Who Remembers Friends Well Enough To Get Over 50% On This Quiz?

Friends was a popular sitcom that ran for several seasons from 1994 to 2004. The show revolves around a group of friends that are living in the city, trying to make a name for themselves. Some of them are struggling with work, others with romance. The group of friends are incredibly close, almost as if they are family. They would do anything for each other, even if it was dangerous or foolish.

While the show had some episodes that were realistic and could absolutely happen to anyone, there were a lot of plots that many people may never experience for themselves. That is why so many people got so invested in this series! To top it off, it had a lot of humor that people enjoyed. The characters had their own quirks that made the series great. It could never have done so well without the well-written characters, and the perfect actors to play them.

The series had a ton of memorable moments. From scenes that every person who has seen the show would remember, to scenes that only diehard fans would remember the details of. This quiz includes both of these types of moments. There are 50 questions that will test your knowledge of Friends out, and see if you remember enough to get over a 50% on the quiz! Good luck!

Question 1

How many seasons of Friends are there?

The show Friends was on the air for a long period of time. It began in the mid nineties, and ran until the mid two thousands. Across the show, we got to watch heartbreak, new romance, marriages, divorce, children, friendships, and most of all we watched the main characters change into the people that ended the series. Each of them grew in their own way, and became exactly who they needed to be at that point. This was one of those shows that we never wanted to be over, and when it finally ended people were sad, but also happy that some things finally worked out!

Question 2

How many Friends are there?

The show Friends revolves around a small friend group consisting of the main characters of the show. Each character has their own strong, and usually dynamic personality. Over the span of the seasons, we watch some of the characters adapt and change based on the world around them. Some of them became parents, some get married and became husbands or wives, and some finally got together once again. Across the show it is really hard to pick which friend is a favorite. Some people are partial to comedy, others to looks. Either way, people tend to love all of the characters.

Question 3

Which two Friends are siblings?

Two of the main characters from Friends are actually related to one another, they are siblings. They grew up together with their parents, Judy and Jack. They were raised on Long Island, and both moved to the city as adults. The siblings were not very close when they were in school, in fact they did not get along well at all. Since they have moved apart and are not being forced to interact, the two of them get along very well! One of them is pretty high-strung, and the other is a know it all. This combination makes stressful situations very interesting.

Question 4

What city is Friends set in?

The series Friends tells the story of a group of well, friends, that are living in the city. Some of them are roommates with each other, like Joey and Chandler, and Phoebe and Monica. The rooming arrangements change over the series, but the pairs tend to live together. Their lifestyle is typical for a city, they like to spend time at their local coffeehouse, walk to movie theaters and stores to shop at. From time to time they do some touristy types of things, like visiting the Statue of Liberty, when someone important is in town to visit Monica and Chandler.

Question 5

Which Friend is this?

This woman ran away from her wedding, leaving her fiance at the altar, and came to the coffee house to see a friend she had not seen in years. While she was still in her dress, she begs for some help. She ends up staying with this friend, and cuts herself off from her father. This character is totally determined to make it on her own, and figure out her own place in the world, rather than live in the place that was created for her. She starts out as a waitress, but moved her way into and up in the fashion industry.

Question 6

Which Friend is this?

This character is the comical man in the group. He loves to tell jokes, many of these are aimed at himself, or are a little lame. He works at a place that he strongly dislikes, and has bigger dreams. His childhood was difficult, he had parents that were not exactly loving and endearing towards him, who are divorced. Throughout the show, he has some trouble finding love in all the wrong places. This all changed when he began to date another Friend, Monica. The two of them began a secret relationship, but they fell in love and get married in the show.

Question 7

Which Friend is this?

This woman is definitely the most eccentric of the girls in the group. She works as a masseuse, but does shows with her guitar and singing voice at Central Perk. She is a vegetarian, and does not believe in harming animals for anything. Her character believes in fate, spirituality, and other crystal-like tactics. She dates a lot of different men during the show, but none of them are a real love connection until she meets Mike. He was a fake blind date set up by Joey, but the two of them seriously hit it all and began to date for real.

