Who Can Match These Movie Villains To Their Movies?

All great movies have an array of characters that give them life. From Tony Stark in the Iron Man Installments, every James Bond to every Peter Parker portrayal to date, to every Batman characterization seen on the big screen, characters are what give movies their richness and life. They're the reason why fans will stick around for the two-two and a half hour duration of a film. And this is just referring to movie heroes.

Then there's...the villains. Every hero's plight is meaningless without an antagonist to stand in their way. Frodo's journey to Mordor wouldn't have been a compelling viewing experience without seeing him escape the Ringwraiths, Urakai, or the final onslaught by the calculating Gollum. Harry Potter's seven years at Hogwarts are filled with obstacles and twists caused by Voldemort and his many followers, all of which make fans cheer him on from beginning to end. Some villains are integral to a storyline that holds an equal standing to the hero, such as in The Dark Knight, Citizen Kane, The Dark Knight Rises, Avengers: Infinity War, and countless movies in existence. Movie heroes and their villains go hand-in-hand.

Quiz Time! Who Can Match These Villains To Their Movies?

1What movie is this villain in?

Norman Osborn is Harry’s father who actually likes Peter Parker at first, wishing that his son exhibited Peter's intelligence and drive. But after he experiences a mutation while testing a new serum in his lab, Norman transforms into "The Green Goblin," a villain bent on causing chaos and destroying Spider-Man. After a few run-ins with the web-slinger, The Green Goblin uncovers his real identity and uses Mary Jane to lure him into a final battle. What movie is The Green Goblin in?

2What movie is this villain in?

Catwoman has been featured in two Batman movies and countless TV series based on the hero. In this movie, she starts off at Max Shreck’s secretary who lives typical, single life in Gotham City. This all changes when she accidentally stumbles upon some compromising information involving her boss, and as a result, he tries to end her life. Selina manages to survive the attack after some stray cats revive her and give her superhuman abilities. What movie is Catwoman in?

3What movie is this villain in?

Thanos is driven from his experiences traveling through space and interacting with different species. After seeing the suffering caused by overpopulation, he takes it upon himself to collect all the six infinity stones to fulfilling his goal: wiping out half of humanity. When Tony Stark and the rest of his time discover Thanos’s plot, they battle him both in Wakanda and in his home planet, Titan, to stop him. They come extremely close, Thanos ultimately achieves his destructive goal. What movie is Thanos in?

4What movie is this villain in?

Doctor Octopus seems to have it all; intelligence, a loving wife, and the support of his colleagues. That is, until one day one of his science experiments goes terribly wrong resulting in his wife’s demise and his transformation into a villain. From that point on, he becomes obsessed with completing a new project and he makes a deal with Harry Osborn to bring Spider-Man to him in exchange for the money to fund his creation. What movie is Doctor Octopus in?

5What movie is this villain in?

Magneto is the classic example of an anti-hero; he does what he does for the greater good of mutants and believes it’s for the best of mankind. In this X-Men origins story, Magneto meets Charles Xavier for the first time and they initially engage on a path to saving mutants together, but Magneto soon loses more and more faith in humans. This feeling only heightens when he crosses paths again with Sebastian Shaw, the man responsible for his family’s demise. What movie is Magneto in?

6What movie is this villain in?

Ultron is created by the combined brains of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Though his initial purpose is to help the Avengers against threats like Loki and the Chitauri, Ultron quickly grows a mind of its own and believes that mankind must end to ensure peace. In his quest, he recruits revenge-driven Wanda and Pietro Maximoff to help him take down the Avengers. Eventually, Wanda and Pietro change their allegiance when they realize Ultron will stop at nothing to accomplish his ultimate goal. What movie is Ultron the villain in?

7What movie is this villain in?

The Joker is known as one of Batman’s fiercest villains. From the many cartoon shows, movies and comics based on the Dark Knight, the Joker finds his way into them sooner or later. This movie offers a darker take on the villain, with him first appearing in Gotham as Batman is finally gaining approval from the city. When Joker discovers Batman’s alter ego, he uses Rachel Dawes to push the hero to his breaking point. What movie is The Joker in?

