Who Knows If These Things Happened On Friends Or How I Met Your Mother?

Everyone has a favourite sitcom, whether it's The Office or Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine or The Big Bang Theory. Whichever it is, it's rewarding to see the characters grow and change as the years go by: falling in and out of love, taking on new jobs and new responsibilities, becoming better friends with the people around them. Done right, and it can almost feel like the characters are real people, living lives that are actually happening somewhere out there in the real world.

Two shows do this super successful: Friends, and How I Met Your Mother. Both programmes show how friendships can survive any challenge, even when people move away or are forced to live new lives. Both have slow burn romances that kept people guessing for season after season, and both have last episodes that don't leave a dry eye in the house.

This quiz will separate the casual fans from the truly sitcom obsessed, and will also be a whirlwind tour through some of each show's best moments - the best running jokes, the saddest heartbreaks, and the most memorable twists. Know everything about Friends and How I Met Your Mother? Then I think it's time we got started!

Question 1

Someone Dresses Up As The "Holiday Armadillo"

Holiday episodes are the bread and butter of any sitcom. Whether it's a classic Christmas special, some Halloween hijinks or a Thanksgiving that gets way out of hand, holiday episodes are the ones we remember. Both Friends and How I Met Your Mother have holiday specials that you can watch again and again, and both involve the friend groups getting into some pretty hilarious, festive-themed, antics. With that said, in which show does one of the group get a little too jealous of Santa Clause, and try to create their own tradition with the "Holiday Armadillo"?

Question 2

Someone Didn't Know How To Spell Professor On Their First Day

Starting any new job is always nerve-wracking, so it's easy to forgive a character when they make a ditsy nervous blunder on their first day. However, there are some things people are just expected to know, especially when they're making their living as a teacher or professor. In both Friends and How I Met Your Mother, the groups get into funny situations in the workplace as well as at home, and their careers often make them the butt of the joke. Just one show had someone make a fool of themselves at work with their not-great spelling though - who was it?

Question 3

Someone Competed On "The Price Is Right"

The mark of any good sitcom is making the characters feel like they really exist, and one way to do that is to have their world blend into the real one. Whether it's Joey Tribbiani acting on Days Of Our Lives (a soap opera that really airs on television) or Ted, Lily and Marshall attending a college that anyone could actually go to, these moments of realism make both shows way more engaging. Another good strategy is to have a character appear on a game show like "The Price Is Right", but did Friends do that, or did How I Met Your Mother?

Question 4

Someone Got Pranked On The Plane

Every sitcom has had a prank fight at least once, and both Friends and How I Met Your Mother have included some of the best practical jokes in television history. From Phoebe and Joey setting Ross and Rachel up on super awkward blind dates to prove that they were perfect for each other, to the constant bets that come back to haunt every member of the How I Met Your Mother gang. However, maybe the most well-known sitcom prank war took place on an aeroplane, and included everything from fake moustaches to someone wetting themselves. The question is: which show was it?

Question 5

Someone Overdid The Spray Tan

Looking back on TV shows from the 90s and early 2000s, there are a lot of unintentional fashion faux pas that we'd never dream of repeating today. Rachel Green might have pioneered a whole new hairstyle, and Barney might have made suits cool again for a whole new generation, but for every look that has stood the test of time, there are plenty that just haven't made the cut. For example, one character on one of these TV shows famously went way overboard in an attempt to look good before a date, and it backfired spectacularly. Which show was it?

Question 6

Someone Revealed They Were A Secret Pop-Star

Plenty of characters have secret lives. There are the obvious ones, like Clark Kent's double life as an alien from Krypton, or Buffy's time spent slaying vampires in between shifts. However, surprising reveals don't only show up in action or fantasy TV shows, they can also make an appearance in sitcoms as well. In one very special episode, it was revealed that one character's old job involved writing hit pop songs under an alias, and even recording music videos of them dancing in incredible eighties outfits. The question is, which character was it? And which show were they a character in?

Question 7

Someone Wouldn't Stop Talking About "Unagi"

Most people have a hobby that they care way more about than their friends do, and that's usually a good thing! Variety is the spice of life after all, and it's great getting to learn about other people's interests, even when it's hard to relate. What gets annoying is when someone has a new obsession that they just can't shake, and it sneaks into every conversation they have. For the character in this TV show, the obsession was karate, and a kind of inner peace and hyper-awareness that it gave them. They called that hyperawareness "Unagi", but who has the hyperawareness to remember which show they were in?