Question 8

Which Friend is this?

This woman is the younger sister of Ross. She is definitely the most high-strung character on the show. Everything around her must be arranged in a predetermined way, by her. Even with this, she works as a Chef in popular restaurants. Her character has not had a lot of luck with men. She will get a few dates, but would then see that he was either a creep or just annoying. She does not usually believe in herself, this is probably because of her parents putting her down for most of her childhood, and this pattern has carried into her adult life.

Question 9

Which Friend is this?

This Friends character is the older brother of Monica. He works at the Museum of Natural History, but later gets a professor position. He has a Ph.D., that he loves to remind everyone of. He is the know it all of the group. Anytime one of the friends pronounces something wrong, or uses the wrong word in a sentence, he will correct them quickly by saying 'actually,' with the correction. This character struggles a lot with romance, over the course of the show he has three separate divorces. Each of these was more difficult than the last, and more frustrating for him.

Question 10

Which Friend is this?

This character works as an actor, he mostly does low budget types of things in small shows and commercials, but he does star in a major soap opera, Days of Our Lives. His character works on the show for years, but gets written off when he tells a magazine that he writes his own lines (which was a total lie!). Besides that, he spends a lot of his time eating, and watching Baywatch with his roommate. He enjoys dating and spending time with women, and he is often shown trying to get phone numbers with his very well-known pick-up line.

Question 11

Whose catchphrase is "How you doin?"

One of the characters uses the phrase, 'How you doin?' often during the show, This character uses it to get the attention of a person that they are interested in dating. It usually works, and the person will normally give up their phone number to this character. Because of this, and their attractive features, this character goes on a lot of dates with a lot of people. These dates do not really turn into something serious. Across the entire series, there are only a small handful of people that this person dated more seriously than grabbing dinner once or twice.

Question 12

What coffee house do the Friends hangout at?

The Friends spend most of their time hanging out at either Monica and Rachel's apartment, or this popular coffee shop that is downstairs from where the girls, Joey and Chandler live. The group is normally found sitting on the main couch in the center of the shop. When people are sitting in it, the group gets kind of surprised and must find somewhere else to sit. This coffeehouse is run by the manager, Gunther. He is one character in the show that never changes. In the ten seasons, he even hires two of the friends, Rachel and Joey, to work as waiters in the shop.

Question 13

Who does Ross marry in London?

After a very quick period of time between these two people, Ross proposes to her. They had only been dating for a few weeks, and they got engaged. Then, they planned to get married only about a month after getting engaged. The two of them chose a wedding in London, at the church where her parents were married several years ago. This wedding was beautiful, and they made a construction building look like a great place for a wedding. The ceremony itself did not go too great, Ross actually said the wrong name! But, the woman he was marrying still married him, so all was not lost.

Question 14

Which older man does Monica date?

While Monica does date a variety of men during the show, she only has two very serious relationships. One of those is Chandler, who we know that she marries and adopts children with. Then there is this man. He is an older gentleman, and is actually very good friends with her father. The two of them have known each other for years, but met once again while Monica was catering a party at her parents' place. She was a little hesitant to date him in the beginning, but then he ended up being the exact kind of guy that she wanted!

Question 15

Which man is in love with Rachel?

Rachel is a very likable character. She is pretty, smart, she dresses very well, and she works incredibly hard to support herself. In the very beginning when Rachel first comes into the picture, it is revealed that this man is actually kind of in love with her. He has known her for years, since they were children really. He never stood a chance with her, she was popular, and he was not. Over the years, they did not keep in touch. So when she came into the coffeehouse, it felt like fate for this man who spends years of his life trying to be with her.

Question 16

What does Phoebe do for work?

Phoebe is one of the most memorable and entertaining characters on the show. She is very funny, and always says things that no one would expect to hear. These things never really surprise anyone though, because it is Phoebe. In the show, she does work full time. She likes her job a lot. She begins the show doing this job at people's houses as more of a freelance type of thing, but then she begins to work in an actual center for this profession. She does not like her position though, because it is more corporate, and demanding, than her doing it on her own.

