Who Has What It Takes Pass This Pub Quiz?

Surely most people have, at least at one point or another, gone out of their way to enjoy a bit of a trivia night at their local pub. By golly we sure have. Instead of going straight to the pub, we have a bit of a quiz here to help prep people for some of the questions that might be asked out at a trivia night.

There are certainly some varied topics. We cover musicians, actors, cars, food, sports, landmarks and more. There is something in here for everyone but only the greatest of those pub trivia minds will be able to get each and every one of these questions right, that's for sure and that is the ultimate challenge here. We can give out a pitcher for acing this quiz, but we can at least give our well-earned respect for those who make it.

And for those who can't quite hack it, well I guess that just means it is time to pick up a book and start learning some fun facts for the next time a trivia night pops up at the bar. Nothing wrong with a fun night of trivia so why not settle in here and prepare with 50 random questions about all sorts of fun stuff.

Question 1

Name this actor!

This should be a pretty easy one to start out with. We are reasonably sure that everyone here has seen this actor in at least one film. Whether that film was his debut role in A Nightmare On Elm St. or if it was one of his later roles like his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, he is pretty well-known across the board. He has even entered into the Harry Potter world in the past couple of years as well. That has got to count for a lot of people who take these quizzes, we imagine.

Question 2

Name this NBA team!

Here is a basketball team that was certainly not among the first of the teams to start the NBA but that doesn't mean they have not created an incredible following for themselves, that's for sure. This team has got a pretty solid foundation of fans in Wisconsin and they have had that foundation since 1968. They have a very interesting slogan which is "fear the deer". We think most people probably don't fear deer unless driving country roads late at night, but this is pretty well the same for the team in the NBA world as well. Not much reason to fear them.

Question 3

Who is this superhero?

This is practically a giveaway since this superhero just had a movie out and he was also a big part of the reason why The Justice League both did well and not so well at the box office. People, as they always have been, are always very for or very against this character. There is not much room for a grey area. That being said, it is harder to dislike this character considering that Jason Momoa plays him. Yes, that means that Khal Drogo is owning the powers of a god in the DC universe and that is pretty cool at least.

Question 4

What role is Sarah Michelle Gellar best known for?

Sarah Michelle Gellar has been a hit since the 90s. Sure, her star has faded quite a bit in the past decade or more but that does not mean that she isn't still incredibly popular in some circles. There is a show that she starred in back in the 90s that essentially made her whole acting life explode in the best of ways...unfortunately, that was pretty well it for her after the show ended. She did some fun roles in some creepy movies too like I Know What You Did Last Summer, but awesome as her show and her films were, she didn't stick around in the spotlight.

Question 5

What is this candy?

This candy has been the bane of some people's existence for a pretty long time. That being said, there are also people out there who would just never part with this candy. It is probably one of the oldest candies out there and when one tastes it...it sort of tastes that way as well. John Oliver once did a segment on Last Week Tonight about sugar and Halloween candy and how these things should be the measurement of just how much sugar is in our food. This way everyone would be able to very clearly see just how much sugar they are throwing down.

Question 6

Name this car!

This car is one of the better cars built by Ford, in our opinion. Sure, it has its issues like so many other cars not just built by Ford) but the look of this machine is without a doubt one of the greater inventions by the company. This particular car is actually an anniversary model based on an old classic race car that Ford built way back in the day. They decided it was high time to bring the machine back with a new amped up look and engine. Considering that this thing can ride with the power of 647 horses...that's not too shabby.

Question 7

What religion holds the Salt Lake Temple?

Here is a pretty imposing building to say the least. What is interesting about this building is that it serves as the sort of headquarters of one of the fastest growing religions in the entire world right now. These people can be seen all over cities and even small town going door to door to spread the good news, working to bring the world closer to Jesus. What's interesting about this religion though is that it was formed as late as the 1820s and has had some pretty controversial moments since then and yet it is still the fastest growing faith out there.