Question 8

Someone Pretended To Be From The Future

People will do crazy things for love, and sitcoms love showing the extremes people will go to for the ones they care about. Sometimes though, people don't even have to be deeply in love to act bizarrely, as even a little crush is enough to send them off the edge. Both Friends and How I Met Your Mother show people cooking up mad schemes to talk to the people they think they're falling for, but only one show had someone going this far. In this episode, someone went so far as to pretend that they were from the future, but which show was it in?

Question 9

Someone Couldn't Pivot The Couch

Moving house or apartment is a nightmare, but it's also an awesome source of comedy. Whether it's Ted and Marshall rediscovering all the awesome junk they'd collected over the years when it was time for them to go their separate ways as roommates, or Chandler frantically trying to put everything back where he'd found it after cleaning Monica's apartment, moving in or out of a new space always has the potential to be hilarious. However, only one moving scenario went south after someone's couch turned out to be incompatible with the very narrow staircase, the question is which was it?

Question 10

Someone Pretended To Be A Hollywood Agent

Most people have wished they could reinvent themselves at least once in their life, even if it's just for an afternoon. Characters in TV shows have the power to actually do it, which can lead to some truly hilarious scenarios. In How I Met Your Mother, Barney reinvents himself every episode, coming up with newer and more outlandish personas every time he wants to get a date. In Friends, Phoebe is constantly coming up with alternate personalities, complete with their own names and funny voices. With that said, which character pretended to be a Hollywood agent for a whole episode, and which show did they come from?

Question 11

Someone Had An Intervention Held For Their Hat

Interventions are supposed to be very serious occasions to help people deal with serious problems, but thankfully the ones in this show were far more light-hearted. For example, someone's friends held an intervention because they wouldn't stop speaking in a fake-sounding British accent, and someone else was made to come to terms with their way too frequent trips to the tanning bed. However, the intervention that started the trend was over someone's silly hat, which they wore for two weeks straight without a single break. The question is: whose hat was it, and which show did they come from?

Question 12

Someone Said The Wrong Girl's Name At Their Wedding

When it comes to round-ups of the best episodes of a certain TV show, weddings come up again and again. This is because they can be sweet and romantic and super rewarding to watch, but they're also a great source of drama, twists and surprises. Both Friends and How I Met Your Mother have had their fair share of memorable wedding moments, whether it's seeing two people destined for each other finally tie the knot, or something going spectacularly wrong just minutes before the bride should be at the altar. With that said, in which show did someone call the bride the wrong name?

Question 13

Someone Didn't Appreciate Patrice's Advice

In both Friends and How I Met Your Mother, most of the time spent with the characters is spent at home, or in the coffee shop/pub where they spend most of their time. However, we do occasionally get glimpses into their work lives, as well as the strange commitments they are forced into. With that comes a whole host of annoying coworkers, who are unbearable to the characters but excellent comic relief for the viewer. One such character was Patrice, who became famous for offering well-meaning but incredibly unhelpful advice. Which show did she appear in?

Question 14

Someone's Apartment Was Taken Over By A Mystery Animal

There aren't many things scarier than discovering a wild animal loose in an apartment. Whether it's a teensy-tiny spider or a full-blown rat, the fright of seeing it scuttle out from underneath the couch is the same. With this fear being so universal, it's no wonder that a bunch of sitcoms have episodes where the friend group have to deal with some kind of creature. With that said, the animal in this episode was no ordinary pest, as it was part cockroach and part mouse. In which show, Friends or How I Met Your Mother, did it appear?

Question 15

Someone Gave Birth To Triplets

Alongside weddings and first kisses, baby births are some of the most anticipated episodes of any show. The build-up can go on for months and even span seasons, making the final reveal of the kid a super big deal. In this episode, we finally see a character meet their children, after watching them go through every stage of pregnancy. However, when they finally go into labour it's not the one child that they expected at first, or even the twins they were told they might be having. Instead, they give birth to triplets, but in which show does it happen?

Question 16

Someone Lost Their Doves Before The Wedding

We all can agree that weddings are a sitcom staple, but each ceremony is completely unique. Whether it's the famous candlelit church ruins of Friends' London wedding, or every character in The Office dancing down the aisle at Jim and Pam's ceremony, the same TV wedding never happens twice. In this wedding episode, the groom is distraught when he loses the doves he wanted to release during the ceremony, adding to the chaos of an already stressful day. Hijinks ensue and a very memorable episode follows but in which show, Friends or How I Met Your Mother, does it happen?

Question 17

Someone Put A Turkey On Their Head

Most people watch sitcoms for the plot, whether that's to see the friendships develop over time, or to watch as the will-they, won't-they couple get closer to finally falling in love. With that said, sometimes it's the most random moments that become the most memorable, either because they're super quotable, or just super bizarre. Everyone remembers the "Weekend At Barney's" scheme, just as everyone remembers "We were on a break!". This moment is less quotable but definitely memorable, as it involved a character cheering up their friend by putting an entire uncooked turkey on their head. Which show included this moment?