Question 17

Whose parents are these?

These two are Jack and Judy. They are the parents to two of the characters on the show. The family grew up on Long Island, just outside of the city. Jack and Judy were good to their kids, and had a decent relationship with them. While it was decent and good, they did express some blatant favoritism. One of their children was a golden child, they could do absolutely no wrong. Regardless of the situation, this child was the victim. The other child however, was completely mistake-ridden. Anything they did was questioned with raised eyebrows, and everything was always their fault.

Question 18

Where does Ross work?

Ross is a paleontologist with a Ph.D. in his field. He is very intelligent and is currently working at this place. This place is one of the major landmarks of New York City. Many people who live in or close to the city have visited, many times as a school field trip. He does enjoy his job. He gets to work alongside people making sure remains are set up properly, and he also gets to make sure things go smoothly, day to day. As the show continues, he leaves this position to work somewhere else where he would be educating passionate students.

Question 19

Where do Chandler and Monica get together?

Monica and Chandler are nothing more than friends until one night that everything changes. Before this night, Monica was feeling bad about herself, because Ross was moving on and getting serious in his life, and she was single. After talking with Chandler, the two of them spent the whole night together. They agreed they would not end their friendship, but continued to see each other once they got back home. This sneaking around ended up turning into a legitimate relationship. The two of them fell in love with each other, and could not be more of a perfect couple than they are.

Question 20

What instrument does Phoebe play?

On top of being a masseuse full time for cash, Phoebe performs at Central Perk almost every weekend. She plays this instrument, while singing her own songs. Her music is not exactly, great, but she has a fun time performing. She writes all of her lyrics herself, based on her own experiences. One of her most popular songs is 'Smelly Cat.' This song is actually recorded into a demo, but then it was sold to a company for cat food. Phoebe has never focused on making it big or being successful, she really just wants to get up their with her instrument, and express herself.

Question 21

Who did Rachel leave at the altar?

In the very first scene of the show, Monica, Ross, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe are sitting inside of Central Perk. All of a sudden, Rachel walks in wearing her wedding dress, looking for Monica. The two of them get to talking, and Rachel explains that she just ran from her wedding. She realized that she was not in love with the man she was supposed to marry, and had to get away. Because she didn't know anyone in the city, she came to Monica. The group welcomed her with open arms, and this began the series that ran for ten seasons.

Question 22

What is Ross' son's name?

In the very first episode, it is revealed that Ross and his wife, Carol, are getting a divorce. She does not love him anymore, instead, she fell in love with a woman named Susan. Carol found out that she was pregnant right around the time she broke up with Ross. Carol and Susan are planning to raise the baby, and Ross had the option of being involved. He, of course, wanted to know his son, and he was present for everything. On the day he was born, everyone was still fighting over the perfect name. What was the name that the three of them agreed on?

Question 23

Who works at Central Perk and is completely in love with Rachel?

This character is the boss at Central Perk, the coffee shop that the group is usually hanging out at. He is often shown behind the counter and is known for his bleach blonde hair. His character is pretty quiet, and is envious of the friend group because he wants some people to hang out with regularly. He is in love with one of them, that one being Rachel. This character is so in love with her, that he bought all the furniture Ross was selling just because she may have touched it and bought her a Sphynx cat in hopes she would want to visit it.

Question 24

Which pets do Joey and Chandler have?

One day while Chandler was not home, Joey saw a commercial about this type of animal that was for sale. He called, and found out that people buy these animals, and just get rid of them after they do not want them anymore. Joey decided to adopt one, and he took it home right away. Chandler was not happy about this, but he reluctantly agreed. After being the one that does all the work, Chandler wanted to bring the animal back. When they tried to do this, they met another animal that needed a home, and ended up taking them both home!

Question 25

What is Ross' monkey's name?

During the first season of the show, Ross has a pet Capuchin monkey. These are not legal pets in the state of New York, but Ross got one anyway. He loves this monkey, like it was his own son. He had him for several years, but as he started to grow up, he got more aggressive. Ross decided that it would be unfair to keep him anymore, and he gave the monkey to a zoo to have a more fulfilling life. This was challenging for Ross, he was completely sad that he was losing his pet, who was also kind of his friend.

