Who Killed These 25 Walking Dead Characters?


These days, AMC's 'The Walking Dead' is one of the hottest shows on TV. Adapted from Robert Kirkman's famed comic book property, this wasteland of a world drenched in walkers has become a huge favourite of many a genre fan since it first aired in 2010.

With the show's eighth season heading to screens later this year, 'The Walking Dead' has proven itself to be heartfelt, yet heart-wrenching; bloody, yet beautiful; terrifying, yet tranquil. To put it simply, this is a series that hits a whole array of emotional bases as our familiar group of survivors see the odds piling up on them from year to year.

It's the survivors in this gone-to-the-dogs world that are the key to this quiz - in particular, it's the unavoidable deaths of these characters that are key here. You see, whilst countless undead walkers have been well and truly put to rest, there have been many a living, breathing survivor who has had their life taken, be it by one of the undead or by the often worse threat of the people who now inhabit this desolate world.

So, time to get your thinking caps on, and see if you can remember who was responsible for killing off some of The Walking Dead's more (and less!) memorable characters... well before they came back as reanimated corpses!

Question 1

Who Killed Dave?

Some of the people killed off in The Walking Dead have been around for seasons and seasons, while others only appear relatively briefly before it's time for them to meet their maker. One person who falls into the latter group is Dave, a character who appears in Season 2 as played by Michael Raymond-James. In his one-episode outing, Dave would be seen in Patton's Bar. Unfortunately for him, the same locale would also be where he was killed. Who was responsible for his death, though?

Question 2

Who Killed Dale?

Poor, poor Dale Horvath. Having become a firm fan favourite by the time The Walking Dead's second season rolled around, Dale's death in Season 2, Episode 11 was a grim affair. As played by Jeffrey DeMunn, Dale had the rare fate of being put out of his misery before he could reanimate. Many characters have died, come back, then been killed again. With Dale, he was bitten by a walker and given a mercy death to stop him reanimating. Who was the unfortunate soul who put him out of his misery?

Question 3

Who Killed Shane?

Played brilliantly and intensely by Jon Bernthal, Shane Walsh was a hugely complex character during his Walking Dead stint; a stint that came to a halt at the very end of the show's second season. As he became more and more aggressive and unstable, it became apparent that the situation with Shane was reaching a boiling point. And that point certainly came in the Season 2 finale. Who was it that had the unenviable task of having to put Shane down in that episode, though?

Question 4

Who Killed Dawn?

Despite coming off as a bit of a cold, clinical, and calculating hard-ass for most of her tenure on The Walking Dead, the character of Dawn was a little bit more multi-layered than so many of the supporting players seen in the series so far. Even though she did some horrible, heartless things, there would often be a sense of regret surrounding her actions. When she was killed off, though, the person responsible showed absolutely no regret - but who was her killer?

Question 5

Who Killed T-Dog?

At one point in time, T-Dog was the longest-serving Walking Dead character to be killed off, having debuted in the second ever episode and lasting all the way through to the fourth episode of Season 3. But regardless of how long he lasted, T-Dog ended up like so many other Walking Dead characters: as dead as dead can be. IronE Singleton was the actor tasked with bringing this fan favourite character to life in the show, but who was it who caused his death?

Question 6

Who Killed Warren?

When The Governor strolled in to the landscape of The Walking Dead, the ante was upped and the game was changed in terms of brutal violence as this slimy, nefarious sort did his best to reaffirm that man is a far more sinister threat in this gone-to-the-dogs world than any undead walker. And one of The Governor's many henchmen was Warren - a character who met his end up in the aptly-titled 'Made to Suffer' Season 3 episode. Who caused the death of Warren, though?

Question 7

Who Killed Amy?

When it comes to the original group of survivors given focus in AMC's The Walking Dead, one of those involved was Amy - as played by Emma Bell. If you remember back, Amy was the sister of Andrea, although sadly she wouldn't last anywhere near as long as her sibling, for Amy was killed off in just the fourth episode of the very first season, marking her as one of the most notable early deaths that the series gave viewers. Who was responsible for her death, though?