Question 8

Who plays the role of Captain Jack Sparrow?

This is perhaps one of the easier questions on this quiz considering that there are so many of these Pirates of the Caribbean films out there now. There are almost as many Pirates movies as there are Saw or The Fast And Furious movies. That is saying quite a bit. And even though the plots keep getting more and more ridiculous, people so love Captain Jack Sparrow and the actor who plays him that there is just no way that they can pull themselves away from going out to watch him work. Considering the character is based on Keith Richards...he is pretty interesting to watch.

Question 9

What is the name of Elvis Presley's estate?

Elvis has left the building. Quite some time ago he left the building, actually. But that does not change the fact that he influenced so many musicians and music lovers and even politicians and dignitaries all around the world. He was an incredibly huge icon in popular culture back in his day. He's done way too many movies to count all of which were pretty low budget) and he's recorded a mountain of music that people still dig into and constantly use in current pop culture references today. He has a pretty stylish estate back in Memphis that people travel to see year round...what is it called?

Question 10

Who is this celeb?

Perhaps one of the biggest pop culture icons in the late 90s and early 2000s, this famous singer has gone on to do a ton of work as a musician, as a producer, and even as a judge for some of those fun reality tv talent shows that everyone seems consistently enthralled with. This celeb actually got her start out when she was a kid with the Mickey Mouse Club and while that sounds a bit ridiculous, she isn't the only superstar to have done that. Justin Timberlake was one such person as well (though he is way more famous at present).

Question 11

Name this actor!

This guy is probably one of the biggest actors out there in the Hollywood scene. Everyone has seen him in at least something. A lot of people will say his greatest work was in Risky Business. Others will suggest that his work in the Mission Impossible series is his best work and still others will go on to say that one-off films like Interview With the Vampire or Tropic Thunder are his greatest works. No one can say anything against Jack Reacher either. No matter what the film is, this guy has been one of the biggest players in Hollywood almost since he first started out.

Question 12

Name this famous fictional character!

Daniel Craig is certainly not the very first actor to play this famous fictional character. This character was originally found in the books of Ian Fleming who was an English author who loved to write about intrigue and conspiracy and a suave agent who could bring everything back around to safety while being flash and fun at the same time. The books are actually quite a bit different from the films but so too are many of the films from each other. There have been nearly ten actors to play this after all so that should be no surprise at all.

Question 13

Name the three hyenas from The Lion King!

The Lion King is probably still one of the greatest successes of all time when it comes to raking in the money for Disney. This film came out smack dab in the middle of what is considered to be Disney's Renaissance era. There was a whole new budding of great films in this time like Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin as well. In The Lion King, there are three sort of henchman who work for the villainous lion, Scar. These three characters come in the form of pretty nutty hyenas. Whoopi Goldberg actually voiced one of these characters. What are their names?

Question 14

Name this actor!

Perhaps one of the most famous actors out there, even though she has lost a lot of what she had in terms of star power she is still one of the most influential people when it comes to fighting for the causes she fights for and for just getting into the news with whatever it is she does these days. Sure, she has been out of the scene for quite some time in terms of big roles but she did play Lara Croft in a series of Tomb Raider films back in the day. She also starred alongside her once hubby in an action film called Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Question 15

What musical shares the same name as a U.S. state?

This should be a pretty easy one. yes, I realize that there are 50 states to choose from but if someone really thought not all that hard here about which of them actually share their name with an incredibly popular musical, I think people would realize pretty quickly that there is actually only one answer and there was no need to sift through all 50 states to discover just what the answer is. It's a very down-home country-like musical with meadows and farms and "Oh, what a beautiful morning" to kick off the whole show as well. This is a giveaway.

Question 16

What is the name of this museum?

This is probably one of the coolest museums out there for no other reason than that it celebrates some of the greatest music in the world. That being said, that glass pyramid might tempt people to jump right away at just what this museum is and perhaps this is located in Paris...or maybe it's found in Cleveland. Either way, this is a popular enough museum that everyone should actually know without being confused about where exactly they can find it. We are pretty sure that since this place celebrates something that is so incredibly dear to the U.S. culture that everyone will get this right.

