Who Can Match Over 80% Of These Characters To The Right Teen Films?

There are some really memorable teen films out there, full of relatable characters, funny plots and iconic lines. Today, though, our knowledge of these types of flicks will really be put to the test... See, we want to know how many people can name these teen films just based on one character. Some of the characters are main characters, so they may easily lead to selecting the correct film on each question. However, some of these characters are side ones, supporting ones and ones that only popped up for a bit. And true fans will still be able to read these names, see their pictures and tell us which film these characters were in, out of the four answer choices.

So, yes, even if people are struggling or there are some fans here today who are not teenagers anymore, we will give some helpful hints. Each question will have a character’s name, an image of this person, a short description about the character or story and four answer options from which to choose. But only one answer will be the right answer, so think carefully, choose wisely, and get through all 35 questions, deciding which flicks starred these people!

Ready? Set? Go!

Question 1

From which film is Karen Smith?

This is Karen Smith. Based on her photo, we can guess that she is that typical flirty blonde; she is obviously pretty, and she is probably popular, so she could be working (just a bit) in order to get what she wants here. Also, let it be known that we are starting off on an easier note and then making the questions a little harder as we move forward in the quiz. This movie right here is one of the most popular teen flicks out there, so we feel confident that many will match Karen to the right answer below!

Question 2

From which film is Hazel Grace Lancaster?

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a character who is played by actress Shailene Woodley. While her character may not be as known to as many people as Karen Smith up above there, she is still from a celebrated film that is based on a sad yet sweet story. That may not narrow it down, though, since sadness and tears and twists and turns and love are all elements that are found in many movies - especially within this genre. So think hard about it, study the four answers that we have listed out, and tell us which film has Hazel in it.

Question 3

From which film is Patricia Hobart?

This is Patricia Hobart, and the comedy vibes are coming off strong here! There are teen films full of love, there are tear-jerking ones, and there are those that are full of laughs, like this one. Comedy movies in this genre star young actors and actresses who are known for entertaining fans in a big way, and with just their body language, they can earn giggles, as seen from this image. But think more specifically...Do we recognize this character? Do we know a Patricia Hobart? Are we thinking about what movie is pictured here? Are we pretty sure we know the right answer? Well, good, because it is time to select one of the four options from down below!

Question 4

From which film is Chad Danforth?

Chad Danforth looks serious and sweaty. It appears to be a big moment in his film. It may be a climactic scene, where everything changes. Based on the answer options, though, we know that things do not get too serious, since all four of those films - The Cheetah Girls, Camp Rock, High School Musical and The Greatest Showman - are also filled with funny and light-hearted moments, as well. So picture Chad in each one of these works, then tell us which one feels like the right fit or which one is clearly the right answer for this particular question on this teen film quiz.

Question 5

From which film is Alice Cullen?

Up next, we have someone named Alice Cullen. Right off the bat, there will be many people who hear this name and see this image and know the correct answer. Those who are not sure at least have four films from which to choose, and they are all fantasy ones, with some edgy twists - which goes along well with Alice’s dark-tinted image here. So think about this female character. Imagine her in these movies. Decide on an answer. Click on a title below. And then, when done, move forward in this quiz, to answer some more questions about more movies.

Question 6

From which film is Viola?

Who remembers Amanda Bynes? Who remembers Amanda Bynes eating like this? Who remembers Amanda Bynes portraying someone named Viola? We can probably guess that many who are here with us today remember all of this and more, as this is one of the more popular teen films. It had romance, it had humor, and it had some big names in it (besides just Amanda Bynes). So look down at the four movie titles below, click on one to answer here, and then move on - as there are several more characters below who need to be matched to their movies.

Question 7

From which film is Torrance?

Now, this quiz could have focused on any type of film, but it is all about teen flicks. And there are some films from this genre that are classics, which we will now go over in some detail with everyone... They have been around for some time. They are loved by generation after generation. They star notable people as the main characters. They are full of memorable lines and scenes. This is one of those, so the people who are here and claim to be fans of this genre better get this question correct! Tell us: From which film is Torrance?

Question 8

From which film is Tai?

