Who Did It? Only A True Dunder Mifflinite Can Pass This Office Quiz

NBC's hit series the office is today's topic. It's 9 seasons have earned the series it's spot on the list of unforgettable sitcoms. The show follows the lives of the employees, of a second rate paper company, in the dull city of Scranton Pennsylvania. The hilarious antics of their leader Michael Scott are incredibly well written, along with every one else's story lines. This largely being due to the fact that most of the cast members are actually writers for the show. How cool is that? Having the actors have so much control over what happens allows them to fully take on the role, and develop the character as best they can.

Today we will remember our 9 years with the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, and all the amazing times we had with them. Through love stories, and heart breaks, friendships, and duels, we've been there with them during it all. The large cast makes for an excellent "who done it " quiz, so before we start, get your desk toys, and bobble heads in a row, make sure your coffee is fresh, and your jar of M&M's is close by, done? O.k let's get started and see if you really are a Dunder Mifflinite.

Question 1

Who got a photocopy of Micheal's diary?

During the episode "The Deposition" Michael is asked to defend his girlfriend Jan, in her battle against Dunder Mifflin. It was already hard watching Michael have to choose between his lover, and company, but when we find out that his diary has been brought in as evidence it becomes almost impossible. Once the diary is brought into question, photo copies are made and handed out, can you remember which member of the office snags themselves a copy of this very valuable text?

Question 2

Who started the fire?

In the forth episode of the second season, the office gets evacuated because of a fire in the building. This is not to be mistaken with the fire simulation we see in season 5. The incident in question drove the entire staff to the parking lot where they played games, waiting to be let back in to the building. Hint: There was a song written in honor of the fire starter and it included the lyrics ""Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, Television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe"

Question 3

Who was dressed as a cheerleader during the Diwali event?

Diwali is an excellent episode, it is the sixth episode of the third season. Kelly Kapoor invites the entire office to her family's Diwali celebration. Confused by the holiday, and getting no clear explanation from Kelly who also knows very little about the holiday, Michael assumes it is a sort of "Indian Halloween" -obviously this is not the case. After Michael has told them it is a costume party, can you remember who embarrassingly arrives wearing a scandalous, cheerleader costume?

Question 4

Who hit Meredith with their car?

Meredith really does have horrible luck. Often times she brings it on herself, or even disturbingly asks for it, but some times she really is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The incident in question is one of these times. A sober Meredith is walking into the office when out of no where she is run down by someone driving into the office parking lot. Going back to season 2, can you remember who it was driving the car that hit her?

Question 5

Who gave Erin the "12 Days of Christmas" as a gift?

The office has an outstanding selection of Christmas episodes, truly it's amazing how awesome all of them are. During the episode in question, we see the staff participating in their traditional secret Santa event. Every year they pick names in secret and buy gifts for that person. During Erin's first Christmas with the office someone decides to give her the gift of the "12 Days of Christmas", a cute idea in theory, but it quickly turns nasty when all the birds start attacking her.

Question 6

Who was the first to quit after the Scranton and Stamford branches merge?

During the third season we see Dunder Mifflin really start to struggle as a company. They decide to close the Scranton branch as a way to save money, but fortunately for us the manager of the Stamford branch quits, and they are forced to close that branch instead. A handful of Stamford workers are merged with the Scranton bunch, and to say the least they get off to a rocky start. Can you remember which Stamford employee is the first to quit?

Question 7

Who did Michael go to Jamaica with?

While we don't get to see the vacation happen, (apart from a risque photo Michael shares with the office) we do get to enjoy Michael's short lived island attitude once he comes back to work. Not only does he have a few adorable beads in his hair, he also graces us with a song played on a steel-pan drum. It's clear to anyone watching that Michael had a great time at the Sandals resort in Jamaica, but can you remember who was with him on the trip?

Question 8

Who created the machine "Suck it"?

"Suck it" is an original invention. It is a sort of vacuum used to suck up toys, helping to teach children how to clean up after themselves. Not the only genius invention to come out of the series, but the only one that really becomes successful. The patent for the product is eventually bought by the U.S military for millions! After going through the list of all the many ideas, and creations concocted in the office, can you remember who came up with this winning idea?

Question 9

Who fell into the water while wearing a Sumo suit during beach games?

Beach day is a magical day, unless you're Pam of course. Michael arranges for a staff outing to the beach where he plans on testing his employees to see who would be best suited to replace him. Poor Pam is not allowed to participate, and is instead asked to take notes. As the gang competes in contests such as, egg racing, and hot dog eating, one member goes missing and no one seems to notice. Can you remember who put on the sumo suit and fell into the river?

Question 10

Who trapped a bat against Meredith's head?

Once again Meredith happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. During this event she is also sober (we might have just covered the only 2 scenes in 9 seasons where she is sober), and harmlessly trying to get a snack out of the kitchen. This is when someone busted in and tried to capture a bat that had been living in the office ceiling. Can you remember who it was that catches the bat, while at the same time trapping it in a bag along with Meredith's head?

Question 11

Who was the only female to ever play Santa in the office?