Question 17

Name this actor!

This guy...well, this guy has been one of the most popular cultural icons in the U.S. since Titanic came out...Just so people recall when that was...that was in 1997. That is 22 years ago. and since then, this actor has been working harder and harder to become a more matured and well-rounded actor. Sure, in his personal life he is lavish and a little ridiculous when it comes to the ladies and his social interactions but that does not change the fact that he has come along way from playing Jack in Titanic all the way to finally winning an Oscar.

Question 18

Name this car!

This is one of the most popular cars out there for dignitaries and rappers alike. We are not quite sure just why that is but it seems to be a pretty regular thing. Typically, if it belongs to a rapper of one sort or another, there will be custom rims, maybe some underglow and a whole lot of bullet-proofing and window tint with some pretty phat beats blaring out of the stereo. If it belongs to a dignitary or politician of some sort or another...well, there is hardly anything more than the tinting. Maybe some bullet-proofing but after Tupac, it's no wonder rappers want more protection.

Question 19

Where did the Statue of Liberty come from?

This is actually a very interesting point that we are pretty sure not a lot of people really stop to think about or even want to think about once they here the answer. This statue was given to the U.S. by a country that pretty well allowed the U.S. to become a country in the first place because they helped the colonies drive out the English forces all those many moons ago when independence was claimed. That same country is one that a great population in the U.S. decided to boycott when they wouldn't join up with the States again to fight another war (far more recently) which gave birth to "freedom fries".

Question 20

Name this hit tv show!

This is probably one of the biggest tv shows of all time. Sure, it's not still dragging on like TWD, but it definitely had a solid run and is available on Netflix for all to see, thanks to AMC being so great with letting people watch their shows for cheaper than buying the HBO channel. They actually also produce TWD. Either way, this show follows the incredibly ridiculous life of Walter White who, over the course of the show becomes a pretty unreasonable villain and while some say there are redeeming qualities to him...we're pretty sure there aren't.

Question 21

Who is this guy?

This guy is probably one of the more inspiring people out there in the world right now for a lot of the general population. His online presence is know for sharing inspirational moments in his life...to be fair, he is able to have the time to make those moments thanks to the fact that he has a ridiculous amount of money in his pocket...and his bank account(s). This guy first really came to fame when he took center stage in the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE). He lost some of those wrestling fans when he went to Hollywood but he gained many more appreciative fans because of it.

Question 22

What is Iron Man's real name?

This is almost a giveaway if one is to really think about it. In the Iron Man movies there is not a single other superhero or character who really calls this character Iron Man...maybe some kids or people on the streets as he flies by (and he does call himself Iron Man as well at the end of the first film) but not in his own films nor in the Avengers film series is he ever really referred to as Iron Man. That should make this very easy especially since the first Iron Man movie was all about his company and how it transitioned into energy saving. endeavors.

Question 23

Who is this famous chef?

This guy has been on the scene of the reality tv cooking world for probably well over a decade now. That being said, he was cooking for decades longer than that before he ever landed a gig on tv. He just happened to be the right sort of chef with the right sort of ridiculously over the top attitude to make for some pretty great tv and he is still making the sort of tv today (even though Kitchen Nightmares should come back). This guy is a foul-mouthed and loud chef who does not take stupidity lightly at all. Great fun.

Question 24

Name this actor!

This actor really made a name for herself when she hit the screen as the rather vapid and empty character that is Bella Swan in the Twilight series. We are not really poking fun at this actor for such a performance because the character actually calls to be a sort of hollow shell that girls can then put themselves into, so when she seems nauseous or just pretty removed from any given scene in the film series, she is actually doing the character justice as she is written in the original books. She has worked steadily since then but not with anything near as big.

Question 25

What's this car?