Question 18

Someone Got A Butterfly Tattoo

Going from memorable moments now, to a moment that the character themselves didn't remember. In real life, mistakes made make when tired or intoxicated are not something to laugh about, but in sitcoms they become suddenly hilarious. So many episodes of both Friends and How I Met Your Mother include scenes where two people wake up together with no idea how they let things get so out of hand, but thankfully this mistake was nowhere near that extreme. Instead, it was a blue butterfly tattoo on the bottom of their back, which they weren't even aware of until their friends pointed it out. In which show was this?

Question 19

Someone Regretted Their Leather Pants

Questionable fashion choices are all over TV, especially in shows that have been running for a long time. Friends is famed for pioneering some awesome looks, and many people strive to dress like Rachel and Monica today, but not every outfit was a winner. Likewise, both Robin and Lily wore some fabulous outfits across the seasons, but they also wore things that no-one would consider repeating today. In this episode, someone buys a pair of leather pants that they insist they can pull off, but it soon becomes clear that they weren't ready to take such a bold fashion step. In which show was this?

Question 20

Someone Found Out Their Doppleganger Was A Pro-Wrestler

Mistaken identity is one plot convention that isn't going away any time soon, and that's because it creates endless opportunities for misunderstandings and easily-resolvable drama. Often in movies and TV shows that's used completely seriously, but in sitcoms it's normally a chance for more hilarious comedy. For example, before it was revealed that Phoebe had a twin named Ursula in Friends, everyone thought she was leading a secret double life. Likewise, How I Met Your Mother has countless examples of what they think is a doppelganger, when really it's just Barney in disguise. With that said, which show has a character find their doppelganger at a pro-wrestling show?

Question 21

Someone Lost The Baby While Babysitting

Losing the baby is another comedy cliche that feels as though it's been around forever, but it's hard to do in a way that feels fresh and funny. In this episode, offering to babysit is just a ploy to impress women and hopefully get a date, but it doesn't end the way this character expects. Instead of leaving their phone number with a girl, they leave the baby on the bus, and once they go to lost and found to collect them, they realise they're not even sure which baby is theirs. In which show does this take place?

Question 22

Someone Changed Their Name

Normally in TV it's a bad idea to change a character's name, as it makes it way harder for the viewer to identify them and get attached. With that said, in a show as long-running as Friends or How I Met Your Mother, forgetting a member of the gang is about as difficult as forgetting a day out of the week. This allowed for an episode wherein a character decided to change their name to something sensible, but was thrilled to discover they could actually change it to anything they wanted. This resulted in a name that's a lot of fun to say but not one you'd want to have during a job interview - but which show was it?

Question 23

Someone Couldn't "Suit Up"

Clothes are an important part of a person's identity. Rachel wouldn't be her without her signature haircut (that's why it's called "The Rachel"!), and it's hard to imagine Phoebe without her floor-length skirts and cardigans. Ted wouldn't be himself without his nerdy architect chic, and both Lily and Robin's wardrobes are so precisely them that if they swapped outfits you'd definitely notice. With that said, one character from one of the shows built their entire personality around their collection of suits, and had a complete identity crisis when they couldn't wear them anymore. Which character was it, and which show were they from?

Question 24

Someone Made Beef Trifle

There are many skills you have to master as an adult: laundry, paying bills on time, cleaning the over. However, maybe the most obvious one of them all is cooking. The good news is, even if cooking is something that feels impossible to get good at, all anyone has to do is pick up a cookbook and follow a recipe. With that said, in this episode even following a recipe proved too difficult, and this character ended up with the grossest food hybrid in the history of television: the Thanksgiving beef trifle. But which character did this, and in which show?

Question 25

Someone Had A Halloween Costume Mix-Up

Halloween is another one of those special occasions that can lead to awesome holiday television. While not as popular as Christmas or Thanksgiving, with Halloween comes costumes, and with costumes come all sorts of sitcom hijinks. For example, one classic How I Met Your Mother episode sees the gang search for a woman in a pumpkin costume every Halloween for years, and Friends has a legendary running gag in which Monica keeps giving to trick-or-treating kids even once all the candy has run out. With that said, which show has a Halloween episode in which the friend group's group costume doesn't exactly go to plan?

