Who Knows If These Things Happened On Gossip Girl Or Pretty Little Liars?

Two of the most popular teen dramas of all time are Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. Both of these television series was based on books. Both featured attractive groups of friends. Both were full of excitement, as the main characters went through some crazy times and some super happy times.

But, of course, these TV shows had their differences, too. On Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen were the queens of the city, and in Pretty Little Liars, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields were normal friends in a normal little town. Fans loved them all/both, though!

But only true fans can tell us what was from which show...Yes, down below here, we have situations, plots and questions, and everyone who is here must think back. Was that on Gossip Girl? Did that happen to Blair and Chuck? Is this from Pretty Little Liars? Is Alison being described here? It will be a challenge, but it should be a fun little walk down memory lane...So who is ready? All of us? Great...Let’s get started!

Scroll down to start this quiz, telling us if this is really from Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars.

Question 1

On which show did a couple head to the Hamptons?

Relationships were a big part of both of these shows, and the most entertaining relationships were between couples. Many of the main characters had boyfriends and girlfriends (either all the time or off and on - depending on who and when we are talking about), and one of these couples even headed to the Hamptons together - How serious! But which show featured a pair of significant others doing this? That is the question! So decide what is the right choice, when it comes to a couple heading off to an affluent summer escape, full of fancy restaurants, classy shopping and relaxing beaches.

Question 2

On which show was a mother a fashion designer?

Other relationships that were featured on both shows were those between the main characters and their parents. Some had their mother and their father around, some were raised by single parents, and others had more unique living situations. But only one person was raised by a fashion designer! Yes, one of the mothers from one of these shows designed clothes for a living, and this was seen quite often in the series. But which series showed off the clothes and sewing machines and models and stores that went along with this career?

Question 3

On which show did action take place in a church bell tower?

As mentioned, both of these TV shows featured lots of excitement, and some of this action took place inside a church bell tower. In fact, this was the setting for excitement more than once - in one of these shows! Fans should know exactly what we are talking about, but some may have to guess which TV show is the real correct answer here. So think back to scenes, and decide where there was a church bell tower. Then move right along, since there are several more questions about these television series.

Question 4

On which show was someone accidentally blinded?

Sometimes, within both series, the excitement went south, and not-so-great things took place. We suppose this helped keep all us fans intrigued, though! For instance, one time, on one show, someone was accidentally blinded. It was a pretty big event with some pretty memorable consequences all around. But on which show did this part of the story take place - Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars? Pick one now, as they are both listed out down below, so that everyone can select one or the other as the answer choice here.

Question 5

On which show did a character like her sibling’s boyfriends?

Okay, so we have been over significant others and parents, so now, here is a question about a sibling. Several of the main characters on both Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars had brothers and sisters, and one of these main characters actually liked her sibling’s boyfriends. And they seemed to like her right back, which caused some real fights between these sisters! But which show are we describing here, with crushes and bickering siblings? Pick one of the two from the options that are listed out down below there.

Question 6

On which show was the NAT Club featured?

Gossip Girl was about an elite group of young adults, and Pretty Little Liars was centered around a friend that went missing. That being said, there were secrets and surprises popping up all the time...like the NAT Club. It sounds interesting, and true friends will know what it was, who was in it and which show featured it. So think back to the characters, the plot twists and the shows, in order to decide which series featured this particular club here. Then, of course, move on to the next question and the next and the next...all about these TV shows!

Question 7

On which show did someone live in a Brooklyn loft?

Since we saw families and home lives on these television series, we saw inside houses, and one main character from one show had a pretty unique house. Yes, someone lived in a loft apartment in Brooklyn! Instead of a white picket fence and a chimney and a backyard it had industrial touches, exposed bricks and pipes and a modern vibe. It is not for everyone, but it was a fun touch within the story! So tell us which show it was on, really and truly and actually, since the answer here is either Gossip Girl or is Pretty Little Liars.

Question 8

On which show did Lady Gaga guest star?