Question 26

What assistant does Rachel date?

While working at Ralph Lauren, Rachel finds out that she can hire an assistant. She spends an entire day interviewing potential people, and ends up being stuck about who to hire. Her decision falls between a man that is attractive, with no skills or experience, or a woman that has experience and would be great. Rachel ends up hiring the man who is attractive. She does this only with the intention of looking at him, and later on, dating him. He is much younger than her, which is why their relationship falls apart, but she did have a lot of fun with him.

Question 27

What does Chandler do for work?

Chandler works in a corporate office, doing work that he dislikes. His work is pretty boring compared to his friends, who work as personal shoppers, professors, masseuses, chefs, and actors. Chandler has the job that many of the friends cannot even remember. During one episode, Joey and Chandler teamed up against Monica and Rachel to see which pair knew more about the other group. One of the questions was about what Chandler's job was, and neither of the girls knew the answer. Eventually, he leaves this position to find something that is better suited for him, but not before the years of agony he spent at that company.

Question 28

What are Rachel's sisters' names?

Rachel is from Long Island, like Monica and Ross. She has two younger sisters though, one portrayed by Reese Witherspoon, and the other by Christina Applegate. The two of them are only introduced one or twice during the entire ten seasons. Her youngest sister comes to visit Rachel when their father is planning to cut her off. He sent her to learn about life from his oldest daughter, whom he is the most proud of. Her other sister comes to visit when she is having trouble with her boyfriend, and she is more of a nuisance than a welcomed guest.

Question 29

What does Monica do for work?

Monica jumps around from different locations of work throughout the show. She finds things wrong with many of the places she works out, but also wants to continue moving up in the field that she is in. She eventually gets a great position in a wonderful place, that she is happy to take. But, the other staff members are not very welcoming. They are pretty mean to her, and want her to quit because they miss the person that she replaced. Monica deals with a lot from them before she finally gets the group of her employees on her side.

Question 30

What does Rachel name her baby?

Ross and Rachel dated on and off for years. The two of them would always find their way back to each other. One night, Rachel realizes that the two of them had never had one night with no strings attached, after any of their break-ups. This one night leads to Rachel getting pregnant. Rachel decides she wants to have the baby, and raise it herself. When she tells Ross, he decides he wants to be as involved as possible. Rachel and Ross argue endlessly about a name for the baby, and they only decide after asking Monica what name she wanted for her own baby.

Question 31

Who is this annoying girlfriend of Chandler's?

Chandler did not date many women very seriously during Friend. This woman was one of the few that he was in a serious relationship with. Things for them did not ever work out. He would be very interested in her, and then he would start to freak out and want to pull back, then they would break up. This pattern repeated itself several times across the series. She even came back into the picture as Monica and Chandler were buying their house. This woman was looking at the house next door, and Chandler had to lie to her about still being in love with her to keep her from moving in!

Question 32

Who is Carol's partner?

Before Friend began, it is presumed that Carol and Ross had some issues in their marriage. One of these is that they got married very young, and did not get to experience life as single, unattached, people. As Carol started to pull back from her marriage, she started spending time with this woman. The two of them got along very well, and completely fell for each other. Even when Carol found out that she was pregnant, her partner stood by her side the entire time. She was completely willing to be with Carol and raise the baby with her! The two of them get married during the show too.

Question 33

Who does Phoebe marry?

Phoebe dates this man through a blind date, set up by Joey. Joey actually forgot that he was supposed to find someone for Phoebe, and lies to her saying he found someone by this name. He took a chance in Central Perk, and called out this name. This man answered, and agreed to go on the blind date. He and Phoebe hit it off. After she learns the truth about how he and Joey met, she is mad but gives him another chance. They date for some time, and nearly break up because he does not want to get married. He eventually agrees, and the two of them have an outdoor wedding.

Question 34

Where do Ross and Rachel get married?