Question 8

Who Killed Merle?

Whenever Michael Rooker is on screen in anything, he always manages to steal the show and devour scenery at an impressive rate. And the same can be said for his time as The Walking Dead's Merle - a character who first appeared in the second ever episode of AMC's walker-centric series. Merle would make it through to Season 3, but then he'd be killed off much like so many other longtime characters. Who was responsible for killing off Merle, though?

Question 9

Who Killed Denise

Merritt Wever's Denise became quite the important player in The Walking Dead's sixth season, with her having to (at times, reluctantly) step up and be the go-to medical person for the Alexandria community. Still, despite her efforts to save the lives of others, poor Denise couldn't avoid the fate of death herself. When her time finally did come to be killed off - which happened towards the tail end of Season 6 - who was it that was responsible for her death?

Question 10

Who Killed Milton?

Dallas Roberts' character of Milton was a fairly significant presence in The Walking Dead's third season. With the focus of that season being on The Governor and the community of Woodbury, Milton served as one of The Governor's most trusted men and regularly consulted with the eye-patch-adorned bad guy on how to tackle the problems that would often arise. Like the rest of The Governor's crew, though, death was always just around the corner for Milton. But when his time finally came, who was it that killed Milton?

Question 11

Who Killed Hershel?

Oh, Hershel! In the whole multitude of deaths we've seen throughout The Walking Dead, his is one that stands out for how brutal it was, how emotional it was, and for how so many fans were absolutely devastated to see such a beloved character be killed off. But, as is often the case with The Walking Dead, yet again it was reiterated that nobody is ever really safe. So, this should be an easy one for you - who was it that killed poor Hershel?

Question 12

Who Killed The Governor?

Obviously, these days the scenery-chewing villain of The Walking Dead is the excellently sinister Negan. But way back before Negan and his famed Lucille were on the scene, David Morrissey's Governor was causing all kinds of chaos and destruction in the third and fourth seasons of AMC's walker-driven series. When it comes to the death toll, The Governor was responsible for a huge amount of kills, be it directly or indirectly. After Michonne ran him through with her blade, who finally killed off this eye-patch-adorned bad guy?

Question 13

Who Killed Abraham?

Oh, how we all miss his mustachioed face. Never has a man worn a handlebar moustache quite as loudly and proudly as The Walking Dead's Abraham Ford, as played by Michael Cudlitz. But sadly, not even his magnificent facial hair could prevent Abraham from meeting the same ultimate fate as so many of his friends and foes: death. When it was time for Abraham to meet his maker, though, who was it that struck the blow that finally killed off this fan-favourite character?

Question 14

Who Killed Lizzie?

It's always shocking to see any - even semi-regular - characters die in The Walking Dead, but when it's a child, it's obviously even more messed up and hard-hitting. That was certainly the case for Lizzie, as played by Brighton Sharbino, when it was time for her to kick the bullet. Having already suffered plenty of personal loss and tragedy of her own, this youngster was killed off in Season 4 of the show. Who was responsible for her death, though?

Question 15

Who Killed Gareth?

In terms of the landscape of The Walking Dead, by this point in time there's nobody left who's particularly squeaky clean when it comes to the actions they've had to carry out just to survive. For others, such as Andrew J. West's Gareth, they've carried out more heinous acts than most, though. As the leader of the cannibalistic Terminus group, Gareth was a mightily messed up individual who did some horrendous things. When he finally got his comeuppance and was killed off, who carried out this act?

Question 16

Who Killed Bob Stookey?

Poor old Bob Stookey! In terms of being put through the wringer, this once-mainstay of The Walking Dead had an awful time of it in his final moments of the show. First and foremost, he was briefly bitten by a walker. After that, the Terminus crew knocked him out and tied him up before they feasted on his legs! Once back with the main group, Bob reveals the news of his bite and is ultimately - and mercifully - put out of his misery. Who has to kill him, though?