Question 26

Someone Sang "Smelly Cat"

Now for anyone who's seen either show, this question should be an easy one. "Smelly Cat" isn't just a constant reference on this particular show, it's something that's become super popular in its own right. In fact, the Smelly Cat song has even been covered by real-life celebrities, with Taylor Swift performing the track at one of her own shows in 2017. With all that said, is it How I Met Your Mother or Friends that includes this song about a household pet that has a less than ideal life, and a less than ideal diet to boot.

Question 27

Someone Became A "Woo Girl"

All shows have inside jokes, they're one of the best parts of TV, but some are so obscure that they're impossible to explain without context. "Woo girl" is one of those things, but the phrase is mostly used to describe women who go on nights out, and suddenly become super enthusiastic about everything. Of course, when they see something they're excited about there's only one thing they can do, and that's shout "woo!" at the top of their lungs. With that in mind, which female character decided to become a "woo girl" to fit in with their friends, and which show were they on?

Question 28

Someone Sang "Baby Got Back" To The Baby

As we already established earlier on in this quiz, looking after a baby is hard work. Even if it doesn't get lost, there's the issue of stopping it from crying, or helping it to get to sleep. With that said, one thing is difficult to do above all else, and that's making the baby laugh. In this episode, one character tries everything to see the baby giggle, but it barely even cracks a smile. That is, until they start to sing a pretty inappropriate song for an infant, Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back". Which show did this hilarious scenario happen in?

Question 29

Someone Held "Slapsgiving"

Holiday episodes are the perfect time to finally complete a running joke, and sometimes those running jokes have been going on for a long long time. In this show, slap-bets are a constant thing, in which any failed bet can be redeemed for a slap across the face. In this episode, someone has accumulated so many slap-bets that their friends turn Thanksgiving into Slapsgiving, just so they can make the most of all the bets that have piled up. Hilarity ensues of course, but in which show, How I Met Your Mother or Friends, does this happen?

Question 30

Someone Bet Their Apartment

Petty acts of physical harm aren't the only things characters end up having to deal with. In both Friends and How I Met Your Mother, the apartments of the characters play a huge role in their lives, and some apartments are more prized than others. In this episode, a trivia game show gets way out of hand when someone escalates the prize, staking their actual apartment on the fact that they know the answer. In true sitcom fashion, it turns out that they were clueless all along, and the other friends swoop in and take the flat. In which show does this happen?

Question 31

Someone Starred In A Sci-Fi Kids' Show

Some sitcom twists are TV classics: the couple getting together behind their friends' backs, the surprise pregnancy, the old flame returning to declare their love at the wedding. With that said, some twists are so out of left field that no-one would ever know to expect them, and this surprise definitely falls into the latter category. In this episode, a friend reveals that they used to star in an educational science fiction television show, with the aim of teaching children about maths and English. Did this happen in Friends? Or in How I Met Your Mother?

Question 32

Someone Tried To Learn French

Learning a new skill is admirable, but everyone knows that the more complex a skill is, the longer it can take to properly master it. In this episode, one of the friend group decides that they need to learn French, but they also have a very strict deadline to become fluent by. Thankfully, one of the other friends already knows how to speak it, and they offer to teach them for free. Problem solved, except the person turns out to be helplessly bad at French, and is nowhere near ready when the deadline comes. Did this happen in Friends? Or How I Met Your Mother?

Question 33

Someone Overdid Their Teeth Whitening

Getting ready for a date can be a stressful experience, especially if there's pressure to look good. This can lead people to try out all kinds of elaborate make-up and beauty routines, and they don't always go to plan. In this episode, one character decides that they'd like to have their teeth whitened before the big night, but they decide to do it at home by themselves. Having never done it before, they end up leaving the paste on far too long, and the result is blindingly white teeth that glow in the dark. In which show does this happen?

Question 34

Someone Had To Wear The Ducky Tie

Speaking of bad fashion choices, sometimes they're not intentional. The character in this show is normally a very fashion-forward person, but their ego meant that they had to wear something that didn't meet their usual standards. Thanks to a slightly arrogant bet, this character was forced to wear a novelty tie covered in pictures of little ducks, and they couldn't have been more embarrassed. Even worse, the bet lasted a whole year, and so they had to wear the ducky tie every day for 365 days. The question is, which show included this adorable but childish fashion choice. Was it Friends? Or How I Met Your Mother?

Question 35

Someone Took A Blue French Horn

A blue French horn may seem like an incredibly random item, but anyone who knows this show will know how pivotal to the plot this item ended up being. This blue french horn kicked off a romantic subplot that lasted several seasons, and it was mentioned again and again. In this episode, one character decides to take the horn off the wall of the restaurant where they found it, and present it to the person they thought could be the one. In which show did this happen: was it How I Met Your Mother? Or was it Friends?

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