8What movie is this villain in?

Jafar is a man with a one-track mind: power. As the Sultan’s consultant, Jafar's had his eye on the throne for years and will do anything to get to it, from lying, cheating, and above all, trying to get his hands on the Genie’s lamp. When he meets Aladdin, Jafar tricks him into going into the Cave of Wonders to get the lamp. Jafar comes to close to fulfilling his plan when he becomes a Genie but is stopped thanks to Aladdin’s quick-thinking. What movie is Jafar in?

9What movie is this villain in?

Emperor Papaltine’s rise to power is a slow but successful one. First, he manages to manipulate Padme Amidala to have Chancellor Valorum removed for his post to have him replace him. Then, he works with Count Dooku in attempts to destroy Padme and further continue their toppling of the Republic. Lastly, he manages to use Anakin’s greatest fears to turn him over to the Dark side of the force. In this movie, Emperor Papaltine makes his first appearance shortly before Luke and Darth Vader’s lightsaber rematch. What movie is Emperor Papaltine first seen in (not counting holographic projections)?

10What movie is this villain in?

The Riddler/Edward Nygma has always been known for making Batman decipher his clues riddled with word-play. In this movie, Edward starts off as an employee of Bruce Wayne’s who deeply admires him. A genius who's been working on an invention to pitch for Wayne Enterprises, Nygma manages to present the idea to Bruce, only to have him reject it due to its potential for harm. Angered and disillusioned, Nygma decides to get his revenge of Bruce by assuming a villainous alter ego and joining forces with Two-Face. What movie is The Riddler in?

11What movie is this villain in?

Boba Fett is first seen in Cloud City when he joins Darth Vader on behalf of Jabba The Hutt to capture Han Solo. In the prequels, Boba’s origin story is introduced when he and his father are first seen living on Kanto, overseeing the production of the Clone Army. In this movie, he assists Jabba The Hutt as they head to throw Luke and Han into The Sarlacc Pitt, only for him to accidentally end up taking their place. In what movie does Boba Fett meet his untimely demise?

12What movie is this villain in?

Jabba The Hutt initially starts off as Han’s employer, hiring him to snatch some cargo for him. But when Han fails to meet his end of the bargain and joins The Rebel Alliance, an angered Jabba swears to make him pay at all costs. This leads the villain. to make a deal with Darth Vader to have Han tested on and deliver to him in a carbonite state. Even with all his might, Jabba Is destroyed by Leia when he tries subjugating her. In what movie does Jabba The Hutt meet his end ?

13What movie is this villain in?

Sebastian Shaw is one of the first villains The X-Men face. Thanks to him, Erik Lehsherr loses his family, is subject to numerous cruelties to awaken his mutant powers, and leaves him all alone in the world to deal with these memories. As if this weren't enough, Shaw resurfaces years later to follow through with a plan to destroy mankind. Though Erik manages to stop Shaw, this also pushes him to abandon the X-Men and become Magneto. What movie is Sebastian Shaw in?

14What movie is this villain in?

Bane is a member of Ra's Al Ghul's League of Shadows who remains loyal to their cause. This brings him to Gotham City where he looks to continue his fallen leader's legacy by plunging the city into complete chaos. Bane proves to be a formidable adversary when he puts Batman out of commission after their first encounter. When Batman and Bane have their final rematch, the villain reveals he's actually working for another criminal mastermind. What movie is Bane in?

15What's this villain's name?

Mr.Freeze stars off as Victor Fries, a doctor who leads a happily married life with his wife, Nora until she develops an incurable illness and goes into a coma. While experimenting with possible cures in his lab, Victor gets caught in an explosion that transforms him into the villainous Mr. Freeze. In his quest to cure his wife, Mr. Freeze will go to any extents including thievery and partnering with other villains such as Poison Ivy. What movie is Mr.Freeze in?

16What movie is this villain in?