Alright, we are moving right along in this quiz, and the end is in sight! But first… Many people who are here with us today, taking this teen movie quiz, surely recognize this character: Tai. She is another one of those iconic ones. She was not the main character, once again. But the film that featured her has gone down in history. Yes, folks, we are talking about another classic here, within the teen genre. So think hard about Tai and her role here, look at all the different answer choices, and then tell us: From which film is Tai?

Question 9

From which film is Effie Trinket?

Last but not least, we have a super iconic character who is named Effie Trinket and who is played by a super famous actress who is named Elizabeth Banks. Oh, and it gets better, as well! This unique character’s teen film is based on a book (or maybe more than one), so the story went from pages to the big screen, meaning the following is a big one. Yes, even people who are not teenagers are very into this exciting tale and its fascinating characters - like Effie here! So match her to her correct film, out of the four below.

Question 10

From which film is Anna Coleman?

Over the years, Lindsay Lohan has been in several films and television shows, but in one of them, she played a character who was named Anna Coleman. Some people will instantly see her here and know exactly which movie this is. Others will need to look through the answer options and then will remember this flick. And then there will be people who just need to randomly throw out a guess on this question, and that is okay! Either way, just answer this question, in order to tell us which of the four films below starred Lindsay Lohan as Anna Coleman.

Question 11

From which film is R?

Okay, here is a question that will either be super easy (for those who know this movie and/or have seen it) or will be super hard (for those who have no idea what this could be). This interesting character is simply named R. Now, based on how he looks and based on the titles that are listed as answer options, there should be some thinking happening… thinking that can lead to answering… answering that will lead to an educated guess or even the exact right pick for this particular question right here! So tell us: From which film is R?

Question 12

From which film is Woodchuck Todd?

Penn Badgley is another person who has been in some other popular series - like Gossip Girl and You. But, remember, this is about movies. So think about his movies. Picture him in scenes. Is he from Easy A? Is he in Blockers? Is he seen in Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Or is he a character in Once Bitten? To help make the decision, really take a long and hard look at this picture of him (where he is paying tribute to Say Anything, another teen film with another speaker-centric scene!). Is there a decision? We hope! From which film is Woodchuck Todd?

Question 13

From which film is Charlie?

Some of these characters can be looked at once, and it is very clear who they are, who is playing them, where they are, what they are doing and - most importantly - in what film they are. On the other hand, this quiz will also contain some characters who may not be recognizable, who are played by lesser-known stars and who are simply standing there, with no other clues around them. But we believe in everyone who is here, and we bet that there are people who still know who Charlie is and which flick stars this male character.

Question 14

From which film is Paulie Bleeker?

Ah, this interesting guy is next within this quiz. He is from a teen film that is pretty popular. He is played by Michael Cera. He is often seen and pictured in this original and athletic outfit. And the task at hand, as with every question found here today, is to think about him, imagine him in his scenes and then tell us which movie stars him. So when it comes to Paulie Bleeker right here, what is the correct movie match? Choose one of the four from the answer options that we have provided and listed out down below.

Question 15

From which film is Bianca?

Mae Whitman is an actress who has appeared in television shows like Arrested Development, Parenthood and Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. We need to focus on her films, though, since she was obviously in at least one teen flick. She may have played a student in it, since this photo shows her with a backpack. This could be a clue for some, though others are already totally sure what this movie that is pictured right here is. So go on...Click on a title down below, in order to tell us which teen flick had a character in it who was named Bianca.

Question 16

From which film is Michael Moscovitz?

As we have said, some of these images give some super helpful hints, when it comes to identifying these characters. For instance, it can be assumed that Michael Moscovitz is a musician and/or singer, as he is performing in this pic. He could be performing in front of a huge crowd at a big event, or he may just be singing in a personal space to one special someone. True fans of this one right here will know the details and will definitely remember this teen flick, so pick that one out down below, and continue on in this quiz!

Question 17

From which film is Cameron James?

This one is one of the best ones on this quiz, because it is tiny Joseph Gordon-Levitt! He has been acting for some time, and while he stars in rom-com and drama films today, he used to be in teen flicks… Well, at least this memorable one. It is a classic, and he is just one famous star in it, just as his character, Cameron James, is just one iconic person in it. Could this be Get Over It? Is the movie pictured here Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist? Could the answer here be Save the Last Dance? Or is this 10 Things I Hate About You?