Throughout the entire show, everyone is rooting for Ross and Rachel to get together. They never get themselves together enough to have a healthy and happy relationship. One night, the two of them were not thinking very clearly. It was actually the same night that Monica and Chandler were planning to elope for real. Ross and Rachel go to the chapel, and get married in the middle of the night. They wake up, hardly remembering the evening. They are surprised when they find out what they did, and they begin the process of getting an annulment as soon as possible.

Question 35

How many sisters does Joey have?

Joey has a pretty large family. He talks about his mother often during the show, mostly to praise her cooking and to praise her parenting. He adored his mother, and respected his father. We meet them during one episode, where Joey finds out the truth about their marriage, and he is surprised. Their marriage is not as perfect as it seems! Joey is the only son in the family, and he has a few sisters. We only hear about his sisters for most of the show, and meet some of them in different episodes. Joey loves all of his family members, and would do anything for them.

Question 36

Which Friend has a twin?

One of the main six characters actually has a twin. This is not revealed to the rest of the group for a little while. This person has a twin, but they are not close. They do not get along well at all actually. The twin is sort of standoffish, while the friend is kind and sweet. The twins avoid each other as often as they can, but do come into each other's lives once in a while. The friends are all amazed when they find out about this twin, but are also even more surprised that this person never said anything!

Question 37

Who have been Friends since college?

Two of the six members of the Friends group have known each other for a long time. This friendship has lasted since they were in college. The two of them were sort of outcasts while in college. They were not very lucky in the romance world, but they had a few moments of glory. As adults, these two spend a lot of their time together in the group. They often reminisce about their times in college. Because of this length of time they have known each other, they often consider one another to be best friends. This makes the others jealous at times.

Question 38

Who have been Friends since high school?

While Ross and Chandler had been friends since college, there are two other friends that have known each other for a good length of time. These two had known each other since they were in high school. They were absolute best friends, but after graduation they sort of lost touch. One of them moved to the city, and the other stayed home and planned a marriage. They reunited after years of being separated, and are as close as they were when they were in high school. Their friendship makes the people around them a little jealous, because they are close and have a history.

Question 39

Who leaves Phoebe to do research in Minsk?

Phoebe has a few serious relationships during the series. One of these was the absolute love of her life. She and he had a great relationship, where they both saw a future together. Unfortunately, this character is a scientist. He had applied for a grant to go to Minsk and do his research. He was hesitant to accept this when he found out he was approved for the grant. When Phoebe found out about his considering leaving, she was very upset. She was even more upset when he wanted to stay, and felt like he would regret it for his life. She pushes him to go, and they go their separate ways.

Question 40

What is the name of Chandler's crazy roommate?

Joey and Chandler start fighting a little bit when Joey gets more popular on his show Days of Our Lives. Chandler wants Joey to start paying him back for a lot of the loans he had given him, but Joey doesn't want to deal with Chandler's nagging. Joey decides to move out and get his own place. Chandler is left needing a roommate. He meets a few people, and decides on this character. Things seemed to be okay, but then he sort of snapped. He was struggling with a breakup, and was starting to act a little weird. Chandler had to get him out of there as soon as possible.

Question 41

Where is Rachel planning to move in 'The Last One?'

Rachel was working at Ralph Lauren and ended up losing her job. She began looking for a new position, and she was interviewed for a specific company that would involve a move thousands of miles away. When Ross finds out about this, he persuades her boss at Ralph Lauren to hire her back, with a raise, to convince her to stay in New York. This charade continues until Ross finally tells Rachel she should go, to further her work life. So, Rachel plans to move to this new place for her job growth and is planning to take Emma with her.

Question 42

Where does Phoebe's biological mom live?

Throughout the entire series, Phoebe never really knows where she came from. She originally thought that her mother took her own life while Phoebe was young. She did not know her father. After talking with Ursula, Phoebe finds out about her father. She meets her little brother, Frank Jr. Jr. After meeting him, she discovers that she has a biological mom, who lives somewhat close to the city. Phoebe originally believes this woman is just an old friend of her mother, but later finds out that this woman is actually her biological mother. Phoebe begins to spend time with her, and finally gets to hear the story of where she came from.