Frollo takes Quasimodo in after the guilt of having destroyed his mother sinks in. Nevertheless, he subjects Quasimodo to all sorts of emotional abuse while growing up and manipulates him into believing society will never accept him. Frollo life gets turned upside down when he meets Esmeralda, a gypsy who shows Quasimodo mercy and friendship during The Festival of Fools. Frollo falls in love with Esmeralda, but when she doesn't reciprocate the feeling, he goes on a massive hunt to destroy her. What movie is Follo in?

17What movie is this villain in?

Gaston is loved by everyone in the small village he lives in; he's considered the best catch around. The only problem is, there's only one person whose attention he wants: Belle's. After she rejects him multiple times, Gaston blackmails her into returning his affections by locking up her father in an asylum. When Gaston realizes Belle has fallen for the Beast, he gathers a group of townspeople to go to his castle to destroy him. What movie is Gaston in?

18What movie is this villain in?

As with any good villain, Voldemort finds countless ways to torment Harry Potter even before making his revival. During Harry's first year at Hogwarts, he influences Professor Quirrel into doing his bidding to get his hands on the Sorcerer's Stone. The following year, he tricks Ginny Weasley into doing the same. In this movie, Voldemort finally comes back to life during the Triwizard Tournament with the help of Peter Pettigrew and his other minions. In what movie does Voldemort resurface?

19What movie is this villain in?

Supreme Leader Snoke’s backstory isn’t entirely fleshed out in the Star Wars Universe, but he’s still one of its most notorious villains. He singlehandedly gets into Ben Solo’s mind until he turns on Luke Skywalker, destroys his temple, and helps him form The First Order as his Sith apprentice, Kylo Ren. But in an unforeseen turn of events, Kylo Ren decides to turn on him to take his place as the Galaxy’s ruler. What movie is Supreme Leader Snoke destroyed in?

20What movie is this villain in?

James is part of a coven that unlike the Cullen’s, preys on humans for his daily meals. When he crosses paths with them one day while they play ball in the forest, James takes an appetizing liking to Bella, seeing her as his next main course. Despite The Cullens trying to hide her from the villain, James ultimately brings Bella out of hiding and digs his fangs into her neck. Luckily for Bella, Edward arrives in the time sucks out the venom before she transforms into a vampire. What movie is James in?

21What movie is this villain in?

Michael Myers has been striking horror into movie screens for over forty years now, with a new sequel coming out in a few months. In his years pursuing Laurie Strode, he’s wiped out her friends and anyone innocent people in his path. Time after time he’s struck down, with Laurie Strode hoping it’ll be the last time he rises. In this movie, he tracks her down in California, except that this time he’s set his sights on her son, John. What’s movie brings Michael Myers and Laurie Strode face-to-face after twenty years?

22What movie is this villain in?

Darth Vader is the most iconic Star Wars villain to date. From his first on-screen appearance, he exudes fear both into Rebel fighters and his own allies alike. In this movie, he’s on a mission to lure Luke Skywalker into captivity. To do so, he travels to Cloud City and coerces Lando Clarissian to help in his plan involving Han Solo and Leia Organa. Using his friends as bait, Darth Vader brings Luke Skywalker before him for their first lightsaber battle. What’s this movie’s name?

23What movie is this villain in?

Bellatrix Lestrange is Sirius Black's cousin and one of Voldemort's most loyal followers. Even before his first defeat while battling Harry’s parents, Bellatrix supported Voldemort's cause and helps him in his uprising years later. In this movie, she escapes from Azkaban and reunites with Voldermort to help him take over Hogwarts. When she's confronted by Harry, Sirius Black, and the rest of their friends, she uses a spell to immediately finish off Black. What movie is Bellatrix Lestrange first seen in?

24What movie is this villain in?

Ego is a Celestial life force and Peter Quill's father who tries to make amends with the hero after a lifetime of absence. When he finally meets Peter, they form a quick bond stemming from all their similarities. But the Guardians quickly discover that Ego is up to much more than just making up for lost times, and it turns out Peter is just an instrument in his plan to take over the universe. What movie is Ego introduced in?