Nearly all series that come on TV feature guest stars at one time or another, and Lady Gaga appeared as one on either Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars! She is fashionable and legendary and eccentric, so think about where she popped up...imagine why she could have been around...and picture which setting she was in. Do we know the answer? Is this an easy one? Will we have to guess? Are we drawing a blank? Either way, tell us on which show Lady Gaga appeared, out of these two teen dramas.

Question 9

On which show did Hilary Duff guest star?

Lady Gaga is a huge pop star, and back in the day, Hilary Duff starred as Lizzie McGuire. Still today, she is known and loved, as she makes music and stars on the TV show Younger. But she was also a guest star on one of these shows! Once again, true fans will remember this and will know the answer. And if anyone has to guess, just feel good, knowing that the answer is either Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars - giving everyone a 50/50 chance of getting it correct!

Question 10

On which show did Adam Lambert guest star?

The final guest star we will be talking about today is yet another singer. Yes, Adam Lambert himself appeared on one of these shows. Did Blair and Serena get to see him in concert? Was he dating someone on Gossip Girl? Or did the Pretty Little Liars meet him? Did he pop up in Rosewood? Think about it, pick one of the titles below, and then continue forward in this TV quiz - because there are still quite a few moments to decide on, when it comes to these two popular works.

Question 11

On which show was there a fire at a lodge?

Now, up above, remember that we said the excitement found on these series was sometimes a bit crazy...like a fire, which can be very, very, very crazy and not good at all! But this fire was a turning point, since something was seen...someone was seen...or was she? We do not want to give too much away, but we need everyone to think about Gossip Girl and then to think about Pretty Little Liars and then to decide: On which show was there a fire at a lodge? Select an answer now, please and thanks.

Question 12

On which show was the book ‘Lolita’ referenced several times?

At times, shows and movies and books and songs reference other shows and movies and books and songs, and on either Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars, the book ‘Lolita’ was referenced several times. It may be hard to think about every piece of dialogue ever - since these shows went on for several seasons - but those who have seen this show a couple of times surely remember this book and its character and its title being talked about. So what is the answer here? Pick it out down below!

Question 13

On which show was a truck given as a gift?

Since there were families on these shows and since people dated on these shows, gifts were given on these shows. And one time, one of the nicest gifts of all was given and received - a truck! Yes, a character actually gave another character a real and running vehicle! But who? Why? When? And, more importantly, on which show? Think back to it all and through everything, and tell us if this happened on Gossip Girl or on Pretty Little Liars. Then keep on scrolling and answering and scrolling and answering...

Question 14

On which show did someone fall in love with a prince?

Most of the time, the main characters from Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars dated each other. Sometimes, new people were introduced that were dating for a bit. And one time, someone fell in love with a prince - a real prince, with a crown and a throne and a ruling! However, it was not a happily ever after, and thankfully, the fairy tale did not work out. But still...One of these shows featured a girl and her prince. Which show did this all take place on, out of these two?

Question 15

On which show did a character own/live above a coffee shop?

There is something else that is featured quite often in shows - jobs. And on one of these teen dramas, someone owned a coffee shop, and this character actually lived right above this place of business, too! That made going down to work then walking up stairs to sleep really easy. So think about all the characters and where they worked and lived, and the tell us: Are we describing something from Gossip Girl or from Pretty Little Liars? Pick out one now, please and thanks, then move right along here...

Question 16

On which show was a magazine internship featured?

Before a career is chosen or entered, an internship may take place. This is when someone can get a taste of an industry and a workplace, and on one of these shows, a magazine internship was featured. Who worked here? What was the magazine? When was it? Why did it happen? Oh, but the real question, of course, is this: On which show was a magazine internship featured - Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars? Tell us by clicking on a show title down below there, where the two answers are.

Question 17

On which show was a wedding featured in the series finale and in someone's home?

