Who Is Your Unconventional Disney Boyfriend?


You got a ticket to a fantasy world, a place where true love is as natural as the snow that falls from the sky. Anything is possible, even the ability to fly and watch the magical world from above. Each creature in this world has its own story. As the stories meet each other, they weave together to become new and fantastical lives.

Who will you meet in this land of wonder? It all begins with your search. What strange and unknown lands do you explore, looking for a kindred spirit? Do you wander the magical forests full of fairy tale creatures, or do you take to the dark seas where horrors await?

Embark on a unique journey through the land of Disney. Your path will undoubtedly be unlike any other. No matter how many of your friends take this quiz, your answers and therefor your path through the Disney world will be different. Invite your friends to take the same journey and see where you end up.

When you finally reach the end of this questionnaire, which man will you emerge with? Will he be handsome, clever, devious, or full of mischief? What sort of life will you set out on in this fantastical world?

Question 1

Pick a romantic date.

Shrek dragon flying

Your prince, or maybe someone else entirely, is waiting for you in a certain place. Perhaps he planned out every moment, or maybe he threw caution to the wind and is letting the evening unfold. Whichever date tickles your fancy, it will spark something special between you and your fictional one. Which of these lovely events makes your heart flutter?

Question 2

Describe yourself in one word.

10 out of 10

Your Disney dearest has his eyes on you for a reason. What is it about you that he adores? Why did he pick you out from the crowd? This word is what makes you special, what made him realize how special you really are. What about you makes him fall in love?

Question 3

Pick a pet.

pick a pet disney quiz

What adorable companion do you wish to follow the two of you on your adventures through the fantasy world? Parrots are smart but not as smart as droids. It's a little unclear whether donkeys or reindeer can be ridden but there is only one way to find out. Which do you choose?

Question 4

One of them must go.

messy baby eating spagetti

Life is about difficult choices, even in a fairy tale. It's time to pick what you will keep and what you will do without. Lucky for you, your dearest has already forsaken one of these four things, so if you see eye to eye about it, all the better. Which do you choose to lose?

Question 5

Would you rather...

cliff jump

Get ready to step into the life of a very different character, someone who can't take the same things for granted that you do. Your dear fictitious lover isn't about to walk out on his life so you need to be prepared to walk into his. Which do you choose?

Question 6

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Shrek surprised

Some do, some don't. There are pragmatists and romantics in this world and the world of pictures. This is one thing you and your lover see eye to eye on, whether you saw it at first or later on. Do you two fall in love the moment your eyes land on each other?

Question 7

You ran over a deer! What do you do?

Sometimes a horrible thing happens in the blink of an eye. Deer are simple animals, unaccustomed to the fast world that we have build around their homes. If one of them falls victim when you are the only one around, do you stop to take care of it, or do you let it go?

Question 8

Pick a fruit.

pick fruit in Disney quiz

Which of these fruits looks the most luscious to you? These fruits naturally grow in the areas in which your dear Disney boyfriend resides, or else they are just weird and specific enough that we can imagine the particular character eating them. Which would you eat beside your Disney sweetheart?

Question 9

Are you okay with being famous?

Shia LaBeouf not famous anymore bag

Some men just can't escape the spotlight. Some are famous for what they have accomplished, some are notorious. Others are just royalty and the fame comes with the job. Are you alright with the idea of you dating putting the two of you under a heavy spotlight? Maybe you prefer it.

Question 10

You're surrounded! What do you do?

Lion King hyenas

The two of you are in immediate danger, and it's up to you to think quickly and save your man from certain doom. He can help, too. You may have certain powers to set you apart, or just your normal human strength. What do you do to get out of this horrible scrape?

Question 11

What is your type?

male body types

Do you like the quiet, nerdy guys or the ones who run the show? What is the body type you look for in a man? There are so many things we are searching for in potential mates that we don't even realize half of them. What do you look for?

