could join them. After Finn overhears him singing in the locker room shower, Finn tells him he has a good voice and encourages him to audition.

Question 31

What was the name of this spin-off competition series?

A lot of TV shows have spin-off series. Most of the time, they focus on one or more characters from the main series and show them in totally different situations than the main series. But Glee's spin-off series is totally different in that it was actually a reality competition series! This show began airing in 2011 on Oxygen and had a total of two seasons. The purpose of this competition series was to take a group of Glee fans and pit them against each other in various competitions in order to find a single winner who would go on to appear in several episodes of Glee.

Question 32

Why did Finn and Rachel cancel their wedding?

A wedding is supposed to be a really happy time for a couple. It's a time for them to celebrate their love for one another, be around their closest friends and family members, and prepare to spend the rest of their lives together. Rachel and Finn are two characters from Glee that were going to get married to one another at one point during Glee but they ended up cancelling their wedding because of something that happened. Even though fans of Glee were definitely excited to see these two walk down the aisle, it's hard to forget what happened to make them cancel it.

Question 33

Which of these songs was NOT featured on the show?

Throughout the course of the six seasons that Glee aired, they featured so many different songs. Some songs were really recent ones that were all over the charts and on the radio while some of them were older songs that have become classics that just about everyone knows. Even though there are a ton of songs that Glee has done and even some mashups of multiple songs, there are quite a few songs that Glee didn't feature on the show that we definitely wished they had. It's definitely impossible to remember every song that was on Glee, but what about remembering which of these wasn't?

Question 34

Who was crowned Prom King and Queen in Season Three?

One huge part of high school for many people is attending Prom. In the third season of Glee, the students at WMHS took part in this huge high school milestone when they attended Prom themselves! Anyone who has attended Prom will know that most schools have two people who are crowned Prom King and Prom Queen at the end of the dance after being voted on by all the other students either throughout the weekend or during the dance. During the third season of Glee, both the people crowned Prom King and Queen were members of the New Directions! Who was it?

Question 35

Who did Santana play in Grease?

Grease is a musical that was released in 1978 and has become a true classic now. In an episode of Glee called 'Glease,' the WMHS Glee Club decided to put on their own production of Grease at their school. Anyone who is a fan of musicals has likely seen Grease and knows just how many characters there are. That means that there are plenty of characters for the WMHS Glee Club to divide up amongst themselves and choose their roles. Santana is one of the members of the Glee Club that took part in their production of Grease. What role did she play?

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