Question 43

What is Joey's favorite food?

Anyone who watches Friends knows that Joey loves to eat. One thing he says very often is 'Joey doesn't share food!' Even when he is on a date, he is very hesitant to share his food with his date. He came up with the idea of ordering an extra set of fries to that people don't try to eat his. This has backfired though, when the girl he's on a date with tries to eat some of his main dish. Joey has one specific type of food that is his absolute favorite. He is shown eating it often across the show.

Question 44

Where do the Friends travel for Ross' keynote presentation?

Ross gets offered through his work to do a keynote presentation at the annual conference of Paleontologists. The conference this year is in a tropical location, and he invites all of his friends to see his big moment. They have little to no desire to watch his speech, but they do want to spend some time on the beach. While here, Ross' file on his computer gets erased. He stays up the entire night with Charlie, to re-write his speech and get it to the point it was before. The group has a good time on vacation, and there are some relationship changes that occur in these few days.

Question 45

What do Monica and Chandler name their babies?

Monica has always wanted to be a mother. Throughout the show, that is her end goal. She even breaks up with Richard because he does not want kids. When she and Chandler get together, she still wants to have babies. After they get married, the two start trying to get pregnant. They find out that they physically can't, and are sad. They begin the process of adopting and meet a woman who wants to give them her baby. On the day of the birth, it is revealed that she is pregnant with twins. They, of course, adopt them both, and give them these names.

Question 46

What does Ross buy Rachel to help confess his love?

In the beginning of the show, Ross is still interested in Rachel. These feelings were left over from high school. He has been waiting for the right moment to tell her, but then is sent to China for a business trip. Ross missed Rachel's birthday, but got her a present anyway. He bought her something she saw in a window, that reminded her of one that her grandmother had. It was weeks before her birthday, but he went back and bought it. Chandler slipped, and said that it was similar to when he bought Carol something because he loved her. The cat was out of the bag, and Rachel knows that Ross loves her.

Question 47

What do Rachel and Chandler eat off the floor?

One day, Chandler sees that one of the neighbors downstairs got a delivery for a food item, but is not home to eat it. He decides to take the item upstairs, and share it with his friends. This food is so delicious, that he savors every bite of it. He shares it with Rachel though, who immediately falls in love with it. After getting into a bit of an argument, they both drop their plates of the food on the floor. Not wanting to waste it, they just pull up with two forks and begin eating it despite it being on the floor.

Question 48

Who tells Rachel about Ross and the copy girl?

One of the most memorable Ross and Rachel fights involves Ross getting involved with the girl from the copy shop. He and Rachel get into a fight, and Rachel suggests a break, but he leaves without a conversation. He runs into the copy girl, and spends the night with her. Rachel wants to work things out in the morning, and Ross does not want to tell her. Once Joey and Chandler tell him about the trail, he goes on a mission to tell everyone not to tell Rachel. Despite his efforts, she finds out anyway, and is furious because she does not believe they were on a break.

Question 49

Which company does Rachel plan to work for in Paris?

After Rachel loses her job with Ralph Lauren, she interviews for a few positions. She did not do well on one of these interviews, because her boss at Ralph Lauren was sitting right behind her. She was still working for him at the time, and this was the final straw. He lets her go, and now she really needs to find something new. Rachel secures a job with this company, but she must relocate to Paris to accept it. After a sort of bidding contest between them and Ralph Lauren, she decides she will accept the new job and move to Paris.

Question 50

Does Rachel get off the plane?

During the final episode of Friends, Rachel says all of her goodbyes. She does not say goodbye to Ross, because she thought it would be too hard. After she leaves for the airport, Ross goes there to tell her how he feels. He wants her to stay with him. After some work by Phoebe, Ross finally gets to Rachel. He tells her he loves her, but she does not really talk to him, and she gets back on the plane. When Ross gets back home, he listens to a message from her on his machine, that is cut off before he hears whether she got off the plane or not.

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