This mean looking machine is probably one of the cooler creations to have come from this car company in the past decade. Well, it is at least one of the more affordable of the cool cars to have come from this company in the past decade. This is pretty well now the standard "off-the-lot" sort of car for the company and it is the cheapest that they have. That being said, sitting at $200,000 or more is not really all that cheap...until one realizes that they have cars that are worth several millions of dollars. So...this is the company's low end car right now.

Question 26

What is this structure called?

This structure is a pretty iconic piece in St. Louis. This is the world's tallest archway, standing at 630 ft. The reason for this giant bend of steel? Well, the reasoning is said to be to celebrate the push out to the western frontier in the U.S. This is a pretty strange way of celebrating such expansion, we're pretty sure but that doesn't change the fact that people flock to get a picture with or of this thing year round. Regarded as the way west for people in the U.S., this giant structure is certainly one to look at with a bit of awe.

Question 27

Who is this lady with the pink Bentley?

We have to admit that even though this is a pretty ridiculously pastel pink Bentley Continental...none of us would say no to having one in our garage. As for the person inside...that is up for debate, of course. There is something about this person that really brings up a lot of interesting stories. She is not so big in the spotlight anymore (and she has the money and methods to stay that way too) but when she wanted to be front row center, she made some naughty tapes, partied hard, and even poked fun at herself in several films. A good sport, all things considered.

Question 28

What role is Emma Watson best known for?

We just have to say that this wonderful woman has been a big influence in the Hollywood scene and around the world for some time now. She is a pretty staunch defender of the feminist movement but without being too up in arms. She is reasonable and well spoken but she also has a no-nonsense way about her. All that aside, she first made it big in the film industry with the role of a fairly famous witch from the Harry Potter series. She was a pretty popular heartthrob once the films got toward the end of the series and she started really showing her affection towards Ron.

Question 29

What are these treats called?

These little things are a very strange treat indeed. They are usually only seen around Easter time and while we are not entirely sure what little chicks have to do with Easter at all, they are still sold all over the place and are a pretty big hit considering how many people seem to not like them at all. Essentially, these things are little marshmallow treats that are just completely glittered in sugar so as to make them more appetizing...and for whatever reason, they come in the form of little baby chickens. A very strange treat for Easter, but probably more PC than a marshmallow Jesus.

Question 30

Name this actor!

This actor just so happens to hail from the great white north and while she may have had some pretty incredibly popularity during the mid to late 2000s, she has sort of faded away into the background lately. Her biggest claim to fame is probably her starring role in The Notebook alongside fellow northerner, Ryan Gosling. They famously had a ridiculously tumultuous relationship on set and off. She also starred in Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan, as well as in Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. She's been all over the place and has now sort of backed off from the limelight.

Question 31

Name this musical!

This is a pretty popular musical that featured a film version maybe about 10 years ago which featured a pretty hit cast of character. Christopher Walken, John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Zac Efron? That is a pretty star-studded cast...even though Zac Efron was only really known for High School Musical by that point. And now he's gearing up to play one of the most famous serial killers in U.S. history. That should be fun. All that aside, this musical takes place in Maryland and features the hit opening track Good Morning Baltimore. It is a pretty catchy tune to say the least.

Question 32

Who is this famous science guy?

This guy is one of the world's most famous science guys. Sure. he might not have a kids' show produced by Disney or anything of the like but that does not mean that he can't still really influence those around him and around the globe. He hosted and narrated the renewed version of the Cosmos series which was originally hosted by the late and great Carl Sagan. He now has a book out called Astrophysics For People In A Hurry and while he might be a genius in the science world that has not stopped him from also being a very charismatic speaker to the masses.

Question 33

Name this car!

This car has been in production since the 60s and has not stopped at all. Sure, there have been several iterations of the car and there is always an engine upgrade or better brakes or better steering or whatever the case may be, but that does not change the fact that this car has kept its name and pretty well its entire look for decades upon decades. Other than a spoiler here or a new kit there, or maybe a slightly new line or two, the body of this car has not really morphed all that much and we are pretty sure that fans of the car like it that way.