Michael is the office Santa, we all know this, but during season 6's Christmas episode someone else wants a shot at the chair, and red coat. This obviously does not sit well with Michael, and he decides to changed his role from Santa to Jesus. After he offends several people in the office, and brings down the entire Christmas party mood, Michael apologizes and sit's on the new Santa's lap. Can you remember which lady in the office we are talking about here?

Question 12

Who did NOT attend Kelly's America's Got Talent party?

Kelly is the office's pop culture guru, well self appointed pop culture guru anyway. This being said you can imagine how important shows like America's Got Talent are to her, so when she throws a party in honor of one of her beloved, trashy, television shows she expects full attendance. In the case of the America's Got Talent party 2 of Kelly's co-workers skip the event (so rude!). From the 4 names given can you remember which didn't attend her party?

Question 13

Who was the host of the Glee party?

Another killer party theme...The Glee party makes for an excellent episode. In this episode we see the staff attending a party in celebration of the new Glee episode, which is being held at one of their houses. Pam and Jim are there with baby Cece, who is not sleeping through the night, and recruit the unlikely help of Dwight. It is revealed that Dwight is some what of a baby whisperer. AMAZING! Can you remember whose house all of this happens at?

Question 14

Who declares bankruptcy?

Working for a company like Dunder Mifflin does not exactly line your pockets with huge bills. The forever failing company in fact almost goes under several times throughout the series. Eventually once the company is bought out by Sabre, we see some turn around, but still it is unlikely that any of the workers have much money to their name. Can you remember who is in such bad dept that they are forced into declaring bankruptcy in season 4 of the show?

Question 15

Who played the "Finger Lakes" guy?

The Finger Lakes guy is one of many applicants we see applying for Michael job at the end of season 7, all of who are played by BIG names in the acting world. Even though some of the world's leading funny men apply for the job it's heart breaking to think of anyone else leading conference room meetings other than Michael. During this star studded search for the next regional manager, can you remember the actor who applied for the job as the Finger Lakes guy?

Question 16

True or False: Michael is an above average ice skater

Michael is a man of many talents, song parody's, painting, and script writing are just naming a few. It is surprising that a name with so many talents, and skills never made it to a corporate position with Dunder Mifflin. However, we are happy he stayed as long as he did in the position he was in. Michael Scott forever <3. Once you've run through the list of all the amazing things Michael has done, and can do, can you remember if ice skating was on his list of exceptional talents?

Question 17

Who sang a parody of "What I Like About You"?

This is just one of the hundreds of song parody's we are blessed with during the show's 9 seasons. Some are merely mentioned but you can imagine for yourself how amazing "Achy breaky farts" must be, while others are performed in full for us. Thank you NBC. Forgetting about all the other outstanding song's we've heard our office staff create and sing, can you focus in on this one and remember who performed this, better than the original, song parody?

Question 18

Apart from Michael who else dined at the Chinese restaurant without paying?

This is a scene from season seven's 15th episode called "the search". A beautiful episode where Holly and Dwight try to find a lost Michael. After realizing Michael is lost without a phone or wallet, Dwight jumps into action to try and find him. He soon sees that Holly understands Michael's thought process better than anyone and uses her to help. After tracking him to a near by Chinese food restaurant they see his picture hung on the wall of "dine and dashers". Who else is featured on this wall?

Question 19

Who fell through the ceiling during the fire simulation?

Stress relief is a 2 part episode, and probably the most popular. The opening scene is legendary. Dwight simulates a fire after no one listened to his fire safety speech, expecting everyone to follow his orders as he leads them all to safety. Instead of this happening, complete chaos erupts as the staff believes they are about the die in the office. One of them tried to climb to safety through the ceilings, but falls through. Whose legs do we see hanging from the ceiling in this scene?

Question 20

Who swallowed what was thought to be a tape worm?

The company attempts to make their employees healthier by making their branches compete against one another, to see who can lose the most weight. Scranton being the odd ball branch, takes things a little too far. One employee in-particularly goes to extreme lengths to try and lose weight after dieting does not work. During this 2 part, season 5 opener, can you remember who thinks it would be a good idea to swallow a tape worm, given to them by the mysterious Creed Braton?

Question 21

Who trades favors in return for discounts, and Outback Steakhouse coupons?

Holly Flax does not have to do too much adjusting once being transferred to the Scranton branch, mainly because she is just as weird as the lot of them. As weird as she may be, she is still an HR rep, so when she finds out one f the branches employees has been trading naughty favors in order to save the company money she is shocked. Can you remember who gives Holly this rude awakening in the episode "Business ethics"?

Question 22

True or False: Jim and Pam's first kiss happened right outside the office building

Everyone's favorite love story...o.k that's a lie, Holly and Michael are way better, but still the love story we get to follow the longest if we are excluding the Vance's. We never knew a Jim who was not in love with Pam, even while dating other people he always loved her most. Watching their first kiss was a huge moment for us fans. Can you remember the exact scene, and their surroundings during their first ever kiss? Was it outside the office building?

Question 23

Who dropped an entire pot of chili on the office floor?