Due to all the relationships that were shown off on these television series, weddings took place. In fact, a big wedding happened on a series finale. Yes, as one of these shows was wrapping up, a home was opened up, and a couple tied the knot right there. It was a super memorable moment, with loved ones gathered and a gorgeous gown worn. But which show are we describing? Which show featured this? Which show is the answer? Think back to the ending of both series, then pick out the correct answer to this question.

Question 18

On which show was a pregnancy announcement featured in the series finale?

Series finales are big deals, as this story that has been going on and on just...stops. Sometimes, lots of loose ends are tied up. Other times, big excitement takes place. And these shows had a little bit of both. In fact, on one, someone announced that she was expecting a baby...and now, we never get to see that baby (unless a reboot happens some day). So on which show was this big news announced in the final moments of the entire show? Was it something that took place on Gossip Girl, or are we describing Pretty Little Liars right now?

Question 19

On which show did a parent have a relationship with a cop?

The main characters were not the only ones who dated, since the parents we have talked about a bit also had relationships. And on either Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars, a certain parent had a particular relationship with a certain cop. Was this the best thing? Did it cause problems? Was it crazy? Yes...but that made the show even more exciting! And that is not even the point right now. The point is that we need an answer and a show clicked down below, so do that now, please and thanks.

Question 20

On which show was there an accident in a theater?

Man, we are already to question number 20 - which means there are only a few more moments to decide on, when it comes to these popular TV series. For this one, we are discussing another accident, another storyline that was crazy. A big accident happened in a theater, and we need to know if this happened to, say, Blair or Serena on Gossip Girl or if it involved, say, Spencer or Aria or Hanna or Emily on Pretty Little Liars. So pick a show now, down below right there.

Question 21

On which show was a party busted up at a pool?

Since both of these television series focused on young characters (who started out in high school then graduated and went on to study in college and work and get married), there were several parties that were shown. One of these parties was held at a pool. And this specific party got busted up, as it was discovered and as kids got in trouble because of it. Know the answer? True fans will! Either way, either Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars needs to be selected as the answer to this question.

Question 22

On which show was there a character named Bethany Young?

For these next two questions, we are going to talk about specific supporting characters, and up first is Bethany Young. Now, of course, she is either from Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars, and people who know these shows definitely know this female character! Her involvement was a super big deal, in the entire scheme of things, so an answer is needed; that being said, identify her series by clicking on a title down below there. After answering this question, please continue moving forward in this quiz about these two shows.

Question 23

On which show was there a character named Poppy Lifton?

We are moving right along here, to the next question...The next character to discuss here is one named Poppy Lifton. It is a unique name, so hopefully, just hearing it will job some memories, as people remember if she is from Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars. However, some people do not need help or hints or a reminder, as some people definitely know if Poppy is from this show or that one. Therefore and either way, click on either title down below there, in order to pick out Poppy’s TV show.

Question 24

On which show did someone donate eggs?

So many interesting things happened on both of these shows. Bad dates, parents getting together, bloggers exposing secrets, people turning up alive, romantic nights in tents, red coats...The list goes on and on! And one time, someone donated eggs. Was this the most exciting thing to happen on this show? No. But was it tied in to a huge storyline? Oh, yes! Therefore, tell us, here and now: Did someone donate their eggs on Gossip Girl or on Pretty Little Liars? Choose one of the shows now, down below there.

Question 25

On which show did someone write an autobiography called Ivy League?

Another thing that was done - by a different character and possibly on a different show - was write an autobiography. Now, people donate eggs and write books for so many reasons, but it is safe to say that both of these acts were done for money. And with the book, the author wanted fame and wanted her side of the story out...so she wrote an autobiography called Ivy League. Did this happen on the show called Gossip Girl or on the show called Pretty Little Liars? Pick out an answer here and now.

Question 26

On which show did a main character hunt down her father?

As mentioned, just like in real life, not every parent was there for every main character on these shows. In fact, one character had to hunt her dad down, in order for him to ever be around at all. Was this, perhaps, Blair or Serena on Gossip Girl? Or did a character do this on Pretty Little Liars - a character like Spencer and her sister, Aria and her brother, Hanna or Emily? Tell us which show we are describing here, before moving on to the last few questions!