Question 18

From which film is Noah Flynn?

Many movies within this genre focus on young love, since teenagers are going through a transformative time. They are learning who they are, what they like and who they like, which makes from some sweet and some funny love stories. The body language here makes it seem like Noah Flynn could be that it guy at school and that someone (maybe the main character) has a crush on him. We are just guessing, though! All we know is that Noah is from one of the titles below. Which one is it? Which one will be selected? Which one is right?

Question 19

From which film is Carmen Lowell?

This is Carmen Lowell, the next character featured here today. In this movie, Carmen is in high school. And like many other teens, she has some issues at home, she has things that stress her out in life and she has a great group of friends. In fact, the movie centers around her and these friends - a neat group with a special bond. No matter where they are or what they are doing, they remain close and caring, like true friends do. Okay, so which movie is being described here, as the one that has someone named Carmen in it?

Question 20

From which film is Allison Reynolds?

Another classic that we will talk about today has a character in it named Allison Reynolds - this girl right here. Who thinks or knows that Allison is from Weird Science? Who is going to click on The Breakfast Club down below? Who believes that Allison is in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? And who thinks the answer here is Some Kind of Wonderful? Whatever the thoughts are, we need an answer, so decide on a movie and select it now. And then, yes, of course, move forward to the next question that is up, which features the next teen character!

Question 21

From which film is Ian Wallace?

Next up is this character right here. It is a young guy. His name is Ian Wallace. Since he can be found on this quiz that means that he can also be found in a teen drama. And we can probably guess that his characters causes viewers to laugh and to feel and to be entertained, and he may even make a fellow character within his movie fall in love with him. Isn’t that the point of some of the best ones in this genre? Anyways, it is time to do what we are here to do. From which film is Ian Wallace?

Question 22

From which film is Samantha Baker?

Samantha Baker could be from the popular film called The Graduate. Samantha Baker may be the leading lady in the movie called Sixteen Candles. Samantha Baker could be found in a film that is called Mr. Mom. Samantha Baker may be featured in a film that is called Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. True fans will know the answer to this question about this character, and everyone has to give an answer, regardless if the answer is known for sure or not, so go ahead and tell us by picking out a film title: From which film is Samantha Baker?

Question 23

From which film is Leah Burke?

The film in which we would find Leah Burke is not the most popular teen movie of all time, but it has its fans, for sure. It may not be the one that is most known by everyone who is here today, but it received attention. And it may not star super famous people, but its actors and actresses are on the rise. So, when considering all of that, as well as Leah’s name and face, does anyone have a clue about what movie this could be? Decide on an answer, and then go ahead and click on one down below.

Question 24

From which film is Alex O'Donnell?

Another young dude from another teen flick is Alex O'Donnell. He appears to be in a cafeteria, which is where some iconic scenes from teen movies take place. Students gather to eat food they don’t love. Tables are separated up by cliques. And sometimes, big moments happen, such as fights or songs or dance numbers. Whatever is happening here does not matter, though; all that we care about is figuring out where we have seen Alex (as in... in which movie) and where we could see him (for instance... if we wanted to watch this one again and again perhaps).

Question 25

From which film is Carter Farrell?

Carter Farrell is not the star of his movie, but he plays an important role. And then, at the end of the film, this scene takes place, and we can still hear him saying his line here. Do any other fans of this flick remember this part and this guy? We hope so, because we want this quiz to be sort of challenging, but mostly, we want everyone to succeed! So think real hard. Study Carter’s name and face. Browse through the answer choices below. And then decide which title is the right title or the best guess when it comes to this question.

Question 26

From which film is Hailey Rogers?

JoJo (this pretty brunette gal who is pictured right here) is a singer, but she has done some acting, too. For instance, she played Hailey Rogers in either It's Kind of a Funny Story, The Baby-Sitters Club, Aquamarine or Return to Halloweentown. Many of surely heard of these flicks and probably seen one or more or all of them. So which one starred JoJo as Hailey? Which one is the right answer? Which one will be picked down below? Answer now, and then please continue on in this quiz that is all about characters from a bunch of teen movies.

Question 27

From which film is Summer Wheatly?

