Who Did It? Only A True Dunder Mifflinite Can Pass This Office Quiz

NBC's hit series the office is today's topic. It's 9 seasons have earned the series it's spot on the list of unforgettable sitcoms. The show follows the lives of the employees, of a second rate paper company, in the dull city of Scranton Pennsylvania. The hilarious antics of their leader Michael Scott are incredibly well written, along with every one else's story lines. This largely being due to the fact that most of the cast members are actually writers for the show. How cool is that? Having the actors have so much control over what happens allows them to fully take on the role, and develop the character as best they can.

Today we will remember our 9 years with the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, and all the amazing times we had with them. Through love stories, and heart breaks, friendships, and duels, we've been there with them during it all. The large cast makes for an excellent "who done it " quiz, so before we start, get your desk toys, and bobble heads in a row, make sure your coffee is fresh, and your jar of M&M's is close by, done? O.k let's get started and see if you really are a Dunder Mifflinite.

1Who got a photocopy of Micheal's diary?

During the episode "The Deposition" Michael is asked to defend his girlfriend Jan, in her battle against Dunder Mifflin. It was already hard watching Michael have to choose between his lover, and company, but when we find out that his diary has been brought in as evidence it becomes almost impossible. Once the diary is brought into question, photo copies are made and handed out, can you remember which member of the office snags themselves a copy of this very valuable text?

2Who started the fire?

In the forth episode of the second season, the office gets evacuated because of a fire in the building. This is not to be mistaken with the fire simulation we see in season 5. The incident in question drove the entire staff to the parking lot where they played games, waiting to be let back in to the building. Hint: There was a song written in honor of the fire starter and it included the lyrics ""Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, Television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe"

3Who was dressed as a cheerleader during the Diwali event?

Diwali is an excellent episode, it is the sixth episode of the third season. Kelly Kapoor invites the entire office to her family's Diwali celebration. Confused by the holiday, and getting no clear explanation from Kelly who also knows very little about the holiday, Michael assumes it is a sort of "Indian Halloween" -obviously this is not the case. After Michael has told them it is a costume party, can you remember who embarrassingly arrives wearing a scandalous, cheerleader costume?

4Who hit Meredith with their car?

Meredith really does have horrible luck. Often times she brings it on herself, or even disturbingly asks for it, but some times she really is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The incident in question is one of these times. A sober Meredith is walking into the office when out of no where she is run down by someone driving into the office parking lot. Going back to season 2, can you remember who it was driving the car that hit her?

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