25What movie is this villain in?

Helmut Zemo is a villain with a deep-seeded agenda: ending the Avengers. Driven by the pain of having lost family during a battle involving the superheroes, Zemo tracks down Bucky Barnes and reactivates his brainwashing, sending him on an onslaught against anyone in his path. Knowing that Steve Rogers's friendship with Barnes will help end the Avengers, Zemo finalizes his plan by revealing that Barnes destroyed Tony Stark's parents and causes an all-out battle between the three superheroes. What movie is Zemo featured in?

26What movie is this villain in?

Hannibal Lector is more an anti-hero than he is a villain. During his upbringing, he watches as his family is destroyed by ruthless men and the memories linger with him until adulthood. This causes Lector to acquire a very peculiar 'appetite' and unfortunately for the people around him, some become his next meal. During Lector's time behind bars, Clarice Starling seeks his help in locating a criminal at large through his telekinetic powers. In what movie does Hannibal Lector meet Clarice Starling?

27What movie is this villain in?

Alex lives in a Dystopian society where he and his cronies cause all sorts of trouble for civilians just for sport. After one of his schemes goes too far, Alex is locked away in prison to serve a lengthy sentence. Seeing this as an opportunity to test out their new experiment, some researchers make Alex their guinea pig in exchange for his freedom. When back on the streets, all those who Alex once tormented decide to take their revenge. What's this movie's name?

28What movie is this villain in?

Annie Wilkes initially presents herself as one of Paul Sheldon's biggest fans, rescuing him from a car accident that leaves him temporarily bedridden. As they get to know each other, Sheldon discovers that Wilkes adoration for his novels goes beyond just reading them and that she won't take anything less than a happy ending for their title character. After multiple torments by Wilkes and an intense battle between the two, Sheldon finally defeats her and escapes from captivity. What movie is Annie Wilkes in?

29What movie is this villain in?

In this movie, Alice and her friends all volunteer at Camp Crystal Lake to earn some extra money during the summer. While they spend their time engaging in shenanigans instead of working, strange things start happening around them. One by one they're attacked until only Alice is left. When Alice seems to find help from a passerby named Mrs. Vorhees, it turns it that the woman is none other than the attacker who's out for revenge. In what movie is Mrs.Vorhees the villain?

30What movie is this villain in?

T-1000 is a humanoid from the same future John Connor and the other Terminator models. In this movie, he travels back in time to find a younger John Connor before he assembles the group of rebels that fight against the machines. T-1000 is relentless in his mission to find John, from destroying his adoptive family, going in search of Sarah Connor to lure John out, and chasing them throughout a steel mill during a final showdown. What movie is T-1000 in?

31What movie is this villain in?

Bucky Barnes is Steve Roger's lifelong friend who serves as his Sargeant before the ladder becomes Captain America. After Roger's transformation, Barnes is believed to have perished during a battle against Schmidt and Hydra forces. In this movie, he resurfaces as Captain America is adjusting to fighting crime in modern society. Except Barnes is now one of the bad guys who battles Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D due to his brainwashing programming. In what movie does Bucky Barnes first act as a villain?

32What movie is this villain in?

Hans is the Duke of a neighboring kingdom from Arrendelle. The youngest of a long line of brothers, Hans knows he'll never be ruler due to his lineage. In order to change his fate, he fools Anna into believing he's in love with her while plotting to take over the throne. Hans comes close to succeeding, but thanks to Anna's selflessness and Elsa learning to control her powers, he's foiled and punished for his crimes. What movie is Hans in?

33What movie is this villain in?

When Lady Tremaine meets Cinderella's father, they two decide to bring their children under the same roof to start a happy family. But the moment the man passes away, Lady Tremaine takes on a completely new attitude towards her step-daughter, making her do everything from household chores and turning her into a live-in servant within her own home. But as with all fairytales, Cinderella finds her happy ending when she meets Prince Charming and leaves her terrible life Lady Tremaine. What movie is Lady Tremaine the villain of?