If you can't get this one right you don't deserve to be taking an office quiz at all. The only reason it is in here is because of how important this scene is, and how important it is that we remember it every chance we get. It is hard to believe that the scene actually almost didn't make it into the show, after a writer thought it was too sad to put in. Thankfully it did and we saw it. Who dropped the chili?

Question 24

Who brought egg salad on the plane ride to Canada?

A very excited Michael agrees to go on a business trip to Canada for Dunder Mifflin. Believing it to be a luxurious getaway, Michael boasts about how well the company treats him. Once on the plane with some of his colleagues, Michael is disappointed to find that business class on a flight under 2 hours is not very special at all. During this same plane ride one of his employees whips out an egg salad sandwich, can you remember who it was?

Question 25

Who played Samuel L. Chang in the movie Threat Level Midnight?

Threat Level Midnight is the movie which Michael wrote, directed, and stared in. We heard about Michael's screen play numerous times throughout the series, and even got a glimpse of the plot when the office finds his draft for the script, but once we actually get to see the finished product it is so much better than anyone could have ever expected. Almost everyone from the office, and even some of Michael ex-lovers are featured in the film. Can you remember who plays the role of Samuel L. Chang?

Question 26

Who was not a Dunder Mifflin warehouse worker?

Anytime the office staff co-mingles with the warehouse staff it is hilarious. Whether we are watching Michael attempt to work the lift, or watching the casino night go down, it is always a blast in the warehouse. Luckily for us our warehouse manager develops enough as a character, and is brought up to the office where we get to see him a lot more. Out of the 4 names listed below can you remember who was NOT a warehouse worker?

Question 27

Who walked in on Michael while he was changing in his office?

It is never appropriate to be naked in an office, a lesson Michael unfortunately never learned. During the season 4 opener we see a poor unsuspecting employee walk in on a naked Michael, while he is changing in his unlocked office. The employee in question did their best by knocking, and after hearing Michael exclaim it was o.k to come in they are met with the unsettling view of their naked boss. YIKES! Can you remember who has the image of a naked Michael burned into their memory?

Question 28

Who coughed up a hair ball?

We meet many cats during the 9 season of the show, yes most of which revolve around Angela the office cat lady. The hair ball scene however is a bit more detailed than just a mere cat coughing up a hair ball. It is a small event, could easily be over looked by even the biggest fans, it could not be over looked however by Oscar who is repulsed by the scene. Can you remember if it was feline or human who coughed a hair ball in front of Oscar?

Question 29

Who was crowned Hay King?

Hay place, was a magical play ground constructed soley of hay. Dwight put on the event outside the office building as a memory of the hay games he used to play as a child. At hay place you can build your own brooms, get lost in a hey maze, and even pay for a roll in the hey. At the end of the festivities one person was named hay king, can you remember who it was? *Fun Fact: In the episode Hay place was actually built of straw not Hay.

Question 30

Who had a heart attack in the office?

Another horrific result to come out of Dwight's fire simulation. After the chaos dies down, and everyone realizes they are not in immediate danger, one of their own collapses. The heart attack is fairly serious, however does not result in anyone's death. In fact we have the heart attack in question to thank for the roast of Michael Scott. In an attempt to spread laughter after all the stress from the fire simulation Michael decides to put on his own roast.

Question 31

Who had the Golden Ticket idea?

The idea consisted of placing 10% off coupons in several different shipments, with the hope that their customers would be incentivised to purchase more. This does not go as planned when the 5 coupons are placed in the same shipment, which is then delivered to the company's biggest client. Since it is not specified on the coupon that it is only 1 per customer, they are forced into applying a 50% discount. Who was the original creator of this idea?

Question 32

Who received a PhD in School Psychology?

During the finale of the series, we get to see a really awesome round table discussion including a Q&A, with the member's of the office. This takes place after the documentary they had been filming for years is released. It is super cool to find out where all of our favorite characters ended up after working for the paper company. Can you remember which of them reveals that the entire time they were working at Dunder Mifflin they were also attending school to gain a PhD?

Question 33

Whose drink of choice is a scotch and splenda?

You would think for a show based out of a working office, we wouldn't have much occasion to see them drinking. This could not be more wrong. We see them drink at Christmas parties, during plays, in the break room, hell they even attend a company paid booze cruise at some point. Poor Meredith never stood a chance in that office. Can you remember who enjoys drinking a scotch with splenda? Hint: The employee in question states the drink "Tastes like splenda, but get's you drunk like scotch".

Question 34

Who injured themselves the night before Jim and Pam's wedding?

The whole staff packs their bags and heads off to Niagara Falls to attend the marriage of Jim and Pam, neither of who wanted them there. After Michael tells them they can all have a 4 day weekend to attend the event, it's no wonder we got a full turn out. During a heated dance off in a small party taking place the night before the big day, can you remember who disturbingly injured themselves, and had to be rushed to the hospital?

Question 35

Who pressures Michael into an insurance contract?

Michael is a gullible guy to say the least, so when someone pitches him the idea of an insurance package that can protect him, and his beloved office it's only natural that he considers. Many people in the office have their own opinion on this, and Michael becomes very confused by all of them. In the sixth episode of the sixth season, can you remember who it was that put the heat on poor Michael to sign this insurance contract?

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