Question 17

Who Killed Bob Lamson?

When Bob Lamson turned up in The Walking Dead's fifth season, he instantly caught the eye of many due to the fact that he was played by Maximiliano Hernandez - a face many remembered for playing S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Agent Sitwell in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In The Walking Dead, he was part of Dawn's crew at the eerie hospital locale and was a bit of a double-crossing conniving sort. When his time came, though, who was responsible for killing Bob off?

Question 18

Who Killed Allen?

Any of the characters closely associated with The Governor were always likely to run the risk of being bumped off by the Walking Dead. After all, assisting this no-good sort with his twisted plans was always going to come back to bite The Governor's followers on their backside. One of the many who this proved true for was Allen, a character who appeared in Season 3 until he was killed off in that year's final episode. When Allen's death finally did come, who was responsible for it?

Question 19

Who Killed Beth?

One of the most traumatic and saddening deaths in The Walking Dead was the demise of young Beth Greene. Having already suffered plenty of heartache herself since debuting in the show's second season, Beth would tragically die just as it looked like she was about to be rescued. When said death did actually happen, though, it was almost accidental, with a jolted instinctive gunshot the reason for her kicking the bucket. The question here is, which character pulled the trigger?

Question 20

Who Killed Pete?

Upon the familiar faces of The Walking Dead turning up at the gates of the Alexandria community, the show decided to introduce its audience to a whole host of new characters - some of which are still alive and well to this day, others not so much so. One character who falls into the latter category was the initially-welcoming Pete. By the time Season 5 had come to an end, though, so had Pete's time amongst the living. But who was it that killed him?

Question 21

Who Killed Deanna?

When it comes to the Alexandria community, the person with the biggest influence - at least initially - was the de facto leader of the group, Deanna. While she would at times come across as a little clueless in the spectrum of what horrors were taking place outside of Alexandria's walls, eventually Deanna would get herself together and prove a useful and valued ally of Rick's. Unfortunately, as ever, death was just around the corner, but who was responsible for Deanna's demise?

Question 22

Who Killed Benjamin?

The Walking Dead's seventh season was certainly one of its most shocking, with two or three particularly major deaths stealing the majority of the season's spotlight. Whilst it wasn't necessarily a major death, another character who was killed off was Benjamin; one of the younger, more enthusiastic members of Ezekiel's Kingdom. While his dead body would have a knife stuck in its skull by Morgan to prevent reanimation, who was it that wounded young Benjamin to the extent that he lost his life?

Question 23

Who Killed Ana?

Ana and Sam were a young couple who appeared in a single episode of The Walking Dead's fourth season. When we first met them, they'd locked themselves in a bathroom in order to keep themselves from the one walker who was causing chaos in their 'home'. Luckily, some of 'The Walking Dead's' more adept characters would turn up to put down that sole shuffling member of the undead, but who was it that ending up taking Ana's life by the time that episode came to an end?

Question 24

Who Killed Gargulio?

As played by Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis, Gargulio is another one of those characters whose tenure on AMC's The Walking Dead was a 'one-and-done' affair. Turning up in the Season 3 episode dubbed 'Hounded', not only did we see Gargulio himself have to get his hands dirty with the grim and dour world of the undead, we also witnessed his shocking death. Just who was it, though, that was responsible for killing off this character in his solo Walking Dead appearance?

Question 25

Who Killed Big Tiny?

Another supporting character was Big Tiny, who had a brief part to play in The Walking Dead's third season. Played by Theodus Crane, Big Tiny was the muscle of a group of prisoners who ended up stranded and locked up in a prison cell after the walker-tastic outbreak happened. Despite being the bulking hulk of his group, he also seemed to have a decent moral compass before he was surprisingly killed off. Who was it that killed him off, though?

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