Question 34

What director is Helena Bonham Carter best known to work with?

It is no surprise that Helena Bonham Carter seems like such a creepy character in almost every production she is a part of. It is really not entirely her fault. It is also partially the fault of the director who basically made her a star and also kept her around to do who knows how many films alongside Johnny Depp. Sure, she went off to her work in Harry Potter but by then she had already made a name for herself and she was very clearly going to play a pretty strange character...and a villain at that. She did do a great job in The King's Speech though.

Question 35

What film features a pair of ruby red slippers?

Oh, come on now. This is pretty much the giveaway questions of all giveaway questions. We are not really all that interested in even humoring the chances that someone here might not know the answer to this question. We almost just repeated the answer four times in the options below because there is just no way someone could get this wrong. Ruby red slippers, a magical and mystical land, a tornado, some farm in Kansas, a cute little dog, a few unlikely sidekick characters and a witch with flying monkeys? How could anyway not know what this film is?

Question 36

Name this Disney character!

This Disney character has become one of the most beloved in her time. Sure, her film may not have made as big a splash as some out there but the film is also regarded as one of the greatest in the Disney catalog...at least so far as the modern era of Disney films is concerned. The film is hilarious and heartbreaking and endearing all at the same time. The giant and proud horse, Maximus...the tiny and sarcastic chameleon, Pascal...there is a wonderful cast of side characters that really fill out this whole film and make for a wonderful adventure for Disney fans.

Question 37

Name this famous track in Indianapolis!

This is probably one of the most famous raceways in the world...well, at least according to those who live in the U.S. There is something about the great and grand tradition of speeding around in cars in a circle-like formation for hours upon hours that really speak to the heart of those who live Stateside, it seems. There is just something about that blue collar life of ripping down the road with the pedal to the metal that is just so clearly a part of the country that there is just no way someone from the States could get this one wrong...right?

Question 38

What's this famous Chicago tower?

Here is a pretty famous tower that sits deep in the Chicago city streets. It has stood looming over the city since 1973 and used to be the tallest building in the world, beating out the World Trade Center towers with its 110 stories and 1450 feet of height. It held the record of tallest building in the west for just about 25 years which is a pretty good record if anyone were to ask us. While it may no longer be the tallest in the world, this tower is still the tallest in the U.S., aside from the memorial tower built in place of the WTC.

Question 39

Name this veggie!

Here is a pretty popular veggie that everyone here should know. We are pretty confident in being able to say that virtually every quiz-taker here has, at one point or another, had a bite of one of these veggies. They can come in all sorts of dishes in different styles and flavors. That is the exciting part about them. that being said, most of the methods for cooking this veggie are not exactly all that healthy. Typically, or at least most famously, they are fried to a wonderful crisp to give everyone a crunchy texture amidst the oil and salt poured all over them.

Question 40

Name this famous singer!

This guy has long been a popular singer in the mainstream. Since the early 2000s when his band Maroon 5 hit the scene, this guy has been making some pretty big waves in the music business. He is a musician, a great singer, as well as a songwriter and producer. He is also pretty popular with the reality tv talent show circuit as well, working as a judge and a coach on the hit TV series The Voice...which does make perfect sense for him to do because he probably has the best voice of all the coaches who are regularly featured on the show.

Question 41

Name this actor!

This lovely lady is perhaps one of the most popular women in the acting business of all time. She is not exactly the biggest star right now, sure, she has definitely faded to some extent but that does not change the fact that she is completely recognizable to probably every single quiz-taker here. She is in ads all the time and she does take the occasional role in a film or tv show as well. She sells her own line of beauty products as well, of course, though they do not work quite as well on others as they clearly do on herself. She still looks the same as she did on Friends.

Question 42

What's another name for the Avocado?