Question 27

On which show did characters have a son named Henry?

So, both of these shows were about young and attractive people. And many of these people fell in love. And a couple of the characters even had kids of their own. In fact, two characters ended up having a son together, and they named this child Henry. True fans know this and even love this little guy! Some people may not remember that far back, though. Either way, we must know if Henry showed up on Gossip Girl or on Pretty Little Liars. Which show featured a little boy with this name?

Question 28

On which show did characters have kids named Grace and Lily?

Let us not forget about Grace and Lily! Two different characters - who may be on the same show or on a different one than Henry - had daughters, and they named these kids Grace and Lily. it could have been Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate or Dan from Gossip Girl. It could have been Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily or Alison from Pretty Little Liars. Only one show is the right answer, though, so pick that one out, down below there, in order to answer this particular question about kids.

Question 29

On which show was a baby nursery left in shambles?

Speaking of babies...One of these dramas featured a baby nursery being left in shambles! Yes, as we mentioned, wild things were always taking place on Gossip Girl and on Pretty Little Liars. But those who are here probably remember these shows, meaning many who are taking this quiz know who left the nursery in shambles, know who the nursery belonged to and know why it was messed up at all. Without going into the history of it all, though, please just click on a title of a show down below before continuing on in the quiz.

Question 30

On which show did a character take a lot of showers?

We are to the 30th question in this quiz, so the end is near! Some of these questions have been super easy, and even those who are not mega fans can get them! However, some questions require a bit more thinking, like this one. It may sound strange, but think about it: There was a supporting character. She popped up, unfortunately. And after what she went through, all she did was take showers. In fact, her life even ended in a bathtub! Who are we describing, and on what show was she featured?

Question 31

On which show did someone have a secret twin?

Throughout this quiz, we have all talked about parents, about siblings and about significant others. Well, now that the end of the quiz is about to happen, we need to talk about one more thing: secret twins. Which show featured a secret twin? Actually, in all honesty, which show featured two secret twins? Was it Gossip Girl and its elite characters at their private school? Or was it Pretty Little Liars and its stalked characters in their quirky little town? Click on one of the shows down below there, in order to answer.

Question 32

On which show was there a Studio 54 party planned?

Ooo, let us talk about another party! Once upon a time, a party was planned - on either Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars - and the theme of the party was Studio 54. Everyone was dressed in sequins and retro clothing items, and it was going to be honoring a supporting character, who was as fab as Studio 54 itself. Of course, the answer is between these two shows, and true fans will have no trouble answering this question...so do so now, please!

Question 33

On which show was there an exciting limo scene?

Some people who are taking this quiz have seen Gossip Girl numerous times. Others have seen Pretty Little Liars more than once. Some people who are taking this quiz have seen both tons. And others have only seen a couple of episodes of both shows. But everyone should know this question: On which show was there an exciting limo scene? Every series has stand-out moments, and for this one, a big scene involved two people in a limo... What is the correct answer for this question (which is one of the last ones within this quiz)?

Question 34

On which show did someone officiate her parents’ wedding?

Our last two questions about Gossip Girl and/or Pretty Little Liars are both about weddings. First up, there was a wedding between two parents (those parents we discussed, belonging to a main character). What was really special here is that the daughter (a main character) actually led the wedding, serving as an officiant to her parents. Which show are we describing here, with this cute scene of tying the knot? Click on one of the titles down below before answering the very final question here...

Question 35

On which show was there a blue wedding gown?

Congrats to everyone for reaching our last question. As we just mentioned, it is about another wedding. There were several wedding ceremonies featured in both Gossip Girl and in Pretty Little Liars, but only one showed off a bride in a blue wedding gown. It was a lace gown. It was the perfect shade of blue. And it was worn in her dream wedding ceremony (to her dream man, surrounded by their closest friends and family members and with just the right amount of excitement and craziness thrown in there). Which show featured this blue wedding gown, out of these two?

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