34What movie is this villain in?

Mother Gothel's eternal beauty and youth stem from a magical golden flower she sings to, which in seconds makes her young again. When a neighboring kingdom's soldiers find out about the flower's powers, they steal it to give it to their ill and pregnant queen. When Mother Gothel discovers the flower's magic has been passed on to the newborn princess, she steals her away to ensure her eternal youth. But as the princess grows older, keeping her locked up becomes harder due to her thirst for adventure. What movie is Mother Gothel in?

35What movie is this villain in?

Scar's resentment towards Mufasa and Simba leads him to commit multiple bad deeds. First, he tries to get Simba to enter the Hyena's territory, hoping they'll finish off the cub before he someday assumes the throne. When this fails, he makes a deal with the hyenas to share the Pride Land territory if they help him dispose of Simba. When this all fails, he resorts to attacking Simba head-on and meets his end when the hyenas turn on him. What movie is Scar in?

36What movie is this villain in?

Loki is known for one thing: his relentlessness in causing trouble for his step-brother, Thor. Growing up as brothers, Loki's anger towards Thor harbors from feeling inferior in comparison, believing their father Odin has always favored the latter. When Loki discovers his origins, who devises a plan to take over the throne while Thor is banished from Asgard. But Loki's most deviant act is when he partners with the Other, and together plan their invasion of earth. In what movie does Loki join forces with the Other?

37What movie is this villain in?

General Hux is the head of The First Order and its leader oversees each and every one of their missions, including their constant battling against The Resistance. But this isn't enough for Kylo Ren, who constantly belittles Hux and reminds him of his incompetence. This leads Hux to question his loyalties and at one point, even considers finishing off Kylo Ren when's temporarily incapacitated from his second battle with Rey. In what movie does General Hux almost destroy Kylo Ren?

38What movie is this villain in?

Nebula was raised alongside Gamora as Thanos adoptive daughter. Nevertheless, Thanos shows preference towards Gamora and constantly pits her against Nebula in battles that conclude with both Nebula's body and pride taking irreversible blows. As adults, Nebula takes it upon her to make Gamora pay for her years of suffering. In this movie, she joins forces with Ronan The Accuser and together face-off against Gamora and her new team of galactic renegades. In what movie does Nebula work alongside Ronan The Accuser?

39What movie is this villain in?

Cal Hockley engaged to Rose when they board a ship from Southampton to New York City, with him eagerly awaiting their wedding preparations upon their arrival. But things take a twist when Rose meets Jack Dawson, a working-class young man aboard who she starts a forbidden romance with. This added with the ship's impending sinking after colliding with an iceberg, pushes Cal over the edge and sends him in pursuit of the two lovers. In what movie is Cal the villain?

40What movie is this villain in?

Adrian Toomes starts off as a small-time thief who after having his business shut-down, decides to use Chitauri to continue crime-doing and accumulating his growing fortune. Years later, he takes to the streets of New York as a fierce villain called "The Vulture." He battles against Spider-Man countless times in the hero's attempts to stop him, and to his shock discovers that the web slinger's real identity is Peter Parker, his daughter's date to the school dance. In what movie is Adrian Toomes/ "The Vulture" the villain?

41What movie is this villain in?

Gilderoy Lockhart tries to make everyone believe he's one of the most skilled wizards around, but this farce is short-lived the moment he becomes the "Defence Against The Dark Arts" professor at Hogwarts; Harry and the rest of the students quickly begin to see exactly who unequipped Lockart is for the job through his daily lessons. When Lockhart is exposed as a charlatan by Harry and Ron, he tries having their memory wiped in a ditch effort to maintain his reputation. In what movie is Gilderoy Lockhart the Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor?

42What movie is this villain in?