This is a very interesting one, we think. Everyone has an idea of just what an avocado is now, especially with the whole avocado toast thing being such a trend...people seem to blame the hipsters for that but we are pretty sure that avocados have gone well with toast well before the hipsters made it "mainstream" in their anti-mainstream way. Regardless, there is a very cute and quaint nickname for the avocado which actually makes perfect sense given the look and feel of the fruit itself. Does anyone here actually have any clue as to just what this nickname is?

Question 43

Name this famous singer!

This guy is one of the greats right now and will likely go down in history for being one of the greats of an era as well. This guy hit fame when he dropped his single "Just The Way You Are." There is something about that song that sparked a huge fan following. Beyond that, he has consistently put out hit after hit from each of his albums and most recently he dropped the album 24K Magic which has swept up awards like no man's business. The titular track has got so much radio play, as well as his song "That's What I Like."

Question 44

Name the film this code appears in!

This little bit of coding is probably some of the most famous when it comes to lines of code. And not even because it necessarily means anything. No, it has way more to do with the film that it is from. This coding comes from a very popular film from the early 2000s that really took the world by storm and is a sort of interesting mix of philosophy and incredible action. Starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, and Hugo Weaving, this film spawned a series of ultimately subpar sequels but that did not change the fact that this first film changed the game.

Question 45

What film series is Kristen Stewart best known for?

Well, this one should be a no-brainer ultimately. There is really only one film series that Kristen Stewart has ever been a part of and while it was not a very good film series it was still a huge success in terms of the amount of money it brought in and the number of bums in seats at the cinemas when each film came out. Who does not like a good vampire movie once in a while? Of course, it is strange to see vampires out in the daylight and sparkling...something about that just does not really work for some people.

Question 46

Name this hockey team!

This hockey team was certainly not one of the original six. It was not even part of any sort of subsequent expansion either. This team only really exists because the Quebec Nordiques felt the need to sell their shop and let the team move further south. So, this once pretty famous team from the great white north went not too far south of the border to the U.S. where it has seen some pretty decent successes here and there. We will not say that this team is doing incredibly well this season but they are certainly doing better than the Ottawa Senators...

Question 47

Name this comedic actor!

This guy has been in the funny business for a pretty long time, we have to admit, and he has been making a pretty decent go of it too. It has been a couple of years since he has put out a real box office smash but he did have a pretty popular film released a couple years back on Netflix that made a decent showing. It might still be on there too. Starting out in the great white north, this northern comedian would work the comedy clubs of Toronto to do his best to get laughs...and then he got his break and banged out Ace Ventura, The Mask, and Dumb & Dumber.

Question 48

Name this hit TV show!

This was probably one of the biggest if not the biggest tv shows out there during the 90s. Almost hands down. And it went beyond the 90s into the 2000s as well. It ran for 10 straight seasons which is a pretty remarkable thing for a sitcom that started out in the 90s. That is not usually a thing that is sustainable, given the reference humor and the clear shifts in audience from the 90s to the 00s. Either way, this show made some pretty big names like Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Perry, and Jennifer Aniston.

Question 49

Name this candy!

This is a pretty popular candy in general but the mini packs that come out during Halloween are certainly sought out by trick-or-treaters of all shapes and sizes. There is something about this candy that really gets people. It is sweet...eventually, but it is initially sour and that tart quality really makes people just want more and more in order to enjoy the sweetness after the sour has given up. These little treats come in the form of little people which is a little bit strange but it is just candy after all so the shape of the treat does not really matter.

Question 50

What is another name for the Northern Lights?

This might actually be one of the harder questions for the general quiz-taking population, especially if they have never experienced the Northern Lights in the first place, but we are pretty confident that it will be easy enough to use a process of elimination in the answer options to get the correct choice. This phenomenon of nature is probably one of the coolest things to experience. It reminds us of Minas Morgul from The Lord of The Rings. That green haze is kind of odd but it is still very cool, that is for sure. So, what is another name for this light show?

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