Question 12

Pick a dress.

pick dress for Disney boyfriend

Your style is part of what captures your prince, or whatever he turns out to be. To start the chemistry, the two of you must be able to see eye to eye, or at least eye to dress. Which dress would you wear on a date with your Disney man?

Question 13

What do you do for fun?

Mushu dragon head

Everyone has hobbies, from quirky pirates to evil overlords. Some hobbies are more destructive than others, and some are just honest fun. Which of these would you like to do with your Disney man when there is no work to do and you have some time to yourselves? Besides that.

Question 14

Pick a snack.

Pick a snack, Disney boyfriend

Everyone needs to eat. The rich eat caviar while the poor make do. The Disney man you pick is also paired with a menu, some options weirder or more glamorous than others. If you ever want your sweetheart to fix you a snack on your adventures together, you will have to be prepared to eat what is served.

Question 15

Pick a place to live.

Shrek's house

Not everyone lives in a castle. Disney tends to lead their heroes into the luxurious royal life but they don't always start there. If you had to live somewhere that may not be exactly what you are imagining, which of these places would you choose? The castle might come in later.

Question 16

Which scares you the most?

Roz the old lady scaring Mike in Monsters, Inc

What is your personal bogeyman? If your Disney boyfriend happens to like, or even be, one of these things, it might not work out. That's okay, though. Some things just aren't meant to be. Choose wisely so you can pick out a man who won't scare the logs out of your tree.

Question 17

Pick some shoes!

pick shoes for Disney quiz

You're getting ready for a big day with a charming gentleman, or maybe a dastardly pirate. Where you are headed is up to you, as is the pair of shoes that will be hugging your feet. Which of these four shoes suits you the best, or just feels right at the moment?

Question 18

You caught an assassin attacking your beau! What do you do?

These Disney characters are powerful people, each in their own right. Someone is bound to be after them. As their love, you are often the only one between them and certain doom. What do you do when the worst almost but not quite happens? It's all up to you now.

Question 19

Which scares you the least?

house fire girl

What are you immune to? When the lights are out and you're all alone with your thoughts, what do you imagine lurking in the shadows? More specifically, what DON'T you imagine? You don't have to believe in something to be scared of it. Which of these doesn't haunt your dreams?

Question 20

You're starving. What do you eat?

baby bunny being fed milk

Sure, everyone loves a feast of all of their favorite foods, but what if none of that is on the menu? What if all that is available is what little could be brought on a journey, or whatever the two of you can scrounge together. Forget romantic dinners for a moment. Which of these meals will you gulp down?

Question 21

How do you like to get around?

cat bus miyazaki totoro

It's time to get out of town for a trip together, just the two of you. What is your vehicle of choice, or lack thereof? Your Disney dearest may very well have his own favorite form of transportation. He may even be alarmed to see the car you are used to getting around in.

Question 22

Pick one.

boyfriend meme

No man is perfect. We can chisel away at an imaginary man until a sculpture of perfection is left, but no person in the world possesses all of the qualities we wish to see in someone. If the other qualities just cannot happen, which of these is the most important for you to keep? Remember to kiss the rest goodbye.

Question 23

What's your favorite type of music?

Under the Sea from Little Mermaid

It can be hard to narrow down a favorite genre, but some songs just set a spark in our hearts, like the touch of a true love's kiss. Whick of these genres resonates with you the most, if you absolutely must pick one? The same one will resonate with your man.

Question 24

Pick a lipstick color.

choose lipstick in Disney quiz

Lipstick has its very own language of flirtation. What can be communicated with a shade of lipstick cannot be communicated with words. Speaking the language of love is a delicate dance. You never know who you may catch on your hook. Which lipstick do you choose to capture the attention of your Disney beau?

Question 25

Is this long-term or a fling?

Lady and the Tramp

At some times in our lives, we are looking for romance. We are looking for something deep and meaningful. but not always. Sometimes we just want to dip our toes in a fantasy world and see what it's like. Are you looking for someone to stay by your side, or something for the moment?

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