Regina George spares no sympathy on those around her, friends, family, and classmates alike. When she meets Cady, she takes a superficial liking to her and invites her to be part of “The Plastics.” But Regina quickly reflects true colors when she realizes Cady has a crush on her ex, Aaron Samuels, and sabotages her chances by getting back together with him. Driven by her friends, Janis and Damian, Cady devises a plan to forever ruin Regina’s reputation as Queen Bee. In what movie is Regina George the villain?

43What movie is this villain in?

Even for a fictional novel character, Ray Marcus sends chills down anyone’s spine. He’s a troublemaking crime-doer that loves spending time tormenting unsuspecting civilians, and Tony Hastings and his family are no exception. After humiliating Tony and doing away with his family, Ray goes back to his daily life with no remorse whatsoever. What he doesn’t know is that Tony will go to any extents to avenge his fallen family, resulting in a tragic ending for both characters. In what movie is Ray Marcus the villain?

44What movie is this villain in?

Pamela Isley starts off as a botanist with a great devotion for humans and plants alike. After witnessing Dr. Jason Woodroe’s cruel experimentation on a test subject, Isley is plunged into a sea of the plants she loves so much. But instead of destroying her, these plants infuse with Isley's DNA and transform her into the villanious Poison Ivy. When she sees Mr. Freeze in action, Ivy immediately falls in love with him and they teamup to destroy Gotham. In what movie is Poision Ivy the villain?

45What movie is this villain in?

Sabretooth’s backstory dates back to his childhood during which he grows up in the wilderness with his half-brother, who turns out to be none other than Logan. As they reach adulthood, they grow distant with Victor becoming more vicious and powerful. When he locates Logan’s whereabouts and sees him living peacrfully next to his love, Victor ends the women’s life out of spite. To make him strong enough to defeat Victor, Logan undergoes the procedure that mutates him into Wolverine. In what movie is Sabretooth’s backstory explored?

46What movie is this villain in?

When Erik Stevens/ N’Jadaka first appears before T’Challa and the rest of his people, they find it hard to believe he’s one of their own. Unlike any of them, he didn’t have the privilege or luxuries that come with an upbringing in Wakanda; instead, he grows up an orphan after T’Challa’s father strikes down his own father. Planning his revenge for years, Erik manages to find a way to travel to Wakanda and challange T’Challa for his newly-acquired throne. In what movie is Erik Stevens/ N’Jadaka the villain?

47What movie is this villain in?

General Grievous has one favorite hobby: hunting down the Jedi. During the Clone Wars, he battles against them countless times and always gets away, vowing to return to cause more trouble. General Grievous also loves collecting lightsabers from his fallen opponents so he can use them when battling other Jedi. In this movie, he faces off against Obi-Wan Kenobi in Kashyyyk and after an intense battle, Kenobi finally manages to destroy him. In what movie is General Grievous a villain?

48What movie is this villain in?

When Count Olaf first meets The Baudelaires, he takes it upon himself to make their existence extremely miserable. From laborious and ridiculous household chores to sleeping in tiny living spaces, the orphans have their work cut out for them during their time with Olaf. Even with they find a more suitable and caring guardian, Olaf continues chasing them around under different disguises with the intention of getting his hands on their fortune. In what movie is Count Olaf the villain?

49What movie is this villain in?

Harry is definitely the leader in his partnership with Marv. He's the one that plans the robbery at the McCallisters, tracking their every move until they leave their home for vacation. What Harry didn't count on was that the McCallisters would accidentally forget one of their family members: eight-year-old Kevin. When Kevin realizes Harry and Marv are planning to rob his house, he gives them their just desserts through a series of booby traps not even Harry can avoid. In what movie does Harry try to outsmart Kevin to no avail?

50What's this villain's name?

Syndrome is one of Bob Parr's biggest fans even before supers became outlawed. When Bob turns him down as a potential sidekick, Syndrome slowly plots his revenge for years, creating all sorts of gadgets for crime-doing through his advanced technology. When he and Bob meet again years later, the embittered villain reveals that he's going to use his creations to place him as a superhero in the public eye. Ultimately, Bob's family rescues him and together stop Syndrome's masterplan. In what movie is Syndrome the villain?

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