On the right here is a memorable character named Summer Wheatly, who was played by Haylie Duff. She was not the star of her flick either, but, of course, her role was important. Yes, her and her sister, Hilary Duff, acted and sang, and now, they are all grown up with children of their own. But before all of that, Haylie landed this role in this teen movie, which is sort of a cult classic in a way. So which movie is the right answer here? Select one of the titles from the answer options that are listed out below.

Question 28

From which film is Brock Hudson?

This one may be harder for some people, as this is not a new movie. However, those who know teen films from several decades, those who are true movie buffs and those who are fans of Matthew Lillard (the actor that is pictured here and that portrays Brock Hudson) may just know the answer to this particular question. So is the movie we are talking about here, right now - the one that has a character in it who is named Brock Hudson… Is this movie called Down to You, Varsity Blues, Jawbreaker or She’s All That? Choose one down below!

Question 29

From which film is Beth?

Sophia Bush, pictured here, is an actress who once played a character named Beth, and her movie also focused on an interesting group. They were not friends really - at least not at first - but they all had a common bond and interest. In the end, though, the happy ending came about, and Beth ended up actually being friends with the other people in this group. There were laughs, there were crazy scenes and there was that heart-warming ending with this teen flick. So which movie is the answer here - the one with Beth, who is played by actress Sophia Bush?

Question 30

From which film is Janey Briggs?

Janey Briggs is now pictured here, in her glasses and in her ponytail and in her overalls. Does how she is dressed help anyone out on this question? Do many people remember this specific outfit? Or maybe there are some people who are really big fans of this particular flick. It could be someone’s favorite! If so, do these people already know which answer they will pick out down below? We hope so, because it is time to select a movie title from the ones that we have listed out down below. Good luck to everyone picking an answer now!

Question 31

From which film is Veronica Sawyer?

Winona Ryder is a super famous actress who has been appearing in TV shows and in films for years and years. Once upon a time, she portrayed an iconic character who was named Veronica Sawyer. And, yes, that is who is pictured right here, as the character who needs to be matched to the right movie! So look at the four film titles below. Picture each of them. Imagine Winona Ryder as Veronica Sawyer in them all. And then decide which one is the best guess or which one is the right answer. Click on that one. Then continue to the next question!

Question 32

From which film is Cameron Frye?

There are some super famous characters and stars on this list, and Cameron Frye may not be the most-known one, and he may not be played by the biggest name in Hollywood… But he is a big deal? Why? Well, of course, the film that features this supporting character is another classic! So look at the four titles that we have listed out down below. Think about which one could have Cameron in it. Use the process of elimination. Picture each film. Then, as usual, click on an answer here, in order to match Cameron to his correct teen film.

Question 33

From which film is Duckie Dale?

There are only a couple of questions left, and we saved one of the best for one of the last. This is Duckie Dale. He is a notable character within this genre. His film is a must-see for people of all ages and especially for people who are very into this genre that focuses on teen flicks. So think about Duckie Dale. picture Duckie Dale. Imagine Duckie Dale in each of the four movies that we have listed out down below as answer options. And then, when ready, click on one of these answers, in order to match Duckie Dale to his movie.

Question 34

From which film is Jeff Spicoli?

One of the most famous actors that we will be featuring today in this quiz is Sean Penn - which some people may not even recognize here! Back in the day, he was indeed in a teen film, as he portrayed a memorable character who is named Jeff Spicoli. We hope that some people knew this was Sean Penn, and more than that, we hope that more people know which movie features Jeff. But those who need help and hints, of course, have four answer options down below. So browse through those, and then click on one of them to answer this question about Jeff.

Question 35

From which film is Margo Roth Spiegelman?

Cara Delevingne is a well-known model, but she also sings and acts. In fact, one of her biggest roles was as Margo Roth Spiegelman - this character right here. So think long and hard, and then tell us… Is Margo Roth Spiegelman from The Art of Getting By? Is Margo Roth Spiegelman from Before I Fall? Is Margo Roth Spiegelman from Paper Towns? Or is Margo Roth Spiegelman from The Perks of Being a Wallflower? These are four teen movies that all four have some similar vibes and some similar themes within them, but only one is the correct answer here!

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